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Here’s a first look at the packaging for the forthcoming Chris Difford Chris To The Mill box set…

The four CD + DVD package collects albums, rarities and unreleased demos. The DVD includes a new interview with Chris and four new acoustic performances while the 48-page booklet offers Difford’s notes and a track-by-track annotations.

Chris To The Mill will be released a few weeks later than originally announced on 24 March 2017.

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Chris Difford

Chris To The Mill

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CD1: I DIDN’T GET WHERE I AM (November 2002)

  • Tight Rope
  • For A Change
  • Cowboys Are My Weakness
  • No Show Jones
  • A World That Passed Me By
  • One Day
  • Playing With Electric Trains
  • Lamas Fayre
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Parents


  • Black Coffee [version] – CD single b-side
  • Lamas Fayre [alternate version] – CD single b-side
  • Pole Star – previously unreleased song
  • Under The Moon Over You – previously unreleased song
  • For A Change [demo] 4.59 – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • Cathy Come Home 4.28 – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • A World That Passed Me By [demo] – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • Take Me I’m Yours [Mix 1] – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2102
  • Cowboys Are My Weakness – [demo, sung by Gary Clark]


  • Come On Down
  • Broken Family
  • Battersea Boys
  • On My Own I’m Never Bored
  • Julian And Sandy
  • The Other Man In My Life
  • My Mother’s Handbag
  • Fat As A Fiddle
  • The Gates Of Eden
  • Reverso
  • Never Coming Back
  • Good Life
  • The Party Is Over

Bonus tracks

  • Piece Of Cake 2.51 –  ‘It’s All About Me’ compilation (2009)
  • It’s All About Me 3.27 – ‘It’s All About Me’ compilation (2009)
  • Gates Of Eden [early version] 4.42 – previously unreleased
  • Never Bored [demo] 4.18 – previously unreleased
  • Walrus [demo] 2.42 – previously unreleased song
  • Penny For Your Thoughts [demo] 3.15 – previously unreleased song
  • What Goes On 3.02 (Lou Reed song) – ‘1969: Key To Change’ VA comp for Centre Point (2010)


  • 1975 (CIYC)
  • Like I Did
  • The Still And The Sparkling
  • Back In The Day
  • Sidney Street
  • Cottontops
  • Upgrade Me
  • Who’d Ever Want To Be
  • Passion Killer
  • Goldfish
  • Wrecked
  • Happy Once Again

Bonus tracks

  • All My Loving – ‘ We’re With The Beatles’ Mojo VA comp (2013)
  • Passion Killer [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased
  • Upgrade Me Please [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased
  • Tears [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased song
  • Wonderful Surprise [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased song


Acoustic Performances

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There was also a CD released with a live DVD. I wonder why that’s not included, sure an interview and a few acoustic songs don’t take up that much space on a DVD.


I joined, ended up with 30 40 odd songs, so definitely not all of them.

Gareth Jones

I remember that was period inbetween solo albums where Chris had a download subscription service through his website where you got new songs sent to you once a week, I think on Saturdays. I’ve got a feeling it was even called something like the Saturday Morning Club! I never joined, but don’t suppose anyone knows if some of these songs made it onto this box set?!

Scott T.

Saturday Morning Music Club was the project. And all 12 (official) tunes are collected in the CD/digital of 2011’s “Cashmere if You Can.” (So, yes, the fourth CD in this boxed package are the songs Diffored released via the SMMC format.) Look on Youtube for Difford’s “hit” from this record. It’s call “Goldfish” and is so simply complex, it’s Difford at his best.

I was part of the club, and there were definitely not 30/40 songs available. Some demos were shared with members and a song or two didn’t make the CD cut a year later, but this deluxe set here appears to include the 4 additional songs that I have in my iTunes library and now, the new disc.

Chris’ solo works continue to amuse me. He still lacks the music writing chops to pull off an entire solo record without attaching himself to other musicians. So Francis Dunnery cowrote and produced Chris’ debut, “I Didn’t Get Where I Am.” (Which for vinyl folks out there, exists in a double-LP format you can still buy at very reasonable prices on AmazonUK or AmazonUS or probably Difford’s own site. Boo Hewerdine played a substantial part on nearly every song on “Cashmere if You Can.” Hewerdine repeats his role for Difford’s “The Last Temptation of Chris”. Dunnery reappears on Difford’s “South East Side Story”. And includes musicians that have a significant history with Squeeze.

BTW, Difford’s biography is slated for a June, 2017 release.


Yes I think the tracks became ‘Cashmre if you Can’. I was a member and had problems downloading the tracks. I contacted Chris and his manager who promised me a signed copy but it never materialised!

Still, very much looking forward to this release. Let’s hope there’s a tour too :-)


£19.99 on base.com