Philip Pullman / His Dark Materials 9LP coloured vinyl box signed by the author

Limited 9LP coloured vinyl box signed by Philip Pullman

Demon Music continue their passion for spoken word/comedy vinyl packages with what looks like another lavish presentation, this time of Phillip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy, as adapted for BBC Radio back in 2003.

The novels are back in the public consciousness thanks to HBO/BBC’s universally acclaimed series which covered the events of the first book, Northern Lights. That was published in 1995 and The Subtle Knife followed in 1997, with The Amber Spyglass completing the fantasy trilogy in 2000.

The BBC Radio radio plays consisted of three two-and-a-half hour adaptations, each covering one book. The cast included no less than Terence Stamp as Lord Asriel and Lulu Popplewell as Lyra. These have been rebroadcast twice since the original airing, with the most recent being back in 2017.

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This is a nine vinyl LP package with the audio pressed on ‘daemonic dustburst’ splatter vinyl and each comes housed in its own illustrated inner sleeve. As can be seen above, the gatefold sleeves feature dust-inspired illustrations, created with metallic copper ink. Anyone who has bought the recent Terry Pratchet Discworld set or perhaps one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy packages will know what to expect of this.

Most impressive of all is that 500 of these – the Amazon UK exclusive version – come with an art print signed by Philip Pullman himself, which one suspects really is a future collectible.

This His Dark Materials 9LP vinyl box set will be released on 27 March 2020.

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LPs 1,2,3

Northern Lights

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LPs 4,5,6

The Subtle Knife

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LPs 7,8,9

The Amber Spyglass

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Danny Graydon

My £69.99 order was honoured by Amazon, pleasingly. It’s a very handsome set…

Paul Van Doodson

Mine arrived today, I ordered it on the 10th Feb for the original £69.99 and they’ve honoured the price

Pete Bh

Order placed at £69.99 and arrived today, so Amazon honoured it. Lovely package and securely packed.


Noticed this evening that amazon have taken £69 out of my account, hopefully it’s for this.
I can’t check as amazon won’t let me sign in to my account despite several phone calls to try and resolve this situation.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might be able get this sorted then I’d be happy to hear from you.


The box arrived today and as Pete Bh says, it was really securely packaged and the quality of the set looks immaculate.

So the playlist for the day in tomorrow is now sorted……


Ordered it at £119.99. This is a bargain, in spite of those who are disappointed the original price of £70 was a mis-price. The unsigned version is £109.99, which without a signature is expensive but not excessively so. Lets not forget, there are 9 splatter LPs, which I’d say puts the price a good £40 less than average.

I picked up two of his latest exclusive signed books from Waterstones, which are worth at least twice the £40 retail price. Pullmans signature is highly desirable to collectors. This Vinyl boxset of the full cast unabridged radio drama, which on CD boxset was originally around £100 back in the day, is in my view, a thing of beauty.

Any avid Pullman collector, and there are millions, will go bonkers for this in years to come. I pre-ordered 2 copies, one of which will remain sealed. Demons run of Dr Who, League of Gentlemen, etc are lovely things and make vinyl collecting a real pleasure.

Danny Graydon

I ordered mine on the 11th immediately after getting the SDE alert. I’ve not received a cancellation mail… yet… so am hoping that they’re hopefully going to honour at least a few of the first and earliest pre-orders. Fingers crossed.

Pete Bowman

6 o’clock on Wednesday evening and no sign of a ‘cancelled’ email yet. Do you suppose they might just let a few go at the lower pice?


That’s what I am hoping, as one day and 7 hours since I ordered, and no cancellation yet.


Ordered mine at 2.30pm today at £69. No email to cancel yet. Fingers crossed

Liam Bastick

Had my order cancelled quoting it was mis-priced. Have I been unlucky or is this happening to everyone?


Just had the dreaded “order cancelled email!!” Spoken to two friends of mine who have also had theirs cancelled. What a shame… tempting but at £119.99 I think I’ll pass….

Dave Pattison

Cheeky whatsits, they have cancelled orders and you have to now place order at £120 each, ah well.

Chris Squires

It’s a warm glow of victory…..
Ordered at £69.99
Had a feeling that had to be *off* for a 9 disc set. Fingers crossed everybody.


Back in stock at £120.

Was it a misprice last night? If so, will they honour it?


Definitely cancelled. That’s a great shame. Didn’t think they’d honour it at that price. It is amazon after all!!!


I see that Demon puts out a lot of these signed exclusives with Amazon. Anyone have experience buying one? I ask because I was set to buy the Bill Wyman Rhythm Kings set with the signed print and on another board someone who has it claims that the signature is just a facsimile (i.e. a stamped printed and not a genuine autograph).

Either way, pre-ordered. Thanks for the post.

Chris Squires

As Paul says they are all genuine, I have had about half a dozen sets of various things (Pretenders / Chris Difford / Bill Wyman / Brett Anderson / Belinda Carlisle / NtNoCN etc.) and they are all handled the same way (with vinyl anyway – the less said about amazon’s handling of CD signed versions the better *ahem* Paul Young *cough*).
You have to be careful though the artists signs a bunch of prints and they are slid into a normal set so there is frequently nothing on the actual item to say it was specifically a signed version. At best there might be something on the cellowrap or hype-sticker (i.e. Hitchhiker’s Guide), next down the pecking order is a new (but innocuous and easily missed) bar code stuck over the old bar code and most common is that the Amazon outer packaging will have the demon records code followed by an extra “x” so DEMRECBOX1 becomes DEMRECBOX1X and that’s yer lot. The Not the Nine o’clock news set (on mine anyway) had the numbers on the outer packaging (064 of 107 – should have been 125 in total but only 107 actually released to the public – very odd number indeed) .
If you plan to have a sealed spare… in most cases you will just have to cross your fingers that the signed print is actually in there.


Wow! What a bargain at this price. I had planned to buy the CD version of this next weekend … and that is £25 or more usually!

Thanks again Paul. Item of the year already maybe (even if not music)?


May be sold out now, very quick. No surprise it seemed a bargain. 9 LPs at the same price as Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – Hexagonal Phase 3 LP box set. Both look very nicely done though. Thanks Paul.


Up to £120 on Amazon now.

David Perry

They’ve put that out at the net price I reckon. Well done everyone that snapped that up!

Brian Scott

Wow, that’s just made my day. I loved the books, thoroughly enjoyed the BBC series but for some reason I never heard the radio plays so instant buy for me, especially at this price AND with a signed print! Awesome – thanks once again Paul!!

Steven Roberts

If the record company had their wits about them they’d change their logo to “Daemon Records” for this release :)

Steven Roberts

You had me at “signed by Philip Pullman”


Again echoing the comments below. That looks like amazing value. Snapped up.
Thanks Paul!

Friendly fire

This looks incredible and what a great price.


It’s a great adaptation too. When they released it on CD, they did a box set version with some very nice artwork and a couple of audio extras thrown in for good measure.


Stunning. Could not resist. Ordered!

Anthony Squires

It’s rare I say this these days – but for a 9LP set that seems a cracking price.


Thanks for highlighting this one Paul.


Blimey! £70?! Thought it would be £150-£200+. Ordered straight away!

Thanks, Paul