Phil Collins final reissues being prepped


Phil Collins will soon announce the final two albums to be reissued in his ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ archive campaign: 1989’s …But Seriously and 2010’s Going Back.

As before, both will be two-CD deluxe editions with the original albums on disc one and bonus tracks on disc two. Interestingly, Going Back is now shorter, and is dubbed ‘The Essential Going Back’ and loses four tracks from the original 18-track CD and contains a whopping 15 less studio tracks than the CD+DVD ‘Ultimate’ edition from 2010.


The …But Seriously bonus disc contains six live tracks, two B-sides and five demos, while The Essential Going Back‘s second CD is all live material.

These will both be released on 10 June 2016


…But Seriously deluxe


  1. Hang In Long Enough
  2. That’s Just The Way It Is
  3. Do You Remember?
  4. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
  5. Colours
  6. I Wish It Would Rain Down
  7. Another Day In Paradise
  8. Heat On The Street
  9. All Of My Life
  10. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
  11. Father To Son
  12. Find A Way To My Heart


  1. Hang In Long Enough (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  2. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  3. Colours (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  4. Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  5. Always (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  6. Find A Way To My Heart (Live)(Previously Unreleased On CD)
  7. That’s How I Feel (B-Side)
  8. You’ve Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long) (B-Side)
  9. Another Day In Paradise (Demo)
  10. That’s Just The Way It Is (Demo)
  11. I Wish It Would Rain Down (Demo)
  12. Hang In Long Enough (Demo)
  13. Do You Remember? (Demo)

The Essential Going Back


  1. Going Back
  2. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)
  3. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
  4. Some Of Your Lovin’
  5. Going To A Go-Go
  6. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
  7. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
  8. Something About You
  9. Talkin’ About My Baby
  10. Do I Love You
  11. Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer
  12. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me For A Little While)
  13. Too Many Fish In The Sea
  14. Uptight (Everything’s Alright)


  1. Signed Sealed Delivered (I’m Yours) intro (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  2. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  3. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  4. Dancing In The Street (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  5. (Love Is Like A) Heatwave (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  6. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  7. Never Dreamed You’d Leave In Summer (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  8. Talkin’ About My Baby (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  9. Do I Love You (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  10. Ain’t That Peculiar (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  11. Too Many Fish In The Sea (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  12. You Really Got A Hold On Me (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  13. Something About You (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  14. Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  15. My Girl (Previously Unreleased On CD)
  16. Going Back (Previously Unreleased On CD)

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never mind, figured out…one of them slipped thru the cracks when i ordered it


How many sets are supposed to be in this reissue? I just got Going Back which makes 7 but it looks like there is still room for one more in the box that they released…am i missing one?


Going Back….. The less tracks the better!


Not to put down Mr. Collins, but this series really does appear to have completely missed the point. These really were important albums of their time, but this box set could have easily been called “nothing to see here.” It is just so incomplete to the point of being nearly pointless.
1. You need complete studio recordings in a reisdue of this scope.
2. Associated singles
3. Remixes
4. All b-sides
5. Demos/alternate recordings/unreleased songs
6. If you include live recordings, include A complete recording of a concert from the era of the associated album, not bits and bobs.
7. A dvd of the concerts issued on vhs. Take a look… More like Nothing to see here!

I find it unbelievable that there was nothing new to offer here, no unreleased songs, (really!) no alternate versions, no unissued single versions or remixes. None of these bonus discs offered enough to justify a complete repeated playback. Nothing good enough here to get really excited about, it’s just boring, and considering the quality of these albums, especially the first 4 this should have been an easy hit out of the ballpark reissue series. The bonus discs were little more than glorified bootleg compilations. A polished turd, a toot and a whistle.


Agree. Release the video catalog on DVD and Blu-ray – even the Japanese releases.
Would of preferred all the b’sides, mixes and live tracks issued on singles [and EPs/12″] instead of a half a concert. Couldn’t even bother to mention where the live tracks are from. And why at least one release has a demo [or was it a b’side] surrounded by live tracks [from the same show maybe?].
Oh well. wait 10 years when he squandered his money away and finally decides to release them again but properly.


I have to agree with most comments on here. Why did he not just get these made for himself, and give fans what they really want (B-Sides/Demos/Unreleased/Remixes), Or even re-record them with them redone covers as a slipcase with original front sleeve inside. Now that would have worked better. I am not really a big Phil fan, but i did like nearly all his singles. And I know that Fans would have parted with their hard earned cash if he had done them the right way


Quote: “Seriously (pun intended), who feels like buying an album when there is a version with more tracks on it”

Answer: David Bowie fans. LOL


They should have remastered Serious Hits Live and included it in this campaign instead of that Going Back rubbish.


While I am generally happy with these 2xCD reissues – I do enjoy the live and demo tracks, as well as the artwork – I am skeptical about what the said 3xCD set of singles will bring, or actually not bring.

IMHO, what we need after these album reissues, is a proper CD singles box set, including all edits, mixes, b-sides, collaborations, remaining Going Back tracks, obvious missing live versions, etc. – in original singles artwork. Something ike those recent Bananarama or Donna Summer box sets…


On Going Back, he should of pulled off some of the tracks on the non-deluxe released and threw in the tracks that were exclusive to the deluxe [I have the deluxe.] but to include less than the non-deluxe is stupid.
There are 29 tracks on the deluxe edition, 25 on CD an 4 on DVD as MP3 and WAV.
Too Many Fish In The Sea on the new release was the only Mp3 & WAV file to make it on CD. So it should be given the “Previously unavailable on CD” text.

Volkher Hofmann

As I have been reading along here for ages and hardly ever said anything (will do so more in the future): This Phil Collins reissue program has been a total shambles. Besides the redone covers, which I thought were actually an innovative idea, everything else – remastering, track selection, pricing (for what you get) and altogether the editorial work that went into this – have been nothing but sub-par.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m with Joe Jackson, mostly, who outlined what he thinks of the general populace’s hunger for alternative takes, expanded editions, etc. ( http://joejackson.com/blog_index&postid=1597159), but when I looked at these Phil Collins reissues, I often wondered “what the hell for? Why should I spent money on these?” The answer was and is simple: I have what I like / need and absolutely nothing that was added to these reissues tickled my fancy.

So, I spent my money elsewhere.
YMMV, of course.



Good catch, that demo has not been released. To add to the missing list… There were a couple of live in studio session recordings of all of “that’s just the way it is,”and “all of my life,” which in a lot of ways were much more touching in their stripped down piano and vocal state, much like his version of “doesn’t anybody stay together anymore?”performed for the Prince’s trust concert in 1988. Those are live versons worth searching out.


I was checking it. I have all singles from “…But Seriously”! But I don’t remember I’ve got “That Just The Way It Is”-demo! Does any of you know whether that was released on CD? And where to find that? I’m not going to buy the new 2CD-set just for 1 song! Many thanks.

1 I Wish It Would Rain Down 5:32
2 Homeless (Another Day In Paradise Demo) 4:15
3 You’ve Been In Love (That Little Bit Too Long) 4:50

1 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (7” Version/Edit) 4:37
2 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (One World Remix) 5:38
3 I Wish It Would Rain Down (Demo) 5:19

1 That’s Just The Way It Is 5:19
2 Broadway Chorus (“Something Happened On The Way To Heaven” – Home Demo) 4:17
3 In The Air Tonight (Extended Version) 7:32

1 Something Happened On Way To Heaven 4:41
2 Lionel (Do You Remember-Demo) 4:34


That’s Just The Way It Is and Hang In Long Enough demos haven’t been released before.
On the other hand, Something Happened On The Way To Heaven demo (billed Broadway Chorus on That’s Just The Way It Is cd-single) seems to be absent from the forthcoming remaster.
Another case of ‘keep your old cds and reluctantly buy the new remaster for just a couple of unreleased oddities’, if you’re fan enough to spend your money that way.
I was once like that, but now i couldn’t care less, so i’ll leave But Seriously and the short Going Back on the record shop shelf where they deserve to remain forever, as i’ve already done with the others of the series.


Those new covers are the best of the lot. But seriously, as for the bonus tracks… In reality I think a Genesis type anthology of non-album songs spanning his career would really do the trick for the don’t-need-the-kitchen-sink fans, i.e., they could do without the live material and dodgy sounding demos. The bonuses really do come across anemic with less reason for xcitement than a good proper maxi single. This really was a missed opportunity to potentially present alternate versions, unreleased songs and the non album material from the time. No Jacket Required could have easily encompassed 3 discs:album plus 2 discs of outtakes, remixes, collaborations, b-sides and a dvd of no ticket required. That is what I wanted, and I’m sure that is what would have sold the most to the fans who wanted a digital upgrade and a chance to hear some unreleased Phil in his prime run of 1980-1989. A true missed opportunity. The truth is, I suppose, you can never go back.


Decided to pass on this entire pointless vanity project, but would snap up a multi-disc Singles set in a heartbeat.

Jon Hank

Sadly no Interviewer has bothered asking about these (obviously they aren’t strident fans).

Jon Hank

Phil said he was working on a three CD set of his “Singles”. I wouldn’t get excited. Probably just album versions and no b-sides. He’s made it clear how he detests “I Like the Way” and “Man With the Horn”. Even tho many of us like those tracks he’s never been fan friendly so I am not expecting there on CD.


I love the complete reissue collection and already own the box and the albums to complete the box
Can’t wait for the last 2 ones
Great sound, great idea to reproduce the covers, great second cd on each album.


Martin, I have bought them like you as they have been released this time And agree with you apart from the sound on some of the Both Sides live tracks. Back in the day when they first came out I only bought FV and HIMBG so the rest are a voyage of discovery for me. Really enjoying them.


yes there is a 3cd set of singles coming out in the Autumn with Singles, collaborations and b-sides

Paul English

Paul – this interview

Phil makes reference to a triple album of singles which will follow all the album releases. Maybe we’ll get b-sides, 7″ edits, extended mixes etc

Nothing definite of course, but worth noting.


Are there any chances for a double-CD anthology with all the singles (in their single versions) and key tracks (and the non-LP material which is not on the reissues) to materialize for Christmas time? “…Hits” has always been incomplete and it lacks post-1998 material.

Todd R.

..BUT SERIOIUSLY was a tremendous record for it’s time – quality songwriting with more of an organic feel (less drum machines – more real players – and quality ones at that). The Demos included are terrific (many had subtitles “Lionel” for one etc) – Still bummed that session notes for the live and b-side materials are not included in these reissues etc.
As for GOING BACK – well, I loved it in moderation – and now that we get a whole additional slew of Motown covers it might be fun (almost as the bonus disc for HELLO I MUST BE GOING is like an additional live record).
It’s a great catalog – and we die-hards have spent a long time tracking down b-sides etc. Hopefully a box set of archival work will be released and we can satisfy that need – but if not or until then – these make a great testament to what hopefully will be a continuing legacy.


I have only bought the vinyl versions and they have been a real joy, I do like b-sides and remixes but it is always the original albums that I go back to again and again…


Still holding out hope there will be an additional release of misc singles/soundtrack items/etc.

Btw, Phil doesn’t look as old in the “But Seriously” cover re-shoot as I thought he did in the others. The wonders of lighting! :)


Yes, I thought that regarding the BS cover shot. Not nearly as scary as I was expecting it to be.


A true waste of time and money if you ask me. There is already a lot, if not all material for …BS on CD. It just had to be collected and put together. Phil was welcome here. :) Just realized .. But Seriously …BS ….Bu…Sh.. Still the original, who needs this re-issue, is a great album I treasure it.

Ben Williams

I am genuinely looking forward to But Seriously – defo my favourite Phil album and loved the B sides so very glad they are on here. Not surprised Around The World In 80 Presets isn’t on here but just thankful the other 2 B sides are here, considering I Like The Way was painfully not present on No Jacket Required ‘deluxe’…

As for the Going Back reissue… I would understand if Phil released the standard 18 tracks from the original version and then the remaining 11 songs and some live stuff on the bonus disc or just split the entire sessions over 2 discs and ammended the artwork, that would make some sort of sense. But to remove four tracks, change the order, change the artwork, change the title slightly and then bung on the same songs but live on the bonus disc is rather perverse. I think itll be the CD version of But Seriously and the vinyl of Essential Going Back for me this time, and then keeping my original deluxe version of Going Back. Atleast that has all the sessions on the DVD!

Phil Morris

Have you not got the original GB vinyl editions? I would expect the LP to be easy enough to source although can understand if the 7″ box is less easy to find now.


As an exercise in fumbling the ball, it’ll be a long time before any other artist mis-manages their back catalogue so comprehensively.

He bloody loves his live tracks doesn’t he? Gary Numan padded out his releases in the eighties with multiple live albums and EPs because it was cheap filler and the fans bought anything and everything regardless. Collins’ re-releases put me somewhat in mind of that shameless fan-milking.

Tyrone Tudor

How truly bizarre. Going back will have less tracks? That has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. Its not as if its in need of a remaster either, it was recorded recently!

…But Seriously sounds great already on CD with a great dynamic range so I’m not going to rush to out for this to find it has been crushed with compression like the first 6 re-releases. A definitive review of the sound quality might persuade me. As far as the live stuff goes it will go in the bin, I like a good amount of his studio stuff but live…he just annoys me.


The expected release date will be june 10th. All the live material on disc 2 for Going Back was recorded at the Roseland Ballroom venue in 2010. I’m guessing a lot of the live material from the blu-ray has been lifted over to the bonus disc. He did the same with the other re-releases by using live material from other live releases on VHS and DVD. A shame that “Around The World In 80 Presets” hasn’t been chosen.

Nick B

Where is ‘Another Day In Paradise’ live ? ???

Richard B

Rather than re-purchase an album with less content, I might just put my ‘Going Back Ultimate Edition’ in the ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ box and be done with it…

Julian H

Seriously (pun intended), who feels like buying an album when there is a version with more tracks on it … also the live disc has songs that are now missing in studio form on disc 1. Eh?

Phil Morris

I thought these had already been announced as being released on 10 June.

Ben Williams

But Seriously gets two thumbs up from me. Both B sides I wanted included are included, phew!

I read on Genesis-news that the release date will be June 10th.


Collins together with his mate Gabriel and McCartney should together attend the course
“How not to reissue your back catalogue for dummies!”