Phil Collins / No Jacket Required

Orange vinyl for National Album Day

Phil Collins‘ 1985 album No Jacket Required is the latest album to be confirmed for National Album Day.

Collins’ third studio long-player features the UK top 20 hits ‘One More Night’, ‘Sussudio’ and Take Me Home’. It is pressed on 180g orange vinyl for National Album Day.

This uses the 2016 remastering as well as the ‘updated’ reissue artwork. That was a cute idea at the time, but four years on, SDE is rather surprised Warners aren’t reverting to the traditional album cover for this reissue

No Jacket Required on orange vinyl will be released on 9 October 2020. We are making this available via the SDE shop, via this link or the button below.



  1. Sussudio
  2. Only You Know and I Know
  3. Long Long Way To Go
  4. I Don’t Wanna Know
  5. One More Night


  1. Don’t Lose My Number
  2. Who Said I Would
  3. Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore
  4. Inside Out
  5. Take Me Home

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[…] with last year’s No Jacket Required orange vinyl, you will note that Collins and Rhino continue to use the […]

Kitty Boom Boom

Interesting comments about the cover and true to original time period of recording photo. We are taking a look back.. as it was then, as well as a listen. We still love the man behind the album no matter what age. My only wish is that if they are going to leave the updated picture, complete the full content for now.. figure out how to include “We Said Hello, Goodbye” even on an orange 45 inside with its own sleeve, maybe of the old cover. Now that would show us some L O V E. I remember requesting the local radio station to play it regularly back when they would record your requests and play them over the air prior to the song. Nice memory attached to that song at that time.

Patrick Bateman

Sussudio, a great, great song, a personal favorite.

Tom m hans

Thank you Prince.


Vinyl? why? where are the cd’s? gotta’ pay a fortune to get the Belfast dvd.


What Belfast dvd ?


Sorry Neil, i put the comment under the wrong title.


Underrated at the time and up to now by musoes and almost all of the music press.
Yet it is a good album and still a great listen. In fact I think it has aged very well.
I recall a weekend driving around Loch Ness area. Three of us with only one cassette: sade on one side and this album on the other. There’s little or no radio reception up there, thus these two albums got repeated repeatedly and a bit soldered into my brain.
Today, thinking about it brings back memories of that trip and those times.
Whatever I think about the cover I do feel that if it can provoke this kind of debate then it’s done something good.
Yet I wonder with interest who this issue is for? For me, this album belongs firmly in the digital age. Perhaps I’m wrong but I suggest that most fans will prefer their digital copy. (2cents worth)
Btw, in the air tonight is doing well at the moment.


How is an album that has sold more than 18 million copies “underrated”? What?


I bought this album at the time. I enjoyed it. One More Night still sounds ok. My comment is about the updated photographs. They are not flattering. Please consider changing it back to the original. Cheers.


The new photographs are not meant to be flattering. That’s why P. C. deserves respect for using them. Few artists would.


Couldn’t agree more


Have they lost the originals perhaps? A scan of an old album cover from 1985 might not have looked good enough…


I would still like to know why with the original reissue campaign, the video side of things was never looked into especially the live concerts. No ticket required, or the Perkins palace concert from the first solo tour

Jason M

Phil Collins is genuinely a nice guy, but is too stuck up about opening up his vaults. In jest, I say he “hates his fans.” I’ve wanted the excellent B Side “The Man With The Horn.” And also wanted the old concert video “No Ticket Required.” I also wanted one of my Top 5 bands of all time, Genesis to continue, but Phil had to leave because of his “fascinating” solo career, which was floundering, and got almost pointless. I love Phil, but after some great solo albums, great Genesis albums, from “Dance Into The Light” onward, a serious decline. Staying in Genesis might have at least given him a decent album every five years. Unless he developed Peter Gabriel disease, and then a decent album every 500 or so years. Gabriel also ignores B-Sides for box sets. It’s pretty selfish of the artist, if you ask me. The constant repackaging of old stuff should at least have a reason for fans to buy.


What’s the Problem with an updated cover? In Comic strips this happens on a regular Basis – Asterix, Tintin, The Smurfs and others have been updated to the latest drawing style, while the Content remain the way it was drawn 50 years ago


Then he should re-record the album too because this record was made in 1985. The cover misrepresents what it actually is – an album recorded 35 years ago. Nothing new but the photo. That updated photo should have been retired when the Take a Look at Me Now campaign ended. Times change, and if you look at his expression now, he looks more like a guy who wants his Jacket and perhaps it has geen misplaced by the coat check.


If this were a new album, or even the dreaded re-recording of classic material, the new cover would be ok. But it’s not. It’s the original album. And I know nothing of comic books, but if the comic book’s central characters were all children in the stories, they probably would not have
drawing of them as 70 year olds on the cover. Bad move by Collins.


Not Asterix. He has always been drawn faithfully in the style of the late Albert Uderzo.

Kenneth Holm

Would’ve loved if it had included a second record with some of the 12″ mixes. Which wasn’t included on the 2 disc cd unfortunately.


Not a fan but 10 out of 10 for the cover !

Jeremy Earle

I always felt, as some others did (I think you might have even mentioned this previously, Paul), that the Take a Look at Me Now campaign should have released the reissued albums with the original sleeves but added slipcovers/cases with the new Phil headshots. This would have allowed Phil and co. to release the albums, as intended, with updated covers of Phil as he looks now…but kept long-time fans happy by still retaining the old covers. I’m surprised that this was not done.

I’m even more surprised that they are reissuing an album again with only the new headshot as the cover. Bizarre. It’s almost as if George Lucas is behind Phil’s reissue campaign. I actually avoided buying the reissued albums because of the new album covers, and I’ll likely avoid this one as well.


This is fantastic marketing. The confusion caused by on one hand the need to buy every variation of an album that has already been bought by the target audience for 35yrs in numerous formats is offset by putting “old” Phil on the cover.
I always thought that this cover was like he was being baked in a pizza oven. Having a concept of close up head shots for each album was probably thought of between “Face Value” and “Hello’ I Must Be Going” with the debut picture being a literal translation of the title. Title and sleeve notes hand written also a unifying design. He then dumped both design features for “Dance Into The Light” and then went back to the head shots but minus the handwriting (just kept his name logo), shame (Going Back could have used a close up of the head) To have seen Phil age in pictures and handwriting over his entire career would have been unique and quite arthouse which he is certainly not normally.
A favourite concert of mine was his first solo tour in 82 at the Hammersmith Odeon, he waited until he had two albums worth of material so he did not short change his fans and it was a thrilling, funny and joyous display of great songs and musicianship. The Phenix horns brought the hairs on my neck up. Collins was at his best live and few could match him.
I would like to see “Dance Into The Light” reissued with his walking cane, he could do it he’s a funny man.

Jason M

If all he had was two albums, that would be quite a nice thing. He had several Genesis albums, granted, at the time, most were not his solo compositions, but “Misunderstanding” was pretty much all of his. He easily could have chose the five Genesis songs he had a hand in writing, and
maybe 3 more of the hits to go with his other songs. By the No Jacket Tour, he could have
dropped most or all of the Genesis songs, as his first 3 albums easily have a 20 song set that would be great.


There is also a lilac-coloured vinyl reissue of Europe’s album ‘The Final Countdown’ listed for National Album Day.


With that updated album cover, at least it is released just in time for Halloween to scare the kids with.

Paul E.

Updated 2016 Artwork LP Sized = 2nd Jacket Required…preferably, a second outer sleeve to hide the first layer. Although a missed chance to truly frighten Moms & Dads as Phil could have gone with a picture disc or even a hologram face that floated above the orange disc when playing. Hold my popcorn, I’m scared!

Elizabeth Hirst

Seems bizarre to be offering this – of course there will be completists that want everything an artist produces, but fans of Collins with disposable income and a liking for vinyl are likely to have the complete Take a Look at Me Now box. I’m not sure who this product is aimed at.

P.S. If it’s you then buy it from SDE

Leonardo Lotti Marques

I share the same sentiment.

Why are they still using these updated covers?
If this was the 1985 cover, I would buy it quickly, and without thinking.


Paul, any idea how many copies are being issued?


Superb album and lest we forget winner of the Grammy Album Of The Year. But yes Warner’s should now be reverting to the original cover. The booklet in the 2016 2 CD deluxe edition should have at least had the original cover on it to show the passage of time.


Yeah, it seems an odd juxtaposition to tap into the nostalgia pound with contemporary artwork. If it was a complete rework and he was singing the album afresh then it would be more understandable. (Though that’d be two strikes against it for me, instead of just this one!)


Completely agree, it was a funny idea to add updated pictures for the Take A Look At Me Now reissue campaign but to continue that now is just bizarre. Should have been a one time thing. They were probably just lazy.

Ian Harris

Or available at any charity shop near you on black vinyl for 50p.

In fact you can probably get the CD, cassette and lp for £1 all in!

Bit if you do want to support this always go for the SDE shop. Always excellent service as you’d expect.