PiL super deluxe box sets announced


As previewed in last weekend’s Saturday Deluxe, PiL will reissue their albums Metal Box and Album in October, with both available as four CD and four LP super deluxe edition box sets.

The editions will include rare and previously unreleased material along with a live material. For example the Metal Box set offers B-sides, rare mixes and radio sessions on its second disc, and a third disc of completely unreleased mixes. The final, fourth CD contains six tracks live in Manchester at Russell’s Club (The Factory).


The Album super deluxe follows a similar approach, with a complete disc of unreleased demos, an unreleased Live at Brixton Academy disc and various mixes and outtakes on another CD (including three versions of Rise).

The 4LP vinyl sets don’t include everything in the CD boxes, but will include a download card for all tracks on the CD versions.

Both Metal Box sets will be issued in a square metal tin (rather than the round metal film canister of the original) and feature an embossed PiL logo. Album will be issued in a square card box with de-bossed artwork.

These sets come with a 72-page booklet. The LP editions include a poster and art prints. You get postcards in the CD edition.

At the moment, both boxes are available only via the Official Universal Store, however “while stocks last” (no numbers specified) early pre-orderers will get a limited edition signed insert from John Lydon. SDE expects standard unsigned versions to be available via other channels soon.

Update 8/10/16 – both 4CD super deluxe sets are now widely available at good prices (see below)

Metal Box and Album are reissued on 28 October 2016.



Metal Box 4 CD super deluxe edition

CD 1: Metal Box
CD 2: B-sides, mixes & radio sessions
CD 3: Unreleased Mixes
CD 4: Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79

Disc 1: Remastered album
1. Albatross
2. Memories
3. Swan Lake (Death Disco)
4. Poptones
5. Careering
6. No Birds Do Sing
7. Graveyard
8. The Suit
9. Bad Baby
10. Socialist
11. Chant
12. Radio 4

Disc 2: B-sides, mixes & radio sessions
1. Death Disco (7” edit)
2. Death Disco 12”
3. Half Mix / Megga Mix (b-side)
4. Death Disco – BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72
5. Memories 12”
6. Another (b-side)
7. Poptones – BBCRadio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
8. Careering – BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
9. Chant – BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979
10. Poptones – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
11. Careering – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 5/2/80 (audio)
12. Pied Piper (rare compilation-only track)

Disc 3: Unreleased Mixes
1. Poptones (version 3) (unreleased)
2. Swan Lake (monitor mix)
3. Albatross (monitor mix) (alternative mix)
4. Swan Lake (“master”) (alternative mix) (unreleased)
5. Unknown INST Jam 1 (“Chant”) (unreleased)
6. Unknown Jam 2 (“Megachant”) (unreleased)
7. Music from an Oven (aka Memories) (unreleased)
8. Radio 4 (“symphony suite”) (unreleased)
9. Home is Where The Heart is (original mix) (unreleased)
10. Unknown INST 2 (unreleased)

Disc 4:  Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 (unreleased)
1. Chant
2. Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)
3. Memories
4. Public Image
5. Annalisa
6. No Birds Do Sing


Metal Box 4 LP

LP 1: Metal Box
LP 2: Metal Box (continued)
LP 3: Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79
LP 4: Rare Mixes and BBC Radio Sessions

LP 1 & 2: ‘Metal Box’ studio album

Disc 1 (side 1):

Disc 1 (side 2):
Swan Lake (Death Disco)

Disc 2 (side 1):
No Birds Do Sing
The Suit

Disc 2 (side 2):
Bad Baby
Radio 4

LP 3: Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79 (unreleased)

Disc 3 (side 1):
Swan Lake (aka Death Disco)

Disc 3 (side 2)
Public Image
No Birds Do Sing

LP 4: Rare Mixes & BBC Session

Disc 4 (side 1):
Swan Lake (monitor mix)
Albatross (monitor mix)

Disc 4 (side 2):
BBC Radio 1, John Peel Sessions 1979


Album 4 CD super deluxe edition

CD 1: Album
CD 2: Live at Brixton Academy 27.5.86
CD 3: Various, mixes & outtakes etc
CD 4: Original 1985 Album demos

Disc 1: Remastered album
1. FFF
2. Rise
3. Fishing
4. Round
5. Bags
6. Home
7. Ease

Disc 2:  Live at Brixton Academy 27.5.86 (unreleased)
1. Kashmir
2. FFF
3. Low Life
4. Fishing
5. Poptones
6. Pretty Vacant
7. Banging the Door
8. Flowers of Romance
9. Bags
10. Round
11. Home
12. Public Image
13. Rise
14. Annalisa

Disc 3: Various, mixes & outtakes etc
1. Things in E (aka Ease) (alternative Laswell mix) (1986) (unreleased)
2. Rise (7” edit)
3. Rise (instrumental)
4. Home (7” edit)
5. Rise (Bob Clearmountain remix)
6. Home – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86 (audio)
7. Round – BBC TV, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86 (audio)

Bonus Tracks
1.Time Zone – World Destruction (12”)
2.Time Zone – World Destruction (Industrial Remix)

Disc 4: Original 1985 Album demos
1. Animal (unreleased)
2. Black Rubber Bags (aka Bags) (unreleased)
3. European Cars (aka Round) (unreleased)
4. Fairwell Fairweather Friend (aka FFF) (unreleased)
5. Pearls Before Swine (aka Fishing) (unreleased)
6. Things in E (aka Ease) (instrumental) (unreleased)
7. Ben Hur (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
8. Cats (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
9. Have a Nice Day (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
10. Untitled 3 (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
11. Pearls Before Swine (aka Fishing) (alternate mix) (incomplete) (unreleased)


Album 4 LP

LP 1: Album
LP 2: Original 1985 Album demos
LP 3: Various, mixes & outtakes etc 1
LP 4: Various, mixes & outtakes etc 2

LP1: ‘Album’ studio album

Disc 1 (side 1):

Disc 1 (side 2):

LP2: Original 1985 Album demos

Disc 2 (side 1):
Animal (unreleased)
Black Rubber Bags (aka Bags) (unreleased)
European Cars (aka Round) (unreleased)

Disc 2 (side 2):
Fairwell Fairweather Friend (aka FFF) (unreleased)
Pearls Before Swine (aka Fishing) (unreleased)
Things in E (aka Ease) (instrumental) (unreleased)

LP3: Various, mixes & outtakes etc 1

Disc 3 (side 1):
Things in E (Ease) (alternative Laswell mix) (unreleased)

Disc 3 (side 2):
Rise (7” edit)
Rise (instrumental)
Home (7” edit)

LP4: Various, mixes & outtakes etc 2

Disc 4 (side 1):
Home – BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86
Round – BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 20/5/86
Rise (Bob Clearmountain remix)

Disc 4 (side 2):
Time Zone – World Destruction (12”)
Time Zone – World Destruction (Industrial Remix)

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imho the recent “vinyl resurgance” has been grossly overhyped and cashed in by/ made up by greedy record executives, making record collectors panic and turning them into stamp collectors. vinyl releases these days are most if not all being subconsiously marketed as “investments”, which in reality, is far from the truth imho. they are being sold at ticket tout prices by greedy record companies, and then buyers are being scalped even more by chancers putting them on ebay.
with reports of most modern day vinyl being left unplayed, as people are wanting to protect their false “investments”, how long can collectors keep on throwing their money at this industry hyped “craze” before the market collapses, then many people start to panic and ebay/ discogs are flooded with people selling their releases for far less than they paid for them?
before im slated on here (!) im only doing this to spark some kind of debate and see what others think! i acknowledge that there will be some releases that will still be worth a fortune in years to come, but a majority wont (imho). the whole trend (imho) seems to be going round in one big circle. remember when cds were new, people started to ignore vinyl and now original vinyl releases such as the first 2 oasis albums command very high prices. there are some of us out there who lived through vinyl and were glad of cds (but who like myself only miss the vinyl artwork!). i am thinking that with the current trend/ hype towards vinyl, rc executives are ignoring a missed opportunity to release rare singles/ reissues on cd too. maybe theyre too scared to do it, thinking many people will get fed up with collecting vinyl, which will burst the “bubble”?

Wayne Klein

This is why used vinyl sales are up–the industry and is taking advantage of buyers.

[…] Read more about the PiL reissues […]


Both CD sets just dropped in price at Amazon – £43 for Metal Box and £37 for Album.

Mark Hubble

Metal Box vinyl available at £157 & Album vinyl at £103 both inc p&p from pledgemusic.com so that’s £8.99 saving on MB & £2.99 on Album – (plus the £6.95 shipping)
CD sets are (very very slightly) dearer though
Not signed of course


I’m in for both. CD versions. I’ll keep my origins Metal Box and Album vinyl and get the bonus music on CD. Finally, a deluxe that gets it right! Great bonus material. Besides and remixes!!!! Yes. A live DVD would have been cool but…hey…love this.


Ridiculous prices!
I’ll have to do a well paid butter commercial before I can afford these.


Any news if the PiL boxes will be available outside of the Universal store?


Come on guys, price has little to do with cost. Price is what the market will bear. There is more demand for a Metal Box vinyl set than an Album one. The prices might seem a bit on the arrogant side but I think they will find plenty of buyers.


The content and formats of these as a CD buyer came as a pleasent surprise to me. I thought they would definitely mix vinyl/CD. If I had still been a vinyl buyer though, I agree with Simon F that a straight reissue would have been the preferred option and at 45 rpm. Funny, I remember paying a tenner for the original back in 79 or 80 which was a lot then! The Japanese CD version I have sounds the most like I remember the vinyl and is replicated across three discs in a canister.
After getting the email from PIL official on Tuesday, it took me a few hours to decide to push the button on the CD boxes but glad I eventually did.


Particularly happy as I was at the Brixton gig in ’86. It was,literally, a riot.Mentioned in Lydons autobiography.

Warren Field

I was also at the 27.5.86 Brixton Acedemy gig and laugh when I read ‘Riot Show’ it was hand bags at dawn and hardly a riot but a good gig never the less.

Nass Khan

I went to the Brixton gig. Some facts

1/ The band were very good and 95% of the audience were enjoying it or trying to enjoy it

2/ There was an element 40 to 50 Anncho cider drinking Punks who had beef with Lydon. It might have something to do with him living in the States and a assumption he sold out. For me I was pleased Lydon/Pil came back with a great LP after This is What You Want was terrible. These Punks were hostile abusing Lydon, Spitting , Throwing beer & on at least 2 occasions invaded the stage . One punk climbed on a speaker and exposed himself but he fell of the large cabinet. That was funny! Towards the end there was a crazy girl that went on stage to attack Lydon . That was freaky & not funny

3/ These Punks were also causing trouble amongst the audience . There was one blond spiky haired chap in particular who thought he was something , but he got sorted out by someone.

4/ Lydon warned many times to the audience to quit the bad behaviour & eventually the band left the stage.

5/ For 5 minutes there was a lot of hostility in the crowd & face off with the bouncers which lead to the audience pulling the wires of the massie speaker stand & the bouncers pulling it back . For a moment it really looked like something that was tall as a house was going to fall. Then you heard Lydon say behind the screen, ” If you behave we will play some more!”

6/In all the gigs I attended , it definately was a hostile gig & never seen anything like it at Brixton Accademy

7/ I disagree with the handbags at Dawn comment Warren. In fact I clearly remember you were telling the story like an over excited puppy for the next 3 months!



Delighted about these releases but confused as to why the Metal Box vinyl is so much more expensive than the Album vinyl?


But the cd version is also in a metal box.

Gary C

Damn the demo tracks were recorded with the previous line-up, so no Ginger Baker, no Sakamoto and no Steve Vai


Standard record label money grab but I suppose the demand is there. If I was a PiL fan, I’d be happy with a Super Basic Edition – the CD’s presented in cardboard vinyl replica type sleeves and housed in a cardboard slipcase that takes up about the same space as a CD jewel case with a £15-20 price tag. Sorted!

David Bourgoin

Lovely items but these prices are getting absolutely stupid. £160 for four LPs in a metal box. This makes the Pink Floyd box set look cheap.


Is it safe to assume that the vinyl is being pressed on 180g?
My usual gripe re: Universal releases… if it’s pressed by GZ in the Czech Rep then it could be a very mediocre affair. I’d prefer to be wrong this time.
One other thing… whilst it’s great that these albums are being made available again, those that have a pristine copy of the original Metal Box won’t feel too put out as the 12″ / 45rpm format and round tin should still hold some value. That’s not why I’ve retained mine, I treasure it too much to sell off.

That price, though……

Paul Murphy

Paul – Metal Box Disc 2 : ‘4. Death Disco – BBC TV, Top of the Pops July 12.7.72’ – 1972? Shorely shome mishtake.


@Pritesh your copy isn’t signed.

Simon F

Disappointing. Would of preferred a straight re-issue of Metal Box in it’s original cannister and three 12″ singles. Guess I just have to stick with my Metal Box CD for now.


There is also a Japanese CD Edition of Metal Box available that is just like the original vinyl tin box. Contains 3 CDs with 12 tracks. No extras, but reasonably priced at something around 30 $.
Release date was 09/02/2016, stated on shops website, but i’m sure that this can’t be true, as i received it probably 3month ago. It seems that this was also released in Europe 2003. The Japanese version seemed to be a remastered version from the original analog tapes. I.m.o. the price for the vinyl box set at 193 € seems much to high. The Album 4 LP set costs 127 €. That’s 66 € difference, only for the tin box? Sorry they must be joking. Take a look at some scottish Whisky tins or the ones that come with some sort of cookies. Check the price difference to the usual paper packing and you may notice a very minor price increment. Even if the material of the Metal box is thicker, it doesn’t justify the astronomical price. Portion Controls Progress Report 7 LP metal box with T-Shirt, DVD + Book costs only 115 €.

Kevin Allen

From the Official Universal Store not Amazon. oops


I just bought the signed Metal box set from Amazon but a tad concerned as earlier posters said it was sold out.
I hope this doesn’t mean my copy isn’t signed.


Looks like the signed versions of both CD box sets are sold out and that the Universal Store now has unsigned versions available for pre-order.

Gary C

What chance some of those demo tracks from Album will have Steve Vai all over them? Story goes, at the time anyway, that he was massively edited down. Still, what’s on the album is brilliant.
Also great to see, audio only, the Whistle Test version of Home which is fantastic.

PS its bloody expensive, might just pick up some digital tracks


The supplies of the signed copies sure didn’t last long.
I still want to know where the “Melodrama Mix” of Albatross went.


Also sorry for being a bit pendatic, but wasn’t ‘Album’ called ‘Compact Disc’ on CD issue – as it was for ‘Cassette’ format too on original releases – the concept being artwork based on basic foods branding packaging in supermarkets?

Probably too late for them to change the artwork now I imagine!




Singed ‘Album’ CD set ordered – lovely jubbly


MB CD set sold out at mom, but ordered the Album CD set. I’m sure amazon will be listing these soon but obviously without the signed print. The different costs of the vinyl box sets must be a mistake, cant be just for any fancy packaging?

But both look worthwhile getting, lots of unreleased stuff for us anoraks….


What does “de-bossed artwork” mean for “Album”? Embossed usually means “raised” in relation to album covers. Does de-bossed mean indented?


Hmm…I’d be interested in a 2CD version of album with the 2nd CD being the remixes/B-sides disc. Nice to see the Time Zone tracks being included. The 4 disc would be too much.

Kevin Allen

The “Metal Box (Super Deluxe) Signed” vinyl is already sold out.

I still have my original metal film canister complete with the PIL sticky tape. I stuck the tape to the rim of the canister. Now I wish I’d just kept it as a length of tape.

(I also wish I hadn’t used Sellotaped and Blu-Tac to stick my Station To Station poster to my bedroom wall).

and by

still for sale as of 20.30 signed vinyl


190 € for a 4 LP Set? Are they nuts? Or has Lydon to pay taxes from the past? This is realy a ripoff… esp. as you can get the Original PIL Metal Box for just 100€ in NM!!!! Who needs an autograph, poster and some useless mxis for an extra 90€?


Album is an absolute must. Metal Box I’m not sure about as it’s an awesome album all by itself without any additional material, the live period material intrigues me though. I’ll buy both sets anyway since I love PIL

Michael G

£163?! Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Joao C

Same old, loud and compressed crap re-re-issue blah blah blah cash cow blah blah blah…


Errr…. Have you actually heard the reissues? Do you know for sure that they will be ‘loud and compressed’??


Bizarre… where did that come from?


Bummer…had both in my cart…and when I went to check out, was informed that the signed Metal Box was sold out.


@Tracey – That is a disappointment. :-(
I actually placed my order at 14:34 i.e. about 6 mins before posting on SDE.
Your post was 18 mins after mine so I presume that you tried to place your order soon after mine. I must have been really lucky and managed to just sneak in…


Ordered both CD editions.
Would have loved the vinyl editions as well but simply cannot afford the price.

Thank you Paul.