Pink Floyd break open Early Years box

Pink Floyd fans who were unwilling or unable to buy the eye-wateringly expensive Early Years 1965-1972 box set issued in late 2016 (it’s now over £100 cheaper!), now have the opportunity to ‘cherry pick’ from the contents, as next month the band will release six individual volumes from the box as multi-disc book-bound packages.

The volumes (identical to what’s the in box) are broken down by years 1965-1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972. The seventh volume BONUS CONTINU/ATION (which includes BBC sessions and various feature films) remains exclusive to the box set (as do the replica seven-inch singles), however if you can live without that, then you will save quite a bit of money since the individual volumes are priced at a little over £3o each. Buy them all today and you’d save about £85 on the current price of The Early Years 1965-1972

These sets do of course offer a wealth of outtakes and demos from the band’s early albums including The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful Of Secrets, Meddle and Atom Heart Mother. The first three volumes – 1965-1967, 1968, 1969 – are summarised below (full track listings at the bottom), and the final trio – 1970,1971 and 1972 – are tackled on a separate post.

1965-1967:  CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION (4-disc set – 2 CD / DVD / Blu-ray)

Covering Syd Barrett’s time with the band, from the pre-EMI demos, through the non-album hit singles and related tracks, the first volume also features previously unreleased tracks like Vegetable Man and In The Beechwoods (newly mixed), plus BBC session recordings. Pink Floyd have also acquired the tapes of an unreleased 1967 concert in Stockholm.

The DVD/Blu-ray includes historic TV performances plus some of Pink Floyd’s own film material:

  • • Early 1965 recordings and early singles
  • • Vegetable Man, In The Beechwoods, John Latham, Stockholm concert
  • • Promo clips, TV appearances, rare footage
  • • Replica memorabilia from the period

Compare prices and pre-order

Pink Floyd

Cambridge St/ation 1965-1967

Shop Price gbp Stock

1968: GERMIN/ATION (3-disc set – CD / DVD / Blu-ray

This volume explores the time immediately after Syd Barrett’s departure, when Pink Floyd were still writing singles and at the same time developing their own more instrumentally-based style. There are non-album single releases, plus a recently discovered session at Capitol Records studios in Los Angeles, BBC sessions and other tracks.

DVD/Blu-ray includes the recently restored promo clip of Point Me At The Sky, some international TV performances and a selection of song material from other television shows:

  • • Early singles, BBC Radio sessions
  • • Tracks from Capitol Studios, LA
  • • Promo clip, TV appearances, rare footage
  • • Replica memorabilia from the period

Compare prices and pre-order

Pink Floyd

Germin/ation 1968

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JPC de   46.99

1969: DRAMATIS/ATION  (4-disc set – 2 CD / DVD / Blu-ray

In 1969 Pink Floyd unveiled their two-part conceptual live production of The Man and The Journey, covering a 24-hour period of dreaming, waking and other activities. Never released in that form, however some of the songs were used on the More soundtrack and the Ummagumma album. This volume refers back to The Man and The Journey tour with live performances in Amsterdam and for the BBC in London, but also includes the bonus tracks from the More soundtrack that were used in the film but not on record, plus non-album tracks like the early version of Embryo from the Harvest sampler Picnic.

Video material includes 20 minutes of The Man/The Journey rehearsal at the Royal Festival Hall, directed by Anthony Stern, including Afternoon (Biding My Time)The Beginning (Green Is The Colour), Nightmare (Cymbaline)Beset By Creatures Of The Deep and The End Of The Beginning (the last part of A Saucerful Of Secrets), plus other live performance footage from that year:

  • • The Man & The Journey live
  • • TV appearances, rare footage
  • • Interstellar Overdrive with Frank Zappa
  • • Replica memorabilia from the period

Compare prices and pre-order

Pink Floyd

Dramatis/ation 1969

Shop Price gbp Stock

For details on the other three sets (1970 DEVI/ATION, 1971 REVERBER/ATION, 1972 OBFUSC/ATION) click here.


CD 1:

1965 Recordings*:

  1. Lucy Leave*2.57
  2. Double O Bo* 2.57
  3. Remember Me* 2.46
  4. Walk With Me Sydney* 3.11
  5. Butterfly* 3.00
  6. I’m A King Bee* 3.13
  7. Arnold Layne 2.57
  8. See Emily Play 8.57
  9. Apples And Oranges             3.05
  10. Candy And A Currant Bun 2.45
  11. Paintbox 3.48
  12. Matilda Mother (2010 mix) 4.01
  13. Jugband Blues (2010 mix)† 3.01
  14. In The Beechwoods (2010 mix)† 4.43
  15. Vegetable Man (2010 mix)† 2.32
  16. Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 mix)† 4.43

Total: 50 mins, 32 secs approx.

Tracks 1-11 mono.
Tracks 12-16 stereo

*including Rado Klose on guitar and Juliette Gale on vocals on ‘Walk With Me Sydney’

CD 2:

Live in Stockholm 1967:

    1. Introduction†0.25
    2. Reaction in G† 7.18
    3. Matilda Mother† 5.34
    4. Pow R. Toc H.† 11.56
    5. Scream Thy Last Scream† 4.00
    6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun† 7.17
    7. See Emily Play† 3.16
    8. Interstellar Overdrive† 8.57

Please note: the above tracks feature vocals recorded at a less than optimum level

John Latham (studio recordings 1967)

      1. John Latham Version 1† 4.32
      2. John Latham Version 2† 5.06
      3. John Latham Version 3† 3.45
      4. John Latham Version 4† 2.59
      5. John Latham Version 5† 2.48
      6. John Latham Version 6† 3.17
      7. John Latham Version 7† 2.36
      8. John Latham Version 8† 2.49
      9. John Latham Version 9† 2.38

Total: 79 mins, 13 secs approx.

Tracks 1-8 recorded live Sept 10, 1967 at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden

Tracks 9-17 recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London, 20 October 1967

All tracks stereo


  1. Chapter 24: Syd Barrett in the Gog Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire, UK 1966 / Pink Floyd at EMI Studios, London, April 1967 3.40
  2. Nick’s Boogie†: recording Interstellar Overdrive and Nick’s Boogie at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea, January 11, 1967 /            6.36

Live at UFO, The Blarney Club, London, January 13, 1967

  1. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Scene – Underground’ UFO at The Blarney Club, London, January 27, 1967 4.15
  2. Arnold Layne: promo video. Wittering Beach, UK, early 1967 2.54
  3. Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine: plus Syd Barrett and Roger Waters interview: BBC ‘The Look Of The Week’ – BBC Studios, 9.22 London, May 14, 1967
  1. The Scarecrow: ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967 2.05
  2. Jugband Blues: ‘London Line’ promo video, 1967, London 2.58
  3. Apples And Oranges: plus Dick Clark interview: ‘American Bandstand’, Los Angeles, USA, November 7, 1967 4.51
  4. Instrumental Improvisation: BBC ‘Tomorrow’s World’, London, December 12, 1967 2.11
  5. Instrumental Improvisation: ‘Die Jungen Nachtwandler’, UFO, The Blarney Club, London, February 24, 1967 4.32
  6. See Emily Play: BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’ – partially restored BBC Studios, London, July 6, 1967 2.55
  7. The Scarecrow (outtakes): ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967 2.07
  8. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Science Fiction – Das Universum Des Ichs’, The Roundhouse, London, 1967 9.33

Total: 57 mins, 59 secs approx.



  1. Point Me At The Sky 3.40
  2. It Would Be So Nice 3.46
  3. Julia Dream 2.34
  4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (single version) 5.46
  5. Song 1, Capital Studios, Los Angeles, 22 August 1968†                         3.19
  6. Roger’s Boogie, Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, 22 August 1968† 4.35

BBC Radio Session, 25 June 1968:

  1. Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene) †                                   3.38
  2. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets) † 7.18
  3. Let There Be More Light† 4.32
  4. Julia Dream† 2.50

BBC Radio Session, 20 December 1968:

  1. Point Me At The Sky† 4.25
  2. Embryo† 3.13
  3. Interstellar Overdrive† 9.37

Total: 59 mins, 14 secs approx.


‘Tienerklanken’, Brussels, Belgium, 18-19 February 1968:                                                      22.28

  1. Astronomy Domine
  2. The Scarecrow
  3. Corporal Clegg
  4. Paintbox
  5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  6. See Emily Play
  7. Bike
  8. Apples And Oranges: ‘Vibrato’, Brussels, Belgium, February 1968 3.03

‘Bouton Rouge’, Paris, France, 20 February 1968:                                                                 13.35

  1. Astronomy Domine
  2. Flaming
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  4. Let There Be More Light
  1. Paintbox: ‘Discorama’, Paris, France, 21 February 1968 3.40
  2. Instrumental Improvisation‘The Sound Of Change’, London, UK, March 1968 2.15
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun: ‘All My Loving’, London, UK, 28 March 1968 2.40
  4. It Would Be So Nice (excerpt): ‘Release-Rome Goes Pop’, Rome, Italy, April 1968 1.21
  5. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Pop 68’, Rome, Italy, 6 May 1968 6.59

‘Tienerklanken – Kastival’, Kasterlee, Belgiu, 31 August 1968:

  1. Astronomy Domine 3.48
  2. + Roger Waters interview

‘Samedi et Compagnie’, Paris, France, 6 September 1968:                                                    5.31

  1. Let There Be More Light
  2. Remember A Day
  3. Let There Be More Light: ‘A L’Affiche du Monde’, London, UK, 1968 1.53

‘Tous En Scene’, Paris, France, 21 October 1968:                                                                 6.39

  1.  Let There Be More Light
  2. Flaming
  1. Let There Be More Light: ‘Surprise Partie’, Paris, France, 1 November 1968 6.35
  2. Point Me At The Sky: Restored promo video, UK, 1968 3.19

Total: 84 mins, 18 secs approx..


CD 1:

‘More’ album non-album tracks

  1. Hollywood (non-album track) †                            1.21
  2. Theme (Beat version) (Alternative version) † 5.38
  3. More Blues (Alternative version) † 3.49
  4. Seabirds (non-album track) † 4.20
  5. Embryo (from ‘Picnic’, Harvest Records sampler) 4.43

BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969:

  1. Grantchester Meadows† 3.36
  2. Cymbaline† 3.38
  3. The Narrow Way† 4.48
  4. Green Is The Colour† 3.21
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene† 3.26

Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 9 August 1969:

  1. Interstellar Overdrive† 4.20
  2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

CD 2:

Part 1: ‘The Man’, Amsterdam, 17 September 1969

  1. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows)† 8.14
  2. Work† 4.12
  3. Afternoon (Biding My Time)† 6.39
  4. Doing It† 3.54
  5. Sleeping† 4.38
  6. Nightmare (Cymbaline)† 9.15
  7. Labyrinth† 1.10

Part 2: ‘The Journey’, Amsterdam, 17 September 1969

  1. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour)† 3.25
  2. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)† 6.27
  3. The Narrow Way, Part 3† 5.11
  4. The Pink Jungle (Pow R. Toc H.)† 4.56
  5. The Labyrinths Of Auximines† 3.20
  6. Footsteps / Doors† 3.12
  7. Behold The Temple Of Light† 5.32


‘Forum Musiques’, Paris, France, 22 January 1969:                                                   19.25

  1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

David Gilmour interview

  1. A Saucerful Of Secrets
  1. ‘The Man’ and ‘The Journey’: Royal Festival Hall, London, rehearsal, April 14, 1969: 14.05

Afternoon (Biding My Time)

The Beginning (Green Is The Colour)


   Beset By Creatures Of The Deep

   The End Of The Beginning (A Saucerful Of Secrets)

Essencer Pop & Blues Festival, Essen, Germany, October 11 1969:                             19.14

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Music Power & European Music Revolution, Festival Actuel,                                        27.53

Amougies Mont de l’Enclus, Belgium, 25 October 1969:

6, Green Is The Colour

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  3. Interstellar Overdrive with Frank Zappa 11.26

Total: 71 mins, 14 secs approx.

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[…] Read more about the individual volumes. […]

Stephen Thorpe

The price of the complete box set fluctuates daily on Amazon UK

With the opening day of the Pink Floyd exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London tomorrow expect the price to rise sharply!

I got mine yesterday from Amazon U.K. For £287.00 it is going to be 399.00 at the exhibition.

Can’t wait for the set to be delivered and can’t wait to see the exhibition on Saturday!!!


If you got rid of the filler, these are nothing more than 3 or 4 discs which can easily be packaged and sold for $25US. Instead that extra crap is costing us $15 extra.

Paul Wren

How long will we have to wait for vinyl versions, I wonder?


I would love to see the audio components of this released separately and physically. Boxes that include DVDs are only partially useful to me, as I almost never watch any of the video that’s included. If they do these budget-style someday with the audio only, I’ll buy them automatically.


Often, what goes around comes around. I have splurged ‘too much’ money on some things I own, but later obtained something else I had my eye on for less than I expected to pay. It’s hard to think of one thing that I haven’t then seen on sale perhaps years later.

I think breaking open the P.F. box into separate volumes makes far more sense that expecting people to shell out for the entire thing.


I wanted this box set for Christmas so badly…but it was sooooo expensive, I just could’t do it.

I’m thinking of the individual versions because:

1. I could care less about the “exclusive” 7 inch records
2. I can live without the posters etc. (thank god no coasters, napkins or other “extras” like the otherwise excellent Wish You Were Here box…I mean a neck scarf? Trading cards, coasters…where was the gum stick and Pink Floyd roller skate key? Please!)….
3. I can live without the BBC “exclusives” on the last disc because they will no doubt release a full BBC set someday. This is Pink Floyd…and if there isn’t, well at least I’d own the main part of the set that I really want….

And I want all this stuff on these individual releases from the box: the music, films, band footage and booklets. This is my favorite era of Floyd. I’ll admit that their best over all LP (in my opinion at least) is WYWH, but the best pieces of the post-Syd/pre-Dark Side LP’s contain my favorite Floyd songs and music.

I do hope they lower the prices on these individual releases because I’d be willing to put more money in their accounts if they would be willing to make it a little bit more within reach of an older fan who still wants physical releases but doesn’t have $600.99 to blow on a box set…or $40.99 to blow on individual 2 disc sets if it means buying 6 of them, or whatever it is…


James Galvin

It should have been released like this from the get go. I Do Love Pink Floyd, but the the box Set was overkill. By the time I got through all the video content and the 12th version of Careful or Set the Controls it was clear it had to go. Only bonus of keeping it were the singles but I figured i’d get my money back quickly and sold it for what I paid on ebay. Bye bye singles, I have pre-ordered the only 2 sets I need which are Obfuscation and Cambridge Station.


It’s absolutely ridiculous that these sets, and/or the original shoebox, are not being made available in an alternate “AUDIO ONLY” option! :( By which I mean: just the CDs! In simple, understated, eco-friendly packaging.
No fancy box, 7″ vinyl replicas, no posters, marbles, scarves, gloves, golfballs, postcards, condoms, badges, etc…
I have less than zero interest in any DVD/BLU-RAY/video content… for one simple reason – I’m partially sighted/borderline blind! Listening to music (mainly CDs, plus Spotify) is, by far, my greatest pleasure in life. Watching films, videos, television, dvds, blu-rays, and so on (or fiddling around with fancy packaging)… is not any kind of pleasure. Sure, the AUDIO content of some of the DVDs/BDs is occasionally interesting (ie live shows, but not anything in 5.1, which has never impressed me)… but I’d much much MUCH prefer to pay slightly less for basic “CD ONLY” versions of this material… Too much to ask?
Praise the lord that my favourite major artist, Bob Dylan, at least, seems to grasp that its really ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC, and has thankfully kept his numerous (superb!) box sets almost entirely video/novelty-free. His Complete Albums set, in particular, is surely the ultimate example of how keeping it simple is the best way to go. Small (but classy) packaging – and unbelievably cheap!! . I realise that’s probably not a totally fair comparison (different sort of product/ target audience /etc), and that last year’s 1965 Cutting Edge 16CD Collectors edition WAS admittedly expensive… but I’d rather pay more for what I DO want, than less for what I DON’T (if that makes sense?).
PS I’m not calling for the existing sets to be changed…as I’m sure some people like all the video stuff. I just think that having the OPTION of “Audio/CD only” versions would be a great chance for PF to recognise their visually-impaired fans…??

Just my 5p.


I wonder what they will do in the next box set that will include DSOTM and WYWH. Plenty of material was already included in the immersion box sets. Ya. They didn’t throw much on the visual side.
Would p?ss off a few if they’re duplicated.


They should have called the individual volume campaign “SEP/ARATION”! :)

Btw, I have the box set and love it. Still haven’t gotten through everything. Not perfect for sure, as others have mentioned, especially no SEABIRDS (vocal version) and no subtitles. But otherwise quite happy with it. I hope there are sets for the other eras eventually.


I have to say that I am very disappointed that Pink Floyd have decided to keep the 7th volume of the bonus ‘CONTINU/ATION’ with Syd Barrett-era BBC sessions and various feature films to the expensive box set only and not offer it as a separate set as the others to buy for those of us fans can’t afford the box set. It may be a thing where someone may bootleg it or upload it to the Internet because of this ? I don’t know ? The individual sets are still expensive at this early point in their pre-sale prices. We’ll see how much they’ll come down in price if they do after March 2017 ?


Ah, these individual sets are coming sooner than I’d hoped for! I didn’t want the vinyl, nor the paper reproductions, nor the Barrett material, so I’m happy I can start buying these sets over an extended period to pay-as-I-go. Hopefully we’ll see a price drop too.


Great update, i just order 2 box sets off of PF website. Much cheaper option than the original box set. Cant wait to hear Echo’s and Atom Heart in Quad.
Thanks Paul


If your a Pink Floyd fan I’d recommend the big box as it is more ‘complete’ and does protect the smaller boxes inside a huge foam box!

Fabio Franco

Am I alone here? dont get me wrong, I do not have money to spare, but I pre-ordered the box and since it arrived and I am extremely happy with it. Love the inserts, love the posters, love the 7″ singles and of course the Cds and Blu-rays, everything works ok. The box itself came a little disjointed due to shipping and I don`t find the 5.1 mix of Pompeii special at all and I know that there are better sources for some BBC sessions, but this are small details comparing to the contless hours of magnificent audio and video. It could be better for the price? yes sure, everything on the market can be improved.

This box set is not perfect but is close. I work in the media/audiovisual business, I’m sure that it took a LOT of time and resources to re-scan negatives, re-touch and remaster the video components and that is extremely expensive stuff. I’m pretty sure that this is the main factor for the high prices (not the only factor of course), so I feel okay paying for it, (even if the images taken from Pompeii look terrible). There’s a lot of thing that dissapoint me out there, this pricey box not.

David Bourgoin

I sent my email on the 29th Dec and got a reply on the 3rd Jan.

Henrik Moberg Jessen

I just want the singles. So I really hope they will be for sale later.

Mic Smith

Maybe an RSD release?

Johnny Feathers

The early singles? If that’s the case, you should hunt for a copy of “The Early Singles”, which came packaged in the Shine On box set over 20 years ago. It’s almost funny, arguably the best material on this set is stuff that was released way back then.


For Blu-ray, I should have asked, “Are the film cuts Region A or B?” My copy of Eight Days a Week that wouldn’t play was Region B.
David Cox of LD Communications says, “They will be the correct version for each territory.” Have any US buyers had any trouble playing the visual stuff?

James Shoop

Thank you everyone for your informative posts. I could not fork out the money for the big
box set and am glad to now get the chance to buy the separate sets. Ive been a Floyd junkie
for years and have a much of the material from the great Floyd on line community.
I only see four sets I want and am interested to see of the sound quality holds up to some of
the remastered boots I have. And I have lots of these songs from various source . Having said
this I have learned from all of your posts!
thanks again

David Bourgoin

I emailed customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com stating where I brought the box set and offering to return the potentially faulty blu-rays. I got a reply four days later saying they were sending out replacements.

Mitchell Yawitz

When did you send the email? Recently, or back when the offer was first announced?


I’m just taking a serious look at these now, as they are breaking out.
I’m searching for details on the video/film specs as to NTSC, Region 0 etc. I don’t see any complaints from buyers in the states, so I assume everything is OK as far as being compatible with players in the US.


What do I do if all I want are the Barbet Schroeder films?


They are available separately with subtitles

Mitchell Yawitz

Re: the defective blu-rays discs, I’ve sent multiple emails to the address Paul listed (starting in early January), but still have not heard back. Has anyone tried this recently and gotten a response? Are they still providing the replacements?

Johnny Feathers

I was as geeked about the big box as anyone, but even I have to admit the end result fell short of the mark, for what I paid for it. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoyed watching/listening to every bit on there. But other than a small handful of “new” tracks, there’s not a whole lot to go back to. Endless variations on Saucerful, Set the Controls, and Atom Heart Mother, mostly. Even more, the size of the box is absurd for what’s actually in there. I’m tempted to trash the outer box and just keep the media, but that goes against all my instincts, you know?

Simon F

Agree with you Johnny re the size of the box. Absolutely ludicrous. I have to store the damn thing facing edge out so you can’t even see the words Pink Floyd any more. They should have made it the size of disc packages together with an informative booklet instead of all those bits of paper and 7″ers. I’ve got so depressed over the bloody thing that I have not been able to find the will to listen to it all yet. That’s the last time I ever pre-order something like that. No booklet really peed me off; I eventually purchased Glenn Povey’s The Complete Pink Floyd – The Ultimate Guide which I heartily recommend to any Floyd head who wants to know the day to day goings on with every recording session, gig, radio and TV broadcast etc. That’s about the only good thing that has come out of all of this….

Dean T

Well I bought the box set for £350 on preorder ….do I feel gutted…do I feel shafted….not a bit of it …I love this set and always will ..it has a permanent home in my collection. Still hope to see a vinyl version of the 2 cd set one day.

elliott buckingham

unless its master quality I’m not interested one of the main reasons I don’t by these radio broadcasts that seem to be flooding the market recently they sound awful

alan hansen

am i a bad, bad PF fan because i’ve settled for the 2cd overview?

don cooper

The World may be in a funk,but The Floyd Boys simply get richer and richer.


I keep seeing this “CD/Bluray”. Since I’ve never heard of a hybrid of these two, does the buyer get pick either DVD or Bluray, or is there one of each?


Well, some sets have 2 DVDs and 1 BR because you can’t fit 3+ hours on a DVD nicely.


you get both, one of each.

John Kelman

It comes with DVD AND Blu Ray. Content is the same, AFAIK, though there may be differences in audio and video resolution – but, again, I’m not sure as I’ve Blu Ray on my stereo and off my computer as well, so I always go straight for the Blu Rays and consider the DVDs a bit of a waste…but also appreciate that it’s probably cheaper for them to do, as many films do, a DVD/Blu Ray combo rather than selling multiple versions of the same release.


Okay, so the price isn’t great, but we all know this will fluctuate. Aside from that – I’m thrilled. Looks to me they should have done these, and nixed the previous box. I’m gutted for those that forked out for the box, but in the end I’m happy that this music is more likely to find its way into the hands of people who will gain pleasure from it – that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, not “exclusives” and “investments” – just people paying to listen to the bands that bring them pleasure.

John Kelman

While I agree with you up until the end of your post, I just want to point out that there are some of us who are just that music addicted that we had to buy the box set … and as a preorder. While I know that I own box sets and CD titles that are worth a lot, were I to want to sell them, that’s absolutely NOT the reason I buy music … or anything for that matter (I also collect small press limited signed editions of books by favourite authors). Yes, it’s nice to know that if I were to run into a serious financial hardship (not that I didn’t have to sacrifice to buy that box!) I’ve things I could sell for soekfairly significant coin.

But it’s not the reason I buy these boxes – last year I also bought the Steve Hillage box, the year before the Family, John Martin & Grobschnitt boxes, along with being a regular subscriber to the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks series and a sucker for their other archival boxes. Most are limited editions and have evaluated significantly, to be sure. But it’s not the reason I bought them. It’s the music…and, ideally, the additional content of the boxes.

If I have a complaint about the Floyd box it isn’t about the sound (I recognize, with material this old, that some will be better than others, but there’s so much gold in there I’m fine with that)…it’s about the lack of real content beyond the CDs and DVDs/Blu Rays. Surely they could have afforded to hire a good writer and designer to contribute the kind of book that came with the Family, Steve Hillage, John Martyn and, recently, the Lou Reed RCA/Arista Album Collection and recent Dylan Bootleg series volumes 10 through 12: every one of them came with a lovely hardcover book, 80 pages or more, with new extensive liners, photos, press clippings and more.

You feel, when you buy these boxes, like you are getting a thorough history of the group into whom you’ve just invested big bucks, since these are meant to be archival, historical sets. And for the price of the Floyd box, a nice coffee table book wouldn’t have been remiss.

And even if not hardcover, at least something like U.K., King Crimson and, in most cases, the Grateful Dead provide (though there was a lovely leather-bound book with two books…flip the book upside down and on the other side to see the second…that came with the massive 30 Trips Around the Sun box…an amazing box for any Dead fan but pricey): a softcover book that accomplishes the same thing, but on a smaller scale (and usually) budget.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to point out that some of us actually by these expensive box sets because, well, we cannot help ourselves… :D

Pupton Bluton

As a purchaser of the box set, I have to say I’m pretty gutted that I didn’t follow my initial scepticism and wait to see how much these individual volumes would retail for. I’m always a little cynical when the latest box set emerges as they are usually offering much previously released material freshly remastered, with a handful of extras to tempt the hardcore fan. but in this instance the wealth of stuff that hadn’t been released was too tempting and I pre-ordered my box at full price from Amazon.

When it arrived I, like many others, was disappointed by the quality of some of the audio, particularly in the final exclusive volume, so complained and was given a generous £90 refund. However, even with that taken into consideration it means I paid roughly £100 for the bonus box, oh and some 7 inch singles that I won’t play and could live without, nice as they are, and some extra posters, photos etc. Yes, it was my choice to take the plunge, but I do take exception to officially released product using less-than-bootleg quality material and failing to mention it at all when they were advertising the box earlier last year. Plus, I just have this nagging feeling that the ‘bonus’ material will end up being released at some future date, in better quality (which is available according to the Hoffman forums) and I will feel royally shafted, again. I guess there’s a lesson to be learnt here, anyone want to buy an Early Years box…..?

Nick Preece

I’ll buy the vinyl box set off you?
As I was reading this article hoping the 7″ Vinyl box set would be issued separately, unfortunately not….. the powers that be are obviously still trying to blackmail us Vinyl Lovers into buying the Overpriced original box set…. well I’m not going to, no doubt one day when funds are low they will do another re-hash of it with the 7″ box…”..


Having also preordered the box set – am feeling a little stung- how did you get the £90 back ? What route did you go down? Defective discs etc ? Might try it myself

Pupton Bluton

Gavin, I complained about the audio quality on the Continuation box, which to my ears is mostly awful, and the fact that neither More or La Vallee had subtitles, a small point for me as they are mostly in English, but frustrating as they have previously been available separately with subtitles. Amazon were great and offered the discount straight away but this was soon after the boxes came out so they may not be as forthcoming now, especially as the set has been available at less than what I ended up paying. Still, nothing ventured and all that, good luck!

Btw, the defective blu-rays discs can be ordered direct from the record company (Paul provided details on an earlier SDE posting), not via the seller. They don’t ask you to return the defective discs so I took the precaution of getting them anyway, even though I don’t have a blu-ray player…! For such an expensive product there were quite a few lapses in quality control.


Fair play to Amazon – they were brilliant- had to order a new box via a link they sent at lowest price to date and then sent back with free postage and collection arranged – and they then refunded the full price preorder from July last year – so kept my box with replaced discs etc and sent back the new one – and saved the diff £376 down to £217 – all from a little email – thanks for the heads up !


Still too expensive. Pretty sure these will halve in price before the end of the year.


I agree, even if i could buy 1 or 2 titles i’d be missing the rest of them so it’s a no go for me. Even if i could the 6 of them i’d missing the bonus discs on the boxset, and even if i could boy the boxset some discs are faulty so…These releses seems to be targeted for hard core fans not casual ones, Floyd is not my favorite band still i had been buying all the official releases through the last years but this was the end of the road for me.


Dump the “memorabilia stuff and odd case and throw it in either a double sized jewel case or digipack and I think most of us would be happy.