Peter Murphy / 5 Albums

Five-CD box set • Bauhaus frontman’s first 5 solo albums • Bonus tracks

A new box set of featuring the first five albums of Bauhaus vocalist Peter Murphy will be issued by Beggars Banquet next month.

5 Albums features the so-called Godfather of Goth‘s first five long-players: Should The World Fail to Fall Apart (1986), Love Hysteria (1988), Deep (1989), Holy Smoke (1992) and Cascade (1995)

This set summarises the first ten years and each album features bonus tracks including original demos, single B-sides, early and alternate mixes and other previously unreleased recordings including Critic’s Choice, Groovy Place, Sail On White and a full band take on Cool Cool Breeze. In total, 5 Albums features 28 extra tracks, on top of the 49 album tracks.

Finally, the packaging looks good. This is presented as a hardcover book. 5 Albums will be released on 22 June 2018

CD 1

1. Canvas Beauty (Romance Version)
2. The Light Pours Out Of Me
3. Confessions
4. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
5. Never Man
6. God Sends
7. Blue Heart
8. The Answer Is Clear
9. Final Solution
10. Jemal

11. Canvas Beauty (Up Version
12. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (Version 3)
13. Stay
14. Final Solution (Club Mix Version 1)
15. Tale Of The Tongue (Extended version)

CD 2

1. All Night Long
2. His Circle And Hers Meet
3. Dragnet Drag
4. Socrates The Python
5. Indigo Eyes
6. Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
7. Blind Sublime
8. My Last Two Weeks
9. Fun Time

10. Tale Of The Tongue (Single Edit)
11. I’ve Got A Miniature Secret Camera
12. Critic’s Choice (previously unreleased demo)
13. All Night Long (U.S.A. Edit)
14. Socrates The Python (Demo)
15. Fun Time (Cabaret Mix) (Demo)

CD 3

1. Deep Ocean Vast Sea
2. Shy
3. Crystal Wrists
4. Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem
5. Seven Veils
6. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
7. Cuts You Up
8. A Strange Kind Of Love (Version 1)
9. Roll Call

10. Roll Call (Reprise)
11. A Strange Kind Of Love (Version 2)
12. The Line Between The Devil’s Teeth (12” Remix)
13. Cuts You Up (U.S.A. Alternate Edit)
14. A Strange Kind Of Love (Remix Edit Version)
15. Deep Ocean Vast Sea (Instrumental)

CD 4

1. Keep Me From Harm
2. Kill The Hate
3. You’re So Close
4. The Sweetest Drop
5. Low Room
6. Let Me Love You
7. Our Secret Garden
8. Dream Gone By
9. Hit Song
10. Volga Boatmen (Outro)

11. The Sweetest Drop (Rave Edit)
12. Cool Cool Breeze
13. You’re So Close (Radio Edit)
14. The Sweetest Drop (Radio Edit 1)
15. Hit Song (Single Edit)
16. The Sweetest Drop (Rave 12” Mix)

CD 5

1. Mirror To My Woman’s Mind
2. Subway
3. Gliding Like A Whale
4. Disappearing
5. Mercy Rain
6. I’ll Fall with Your Knife
7. The Scarlet Thing In You
8. Sails Wave Goodbye
9. Wild Birds Flock to Me
10. Huuvola
11. Cascade

12. Wild Birds Flock To Me (Production Rough Mix)
13. Groovy Place (Demo)
14. Wish (Production Rough Mix)
15. Sail On White (Production Rough Mix)
16. Satin Nights (Cascade) (Production Rough Mix)

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Michael Thomas

Do this in vinyl format!

louis wade

no… it do not

Jason Schafer

Is there any info at all from Beggars as to whether these are coming later on vinyl or not? While this is a nice gesture, it falls a bit short from what consumers expect these days, and Peter’s catalog is definitely worth exploration to newbies. Imagining what Cascade on vinyl would be like…one can dream…


I’ll get this, but I’m really frustrated by the bonus tracks. I’d rather have the B-sides instead of rough mixes or demos. Better yet, couldn’t they include a bonus disc with the missing B-sides and a selection of the best remixes? “5 Albums Plus” would’ve been nice.


I have multiple copies of these albums. I think I will pass unless I hear the mastering is top notch.


When you put the box up on your shelf, Pete’s nose will be pointing jauntily out at you from the spine, nostrils flared, with the circled number 5 hovering above. I’m assuming that was intentional?

Also: lazy typography, falling way short of the quality of the design on the original albums and singles. Let’s hope they put more work into the booklet.

David McCallum

Having one of his famous cheekbones on the spine would have been funny.

I know that 5 Albums is a BB series but if they are going for special packaging they might have gone for some title… even if it was something dull like “All the Wild Birds.” Or “Fall to Cascade.”


Vinyl reissues would be nice, considering Deep and Holy Smoke run about $100 on eBay, with Cascade running up to $300-$400…


Peter Murphy is written in the same font as Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”. An album that would really need a reissue as well.


For US readers it’s $28 USD plus shipping directly from Beggars Banquet online. I pre-ordered mine last month.


From my perspective, this set doesnt look like such good value.

When it comes to comparing the bonus material – especially on the first album – Should The World Fail To Fall Apart, the end result is pretty clear…..

BONUS TRACKS on the new box-set

11. Canvas Beauty (Up Version
12. Should The World Fail To Fall Apart (Version 3)
13. Stay
14. Final Solution (Club Mix Version 1)
15. Tale Of The Tongue (Extended version)


BONUS DISC on the expanded edition of STWFTFA

1. Canvas beauty (Fast Version)
2. The Light Pours Out Of Me (Original Version)
3. Confessions (Remix)
4. Should the world fail to fall apart (Version 3)
5. Stay
6. Tale of the tongue (12″ Version)
7. Blue heart (12″ Version)
8. The answer is clear (Version)
9. Final Solution (Club Mix)
10. Jemal (Version 2)
11. Should the world fail to fall apart (Unreleased Version)
12. Final Solution (Full Version)
13. Final solution (Third And Final Mix)

This is not even my favorite album, but even Love Hysteria bonus is missing some great Blind Sublime mixes, found on the original expanded edition.

CJ Feeney

Define “value

The first two albums are about £22 for the pair at Amazon UK for one disc editions. The two discs deluxes appear to be deleted. It would be good if this set was more complete, but £27 for five albums and nice packaging looks fantastic value to me. I’m not a Murphy fan, but I am envious of this sort of well put together set.


Love Hysteria deluxe two-disc edition (2013) available now on Amazon.UK / DE / FR. Only 13.5 GBP on Amazon.UK.


For some bizarre reason the version of Indigo Eyes on the 2013 reissue is a full minute shorter than the original then again it was released by Cherry Red.


I suspect that to include any more material they would have to make them two disc editions. Some of those studio albums are about an hour long even without the bonus tracks. That would make it a much more expensive set.

Andrew J Brooksbank

This is exactly the reason why we left off the Blind Sublime remixes…so the Cherry Red version and the new version differ. We used the original Analogue for CR (hence the shorter Indigo Eyes, and digital on new version…there were two masters cut back in ’88 with two different lengths for that track)
This box aims to try, where we could, to avoid too much repetition with the CR versions AND reinstate the correct Solution Club mix and utilise (for the very first time digitally, STWFTFA version…the real one!



Any insight into why the live B-side tracks were omitted?

Do you know if the Cherry Red 2-CD reissues will continue?

Charles K

A lot better packaging than the typical album collections for sure. Would be nice if they all adopted this style but that’s probably an unrealistic expectation. I have the deluxe versions of the first two but this still seems worth it at this price point for the bonus cuts on the latter half albums. Any word on whether Smoke and Cascade were remastered in any way?

Stan Butler

And better packaging than the Gary Numan, Fall, Bauhaus etc 5 albums put out by Beggars previously. A clamshell box is fine, but the cover art on those collections is terrible. This at least certainly looks the part, though no details on how the discs are held. Hopefully not those infernal clips on the inside covers. Whether this alone is worth paying £27 as opposed to around £15 is debatable however.


I’m wondering if these are brand new remasters? The previous Cherry Red for the first two albums were so-so.


This will be one my shopping list, local guy does good.