Phil Collins / Serious Hits… Live

‘Serious Hits…Live’ and ‘A Hot Night in Paris’ reissued & remastered

Phil Collins‘ ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ reissue campaign continues with the reissue of 1990 live album Serious Hits…Live.

The album was a massive a success, since Collins was still at the height of his fame having enjoyed an incredible seven US number one singles (include a George Michael matching run of four in a row) by the end of the 1980s, three UK number ones and a number of chart-topping albums.

Even at the time, I remember thinking it was a mistake for the record label not to issue a studio hits compilation at this point – which would surely have sold zillions –  but for whatever reason they didn’t and in fact it would be another eight years before they belated got around to it (with 1998’s …Hits) by which point Collins’ was known as the man who divorced his wife by fax (not actually true, apparently) and his singles were getting to number 77 stateside, not number one.

Nevertheless, back in 1990 there was a voracious appetite for all things Collins and people took what they were offered –  Serious Hits… Live! sold over four million copies. The album was recorded at various stadium and arena shows throughout his seven-month Seriously, Live! World Tour. It includes performances of many of his huge hits including ‘In The Air Tonight,’ ‘You Can’t Hurry Love,’ ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now),’ ‘Easy Lover’ (with Philip Bailey) and ‘Another Day In Paradise.’

As well as Serious Hits… Live!, Rhino is also reissuing 1999’s A Hot Night In Paris, which is very much the other end of the spectrum, with the drummer and songwriter hoping you like his new direction, with jazzy instrumental performances of select songs from his solo discography as well as his work with Genesis (and a few covers thrown in).

Both albums are reissued on CD and vinyl, with A Hot Night In Paris making its debut on the latter format. These are released on 1 February 2019.

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Phil Collins

Serious Hits...Live! (2019 Remaster)


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Phil Collins

Serious Hits...Live! (2019 Remaster) [VINYL]


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The Phil Collins Big Band

A Hot Night in Paris (Live) [2019 Remaster]


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The Phil Collins Big Band

A Hot Night in Paris (Live) [2019 Remaster] [VINYL]


Serious Hits…Live!

1.   “Something Happened On The Way To Heaven”
2.   “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)”
3.   “Who Said I Would”
4.   “One More Night”
5.   “Don’t Lose My Number”
6.   “Do You Remember?”
7.   “Another Day In Paradise”
8.   “Separate Lives”
9.   “In The Air Tonight”
10. “You Can’t Hurry Love”
11. “Two Hearts”
12. “Sussudio”
13. “A Groovy Kind of Love”
14. “Easy Lover”
15. “Take Me Home”

A Hot Night in Paris

1.   “Sussudio”
2.   “That’s All”
3.   “Invisible Touch”
4.   “Chips & Salsa”
5.   “Hold On My Heart”
6.   “I Don’t Care Anymore”
7.   “Milestones”
8.   “Against All Odds”
9.   “Pick Up The Pieces”
10. “The Los Endos Suite”

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S Kiehl

Has anyone else purchased Serious Hits Live on Vinyl off of Amazon US and had a pressing problem with the first disc? This seems to be a common complaint in the reviews. I’m on my second one and the same problem. The disc completely jumps over at least 3 times on the first song.

Marc Hocker

Has anyone got the new remaster of Serious Hits and can comment on the sound quality? Thanks!


The new remasters sound awesome, my setup is iPhones 6S, Sabaj Da2 Dac , source is 24bit MQA version of Serioius Hits.


Running the vinyl issue now. Sounds perfect. Double LP, very heavy discs and quieter than a snowy midnight. Turn it up.


I don’t understand why they don’t release newer and older Live recordings of his concerts?

The Australia hussey remaster is brilliant, there are a number of others as well not officially released that are also brilliant, even a 2018 bootleg where the sound is awesome and give’s you a different older sounding Phil.


Seems almost nobody cares for these 2 releases. Unless extras are included, not worth it.
In general I’ve found the ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ reissue campaign to be a hit and kiss. Tracks left off. Strange track order [a demo between a bunch of live tracks?]. Snippets of various shows, etc.
As well probably not part of the ‘Take a Look at Me Now’ reissue campaign as they don’t fit in the box that was available for the studio releases.


One thing I have never understood, you take a popular live show and play to millions of people, and for whatever reason, that live set is not good enough to release as a live album and instead what you get is a watered down dead/live album. SERIOUSLY, how difficult is it to just properly record a few shows, (these big arena shows do not vary much in what songs are played) take the best takes and provide a full live album that accurately represents a full performance that everyone enjoyed. This is not rocket science. If an accurate recording of a live performance is not releasable, culled from a good multi-track recording, said performer has no business charging money for performing live or releasing records. From the video included above one must wonder what kind of lame boardroom decisions were made to create this watered down mess: this could have been a really good album, but instead this record never did and still makes no sense as a live album.


Very true. James Taylor’s 1993 double album Live was put together from a tour designed specifically for a live album and utilized all the best performances for the album. And sounds great.


What a waste – makes absolutely no sense. It’s like they’re not even trying to make the reissues interesting anymore. Such a shame – another wasted opportunity for a reissue to be great!!

Peter Collinson

Not bothered at all bought all the other remasters why not just bring a live album out of the recent tour

Disney Mike

C’mon, Phil. We all know there’s more material that was recorded during the concerts that produced these albums. I’ve bought all the reissues so far, but I will definitely be skipping these. Why would I want compressed versions of CDs I already own? Even just a handful of bonus tracks would’ve been enough for me to shell out the money for these, but without that…no.

Simon Guppy

I totally agree just comparing the 24bit reissue with original cd and allthough it sounds good the dynamic range is much lower than the original cd on every track of the album. example track 5 don’t loose my number original cd DR14. 24 bit reissue DR9. I think i would rather stick to the original cd and just turn it up a notch.


As someone mentioned earlier, a 1-cd release back in 1990 was a travesty as he and his band were at the peak of their powers. Extra songs trickled out on cd singles in 1993-94 for the BOTH SIDES album, and those easily could have been added as a second disc here.


So all of the other reissues had a live bonus disc and the live album has nothing…. this is about as boring as boring can be.

Larry Davis

I dunno… Not excited about these… I have the whole TALAMN deluxe set and PWWO and the triple Singles set…as flawed as those were, they were still keepers…these 2 feel like afterthoughts, just thrown out there with no care…not buying and they don’t feel or look part of any reissue/remaster campaign, totally pointless really…

Rune T

Not a fan of money-grabbing compilations, but have to agree with the comment about not releasing a proper singles/best-of earlier than he did.

Even one based on the first three albums and soundtrack work in the same time period (to fill the long gap between his 3rd and 4th album) would have been a very good best of.


Meh. I will probably be happy with what I have – unless these drop down to near bargain basement prices.
Serious Hits may have had room for an extra track or two [don’t have my copy near me to verify] and Hot Night definitely has room for extra tracks.
As others stated, I’d like to see the various concert videos re-released on BR [and DVD] with 5.1 audio and hopefully extras.
Phil’s buddy, Peter’s Growing up live re-release a couple of years ago was the proper way to re-release something.

Daniel Pitterman

I hate being a complainer …but seriously? a straight reissue as everyone has already mentioned. Ridiculous. I am a PC fanatic. Thought the single disc distillation of the tour at the time was a travesty and this is a completely missed opportunity! No one but us (we?) fanatics are looking at his reissues and this has nothing for us! Nothing!!!!!! Both the Genesis and Phil Collins reissue teams (? record companies) do not have a clue what we are looking for. So sad!


I’m totally lost my interest in him. With the re-issues I thought I could revisit all his great stuff (12”/dub/unreleased mixes or other things like that). My first ever Phil Collins release I bought was his 12” ers CD. Then they came up with the bad idea for the covers: a new(ly created) cover instead of the original (on the outside) with the old crumpy Phil, and left off all the “great stuff” for me. Unless they’ll come with “the great stuff” I thought I won’t buying any Phil Collins future releases.


He should have added the rehearsals Collins did with his band at Chiddingfold, Bray Studios and Seto-Shi Bunka Centre Japan. And a full show of another venue like Sydney or New York’s Madison Square Garden. I would have paid for that although i have all on soundboard. I doubt they will sell well.

Paul G

I would love if they could remaster the concert DVD to widescreen and re release it as I was living in Berlin at the time. Phil did 2 nights at the Waldbuhne which is probably the best venue I have ever been for concerts. I went the 1st night and the show was recorded on the 2nd night. Whenever I watch it so many happy memories come flooding back.

Leonardo Lotti Marques

Again, the Collins’ reissue campaign continues to embarrass and disappoint. There was so much they could have done here. So many songs that were played on that tour, but didn’t make the final cut. There was also a concert filmed at Madison Square Garden and broadcasted on pay-per view channels, but unfortunately neither Collins nor his management remember that. Lovely renditions of songs like “All of My Life” and “The Roof Is Leaking” were performed, but never released. Who is this reissue campaign aimed for? The Serious Hits DVD released back in 2003 should be much more interesting. At least, it had a 5.1 mix and extra features.
I am very sad!

Phil Morris

The wonderful version of Roof… from that tour *was* released on CD.


Well, if this is part of “take a look at me now” – then there is no place for these in the box with the other reissues….. I agree – if you are going to re-rerelease SERIOUS HITS LIVE – at least combine it with the LIVE IN BERLIN video…. does this one come with the large size booklet the original did? ….


Large size booklet? Are you sure? – My copy didn’t come with one at the time (I still have it…). Maybe you mean the tour programme (which was of a similar design I think…)?


He means this boxset with the CD, VHS video and tour programme:


Rob Deighton

There are retail versions where the CD and Cassette versions came in an oversize slipcase which housed either the Cassette or CD which in turn had an Overside booklet in it as well.


Nope, he means the large size booklet which was in the first release. The jewelcase was inserted in a cardboard slipcase, and a large size booklet (advertised as “24 pages full colour booklet) was added inside the slipcase. the booklet has a nice little touch to it, as there are littles pictures of the set at the right bottom of each odd pages that make an animation (the set closes down) when you fastly flip all the pages and look at the bottom right corner of the pages.

Phil Morris

Lovely set. I still have mine wrapped in its tour-themed Christmas wrapping paper.


Phil Collins was indeed a big hitmaker in the 80s and his label could have released a compilation earlier but I remember Robert Palmer’s compilation (Addictions Volume 1 released in 1989) and it took him 7 years to reach Platinium in the US for that compilation. Phil Collins and George Michael released their best of in 1998 and they respectively sold 3 millions and one million in the US. I kinda understand the label’s reluctance to release a Phil Collins compilation as his studio albums sold very well and he usually released a Genesis album two years after his solo album so there was hardly any space left for a solo compilation. After he left Genesis and Calling All Stations didn’t do well in the US, I think it became easier for Alantic to release …Hits compilation in 1998. Atlantic sold 3 million copies of …Hits in the US and that’s pretty good. For Madonna’s Immaculate Collection in 1990 it was 7 million. I don’t think Phil Collins could have reached that figure as he was never as big as Madonna and Dire Straits’ compilation (Money for Nothing) only sold one million copies in the US in 1988. Serious Hits… Live! became 4× Platinum in the US so I doubt …Hits would have sold more than 4 million copies if it had been released at the same time (in 1990).

Anyway, I don’t really care about Serious Hits… Live but I’m waiting for the vinyl release of …Hits.

Chris Squires

SDE Bingo.
no.33 – Missed Opportuniteeeee

I really do wonder who makes the decisions with some releases. Yes, some are spot on and beautiful but the vast majority don’t just slightly miss the mark you could navigate a barge between the product and the “Mark”.

There is so much free help out there. In one post Paul could put together a work-shop of actual fans to point a record commissioner in the direction of what would sell for just about every genre and artist from those here. Politicians don’t seem to be able to make a single decision without work-shopping it first yet record companies just seem to keep sailing on. I know we can’t just have everything we want, either through costs or licensing, which ultimately comes down to costs anyway but it would make sense for companies like Universal to have some liaison with “people like us” who would willingly help for free. Would I give up an hour or two of my time for a facetime with someone about what would make x, y or z a good product. I gave up hours and days and weeks of my life to run a fan-site back in the day and in most cases a fan will know more about what is wanted than an artist who is usually skewed in what they want released. Does a 60 year old artist want their late teenage noodlings or first early 1980s singles re-released, probably not, but are those the very things that would make it a saleable commodity.

It was interesting in the recent conversation about the Blue Nile where “Alan Hansen” asked Paul whether he could do something like this and Paul was honest enough to say he doesn’t know the band well enough to do it justice. If only there was that kind of honesty among companies like Cherry Red, Edsel Demon, UMC et. al. You want to do a release on Scritti Politti? Go to talk to someone who has everything, who hangs on every word Green says. Don’t get a 23 year old staffer to check out Discogs and make it up from there….. I may be doing them a disservice, I may not, but so many “miss the mark” one has to wonder.

If you can turn sales of a few hundred into a few thousand it might mean more risks would be taken with more physical product and fewer would be such a disappointment.

Ben Williams

Good that the PC reissue series is still happening but a shame that the Serious Hits album doesn’t come with any bonus tracks, as per the studio reissues.

Here’s hoping that a ‘vault’ release happens someday soon with all those demos, 12″ mixes, yet to be on CD b-sides and unreleased songs come out!

If there is a market for the Plays With Others set then there is definitely a market for unreleased Phil!


Good point.

Could easily have had a 2nd CD with other concert tracks missed off. i.e. Inside Out, Sat Night & The West side etc.


Yeah that’s going to sell well, a very mediocre live album reissued without bonus tracks or DVD/BR. That entire Collins reissue campaign has been a total trainwreck. No thanks.


I was really confused by the Serious Hits album when it came out. It seemed way too polished for a live album – every song was word and note perfect with a bit of crowd noise at the start and end of each song. No talking between songs. Almost like it could have been recorded in a studio. Would always prefer to hear a recording of a full concert from start to finish, warts and all. An opportunity missed if they are just reissuing what was previously released, albeit remastered.


For better or worse, Phil Collins’ live tours tended to be exercises in perfectionism, with the songs performed in polished arrangements very close to the studio versions. “Note perfect” indeed, as you write.

Collins was and is a remarkably skilled professional, and chose musicians with a similar approach for his touring bands. What you hear on the live album is essentially what people heard at the shows, however much some of us might have preferred a looser approach to performance.


“hoping you like his new direction”
Ha!Ha! I see what you did there! Nice Spinal Tap reference. Although I’m sure Phil had a bigger dressing room than puppet show!


I hope they’ve improved the sound of the Serious Hits album. The original 1990 release had a very sterile sound and cut out a lot of the audience ambience I suppose to make it sound like a true hits album. And also what a missed opportunity not to have expanded the album to 2 CD’s so that it had a track list matching the Berlin show that was released that same year on VHS (and later on DVD).

Cédric (Switzerland)

Totally agree with the 2 CD’s remark. I remember watching this VHS a zillion times ;) SO many great songs missing on the single CD version. But, that’s just the way it is…


Agreed. The Serious Hits album sounds very thin. The bottom end was lacking with a very un natural sound.

Rob Deighton

The same problem happened with the Genesis ‘way we walk’ sets.. they suffered with the same sound issues. Interestingly it was the same audio team that produced both albums. When the genesis set was remixed and issued in the ‘live box’ the sterile effect disappeared and the audio was greatly improved. As others have said it’s a pity the whole set was not used on an expanded release.