Peter Gabriel’s output coming to Spotify

Albums and B-sides and remixes to hit the streaming service

Peter Gabriel‘s albums are to be made available on Spotify, for the first time.

From 18 May, Gabriel’s music catalogue will start to be released on the streaming service, with the first four self-titled albums (including the German language ein deutsches album and deutsches album), So, Us, Up, Shaking the Tree and Hit all going live.

While this news isn’t likely to be of major interest to SDE readers, it is the start of a monthly roll-out which will include the various soundtrack albums, live albums, what the label describe as the ‘orchestral / song-swap albums’ and most interestingly, B-sides and remixes.

Longtime SDE readers will recall how Gabriel refused to include any remixes or B-sides on his super deluxe edition of So, something he defended , somewhat unconvincingly, at the time.

We don’t know at this stage whether the B-sides and remixes have been remastered and whether their appearance on Spotify makes any kind of physical release, more or less likely. Nevertheless, having access to them via streaming is better than nothing, for now.

Why anyone would chose to stream the albums when 33RPM half-speed mastered vinyl reissues – which come with hi-res downloads – can be picked up for around the £15-16 mark (from third party sellers)  is another matter altogether!

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Peter Gabriel

so - 33rpm half-speed mastered


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Peter Gabriel

melt - 33rpm half-speed mastered


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Peter Gabriel

car - 33RPM half-speed mastered





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Wayne Klein

I’d love a physician release of these (on CD or vinyl with digital downloads) plus the b-sides such as “Floating Dogs” that have never (to the best of my knowledge) had a CD release or download release.

It’s a bit disappointing that some of these tracks would get a Spotify release before a new physical release. The other issue is when the film song collection going to get a regular vinyl release or CD (or high def)?

Matteo Barbieri

I couldn’t find any remix or b side on spotify. It’s just me that I live in Italy or what?

wayne klein

What’s Peter’s issue with reissuing his rare B-sides? It didn’t show up on the “So” boxed set, they haven’t had a separate release, etc.

I know he’s had some personal issue with his wife’s illness but he could have had some other members at his company curate and release these.


what remixes are there from the “so” era?

sledgehammer (dance mix) 7:19
sledgehammer (extended mix) 5:35
big time (dance mix) 6:10
in your eyes (special mix) 7:14
i have the touch (’85 remix) 3:43

before the 1986 “so” era there weren’t any extended mixes, were there?


Eric M.

I believe there is a separate 6:15 remix of “In Your Eyes”, and a 5-minute radio edit of it as well, which really needs to be released in some digital format as so believe it was the 45 version upon re-release in 1989.

Koen Kroeze

01 Sledgehammer (US Radio Mix) (Radio Version) 4:02
02 Sledgehammer (7″ Edit) 4:49
03 Sledgehammer (Extended Dance Mix) 7:20
04 Sledgehammer (Extended Mix) 5:40
05 Don’t Break This Rhythm 3:50
06 I Have The Touch (’85 Remix) 3:48
07 Biko (Twelve Inch Extended Version) 9:00

08 Don’t Give Up (7″ Edit) 5:40
09 Don’t Give Up (UK 7″ Edit) 6:07
10 Don’t Give Up (US 7″ Edit 1) 4:44
11 Don’t Give Up (US 7″ Edit 2) 5:26
12 In Your Eyes (Special Mix) 7:15
13 In Your Eyes (Radio Edit) 4:36
14 In Your Eyes (Extended Version) 6:15
15 In Your Eyes (Theme From Say Anything) 4:53

16 Big Time (US 7″ Edit) 3:12
17 Big Time (Extended Version) (Dance Mix) 6:15
18 Curtains 3:27
19 Across The River 7:12

20 Ga-Ga, I Go Swimming (Instrumental) 4:27
21 Walk Through The Fire (7″ Version) 3:30

22 Biko (Live Video Mix) 6:30
22 Biko (Live Edit) 4:32
23 No More Apartheid (Live) 7:10


There’s a longer version of I Have The Touch(remix) on the Walk Through The Fire 12′ from 1984 as well.


Lets hope that PG’s ‘people’ sort all these tracks/mixes/edits and then finally release them.


Give me a B-sides/rarities/remixes CD collection and I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available. As for vinyl rereleases, absolutely not interested. The idea of retro technology is just ridiculous… I’m all for “new and improved”, so I would never support this awful vinyl revival. Vinyl should be left in the 80’s, where it belongs.


Agree. Question : the albums are already on Apple Music and never left, but are the remixes and additional content such as the German language albums, Spotify Exclusive? Does anyone know if he’s done some kind of exclusive deal with Spotify to get the bonus content?

(The bonus stuff hasn’t gone up today, but the albums all have)

Mike the Fish

To be fair, CD is also retro technology.


Yes, CD is retro tech also – but SACDs and DVD-As never really caught on, so CDs ended up being “current” tech. Blu-ray audio is great, but not as common as should be. The problem with vinyl is that it was thankfully almost dead – as it should be – but suddenly it’s “in” again? How come? Vinyl sucks… it doesn’t sound good unless you have an uber-expensive audiophile system, it degrades each time you listen to it, it’s extraordinarily impractical and lots and lots of etcs. The only nice thing about vinyl records is their looks, but I don’t buy records to display them on my walls. I guess they’re being exhumed now because the industry wants people to think it’s “cool” to buy outdated tech instead of just illlegally downloading files. Commendable and all, but I can’t wait for the inevitable “CD revival”. May it come quickly!

Mike the Fish

I like vinyl, I left new vinyl for CD for a while, but came back to it and I still enjoy it. Definitely not faultless, and I think after digital the imperfections and quality control issues seem more pronounced and less acceptable. A super audiophile system isn’t necessary, but yeah it costs a bit to get a player than can play the records at the correct speed without jumping (why is this not a prerequisite to turntables/record players existing?). I agree about the replacements not really taking on. I like blu-ray as an audio format, but it seems too late for another physical format to be really big. Maybe the tide will turn against streaming, with its non-ownership, no resale value, no quantifiable object, etc…

Antony Hudson

I still play my chrome cassette fag packet of “Sledgehammer”! Still brilliant.


Apples and oranges… I love my ever-evolving vinyl collection, but I’m also using my Spotify premium account to the max. When I’m driving, or at work, or to discover music… Or simply listen. I mean, I survived the 80’s walkman with quite often only left or right working, listening to tapes copied from tapes… I find the Spotify quality acceptable. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love buying and owning vinyl records, but let’s say that listening this morning to the last Arctic Monkeys album on Spotify I’m glad I didn’t spend any money on it… It’s just two completely different things.


No B-sides or remixes yet, but all the albums (including the soundtracks and the German ones) are streamable via Apple Music now (14 May), in the US anyways. No “Walk Through The Fire” or “That’ll Do” yet, but we do get “Down To Earth” (which is lovely) and “The Veil” (which is outstanding).

Anyone understand why we don’t get the complete Plays Live? That seems like a big oversight.

Tom of FIN

Apple streaming and device sound quality is objectively so poor compared to only Spotify, not to mention only hifi-able streaming, Tidal (lossless, CD).

Nobody audio-serious consumer does not accept Apple Music / iTunes streaming quality. You can hear the difference easily. It is huge and Peter Gabriel sounds really crappy, because of that via Apple technology.

Actually unbeliavable considering how comprehensive library they have alongside Spotify. No real effort to upgrade in audio. iPhone as a platform is also very compared to Android, especially after wireless headphone technology, aptX upgraded to HD last year. Very high quality wireless audio (Bluetooth).


Everybody’s ears are different. My comment was strictly about availability, not quality.

The only time I even think about audio quality with streaming services is when I’m at a Windows computer listening with wired headphones (no Bluetooth), which is most of the work day. When I use my mobile, I don’t expect high quality audio from streaming, so I don’t care what they sound like on iOS or Android, as long as they’re not horrible. (And I would never compare the audio quality of any lossy streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music, to a lossless one, like Tidal or FLAC files – no point in comparing apples and oranges.)

In that context, I have found Spotify to be consistently terrible from an audio quality perspective, even when I was a “premium” member – the highs sound very pinched, and the bass very distant, to me. Apple Music has suited me just fine – not outstanding, not awful either, about what I would expect.

Now it may be that on certain mobile operating systems, or with Bluetooth headphones, or with certain kinds of music, that Spotify might sound better to me. Or it might just be that your ears are different than mine. But neither you nor I can claim anything about this is “objective.” It’s all subjective.

Tom of FIN

Well, in audio quality terms, Apple Music can not argue with numbers and professional reviews. That’s what I meant with objectivity, this has teen tested so many times in media in the past two years. (Sentimental) subjectivity of course is always a factor in listening.

On of the latest updates here: https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/streaming/best-music-streaming-services

Answer always the same and just to start with, in kbps, objectively that is, Apple platform has been always the last compared to Tidal and Spotify.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the website you cite literally says Apple Music’s streams sound better than Spotify’s, in the actual review:


“Better sound quality remains the next logical step for Spotify – especially as Apple Music’s streams offer the more open and involving listen, with greater space, subtlety and punch.”

More detail here, from the same source:


The link you post gives Spotify a higher rating due to overall experience, overcoming its deficiencies in sound quality. But like I said, this is mostly subjective anyways, and even Mr and Mrs Whathifi have their own biases.

Stephen DC

I love Peter Gabriel and his music. He was also a leading pioneer in so many instances – his company brought the Fairlight to the music world, for example.

My first concert was at Earl’s Court watching the So Tour [or whatever it was called]

But lack of anything but ‘remastered’ back catalogue has meant he has slipped back, in my eyes. I thought he would be one to show the evolution of the songs on the albums via expanded editions but no.

This does smack of money for old rope. Remastered catalogue now drained, time to get them streamed to earn pennies.

If the next generation want to live with soul-less streaming [it helps with the records anti-piracy] then let them. I will die with vinyl in one hand and a CD in the other!


Ok, so who wants to take a stab at a reasonably complete list of remixes and b-sides for Mr. Gabriel?

I think one reason they’re going this route is because it would cost a lot of money to track down all the best audio sources for those remixes and b-sides and remaster them to CD standard. With streaming, they can just throw a bunch of lossy-sourced mp3s in there and no one will know the difference.

Chris Squires

I think Slade are still verboten on Spotify.

I found a total of three tracks. A shame. I first looked for their stuff a couple of years ago and it’s still not there. I wonder why.


The loudness wars began with Peter Gabriel 4 – forty minutes of migraine.

Mike the Fish



Another issue, at least here in the US is that many/most cars no longer come with CD players. The push to add Apple Car Play/Android equivalent to new cars is huge and is coming faster and faster.

Many people do some/most of their music listening in the car, so if there is no CD player, your choice is radio/SiriusXM/stream through phone.

You can argue the pros and cons of streaming services all day, but they are here to stay. The younger generations have fully bought in, even the ones that are trying to hop on the vinyl train.

I had to fill out a survey for the engineers of the makers of my car, and basically the only complaint I had was they pulled the CD player. It wasn’t even an option. My comments – “What am I supposed to do with my 1000+ CD’s? And what happens when I run out of data?”


I assume you have Bluetooth or a jack lead socket so you can play music on your phone? I’ve never used the CD player in my car. I have over 1,000 CDs ripped at 320kbps on my phone and I just hook it up to my car stereo using a jack lead. When I can’t be bothered to do that I have a 32GB flash drive with about 150 ripped CDs on it.

Seth Hollander

“if there is no CD player, your choice is radio/SiriusXM/stream through phone.”
There is another choice:
I have a 160G iPod Classic that I mostly use in my car. There is currently 46 days of my favorite music in my library (with room for about 9 more days), carefully culled from my CD & download collection. Since I use the iPod in shuffle mode, many tracks have been tweaked with an audio processing/editing program to enhance their prescence in the shuffle environment (I “master[ed] for iTunes”!).
USB-in is all I need to bring my favorite music to any audio system, home or auto!
Streaming is not the only choice!

Derek Langsford

Cars are harsh environments for CDs. My 2017 VW has the CD player in the glove compartment i.e. not practical to load or unload a disc while in motion but I assume that is the point and also to push people to use CarPlay.

I also had a 160 GB iPod Classic connecting directly to my car system via USB but was stunned by the upgrade in sound quality when I switched to a 256 GB iPhone 7 and CarPlay. I have used about 150 GB for my whole CD collection (23,352 “songs”) though I know that some early rips into iTunes were not in 320 kbps (it will be a chore to re-rip them).

Considering the sound environment in a car, this set-up works fine and operation through the CarPlay screen on the dash is much easier than navigating with a click wheel. I love the convenience and portability of digital files for environments where you can’t access a CD player, but don’t want to pay anyone to listen to what I have already purchased. I will resist streaming in my car until I can’t.

Meanwhile, at home for background listening, I access my iTunes lossless library through my Apple TV over our wireless network (yes I have two iTunes libraries – AAC for my iPhone, lossless for home usage), or for serious, focused listening, put on the disc in whatever format I have (CD, SACD, DVD-A, Blu-ray) to listen through my system.

I am happy with this setup and will continue with it until I am inevitably forced to change it.


I wonder which “B-Sides and Remixes” will be added. Knowing Peter we will only get the 1986-Onwards b-sides and remixes and nothing pre-1986.


Apart from Soft Dog and Across the River what other pre-1986 B-Sides are there?

Mike the Fish

The German version of Here Comes The Flood, for one.


Simon: Teddy Bear, Shosholoza, Biko (Remixed Version) to name a few. There aren’t many of course but there are a few never been on CD.

Chris Squires

Hello, My name is Chris Squires and I am a Vinyl addict.
The AA analogy is apt. Because as with most things in life….food, alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs etc. They can make superb servants. But also make terrible masters. When they get the upper hand it is not so good as when you are in control.

Spotify does, as has been mentioned here, have a lot of uses. I work from home and the last day I had working whilst listening to vinyl I got sod all done. (ok it was the complete Fellowship of the Rings, but I achieved nothing of value and it was a great day off which wasn’t supposed to be).
So Spotify is great when I don’t have access to vinyl or if I just want background or if we have guests. It’s quite poor (IMHO) to actually listen to and if I had a half day which I wanted to enjoy listening to music I would NEVER do it with Spotify.

So, it’s a great Servant. But these musical behemoths only care about income. Don’t imagine that the greed and behaviour that everyone complains of here from Amazon (include Google, eBay, Paypal, Netflix) isn’t shown by Spotify or will be soon. If they could strangle any opposition and any other options they would.
So the way that the argument goes that Amazon is killing local record shops holds for Spotify and we own NOTHING. We are renting music and at their mercy. Everything that we view as a break in the system will disappear once they feel they can get away with it. The free service will become more restrictive, there will be higher level paywalls behind which is held better quality or certain artists.

Spotify, a great servant. Until it feels it is in charge, then it will be a terrible master.

Once that happens I will revert to my physical copies and ditch Spotify (or similar) when the balance of Power shifts. Or I may be too old and deaf to care by then.


They’re probably so cheap because they can’t shift them? Most people aged 40 and upwards that I know – the age group that Water’s music will most appeal to – have long made the switch to streaming. Mostly Apple Music as opposed to Spotify. The fact of the matter is, like most people they’re not audiophiles and they prefer to spend money eating out, theatre, live music and it’s a good excuse to declutter. It’s the same with films – almost everyone I know streams (film rentals from Amazon, Google, Apple and box sets from Netflix). Even though I buy way more CDs than I really need, I’m all for digital technology. I bet there’s a few people on this site who still get hard copies of their photos printed by Tru Print!

elliott buckingham

I find with streaming services especially amazon auto-rip they have a small gap between songs so I listen to a live album it doesn’t flow it has a small gap where the cd or vinyl wouldn’t have one

Neil Young

I’d buy the physical formats while you can. I can see in time streaming will be the only way. What a horrendous thought.

Of course, give it another 60-70 years most of us won’t be here to care…

Sorry if that’s depressing, but it’s true. Look back 60-70 years. Do you recall anything on 78rpm? Cassette tape only existed from the 1940s. Multi tracking from the late 1940s. Stereo the 1950s. Quad the 1970s. I could go on…

Eric M.

I’m intrigued by the mention of “b-sides and remixes”. As everyone here surely knows, there are many period remixes that are not already released on other streaming services. Would love to know if this announcement is indicative of any “new to the digital front” content or if it is only speaking of tracks already available on Apple Music, etc.

Jean Christophe DERRIEN

I subscribed recently to Spotify and I’m quite pleased with it.
When you’re not at home or you want to hear something new / special / specific, it’s very cool.
I still buy cds and vinyls, but I’m more cautious.
If Peter Gabriel releases some obscure stuff via Spotify, I’d be glad to.
In the 90’s and 00’s, I collected many cd singles or 12” with rare remixes from many remixers / artists and it cost me a lot of money. And to be honest, most of them were crap ! :)
Now, this market is almost gone. To be honest, I listened to some recent remixes from Depeche Mode (for example) and bought on vinyl or cd those that I really cared for. (not many)
(In Spotify, you also have special live sessions and exclusive tracks / remixes)

Gav H

Maybe I’m in the minority amongst SDE readers, but this news is very welcome to me. I’m a collector of vinyl (to listen to – not just to look at the cover from time to time), CD and surround sound Blu-Ray/DVD, but I am also an advocate of Spotify (and other streaming services). I ‘m fortunate enough to be able to listen to music all day as I work, but stopping every 45-minutes or so to change a CD, or more frequently to flip a record, would significantly slow down my working day. Spotify gives listeners the opportunity to discover new music or older bands they might not have done before the days of streaming, and this has resulted in many a CD or vinyl purchase for me, which I can then listen to in much better quality when I’m not working. After becoming disillusioned by most new music of late, I’ve spent the past 18-months working my way through the entire studio album output (from earliest to most recent) of many bands and solo artists – some of which I’d never heard before. If truth be told, some of them I never wish to hear again, but I have uncovered some absolute gems, something that is unlikely to have happened without streaming services. In doing so, I’ve also created playlists for each artist, which have effectively become my own ‘best ofs’ (yes, I know… super geek!) I recently worked my way through every Genesis album (including Calling All Stations) and was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to do the same with Peter Gabriel, even though I own most of his albums on vinyl. But soon I’ll be able to and, like SDE does on a weekly basis, it will probably result in me spending even more money on physical music products. Now if Tool and King Crimson can follow suit (as Tom of FIN said earlier), I’ll be even happier.

Tom of FIN

I have to be with you with this thred, Jean and Gav. I am quite astonished about this somewhat sentimental opposition to streaming option. Most of us music collecting or fan enthusiasts live in a hybrid environment in tech terms. It is not either or, black and white, but depends on circumstances. At home or not.

Mobility is the best rational reason to use Tidal or Spotify and preferably their premium version. Also browsing completely new music, if it were to stand the test of time and several plays as a physical product. At home it is me too with 12 inch format, CD depending on the decade and retrospective etc. (SDE) box sets.

Streaming is handy and cost effective via rack hardware too, if for example B-sides and remixes of original releases take eternity to find or prices in Discogs and eBay are over the top. And like in this thred has been mentioned, vinyl reissues have had many times pressing quality related audio problems in the past ten years or so. Besides: personally collecting 7 inches – not to mention rare cassette-only releases – is just too much to handle.

With a music library of thousands of items in a three room apartment, physicality is of course a space/cost issue too. In the longer run.

Dan T.

Gav H, you’re not alone, brother. (Nice handle, BTW, if you’re not the real Gavin Harrison…). I’m the same way. High quality audio at home, streaming services “at large” (for me, mostly in the car). Spotify is also nice for discovering new stuff, but I **ALWAYS** reward the artist with a physical purchase if indeed they touched me in a deep way, and I’m moved to want the product in all its lossless glory. So for me, Spotify functions just like FM radio did in the 7os/80s when I was growing up.

I love PG’s stuff, especially his ‘deep tracks’. Recently I discovered him on Spotify in ‘Big Blue Ball,’ and loved his contributions on it. Check it out.

Hopefully this will get more people interested in PG’s music, and his philanthropy.

Also, NOBODY puts on a show like he does. It’s jaw-dropping, even for a guy his age. If you haven’t seen him live yet, please do.


This topic gets me angry again because it reminds me what a giant failure that So box set is and what it COULD have been. What a complete waste that box is. One of the best 80’s album and no b-sides, no remixes and no 5.1 surround dvd or blu-ray of the album. Aside from all the complaints about other box sets that have been released the past years, this is THE example of how not to do a boxset. I cannot think of any other box set where they missed the mark so blatantly. So now we can stream some of that stuff but still not buy it? Total BS.


I like a lot of SDE readers am not a fan of the current trend towards streaming media – If not a physical copy I at least want to own a download of the music I like and love! It’s as close to something tangible if a physical copy is not available! I don’t get the obsession with everything being so transient nowadays! Streaming media, Snapchat etc etc. Doesn’t anyone want to actually keep music and pictures etc anymore?! My argument against streaming and other ephemeral content is that if one streams everything now then access to media in the event of a zombie apocalypse (!) will be lost! If you have physical copies then there’s still an option to enjoy the saved media!


Don’t forget the equipment required to play your So box set and a source of electricity!


Plus you can’t throw Spotify at Zombies to stop them eating you…


Haha well exactly Paul!

Chris Squires

Apparently it has been proven that chucking vinyl at Zombies does not stop them, not even an early edition of Blue Monday.
A good solid Cricket bat to the head however……


With a decent vinyl set-up you should have the opportunity to smash the zombies with your speakers too. ;-)
Maybe you’re lucky enough to find a sharpener somewhere to grind your vinyl. Always point at the neck then…


it’ll cost me nothing to stream them on spotify, whilst it would cost me money to buy the vinyl. pretty simple reason why someone would prefer spotify over vinly. less mucking about and hassle too. how many times do artists and record companies expect people to keep rebuying the same albums?

if you are getting extra material that you want, then that may be a reason, or if the upgrade is very notable such as vhs to dvd or dvd to bluray then fair enough, but cd to vinyl is a step backwards to old tech when moving to HD audio can provide a sonic improvement. it’s not like the albums haven’t been available on vinyl for several decades. for many people, listening to music on a decent modern spotify system can give better sound than listening on vinyl on an old system back in the day, or listening to a tape from an 80s walkman


Yawn…..heard it all before. So “less hassle and mucking about” is your idea of listening to music – how sad.

Mike the Fish

How about reading his second paragraph for his reasoning? I’m not keen on Spotify, and prefer physical media, but it’ll do for me to dip into and sample perhaps pending buying physical copies. I’m quite excited about being able to hear some of the b-sides and remixes.


unique is right – sometimes it’s just easier to just hit play on Spotify. Looking on Discogs, there are complaints about audio quality and physical defects for so many vinyl reissues. I use Spotify with a couple of Sonos speakers paired in stereo and it sounds fine. Surprised you’re not typing your comments on a typewriter and posting them to SDE. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much “hassle and mucking about” for someone like you.


You have to understand though that the invention of the CD was, in fact, a ‘step backwards’ despite being new technology at the time. Moving to vinyl from CD not only adds lots of nostalgic benefits, but, as long as it’s from a decent source, gives you higher sound quality.

I enjoy all formats. They all have their pros + cons (another great Roger Waters album) but you really can’t knock vinyl when it comes to a pleasing balance of physical product and high sound quality.

jeremy keens

I think that vinyl is a niche product which I loved and collected from the mid 60s. CDs were a great advance, but now 90% of my listening is to electronic copies of my old music (digitised) or new music bought (eg the eno box set) on cd and digitised or downloads. I have too much music I love to want to pay for streaming. I would be looking forward to downloadable versions of b-sides etc


Whether this is good news or not depends entirely on the masterings used. For example, the last remaster of So is appalling. The earlier CD’s are better all around, although the 4th album seems to be best in the 2002 version.

Mike the Fish

What release are you calling the last remaster of So?


Spotify, itunes and any other services that are similar – I do not use and do not ever plan to!

Kenneth Tilley

ditto, streaming sucks, i want a physical release not a compressed mp3 pile of rubbish

Tony Orwell

Never used Spotify or any download online resources before, the closest i got to that kind of thing is when U2 gave me their album for free into my itunes account.
Is it not a lazy way to listen to music? all of the music i listen too is on my iphone for times when i am not indoors, why would i want spotify?
As Fred says, maybe one day but for me if i cant stick it on a shelf and polish it once a year then I am not interested!

Andrew M

Re. The last comment.

I stand alongside anyone who criticises the streaming world. I want real artefacts and quality audio – that’s why I’m here.

However, until I find a turntable with enough anti skip to work in my car, or one which I can stick in my pocket and attach a pair of headphones to – then if I want to listen to Peter Gabriel in those circumstances this might be welcome news….


Prince’s backcat finally arrived recently too.


“Why anyone would chose to stream the albums when 33RPM half-speed mastered vinyl reissues – which come with hi-res downloads – can be picked up for around the £15-16 mark (from third party sellers) is another matter altogether!”

If you, like me, pay £10 a month for spotify and love how easy it is to create playlists of your favourite music and can also save them to play offline (essential for tube travel), then you’ll be very happy to stream them!
High quality steaming too. Sounds awesome in my iPhone earphones or if I want really loud, my new bludio Bluetooth headphones Sometimes the future ‘is’ good.


Agreed. Favorites are for keeps. Great news. Thanks, Paul.

Andrew Taylor

I’m with you Paul.


I love Spotify and I love vinyl but vinyl is bloody expensive! I have a lot of vinyl and cds but use spotify the most.

Derek Langsford

I’ll stick to my CDs loaded into iTunes for portable use as I don’t want to own vinyl again. Are the hi-res downloads available to those not buying the vinyl? I don’t see them on HD Tracks.

Todd R.

Yeah, the B-sides/”Courage” issues with SO have so (sorry) worn me down on this topic. I found myself chasing down “Daily Mail” samplers to get my fix (noted exception of some choice live tracks there). Even if PG went out of his way now and published a fan-club only release with “SO” esque artwork now I wouldn’t bother. Oh and don’t get me started on LIVE FROM ATHENS Blu Ray…..


What’s wrong with the Live In Athens Blu-ray ? i think it’s excellent.


Agreed. Fantastic concert! And in crystal clear 35mm

Tom of FIN

Great, at last. Now only King Crimson and Tool are about the last big names not availabe in Spotify, only though second best in audio quality.

Odd, that the CD-quality able Tidal is not releasing Gabriel discoraphy at the same time, especially when they claim to pay better royalties to songwriters and artists than other
streaming companies. Of course Gabriel might have a much better personal royalty deal than many other smaller brands.

Tidal clearly has not issued any info about them having PG in their library this spring.


Methinks Tidal has a bigger fish in its skillet right now. One made of bullshit?


Tom of FIN

Simon, interesting and that has a nice gangsta hiphop sound/feel to it, but does not concern really.

As a customer after realising Tidal being the only CD quality streaming – when I’m going mobile, at home physical library of course – could not care much. Music has been a somewhat dirty entertainment business for ages.

Dan Treview

Tom of FIN, you and I must be twins. I was also thinking of King Crimson and Tool, but honestly, I don’t think we’ll see KC on streaming services until Fripp is gone. I love the guy, and Steve Wilson’s remixes are the standard (along with JT), but he seems too hung up with odd perceptions about it. Regardless, the physical product for me is the ONLY way to enjoy a KC album. Lossy doesn’t cut it for a band as lush and diverse as KC was.


I’m interested to know whether any of his obscure OST songs will appear such as Walk through the Fire. The single mix of that is a real cracker but I think it was released on a different label so who knows…

Steven Roberts

I’d love to think this news suggests that some kind of remixes and rarities box is on the cards – but I suspect that may be wishful thinking.

I’d also like to think he’ll rerelease all his studio albums in 5.1 – but again, I ain’t holding my breath….

Still, both options seem more likely than the possibility that he will ever release another flipping studio album !!!!

John Arne P.

Hi Paul, probably just a typo, according to a note on his Spotify page the albums are going live 18 May, not 8. Or are there regional differences?


great news! :-)


I don’t give a f… of streaming or mp3… Physical release or nothing 4 me…. Maybe one day…


@Fred: My thought too… But Mr. Gabriel really, really wants money. Preferably without actually releasing anything.

Mike the Fish

The thing is, thanks to MP3 I got a legal copy of the multitracks of Bowie’s Space Oddity (song not album). Possibly for less than £2. That’s pretty cool.