Peter Gabriel / Rated PG

Soundtrack work issued on black vinyl and CD

Rated PG, Peter Gabriel‘s compilation of his music for films, was issued as a vinyl picture disc for Record Store Day last year but will next month be available as a standard black vinyl record and on CD.

The 10-track collection includes some previously unreleased audio such as a new version of ‘This Is Party Man’ from Virtuosity, a new edit of ‘Taboo’ from Natural Born Killers and the film version of ‘In Your Eyes’ which is unreleased.

The vinyl is half-speed mastered (at 33RPM by Matt Colton at Metropolis) and it comes with a hi-res download code. The CD is presented as a digipak.

Both formats will be issued on 12 June 2020.

Rated PG – half-speed mastered 33 RPM vinyl LP

Side 1
1. That’ll Do (from the film Babe 2: Pig in the City).
2. Down to Earth (from the film Wall-E).
3. This Is Party Man (from the film Virtuosity).
4. The Book of Love (from the film Shall We Dance?)
5. Taboo (from the film Natural Born Killers, feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan).

Side 2
1. Everybird (from the film Birds Like Us).
2. Walk Through The Fire (from the film Against All Odds).
3. Speak (Bol) (from the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist).
4. Nocturnal (from the film Les Morsures de l’Aube).
5. In Your Eyes (from the film Say Anything).

Rated PG – Digipak CD

1. That’ll Do from the film Babe 2: Pig in the City.
2. Down to Earth from the film Wall-E.
3. This Is Party Man. from the film Virtuosity.
4. The Book of Love from the film Shall We Dance?
5. Taboo from the film Natural Born Killers, feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
6. Everybird from the film Birds Like Us.
7. Walk Through The Fire from the film Against All Odds.
8. Speak (Bol) from the film The Reluctant Fundamentalist.
9. Nocturnal from the film Les Morsures de l’Aube.
10. In Your Eyes from the film Say Anything.

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Bought the Rated PG PicDisc just because I enjoy them. The CD I will actually play. Burnt out on RSD – queuing up for hours only to find the goodie I wanted was sold out. Unacceptable. Hey, RSD, how about lifting the production limits and allowing pre-orders? If 12,000 fans want that Zappa mono 10″ PicDisc, why not supply the demand? Stores make more money, record companies ditto, more happy fans. Only the Ebay pirates get hurt, so a win all around. Oh, and another vote here for F&J on CD.


OVO next please…

Graham Parsons

Mines shipping today !


“the film Natural Born Killers, feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”

What role did he play?

Gary Grizzle

Ali Khan is the featured singer on the PG track, not an actor in the film itself.

Wayne Klein

Yeah! About bloody time. Now FJ on CD and vinyl next!


I think Mr. Gabriel does not love his fans. The So colletor set and the flotsam fiasco are the best example.

CJ Feeney

Yet the high fi vinyl with high res download was a brilliant idea that has caught on with other artists/labels. He’s better than many at managing his reissues.


I am really picking my purchase as of late because owning the physical media seems so less important these days. I can stream Rated PG and F&J via my Amazon Prime Music account. Nearly all of it in 16-bit/44.1, with a chunk at 24/192. For these old and worn out ears that is seeming to be good enough anymore.


I’ve not been so frustrated by a release since the SO box set…..oh never mind.

Ian Lowe

Could have shoved out out from Gremlins on. It doesn’t even show up on Flotsam and jetsam.

Edward Andrews

May have been lost in the Universal Music fire in 2008. Why don’t people realize how much was lost in that….So many reissues aren’t happening because soooo much was destroyed…some artists entire catalogue of master tapes

Lou Gunn

Where is OUT OUT from Gremlins? I would have bought it had it included that.


When I saw Paul’s email I thought, or rather I hoped, it was a physical Flotsam and Jetsam release but no…very disappointed. Please release that on cd!!!


I can’t believe people are bemoaning this being released. Music is meant to be heard, and having it on a Limited Edition is not good for music lovers. Making music a “collectable” has really hurt music fans as people rush out to (overpay) in the expectation they’ve made an “investment” and will be able to flip later at a profit. Urgh.

RSD is, as I’m often saying, anti-consumer, and anti music lover. The sooner it goes away the better. These ridiculous limited editions have to stop. It’s a shame people music lovers continue to fund it.

Paul Bibby

I considered buying this at RSD2019 but decided not to as I dislike picture discs, which is how the limited edition, numbered RSD release was issued.

Those complaining about RSD being a gamble, may have a point more generally, but in this case the version issued last year was not on black vinyl and RSD are, as far as I know, pretty clear that some releases will/may be available at a later date. I take it as read that this may mean in the same format or, as in this case, a standard format.

My general rule is to buy RSD releases that are clearly exclusive RSD editions or ones that are less likely to be duplicated on general release. Coloured vinyl is a good example. Even if a coloured vinyl release was issued after an RSD release it’s less likely the colour will be the same or that it will be coloured at all.

As to limited editions, I don’t regard anything much above 1000 copies as Limited. If they’re numbered that may help improve the collectibility but I don’t see anything limited or collectible in a numbered run of 5,000+ copies. As to Rated PG limited numbered edition, there were 2000 copies, which by all accounts is US copies, and not world wide. So the world wide RSD release probably amounts to way more than 2000. Furthermore, there is no indication the picture disc was cut at half-speed, so the latest version on Black vinyl is clearly a different release altogether.

Personally, I’d prefer half-speed 45 rather than 33, as Gabriel’s other releases in the HS 45 format are sonically exceptional, to my ear. I have a few half-speed 33’s, which compare well to the originals, but aren’t so different to justify the hype. When I listen to Analogue Productions 45’s I am regularly blown away by every aspect of the experience. So more 45’s Mr Gabriel & you’ll have me at the check out.

Andrew R

I’m quite amazed that musicians and authors with product to sell, sitting in lockdown, aren’t just signing stuff away to help sell it.. I would be.

Michael D

Like others here, I’m now rather disappointed I bothered to queue up for RSD last year thinking I was getting something limited. I like all the tracks on this release but I would definitely have waited if I’d known – that’s one problem with RSD (among many mentioned in the separate RSD comments!) – you take a chance on the day as you can’t ever be sure that it will be released in the future – some titles on the day are truly limited but it’s a lottery.

Re Flotsam and Jetsam – yes please release on something physical Peter! I’m old school and don’t fancy just paying for downloads on i-Tunes or Amazon. Have you seen the price for the digital album download anyway? – too hefty (in my opinion) when you imagine the CD that might/will eventually come out some day will be a lot less than £39.99 (I would hope so anyway).

Marcelo Claudio Lamela

You are right, things like these take RSD credibility away. At least they shouldn’t be releasing a vinyl version just now to let the RSD edition stay really limited.


The picture disc version is still limited, this release is for a nothing fancy black vinyl. It’s not really any different from a legacy act re-releasing an old album for RSD, albeit in different packaging such as colored vinyl.


While I understand your complaint the release was clearly labeled a rsd first release which means a non limited release will be coming. I am sure there are examples of non rsd first releases coming along later too but we knew this would come eventually.


In the RSD listings last year this was clearly marked as an “RSD First” release – I.e. it would subsequently get a more regular release in some form. Iirc, Peter’s website specifically mentioned this fact too.

Re F & J, that would need 5 or 6 discs, so £30 to £40 would seem a reasonable price.


And where is music from Last Temptation of Christ?

CJ Feeney

That’s got a whole album. It’s called Passion and was reissued on half speed mastered vinyl a few years ago, along with Birdy and The Rabbit Proof Fence soundtracks. On a choice of 33rpm 2LP or 45 rpm 3LP.


In case someone’s wondering: It is also available on cd (remastered some years ago me thinks).


On an entire album called Passion. You’re clearly not a fan.


I have original 2-LP from 1989. I just wondered why some piece from that album is not included here. But now i read this is compilation of unreleased tracks. Ok.


@johnnyv: it was released on P Gabriel’s “Passion” album in the 1980s – as weil as the BIRDY and RABBIT PROOF FENCE soundtrack.

Steven Roberts

Can’t help thinking it would be preferable if these tracks had just been included in (an even bigger) Flotsam & Jetsam.

Or maybe split off all the soundtrack recordings from F&J and add them to PG Rated to create a complete ‘PG at the Movies’ set.


Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be funny if the PG album had one of those stickers on the front about bad language. :-)


Flotsam And Jetsam on cd: +1

Paul Hoyle

Not happy……this has become typical Peter…..releasing a limited edition only to release a cheaper version for the masses……not right.


I recall that they had announced the plan to release this on CD after the RSD release. The CD release was then delayed but at least they gave a heads up.


This was always labeled RSD first meaning a non limited version would be coming.

Craig Williams

And it was also stated at the time that a regular release of Rated PG would follow.

Andrew Docker

I will definitely get this. I did some voice over work on the “Birds Like Us” film a few years back. I was in a studio in SoHo and was introduced to a bloke called Peter, who seemed like a nice guy. And then the penny dropped. :)

Craig Hedges

Blimey if someone introduced me to Peter it’s me that would have dropped.
Is there any chance he will ever release a new original album?

Andrew Fall

I don’t understand this obsession with getting stuff on CD. You could always burn the Flotsam & Jetsam tracks onto CD-R if you want something to put on a shelf. Or (my preferred option) transfer them to MiniDisc.


For me burning to CD isn’t the point.
It is no substitute for a well-packaged collection complete with ‘track by track’ annotations (including who played on what).
Maybe I am an obsessive but those details interest me.

Derek Langsford

This may be our future – no physical product but low and hi-res downloads except for limited boutique releases or gargantuan boxed sets targeting the obsessive and wealthy fans.

For me it is about the music (in digital form) not the packaging, though I will buy a physical digital product over a download if there is one (e.g. ELO’s Secret Messages reissued with extra tracks on vinyl and download in the UK but only released on CD (blue-spec) in Japan and which I have).

The question with Flotsam & Jetsam is will it ever see a CD release before the download disappears? 62 tracks (5 CDs worth) for £30 isn’t a bad price on a per song or CD basis even for a download. I have been toying with my decision and may download and burn CDs from the FLAC and create some artwork, but if it does get issued on CD, I’ll buy that too.


The black vinyl is welcome because the picture disc sounded sh*the. However, that edition came with a download for lossless files that sound gorgeous, so … No real need for the CD!

Richard Jones

I’m with everyone waiting for the release of Flotsam & Jetsam on CD.
I would buy so many new releases that for some strange reason are only available on vinyl or download
Why can’t the artists push for the CD too ?


Great news, preordered. Now get Flotsam and Jetsam out on CD

Rob Kirby

Absolutely second that!

Mike the Fish

This has taken a long time to come to fruition. I didn’t buy the picture disc figuring/hoping there would be a standard edition.


I did buy the picture disc and took it back because it was too clicky. I should have known with it being a picture disc that it wasn’t really suitable for having as a main copy.


I bought pic disc too, what a regret! $$$ for nothin.


I will buy this to show there is a market for the CD-version. But I want to pre-order the Flotsam and Jetsam 3 CD- set, too! I don’t want to wait another 18 years!
I already have got 7 (of 10) tracks on the original soundtrack cds just for the PG songs…

Alan Blevin

I will be right behind you with that Flotsam and Jetsam preorder.
Had nearly given up on Rated PG CD so anything is possible.

Steve Turner

Is Flotsam and Jetsam released as a CD or is that just wishful thinking? I refused to download it out of principal – it seems I am not the only one.

tom m hans

Flotsam will be at least 5CD box – not sure why amazon says its 3 CD – it’s divided into three segments.

Rob Deighton

Think he is referring to the digital download listing, as officially it’s three eras but as amazon can’t list it like that so it’s discs 1,2 & 3

Tom m hans

When you download the item at amazon. com the tracks are segmented into disc 1, disc 2 and disc 3. It downloads into three corresponding folders labeled as such. I know first hand since I purchased the files.

Ben Williams

Yay! Finally on CD :)

Tim in Miami

Missing some of the best stuff. The version of The Tower That Ate People from Red Planet and While The Earth Sleeps from Strange Days. Also the instrumental of Signal to Noise from Gangs of New York that is on Flotsam and Jetsam.


Not being a PG completist this is in effect a ‘new’ album for me of PG songs so will be a must, another 18 years to the next?


The CD should have more than 10 tracks. And maybe the vinyl version should’ve been a double album.


You’d better contact Mr. Gabriel and tell him immediately then…