Phil Collins / Face Value pic disc

Anniversary picture disc • Rhino persist with the ‘wrong’ cover art

In February next year, Rhino will issue a special 40th anniversary vinyl picture disc of Phil Collins‘ debut solo album Face Value.

Released in 1981 (shortly after Collins’ 30th birthday) Face Value was a massive success thanks to mega-singles like ‘In The Air Tonight’ and ‘I Missed Again’.

This limited edition picture disc features the 2016 remastering and comes in a die cut gatefold sleeve.

As with last year’s No Jacket Required orange vinyl, you will note that Collins and Rhino continue to use the ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ updated cover shots which, while cute for that specific reissue campaign, but makes no sense at all going forward. There is no nostalgia factor if you don’t use the original artwork, and they are underestimating how important that is.

The Face Value picture disc is released on 12 February 2021

Side A

  1. In The Air Tonight
  2. This Must Be Love
  3. Behind The Lines
  4. The Roof Is Leaking
  5. Droned
  6. Hand In Hand

Side B

  1. I Missed Again
  2. You Know What I Mean
  3. Thunder And Lightning
  4. I’m Not Moving
  5. If Leaving Me Is Easy
  6. Tomorrow Never Knows

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Jamie Clowes

Have to say, having got it and played it, sound is terrible. lovely rumble all the way across the picture aspect, silent off it…..

[…] Phil Collins / Face Value (vinyl pic disc) […]

Chris Gregory

I disagree with almost everyone here. I love the look of this picture disc, even the hairs on the alternate side. I have preordered it and look forward to listening to it and displaying it. I actually really love the idea of the new photograph on the covers and thought the Take A Look At Me Now campaign was inspired. I think it is one of the most interesting picture discs I’ve seen and I don’t buy very many.

What? Collins? Old?

Should of made a lenticular disc, young old young old


I can live with coloured reissues but not pic disc. This is not the 80s, unfortunately. I’ve ‘had’ to buy some recently for the collector in me but it does stick in the throat. Why go to the trouble of a brand new stereo remaster blah and stick it on a low-fi slab of vinyl.


Picture discs are not created for audiophile sound quality, rather they’re meant as fun collector’s items. I happen to like some picture discs of my favourite artists, such as “David Bowie” (a/k/a “Space Oddity,” which came with a great poster). If you’re considering buying a picture disc, I would strongly suggest purchasing a standard record or CD of the same album to accompany it.

Pascal s

True, and horrible recntly pressage from German manufacturer optimal media, aka tff seeds of love, prince sot,and more , all thé pictures disc had a horrible sound noise like shhhhh, see discogs review, but thé worse, all musical publishers like Um dosen t care about it .
Bad Time for vinyl ..

Gian Luca

Absolutely not for me. It isn’t a good idea to celebrate the forty (40) years anniversary with a picture of four (4) years ago.

Gary Tilford

The amount of times I have looked on here and thought “Oh great, they are reissuing… oh crap, it’s on chuffing picture disc” I have to agree with you Paul, they really do sound crappy. I also think they should use the original artwork. It was a good idea at that time and that’s all.


In the (h)air tonight.


A lot of really whiney people on here.

To quote Nik Kershaw on the reissues of his first two albums. “If you like it, buy it. If not, don’t!”


And on top of it, if that disc isn’t perfectly aligned when it’s put back in the sleeve, it’s going to look mighty odd since the edges of his skull are printed on the cover.


So, perfect release for people with OCD…


OK, OK, I know it’s not the original cover, and, as Paul has intimated, it doesn’t make much sense to go forward permanently with a design that was supposed to be for an anniversary edition, but I LIKE those photos. Growing old isn’t nice for anyone, particularly if you’re as “unconventionally handsome” as Mr Collins, but there’s a stark courage about laying bare your age in that way in an industry which is notoriously youth-fixated.

That’s the raw Phil, no botox, no Photoshop, and although it might not be pretty, it’s honest, and it’s a lot more dignified than the way that Madonna has messed with herself.


He has a great face for radio.


I think people who own this could be prosecuted under the obscene publications act.


I would guess it will be too late to revert to the old cover for any remaining picture discs [if any come out]. Would look off to have 2 with the new cover and the rest with the old.
I can understand why the new covers were used as it’s the 2016 remaster. Why would they use the original master over the 2016. So if using the 2016 master, need to use the new covers.
However, as just about everyone agrees, the 2016 covers suck.


Agree totally re the artwork issue, but not all picture discs are crappy. Tears for Fears’ latest 2 reissues were both dire due to some awful loud rumble/whooshing sound throughout both sides, so definitely just bought to complete collection. I hunted down a cheap “Seeds” as I knew what to expect….and a quick stylus test revealed the label learnt nothing from the feedback. However Prefab Sprout’s “Steve McQueen” ( also 2020 picture disc) is a very different story, bar a very slight rumble the remastering was very apparent, and the disc had no intrusive crackling or pops. I only risked that after reading reviews on a few sites, and was very pleasantly surprised they were right! That also came with mp3/WAV download card (which worked fine). Whilst that’s probably a rare exception it is is possible to manufacture a picture disc that isn’t automatically crappy! :-)

John MC cann

So the next tim Bobby releases a remastered version of infidels,his face is replaced with a picture of him taken last week?

Andy Haines

They could have done it with the original on one side and the “older” version on the other side. Then if you bought it it would be your choice as to which version of the artwork you had on display. Simple idea. Don’t know why they didn’t think of it!

Shawn C.

It was a nice marketing idea upon the initial re-release, but I don’t know why they continue to persist with it several years later. I’ll also say that the flip side/hair side is hideous.

Ben Williams

The reverse side of the picture disc looks truly awful. I don’t like being negative about music releases but this is poor.
Plus, the other anniversary releases like But Seriously had coloured vinyl so would’ve been better to have a silver disc of Face Value with original artwork – I’d buy that!!

Also, Warner Music, if you’re listening.. how about releasing Other Sides on CD and Vinyl??


This is exceptional marketing. A pointless product seriously hampered by putting such unattractive pictures on not just the cover but the vinyl as well. This could only be better if it substituted the remix for “In The Air Tonight” limit it to 500 copies and retail at £99.99. The conflict for collectors would be a joy to behold, very punk rock.

Phil was so pretty on the original.

John Orr

Meanwhile, is it true there’s going to be another David Bowie 7″ next month covering a John Lennon/Bob Dylan song? Anniversary release again?

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Think I`ll get one and leave it face up on the turntable.

Should stop the grandkids going near it!


That’s going in my front window to scare off the local kids. The way the picture is cropped make it look as if the moon is displeased with us.

What a terrible product.

John MC cann

Won’t scare anybody!, Glasgow weans are used to seeing faces that have been slashed from ear to ear !,

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Caroline, looks like we had similar thoughts at the same time!


Great minds think alike! (and great minds like a think)

Poor Phil. But it really is a bad picture disc…


I like it.


No value in that face.


It would be nice if they made his eyes glow in the dark.

Peter Muscutt

LOL!! Or offered the picture disc at “face value” – at 1981 prices!

Phil Cohen

Why doesn’t Rhino/Warners do something useful, like reissuing Collins’ video programmes, especially those which have never appeared on DVD? Collins’ licensing deal with Warners includes the concert videos.


I agree. I really would like to see this happen. Or a 40th anniversary deluxe edition of this album. Maybe there are some unreleased tracks from this period.


Face Value? At £23 it’s more like “Poor Value”!! ;-)

Somebody had to say it and I decided it was me…..


It’s “limited”. :-)


Bought the Seeds Of Love picture disc – thought picture disc production quality had improved – sounded like an airport runway in the background – Even the image was poor generation copy – Picture discs? NEVER AGAIN

Ian Murphy

If they’d used each face on either side, you could have swapped them round according to personal preference (I should have taken up a career in marketing)

The Thorn

That was my thought as well: just give fans both. There’s no need to pull a George Lucas. oO

Philip Wilson

Absolutely, or at the very least have the original cover on one side and the new one on the other?

Steven Roberts



Yep, which means you can also pic the cover you like too when it’s in it’s die cut sleeve.

Mike T

Absolutely agree – Anniversary edition should have original cover.


This campaign is going to fall flat on it’s face.


hahaha, I enjoyed that.


If they had printed the new picture on the sleeve behind the pic disc that might have been more interesting. However, the fact it’s a picture disc turns me right off anyhow. Not for the high fidelity brigade. They missed again.

Phil Morris

We’ve already had improved vinyl pressings. I’ve ordered this, where I passed on the coloured vinyl reissues (with the exception of the Tesco-only clear vinyl But Seriously). Yet I do not the price compared to, say, the TFF Songs… picture disc. Oh, and by the way, how I’ve guffawed at all the unexpected comments about Collins’s looks. What else would I expect of the readership of such a frivolous website?