Pink Floyd / Live at Knebworth 1990

Once exclusive to The Later Years box, now available separately

Pink Floyd‘s live performance at Knebworth in 1990 gets a standalone release on vinyl and CD next month.

The show was recorded at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire on 30 ​​June 1990 in aid of the Nordoff Robbins Music Center and The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Other performers on the day included Tears For Fears, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Elton John and Genesis.

Originally issued in The Later Years box set, Live at Knebworth is now available separately. The audio has been remixed from the original master tapes and is available on 2LP 180g vinyl (with a 16-page booklet). The vinyl is cut at 45RPM for optimum audio quality.

The CD version which is packaged in a gatefold card wallet and comes with a 24-page booklet.

Live at Knebworth 1990 will be issued on 30 April 2021.

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Pink Floyd

Live at Knebworth - 2LP vinyl cut at 45RPM


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Pink Floyd

Live at Knebworth - 2LP vinyl cut at 45RPM


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Pink Floyd

Live at Knebworth - CD edition


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Pink Floyd

Live at Knebworth - CD edition

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track listing

Live at Knebworth 2LP vinyl (45RPM pressing)

Side A

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  2. The Great Gig In The Sky

Side B

  1. Wish You Were Here
  2. Sorrow

Side C

  1. Money

Side D

  1. Comfortably Numb
  2. Run Like Hell

Live at Knebworth CD edition

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Sorrow
  • Money
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Run Like Hell

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Tim Abbott

Just checking the run times for each side from the digital version:
side 1: 16m 11s
side 2: 14m 21s
side 3: 10m 11s
side 4: 15m 01s

I’m not entirely sure this much (fairly dynamic) music can fit onto a LP at 45rpm. Considering that they’re longer than most sides of The Endless River, which was a standard 33prm double LP, something doesn’t add up…

Art S.

I read somewhere, that this vinyl album is a Limited Edition. If it’s true, how many copies will be pressed?


Now the breakouts are coming; from last year and the year before. First the Exclusive disc from the Tom Petty box and now this one.
When the labels keep breakouts secret until later, it creates a real guessing game when considering whether to buy a big box and definitely lessens their value down the road. At least Later Years price dropped a bit around Black Friday.

Andy Haines

Hmmm. I’m hoping to purchase this as the Knebworth tracks I’ve not really heard properly. It’s a shame they appear to be edited though. There is a lot of stuff ” in the pipeline”that seems to be stuck in limbo because of apparent childish bickering between Waters & Gilmour. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until they die before it gets released. ( I’d guess Polly Samson would be a control freak over what gets out once David passes). I’m just glad Nick Mason is doing Saucerful as it’s a joy to hear them play tracks not often heard lives and having fun whilst doing so. I’ve still got my ticket for Manchester and I’m quite happy to wait another year to experience the live show!

David J.

Pretty sure it’s David on both counts – not happy with the 5.1 mix of Animals, and ditto for the 3 tracks he co-wrote for The Wall. That’s why we’re seeing neither of them.

Richard Z

Nice, been waiting for a seperate release of the Knebworth concert.
Thought The later box set was a bit too much.
Tho nothing was for sure I always thought parts of the box set would be released seperatly.

I agree though that it would have been better if this had been made clear early on, like they did with the Early Years box set.

The set looks nice, especially the lp version, but for listening experience I think the cd is the better option.
Not sure if I want to change sides every song or two.


Preordered. Good news for me as I only wanted the CDs from the Later Years box and with this and the DSOT being broken out I will have three out of the five, plus the tracks on the Highlights disc. I hoped they would be doing stand alone releases from the Early Years as well starting with Live at Pompeii and the Obscured by Clouds remix albums.

Mark Reed

Ah, the old David vs Roger argument, I don’t hear this one enough!


Just to clarify something said by someone here – it is Gilmour who is currently blocking the Animals 5.1 release, not Waters.

Waters was not informed about the Meddle and OBC 5.1 mixes, which were done by Andy Jackson. I think contractually, there is something which says that the 5.1 mixes of Floyd albums from when Waters was a member have to be done by James Guthrie. Since this was not the case, Waters vetoed the mixes, pissing off David, probably bringing down the original $700 price point of the box set and making the “Obfus/cation” set look so bare.

James Guthrie is a producer on P.U.L.S.E. and since he is working more with Waters, he (allegedly) refused a remix/ remaster of P.U.L.S.E. on the Later Years set, which again pissed off Gilmour. This is probably the reason there was no P.U.L.S.E. CD on the Later Years set. There was no remix/ remaster, so it would have been redundant to include the previously released CDs.

Since the 5.1 Animals is done by Guthrie, David is holding up the release. Speculation was that, since Waters’ Us+Them tour had a lot of Animals stuff, the release of the 5.1 would actually be promoting it, which is why David is not allowing it right now.

My guess is that we will see Animals 5.1 next year, since it marks the 45th anniversary of the original release. Unless they drag it out and release it only by 2027, for the 50th anniversary!

In the meantime, I hope Guthrie at least gets Roger to listen to his work on the 5.1 version of The Wall and get it out already. I’m assuming Roger has full control of The Wall and would not be vetoed by anyone to make the release.


There actually was a remaster of Pulse, but only on vinyl. But I think the album could do with a remix – too distant and lifeless sounding.


I was 20 feet from the stage all day long. Pink Floyd were incredible…almost as incredible as the fullness of my bladder after 12 hours without a pee!


We have these tracks ten times over but not in this order and in this sleeve. Don’t need this.


Certainly don’t need it but don’t you know the ‘stand alone release’ is the new super deluxe edition. It’s all a bit of a cop out isn’t it? How many ‘shine on’s’ and ‘comfortables’ do you need let alone listen to.. Artists and companies not content with releasing an album? Release half a dozen – all different colours. Not happy with that? How about a covers or duets version of the same junk. Here’s a thought…let’s release them in different colours too. Wish you were here? No not really…..

Frank Wahhab

“Don’t need this” – You don’t but others may…
“..ten times over…” – You can thank Waters for that. He seems to release a live album every couple of years where 3/4s of the album is PF material – and mostly the same stuff. Look at Us+Them. I think just 3 solo tracks and the rest is PF.


This is stupid, Im not buying this. No way.


Good old Pink Floyd stringing out a very thin catalogue of stuff people don’t really need or even want.

Shawn C.

Love the cover on this. Very cool.


Hopefully the Status Quo set won’t be far behind. Best performance of the festival.


Watch this space :)))))))





Phil Cohen

Don’t expect any more archival material from the Roger Waters years while Waters is still on this planet. He vetoed the release of 5.1 surround mixes of “Obscured By Clouds”, “Meddle” and “Animals”.
And the “Continu/ation” disc in “The Early Years” box (the 1967-68 BBC sessions) was a disgrace. During the 22 years that “The Early Years” was being compiled, no one in Pink Floyd’s management looked to see if better sounding and/or more complete sources had appeared on bootlegs. I made my own “corrected” CD-R. and, as I understand, when fans have offered to supply better sources to Pink Floyd, the group’ss management has responded with threatening letters. What a bunch of idiots.


Unfair. Yes, Waters is in constant battle with Gilmour – but to lay the blame for a lack of releases solely at the feet of Waters is myopic thinking. They could both do with having their heads knocked together. For example, Gilmour won’t let Waters promote his albums and tours on the Pink Floyd site, as Gilmour himself does. It’s all a little childish, and does us fans no good. But let’s get real, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Erik dB

I can actually appreciate this one from DG; why would he or PF let RW new albums and tours onto the PF website as RW left the band 36 years ago, therefore also association with its name, despite credits for his work before he left? At the other hand, I don’t want to hear about Polly Samson’s book on there either…

John MC cann

Well one good reason would be,,roger was a original member of Floyd!, David was not,,and another good reason would be second division guitarists are ten a penny, brilliant lyricist are few and far between,,David owes his fortune to Roger,, without him he would just be a guy in a Cambridge pub band ,,,Jokers wild where they called,?,
Go to Norman’s rare guitars u tube and watch young Micheal lemmo do the guitar of the day,,this guy is a quarter of gilmours age,,,but 10 times as talented?


What’s this point other than to troll? Gilmour is one of the most influential guitarists in history. He created a whole new sound. He also had, by far, the best voice in Pink Floyd, great arrangement talents and speaks lots of languages ;-)

Erik dB

I have finally ‘saved up’ and justified buying the Later Years box set only to find this is basically out of stock or available at double the price when released. Any idea if they will do another production run?


I’d rather have Live At Knebworth 1975…


The Gilmour led Floyd has been well-represented by live discs. Which is nice and all, but…

I’m keen to see some standalone releases of The Man and The Journey, Live at Pompeii (with Mademoiselle Nobs and the alternate Eugene), Wembley ’74, something from the In The Flesh tour and a rerelease of Is There Anybody Out There?. For a start.

Personal preference for vinyl but offer them on CD, Blu Ray and whatever’s the latest in hexaphonic, fully-immersive, beamed straight to the brain surround sound that all the cool kids are into.

And how about a non-album tracks release? The first five singles, Biding My Time, Embryo, When The Tigers Broke Free, the Great Dance Songs version of Money, the Zabriskie Point songs, the extra tracks from Endless River. I’m sure there’s a number of other sweet tunes that could be included.

That’s my two cents.


13-19 minutes on 45rpm: is there any logic?

Wayne K.

Now release The remix Momentary Lapse of Reason.

Kevin Pascual

But why?

Stephen Moran

I knew it would come to this. Money – a six-minute song on the studio album – takes up and entire side of vinyl. I know they string it out live and it’s 45RPM but I can’t enjoy music if it doesn’t flow – especially live concerts.


Is Money really of similar length that these 2 together?
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5
The Great Gig In The Sky


Luckily they invented CDs to negate that problem :)


Ah well at least they’re finally releasing stuff good quality even though by the time they actually release the good stuff most people who would have bought it will be dead, apart from as I’m immortal.
There really is so much great stuff this band could release, mentioned in comments above…one can only hope that the Middle Years boxset will scoop everything needed into one place followed by stand alone releases. It will be wonderful if they somehow manage to podge together a live video of DSOTM for the Middle Years when it comes from various gigs….here’s hoping!

I dream about The Wall 80/81 being released as a small boxset, both US & UK shows on Blu Ray and stand alone vinyl….come on boys hurry up, my old mucker Dave was 75 a few days ago! It was all in Rogers garage I last heard….sad!

peter chrisp

I was actual going to say it’s a ‘short” set list only 7 songs. On most occasions a concert can last up to two hours depending on the band, the initial reaction, or a specific “Time” slot.

Grahame Andrew

Waters isn’t on it.


That’s a good reason for buying it.


Yes please!!!
On another note, I really wish there would be an official release of led zep at knebworth!


I was there. Left before the end. It was pouring down!! Great day though


I was there too, can’t believe you left. It rained for T4F at the start and Floyd at the end, rest of the day was scotching. Fantastic day, great line up


Coverdale News Update: The next thing is going to be “Restless Heart” (from 1997) that we’ve repackaged. That’ll be a box set for…September, October. I’m working on a couple ideas to play Jimmy Page because I just took control of the Coverdale-Page record, and it’s the 30th anniversary in ’23 and I was talking to Jimmy about maybe doing something.


That’s…umm cute and obviously upsetting for those who went for the full monty. This here announcement however seems of greater interest to me and what is available on Spotify already before its initial digital release in April up to a vinyl box set later this year just made my day: https://www.4ad.com/news/10/3/2021/billsachesbluescompilation


Pink Floyd have taken more than enough of my money over the years. Once they were all I would spend my money on. Today I feel like I am being presented with the same thing over and over again. How many versions of Shine On do you need? I saw a post about an Animals box set or Meddle. Now that would make sense. And about making more HD Audio available. I am astonished that The Wall is not available in HD Audio format. Not that I need it. Just saying.

Paul Wren

Well that’s my order in via Amazon UK.


Still waiting for ‘in the flesh’ on vinyl… It’s been a long wait.
I was given 2 tickets for The Wall, 14th June ’81
at Earls Court from Willie Wilson the tour drummer. Also signed program. Still have the programme.


Presumably this turkey gets released instead of say Wembley 1974 or Brighton 1972 because they don’t need to ask Roger for permission? Late era Floyd gigs are all a bit lame I’m afraid. Everything live post-1977 isn’t really proper Floyd is it?


Same could be said of everything Floyd live post 1967 not being “proper”in all honesty as Sad is not on it…

Since Roger was never the world’s greatest bassist, have no problem with Water-less live Floyd and this concert has my favorite ever rendition of Money so I’m happy.


Syd, not Sad…my brilliant typing skills strike again.

John Barrett

Double albums for £35 plus now is it? I know no one is forced to buy it but this vinyl price creep is getting slightly out of hand.


I was hoping for a CD/BR combo of this. I guess not.
Unsure why PF/Gilmour does this? Release MLOR audio band video but not this.

Leigh Moran

I was really hoping this was the chance to have the full version of Comfortably Numb from this show ( the version that is on the actual Knebworth 90 double cd ) but from what I can see from pre order on iTunes , it will be the cut edited guitar version that is the same on the Later Years box set at running time of 7 mins 42 secs . Just doesn’t sound right .


It seems, that more tracks will be edited, they put out to streaming Shine On. as a digital single: “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) (Live at Knebworth 1990, 2021 Edit)” It is 9:59 long, the Latter Years version is 11:06

I guess, Im skipping this one.


No, this is just because iTunes doesn’t allow singles to be over ten minutes.

Carl Jacobs

Hi all
Well I’m in for both versions, hopefully from Badlands and then the t shirts from the official store. Would have liked a stand alone film.
I would have preferred an official release of Live At Pompeii vinyl, 5.1 of Meddle, Animals box, Acoustic Sounds / Analogue Productions, DSOTM SACD with re configured artwork, ITAOT Vinyl and film, Gilmour box of first two solo albums.
Still here’s hoping that one day Gilmour and Waters will behave like intelligent adults and not petulant little children and get it sorted.
Carl Jacobs


I put my veto on a Pompeii LP,
the early Years of remix is terrible (just like Obscured By Clouds). Someone put white noise in place of the cymbals.

If it’s the same as the original VHS with bonus tracks (Speak To Me (demo),etc) then yes

and OF COURSE THAT ANIMALS BOX ! And Wall live 1980/1 Blu-ray


31 years later and we get a stand alone release, I wonder how old misery guts Waters felt about having to play bass on the superb “Sorrow” from MLOR, After all it was only from 3 years previously so he probably had to like it and lump it as he was outvoted on that one.

The 8-Track Cartridge Revival

He wouldn’t have to lump anything as it was Guy Pratt on bass at Knebworth, as had been the case for the entire AMOLR tour and the later Division Bell trek.


Waters didn’t play it was Guy Pratt

Tim Abbott

Would be pretty hard for Rog to have played bass on Sorrow considering he left the band four years earlier…

You’re mixing up Knebworth with Live 8.


Almost 20 minutes on one side at 45? Hm.


…..but where’s the Echoes collection??


Still available and inexpensive, but no longer on vinyl and never re-issued.
I see no need for a re-master or even re-mix of it, though.
I agree it is an excellent compilation, better than “A Foot in the Door”.

Tony Wolkowski

I will buy it as I was there. I danced myself daft to Mccartney and then it started raining.
We left before Floyds last song and i almost knocked myself out walking under a low road sign.
Ouch. But the ale i had drunk softened the blow.
Turned up at the digs we were staying in covered in blood and piss wet through. Ha…those were the days.
ps…a highlight of my life was sitting in a nearby pub the night before and seeing the lasers and hearing the rehersal for free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We left during the Floyd set too so we could get offer the carpark without to much hold up.


I’m actually pleased with this and looking forward to it. Now if they do the same with PULSE that’d be much appreciated too.

Tim Abbott

Pulse was reissued on vinyl three years ago. P


Pre-ordered. I just hope I live long enough for the Animals box.


Won’t happen. Those ‘boxes’ were part of the campaign WAY back in 2011. It’s ended long ago.

Mathew Lauren

I was referring to: the completed “Animals” 5.1 SACD, the (booklet-format) “DSOTM” 5.1 SACD & (the original album) “The Wall” 5.1 SACD (which is said to be nearly or finally finished being remixed after 5.5 years!). All are discrete, 5.1 remixes we KNOW are “in the pipeline” for release (some day), not to mention the 5.1s pulled from the “Early Years” boxsets! Also, after some, genuine, fan dismay, I’d, also, argue that, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason,” could stand another more “discrete and balanced,” 5.1 remix and RM to be RE, as a stand-alone!

Since you asked :)

Todd Woerner

You and me both!

Mathew Lauren

I can think of some “stand-alone,” 5.1 PF-material that’s in MUCH greater demand, guys!

Jeremy W.

Back in 1990, I recorded the whole Knebworth show off of the radio. I don’t remember how I knew it was going to be on, I must have stumbled on it somehow. It was an amazing moment in time, and I always wished they would put out more of the bands that played there. I know there’s a 2-disc highlights out there, I should really hunt that down.

“The Great Gig In The Sky” on this show is transcendent.

John MC cann

They told you for weeks that it was gonna be on!,,that’s how you remembered,,,

Tim Abbott

The version of Great Gig In The Sky on this is unique. And by unique I mean bloody awful.

James W

It seems like a rip buying this, when I already bought three of the seven tracks on “The Later Years – Highlights” CD. Though, I did also get that for the “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” remixed tracks. I will get this anyway, for the four other songs and the booklet. But, I almost would have liked it better, had they remained exclusive to the big “The Later Years” set.

Mike W

Woohoo! Would’ve preferred a standalone release of the remixed Momentary Lapse first but not going to grumble too much…


I wholeheartedly agree.


It will be released soon enough, just like DSOT and now this Knebworth from that same box set.

Mike W

Yeah, I’m presuming that we won’t have to wait too long for it.

mark turrell

Excellent, the only two things i wanted in the Later years have come out seperately now. I guess i can finally sell my Westwood One CD of this Knebworth show i’ve had for 20+ years.