Peter Gabriel vinyl back to 33RPM

Peter Gabriel / So, Us and Up - 45 RPM half-speed vinyl reissue

Peter Gabriel‘s acclaimed half-speed remastered vinyl saw all his original albums cut at 45RPM and pressed (for the most part) on two vinyl records. As stated at the time, those will not be repressed, but Real World are making available new versions cut at the standard 33RPM.

These new editions are still half-speed remastered but replicate the original vinyl LP release, with all the albums being single LPs except for US and UP, which are doubles, as per their original release. All original inner bags and inserts are included.

These are much cheaper than their 45RPM cousins, with the single LPs available for just £12.99 from Gabriel’s website, which is incredible value actually, when you consider that these come with a hi-res download code. They are also available via the usual channels as well, albeit at a slightly higher price point.

These new 33RPM pressings are released on 2 December 2016.

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According to the official PG website, half-speed vinyl remasters of his three soundtrack albums –
that’s Birdy, Passion and Long Walk Home – will be released soon, in July I think.


in your face speculators who bought Up 1st press !

elliott buckingham

after buying the 45rpm of pg3 I will be buying the 33rpm version also and sell the hires code on ebay I got a fiver for the last 1

Scott T.

Been stewing for quite a while now, having bought all of the reissues of Peter Gabriel’s discography at 45 RPM. I feel this was a duplicitous move. I don’t like the 45 RPM versions and would have NEVER bought them if I knew within a few months, they’d be issued at the original 33.3 RPM. Part of enjoying the music of PG is to hear it as he intended and getting up from the sweet spot of my music room to flip a record FIVE times with 2 songs per side, ruins the very core of PG’s music as a whole.

I’m also tired of seeing the words “boxed sets” because the release of everything Gabriel did as a solo artist, and now the CD AND LP versions of Crowded House’s “boxed sets” is anything but. You still have to buy them all individually. Or if you order them all together, you get no price break incentive and no “box” to place them in.


(Only) Slightly off topic – but does anyone know what happened to the Tony Banks solo album reissues – Cherry Red/Esoteric promised all the albums would be issued this year – so far only 2 came out back in January I think and then nothing since then…?


Although having the 45RPMs, I ordered those the 33s over a German media online dealer (Saturn). Last week they participated on Black Friday for two days offering 20% off of all music and movie products. So I actually spent 12.80 Euros for the single and 14.30 Euros for the double albums. Could not resist, because like some fellows already stated: as good as the 45s sound, I want to hear the original “sides”.
IMHO the 45s sound better than the Classic Records releases as mine clicked and popped heavily during play.
And one last thing: I hate it too, that IN YOUR EYES does not start Side 2 of SO anymore, but keeping the original release would also mean that there is no THIS IS THE PICTURE at all. In 1986 this was not on the LP, but a CD Bonus Track.

Mike the Fish

…and cassette. I think In Your Eyes is much better at the beginning of side 2 too, and We Do What We’re Told was a wimpy ending compared to This Is The Picture.


Amazon.de also has the German versions of 3 and 4 for your enjoyment.


I appreciate we don’t all have the funds, I don’t, but IF you can buy or even get a listen of any of Classic Records all analog pressings – LP’s or 45 RPM sets – they definitely sound better to me. Much more detail, clarity and natural sounding…even better than the original pressings. For further reading see: http://www.genesis-news.com/c-Peter-Gabriel-Classic-Records-45rpm-4LP-Vinyl-Special-s400.html

Derek Langsford

So one has to buy vinyl to get the hi-res download? Guess I shouldn’t have passed up the SACDs in 2003! Would happily buy Blu-ray Audio discs of his albums but I guess the record companies as a whole must think that a Blu-ray release is the last chance they have to sell any album; however, the quality of 96/24 reproduction is still dependent on the source which can always be improved/tweaked to create a new remaster.


you might want to contact the record company that released the record, that would be Real World Records or Peter Gabriel’s website.
Real World Records
Mill Lane, Box
Wiltshire, SN13 8PL

I think that both might be responsive.


WTF! I have the 45rpm LPs, but now Real World give me the opportunity to sit down for longer periods. Don`tcha just love record companies?


I’m tempted. It would be great if he could also rerelease the other albums ie Plays Live (unedited), Birdy, Passion, Shaking the Tree, Secret World Live, OvO, Long Walk Home, etc

CJ Feeney

I know I’m repeating myself, but “So” does not replicate the original vinyl release – it has the updated running order fetured in the 25th ann. box set (ie In Your Eyes moved to the end of side 2).

CJ Feeney

I know PG prefers it this way, but as someone who bought the album on release day, I’m somewhat used to the original – it is the “right” running order.

I think it’s always worth clarifying if the album release is “original” or as “improved” by the artist at a later date. Hounds of Love has been changed by Kate Bush and Fisherman’s Blues by the Waterboys has also been changed. These were three 80’s albums that I thought were pretty much perfect in their original forms.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the info C J Feeney – am interested to know how Fisherman’s Blues has been changed? Cheers Peter

CJ Feeney

Peter Anderson – On later versions of “Fisherman’s Blues” (the 2CD deluxe onwards) an unedited nine+ minute version of “A Bang On The Ear” is used – it has a long instrumental ending that was faded out on the original (about 7 minutes in).

David M

How was Hounds of Love changed?


I’m tempted to buy these, even though I have the 45rpm releases. The sound quality of the 45rpm releases is excellent, but I find the resultant split of sides into two a bit irritating because I remember the flow of the originals (particularly the first two albums). Plus the insert didn’t come with the second album and I have no idea how to obtain it (despite the acknowledgement of the error on Gabriel’s website) as I bought them from a local (wonderful) record shop.


You have to send off a email with a photo of the limited edition number to an address on Gabriel’s website and they post one to you. Got mine after a couple of weeks.


17.99 for Up 2-LP vinyl. That’s a bargain!


I also read in a few places ‘Passion’ was re-released, but I actually don’t find the re-release anywhere. Do you have more information on that?

Phil Morris

Where have you seen that? No word on the four soundtrack albums getting the reissue treatment. (Nor Full Stretch or the live albums.)


Phil Morris > that was in Classic Pop Magazine (not online)

Phil Morris

I know the magazine. You said “a few places”… I wonder what the source was for that one. Certainly no word among the fan community.