Peter Gabriel’s ‘Music For Films’ issued on half-speed mastered 45RPM vinyl

Peter Gabriel‘s three soundtrack albums Birdy, Passion and Long Walk Home will be issued on audiophile quality 45RPM vinyl pressings in July.

As with the previous studio albums, all three albums have been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 45RPM.

Birdy was the soundtrack to the Alan Parker film and was issued in 1985. It was the first time Gabriel had worked with Daniel Lanois, who went on to co-produce both So and Us.

Passion (1989) was recorded as the soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ although Peter continued to work on the music after the film’s release, so this sits somewhere between soundtrack and studio album.

Long Walk Home (2002) is an album based on the music from the Phillip Noyce’s film Rabbit-Proof Fence. This is the first time it has been made available on vinyl.

Passion is a triple album (music on five sides and an etching on the sixth) while the other two are doubles. music on five sides and a special etching on the sixth side. All albums come with a download card with a choice of digital download (hi-res 24bit or 16bit).

Birdy, Passion and Long Walk Home are issued on 45RPM vinyl on 28 July 2017.

Passion / 45 RPM 3LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Disc: 1
1. The Feeling Begins
2. Gethsemane
3. Of These, Hope
4. Lazarus Raised

Disc: 2
1. In Doubt
2. A Different Drum
3. Zaar
4. Troubled

Disc: 3
1. Open
2. Before Night Falls
3. With This Love
4. Sandstorm
5. Stigmata

Disc: 4
1. Passion
2. With This Love – Choir
3. Wall of Breath

Disc: 5
1. The Promise of Shadows
2. Disturbed
3. It is Accomplished
4. Bread and Wine

Birdy / 45 RPM 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Side: 1
1. At Night
2. Floating Dogs
3. Quiet and Alone

Side: 2
1. Close Up (from Family Snapshot)
2. Slow Water
3. Dressing the Wound

Side: 3
1. Birdy’s Flight (from Not One of Us)
2. Slow Marimbas
3. The Heat (from the Rhythm of the Heat)

Side: 4
1. Sketchpad with Trumpet and Voice
2. Under Lock and Key (from Wallflower)
3. Powerhouse at the Foot of theMountain (from San Jacinto)

Long Walk Home / 45RPM 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl

Side 1
1. Jigalong
2. Stealing the Children
3. Unlocking the Door
4. The Tracker
5. Running to the Rain

Side 2
1. On the Map
2. A Sense of Home
3. A Sense of Home
4. Moodoo’s Secret
5. Gracie’s Recapture

Side 3
1. Crossing the Salt Pan
2. The Return (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Side 4
1. Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue – Reprise)
2. The Rabbit-Proof Fence
3. Cloudless

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My bro really likes Passion and has the CD. Is there anything else out there like it? I am not familiar with the other soundtracks.

Phil Morris

Passion Sources – also available as part of this vinyl reissue series – is the obvious place to go.

Mic Smith

If Passion is your thing, then one of the best Real World albums that complements it is Bliss, a nicely segued compilation of the softer side to World Music. Brilliant Friday night music when you’ve had a tough week and all you can do is sink into the sofa. Very relaxing and some fantastic music that most radio stations never touch.


People complaining about the value of this package obviously haven’t looked at the price of Hi-Res downloads recently; you could easily look at the £50 for the 3 offer on PG’s site as the standard price for 3 remastered Hi-Res downloads with 3 free vinyl packs thrown in! Anyone who wants a CD version, just burn the download (you can always downgrade to the 16bit version) to a disc and you have one for another 10p or so – and store it within the vinyl packaging to have a much nicer cover than usual …

Peter Gabriel’s reissues on vinyl are right up there in terms of quality and cost with the best others out there – the XTC and Jethro Tull series being highlights of what can be done.

Mic Smith

The 45 RPM versions issued thus far is this campaign have all been top quality as pressings and packages go.

I understand they aren’t for everyone but if you collect vinyl these are the ones to get in my opinion.

Superb sound – no blemishes – and fantastic music.

Mike the Fish

I had blemishes on Play. I’ve read reports that some albums were warped too.

Mike the Fish

What am I on about?! Not Play, Up had blemishes: I returned it.


As I am oft to mention, I have no interest in 45RPM vinyl, that said when PG issues these on good old 33.33 vinyl I will be on it. Also wish that he would issue OVO on vinyl. I don’t care so much about live stuff, but… If Plays Live and Secret World become available, I will probably buy it as well.

Mike the Fish

What don’t you like about 45rpm, Leemer? Is it the getting up and down a lot, or is it a bit of a fiddle to change speeds on your turntable – something like that?


45rpm has a few advantages for sound quality but that’s outweighed by the negative consequences of half speed/half witted remastering.

Mike the Fish

What is your issue with half speed mastering? The physics is there to back it up as a good thing.


maybe in theory, and only then for the upper frequency band.
bass response is ruined by 1/2 speed mastering, compounded by frequent re-eqing
most of the “improvements”, if any, stem from more careful manufacturing given to these premium releases.
it’s nothing more than another gimmick to extract more $$$ from a vinyl mad market.
in 40 years of record buying i’ve only heard a couple of 1/2 speeds that sounded as good as a good original, eg. the first mofi supertramp crime of the century.
most are simply abominable – eg mofi tea for the tillerman, the uhqr is even worse !

Mike the Fish

I’ve just seen this. Bass isn’t ruined by half speed mastering – or at least it doesn’t have to be – but digital half cut has an advantage in that the frequency bandwidth of the tape head isn’t an issue. Yes RIAA has to be accounted for in the half speed cut (so different EQ) but normal speed cuts go through a similar process. The both get EQ’d at some point. I gather there are some bad half speed cuts out there, but they are not all alike.


25uk to ship 3 albums to Canada from Gabriel’s site! NOT!


It costs a hell of a lot more in the other direction.

Ordered last week from Real World, 9 sides of beautiful music.


CD would be my preference too; never got on well with vinyl. Count me in for re-visiting Plays Live; and not the 1 CD “highlights” version either – I’ll take the 2 CD edition (or something even more extensive!). From what I can gather more than 1 show was recorded, and quite a bit of over-dubbing took place afterwards. Would be lovely if some entire untouched show recordings still existed and could be released…

Mic Smith

There are a small number of out takes from the shows that didn’t make the original double album, and you are correct that more than 1 show was recorded. And yes the set was overdubbed. I’m not certain what happened to the original tapes – I imagine Peter has them somewhere among his archive but as to whether we’ll ever hear them that’s another story altogether.
I think the Solsbury Hill Live DNA video suggests something could happen with his old live stuff as that includes footage from Essen 1978 and that’s the first time he’s even touched that video. So who knows? Maybe that often mentioned box set of rare stuff could be on the cards.

Mic Smith

I pre ordered the bundle from Real World last week when they were first announced.
Would still like to see room in this expansive series for the 2 live albums and OVO.


Would be nice to see a link to PG’s website, where they are all cheaper than Amazon (and anywhere else, especially in a bundle of all 3). Wait… here’s one:-


You’re welcome :)

International Friend

Yes in the UK but shipping costs are dreadful for many other countries. Unfortunately this has always been the case on his website.


I would love to see a remastered cd version of these albums. It’s a pitty that people who are buying & collecting cd’s are ignored.


Well, £50 for three albums is apparently “not bad value” – so we know the world has gone completely mad.

The music on these is terrific, but they add nothing to the CD’s already out there.

Phil Morris

Birdy and Passion have had improved CD reissues. Nowt wrong with the original LWH.

Jay kranz

Feel like birdy could have been over 3 sides with a etching for a more seamless listening. It’s only 35 minutes long. If long walk home at 59 minutes can fit on 4 sides surely that means about 14 minutes per side max 14*3=42. Side 3 of long walk home is 16.5 minutes must be pushing it maybe they should have made that 5 sided…

Otherwise glad they are keeping this going!


Oh yes, Plays Live next please (and Secret World Live)


if you but Passion and Passion sources on his website you can get them both for 34.99 bundled
instead of paying 30 bucks each on amazon

elliott buckingham

hope Gabriel plays live gets a reissue someday.

CJ Feeney

“plays live” deserves a decent remaster. My LP from the 80’s sound’s really muddy.

Wayne Klein

It would require a remix. I think the problem is the mix not the mastering.

Alex DeLarge

At first glance I thought that Peter Gabriel was releasing a cover album of NIN’s The Downward Spiral! But seriously, as a cinephile I believe that Alan Parker’s BIRDY is one of the great “most overlooked” films of the ’80s. I’ve been hoping for a Blu-ray release (with lossless audio) for years.

CJ Feeney

My second favourite reissue series (after Jethro Tull). The hi-res downloads are easy enough to bounce down to CD quality for the car stereo. The enhanced artwork for these adds to the value in getting the 45rpm vinyl.

£50 for the three as a bundle at Real World. Not bad value.


The links to Amazon UK don’t seem to work for me and I can’t find them searching?

Enrico G.

Wonderful, wonderful albums.
I hope there will be a remastered CD version, sooner or later.

Ryan F

These are all underrated gems in the Gabriel canon, I think. My personal favourite here is Ngankarrparni from Long Walk Home- such a lovely piece of music, and better than the ‘proper’ version of Sky Blue that was a track on the Up album. A much welcome release.


Damn, now he’s putting out previously unreleased on vinyl albums in this series. What’s next, OVO and Secret World Live? I’m actually considering getting the series now :( :-D