Pink Floyd / The Early Years 1965-1972: dream 27-disc box set coming in Nov


The box set to rule them all – Pink Floyd overdose!

The Early Years 1965 – 1972 is a brand new, mammoth 27-disc Pink Floyd box set that frees over 25 hours of audio and visual material from the band’s archive to deliver a deluxe package that features unreleased tracks, BBC Radio Sessions, remixes, outtakes and alternative versions, live and TV performances and original quad mixes..

Packaged in seven individual book-style volumes, the content includes over 20 unreleased songs, more than seven hours of previously unreleased live audio and over five hours of rare concert footage, along with five  7″ singles in replica sleeves, collectable memorabilia, feature films and new sound mixes.

Pink Floyd The Early Years – seven volumes

Previously unreleased tracks include 1967’s Vegetable Man and In The Beechwoods, which have been mixed for the first time, specially for this release.

The Early Years also includes over 40 items of archival memorabilia including: posters, flyers, tour programs, tickets, press advertisements, & much more.

This set includes orginal quad mixes of Atom Heart Mother and Echoes, a 2016 remix of Obscured By Clouds, a new 5.1 mix of Live in Pompeii, and the films More and La Vallée (Obscured By Clouds) – but that only scratches the surface! Check out the full track listing below and give your bank manager a call, because it ain’t cheap!

Five replica seven-inch singles

In total you get: 10 CDs, 8 Blu-ray Discs, 9 DVDs, 5 seven-inch vinyl singles, collectable memorabilia. A 2CD ‘best of’ titled Cre/ation contains 26 tracks and it’s worth noting that each of the seven volumes here will be made available separately in 2017 except the ‘BONUS CONTINU/ATION’ one.

Both will be released on 11 November 2016. Amazon Italy has the best price at the time of writing, but UK is not far behind.





CD 1:

1965 Recordings*:

  1. Lucy Leave*2.57
  2. Double O Bo* 2.57
  3. Remember Me* 2.46
  4. Walk With Me Sydney* 3.11
  5. Butterfly* 3.00
  6. I’m A King Bee* 3.13
  7. Arnold Layne 2.57
  8. See Emily Play 8.57
  9. Apples And Oranges             3.05
  10. Candy And A Currant Bun 2.45
  11. Paintbox 3.48
  12. Matilda Mother (2010 mix) 4.01
  13. Jugband Blues (2010 mix) 3.01
  14. In The Beechwoods (2010 mix) 4.43
  15. Vegetable Man (2010 mix) 2.32
  16. Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 mix) 4.43

Total: 50 mins, 32 secs approx.

Tracks 1-11 mono.
Tracks 12-16 stereo

*including Rado Klose on guitar and Juliette Gale on vocals on ‘Walk With Me Sydney’

CD 2:

Live in Stockholm 1967:

    1. Introduction0.25
    2. Reaction in G 7.18
    3. Matilda Mother 5.34
    4. Pow R. Toc H. 11.56
    5. Scream Thy Last Scream 4.00
    6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 7.17
    7. See Emily Play 3.16
    8. Interstellar Overdrive 8.57

Please note: the above tracks feature vocals recorded at a less than optimum level

John Latham (studio recordings 1967)

      1. John Latham Version 1 4.32
      2. John Latham Version 2 5.06
      3. John Latham Version 3 3.45
      4. John Latham Version 4 2.59
      5. John Latham Version 5 2.48
      6. John Latham Version 6 3.17
      7. John Latham Version 7 2.36
      8. John Latham Version 8 2.49
      9. John Latham Version 9 2.38

Total: 79 mins, 13 secs approx.

Tracks 1-8 recorded live Sept 10, 1967 at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden

Tracks 9-17 recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London, 20 October 1967

All tracks stereo


  1. Chapter 24: Syd Barrett in the Gog Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire, UK 1966 / Pink Floyd at EMI Studios, London, April 1967 3.40
  2. Nick’s Boogie: recording Interstellar Overdrive and Nick’s Boogie at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea, January 11, 1967 /            6.36

Live at UFO, The Blarney Club, London, January 13, 1967

  1. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Scene – Underground’ UFO at The Blarney Club, London, January 27, 1967 4.15
  2. Arnold Layne: promo video. Wittering Beach, UK, early 1967 2.54
  3. Pow R. Toc H. / Astronomy Domine: plus Syd Barrett and Roger Waters interview: BBC ‘The Look Of The Week’ – BBC Studios, 9.22 London, May 14, 1967
  1. The Scarecrow: ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967 2.05
  2. Jugband Blues: ‘London Line’ promo video, 1967, London 2.58
  3. Apples And Oranges: plus Dick Clark interview: ‘American Bandstand’, Los Angeles, USA, November 7, 1967 4.51
  4. Instrumental Improvisation: BBC ‘Tomorrow’s World’, London, December 12, 1967 2.11
  5. Instrumental Improvisation: ‘Die Jungen Nachtwandler’, UFO, The Blarney Club, London, February 24, 1967 4.32
  6. See Emily Play: BBC ‘Top Of The Pops’ – partially restored BBC Studios, London, July 6, 1967 2.55
  7. The Scarecrow (outtakes): ‘Pathé Pictorial’, UK, July 1967 2.07
  8. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Science Fiction – Das Universum Des Ichs’, The Roundhouse, London, 1967 9.33

Total: 57 mins, 59 secs approx.



  1. Point Me At The Sky 3.40
  2. It Would Be So Nice 3.46
  3. Julia Dream 2.34
  4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene (single version) 5.46
  5. Song 1, Capital Studios, Los Angeles, 22 August 1968                         3.19
  6. Roger’s Boogie, Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, 22 August 1968 4.35

BBC Radio Session, 25 June 1968:

  1. Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe, Eugene)                                   3.38
  2. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (A Saucerful Of Secrets) 7.18
  3. Let There Be More Light 4.32
  4. Julia Dream 2.50

BBC Radio Session, 20 December 1968:

  1. Point Me At The Sky 4.25
  2. Embryo 3.13
  3. Interstellar Overdrive 9.37

Total: 59 mins, 14 secs approx.


‘Tienerklanken’, Brussels, Belgium, 18-19 February 1968:                                                      22.28

  1. Astronomy Domine
  2. The Scarecrow
  3. Corporal Clegg
  4. Paintbox
  5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  6. See Emily Play
  7. Bike
  8. Apples And Oranges: ‘Vibrato’, Brussels, Belgium, February 1968 3.03

‘Bouton Rouge’, Paris, France, 20 February 1968:                                                                 13.35

  1. Astronomy Domine
  2. Flaming
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  4. Let There Be More Light
  1. Paintbox: ‘Discorama’, Paris, France, 21 February 1968 3.40
  2. Instrumental Improvisation: ‘The Sound Of Change’, London, UK, March 1968 2.15
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun: ‘All My Loving’, London, UK, 28 March 1968 2.40
  4. It Would Be So Nice (excerpt): ‘Release-Rome Goes Pop’, Rome, Italy, April 1968 1.21
  5. Interstellar Overdrive: ‘Pop 68’, Rome, Italy, 6 May 1968 6.59

‘Tienerklanken – Kastival’, Kasterlee, Belgiu, 31 August 1968:

  1. Astronomy Domine 3.48
  2. + Roger Waters interview

‘Samedi et Compagnie’, Paris, France, 6 September 1968:                                                    5.31

  1. Let There Be More Light
  2. Remember A Day
  3. Let There Be More Light: ‘A L’Affiche du Monde’, London, UK, 1968 1.53

‘Tous En Scene’, Paris, France, 21 October 1968:                                                                 6.39

  1.  Let There Be More Light
  2. Flaming
  1. Let There Be More Light: ‘Surprise Partie’, Paris, France, 1 November 1968 6.35
  2. Point Me At The Sky: Restored promo video, UK, 1968 3.19

Total: 84 mins, 18 secs approx..


CD 1:

‘More’ album non-album tracks

  1. Hollywood (non-album track)                            1.21
  2. Theme (Beat version) (Alternative version) 5.38
  3. More Blues (Alternative version) 3.49
  4. Seabirds (non-album track) 4.20
  5. Embryo (from ‘Picnic’, Harvest Records sampler) 4.43

BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969:

  1. Grantchester Meadows 3.36
  2. Cymbaline 3.38
  3. The Narrow Way 4.48
  4. Green Is The Colour 3.21
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 3.26

Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 9 August 1969:

  1. Interstellar Overdrive 4.20
  2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

CD 2:

Part 1: ‘The Man’, Amsterdam, 17 September 1969

  1. Daybreak (Grantchester Meadows) 8.14
  2. Work 4.12
  3. Afternoon (Biding My Time) 6.39
  4. Doing It 3.54
  5. Sleeping 4.38
  6. Nightmare (Cymbaline) 9.15
  7. Labyrinth 1.10

Part 2: ‘The Journey’, Amsterdam, 17 September 1969

  1. The Beginning (Green Is The Colour) 3.25
  2. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (Careful With That Axe, Eugene) 6.27
  3. The Narrow Way, Part 3 5.11
  4. The Pink Jungle (Pow R. Toc H.) 4.56
  5. The Labyrinths Of Auximines 3.20
  6. Footsteps / Doors 3.12
  7. Behold The Temple Of Light 5.32


‘Forum Musiques’, Paris, France, 22 January 1969:                                                   19.25

  1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

David Gilmour interview

  1. A Saucerful Of Secrets
  1. ‘The Man’ and ‘The Journey’: Royal Festival Hall, London, rehearsal, April 14, 1969: 14.05

   Afternoon (Biding My Time)

   The Beginning (Green Is The Colour)


   Beset By Creatures Of The Deep

   The End Of The Beginning (A Saucerful Of Secrets)

Essencer Pop & Blues Festival, Essen, Germany, October 11 1969:                             19.14

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Music Power & European Music Revolution, Festival Actuel,                                        27.53

Amougies Mont de l’Enclus, Belgium, 25 October 1969:

6, Green Is The Colour

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  3. Interstellar Overdrive with Frank Zappa 11.26

Total: 71 mins, 14 secs approx.


CD 1:

  1. Atom Heart Mother live in Montreux, 21 Nov 1970 17.58

BBC Radio Session, 16 July 1970:

  1. Embryo 11.10
  2. Fat Old Sun 5.52
  3. Green Is The Colour 3.27
  4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 8.25
  5. If 5.47
  6. Atom Heart Mother with choir, cello & brass ensemble 25.30

CD 2:

Unreleased tracks from the ‘Zabriskie Point’ soundtrack recordings:

  1. On The Highway 1.16
  2. Auto Scene Version 2 1.13
  3. Auto Scene Version 3 1.31
  4. Aeroplane 2.18
  5. Explosion 5.47
  6. The Riot Scene 1.40
  7. Looking At Map 1.57
  8. Love Scene Version 7 5.03
  9. Love Scene Version 1 3.26
  10. Take Off 1.20
  11. Take Off Version 2 1.12
  12. Love Scene Version 2 1.56
  13. Love Scene (Take 1) 2.16
  14. Unknown Song (Take 1) 5.56
  15. Love Scene (Take 2) 6.40
  16. Crumbling Land (Take 1) 4.09
  17. Atom Heart Mother Early studio version, band only           19.15

Total: 67 mins, 9 secs approx.

DVD 1:

An Hour with Pink Floyd:

KQED, San Francisco, USA, 30 April 1970:

  1. Atom Heart Mother 17.37
  2. Cymbaline 8.38
  3. Grantchester Meadows 7.37
  4. Green Is The Colour 3.31
  5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 9.09
  6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 12.37

Total: 59 mins, 9 secs approx.

Audio only:

Atom Heart Mother album original 4.0 Quad mix 1970:

  1. Atom Heart Mother 23.42
  2. If 4.31
  3. Summer ’68 5.29
  4. Fat Old Sun 5.24
  5. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast 13.01

Total: 52 mins, 7 secs approx.

DVD 2:

‘Pop Deux – Festival de St. Tropez’, France, 8 August 1970:

Part 1:

  1. Cymbaline (sound check) 3.54
  2. Atom Heart Mother 13.46
  3. Embryo 11.23

Part 2:

  1. Green Is The Colour/
  2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 12.21
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 12.07

Roland Petit Ballet, Paris, France, 5 December 1970:

  1. Instrumental Improvisations 1,2,3 live in the studio 3.28
  2. Embryo 2.39

Blackhill’s Garden Party, Hyde Park, London, UK, 18 July 1970:

9. Atom Heart Mother with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble/John Alldis Choir



  1. Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress) 7.01

BBC Radio Session, 30 September 1971:

  1. Fat Old Sun 15.33
  2. One Of These Days 7.19
  3. Embryo 10.43
  4. Echoes 26.25

Total: 67 mins 1 sec approx.


‘Aspekte’ feature                                                 9.51

  1. Interview + Atom Heart Mother (extracts)

Hamburg, Germany, 25 February 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

  1. A Saucerful Of Secrets (extract)

Offenbach, Germany, 26 February 1971

‘Cinq Grands Sur La Deux’                                                17.55

Abbaye de Royaumont, Asnierès-sur-Oise, France, 15 June 1971

  1. Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun
  2. Cymbaline
  3. Atom Heart Mother (extract) 3.12

‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

‘Get To Know’                                                     6.23

Randwick Race Course, Sydney, Australia, 15 August 1971

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Band interview

’24 hours – Bootleg Records’, London, UK, 1971

  1. Documentary including Pink Floyd  and manager Steve O’Rourke 2.27

‘Review’, London, UK, 1971                                  3.37

  1. Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell interviewed re: record cover design
  1. One of These Days (‘French Windows’) 4.17

Ian Emes animation created July 1972, Birmingham, UK

  1. Atom Heart Mother (extract, in colour): 5.10

‘Musikforum Ossiachersee’, Ossiach, Austria, 1 July 1971
Brass & Choir conducted by Jeffrey Mitchell

  1. Atom Heart Mother: ’71 Hakone Aphrodite 15.11

Open Air Festival, Hakone, Japan, 6-7 August 1971

Total: 68 mins 3 secs approx..

Audio-only material:

  1. Echoes original 4.0 Quad mix 1971 23.35



Obscured By Clouds 2016 Remix  

  1. Obscured By Clouds 3.03
  2. When You’re In 2.31
  3. Burning Bridges3.30
  4. The Gold It’s In The…3.07
  5. Wot’s…Uh The Deal5.09
  6. Mudmen 4.18
  7. Childhood’s End 4.33
  8. Free Four4.16
  9. Stay


Recording Obscured by Clouds, Château d’Hérouville,

France, 23-29 February 1972

  1. Wot’s…Uh The Deal: with recording session photos 5.04
  2. Pop Deux: Documentary recording Obscured By Clouds 7.14

+ David Gilmour and Roger Waters interview

Brighton Dome, UK, 29 June 1972                                           16.44

  1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 

Roland Petit Pink Floyd Ballet, France, news reports 1972-73

  1. Actualités Méditerranée, Marseille, 22 November 1972 3.29
  2. JT Nuit – Les Pink Floyd, Marseille, 26 November 1972 3.04
  3. JT 20h – Pink Floyd, Paris, 12 January 1973 3.01
  4. Journal de Paris – Les Pink Floyd, Paris, 12 January 1973 5.03
  1. Poitiers – Autour Du Passage Des Pink Floyd 4.27

Concert set up news report – France, 29 November 1972

Live At Pompeii (with 2016 5.1 Audio Remix)

  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 6.40
  2. A Saucerful Of Secrets 10.09
  3. One Of These Days 5.58
  4. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 10.24
  5. Echoes 26.10

Total: 107 mins 27 secs approx..



BBC Radio Session, 25 September 1967:

  1. Flaming 2.42
  2. The Scarecrow 1.59
  3. The Gnome 2.08
  4. Matilda Mother 3.20
  5. Reaction in G 0.34
  6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 3.19

BBC Radio Session, 20 December 1967:

  1. Scream Thy Last Scream 3.35

BBC Radio Session, 2 December 1968:

  1. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major 3.58
  2. Blues 4.59
  3. US Radio ad 0.22
  4. Music from The Committee No. 1 1.06
  5. Music from The Committee No. 2 3.25
  6. Moonhead 7.16 live on 1969 BBC TV moon landings broadcast
  7. Echoes 24.10  live at Wembley 1974

Total: 72 mins 35 secs approx.

DVD/Blu-ray 1:

  1. Arnold Layne (Alternative version) 2.56

Hampstead Heath and St. Michael’s Church, Highgate, London, UK, March 1967

  1. ‘P1 – P wie Petersilie’ 16.52

Stuggart, Germany, 22 July 1969
     Corporal Clegg
     Band interview
A Saucerful of Secrets

  1. Atom Heart Mother 3.46

‘Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music’, Shepton Mallet, UK, 27 June 1970

  1. ‘Kralingen Music Festival’ 10.16

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 28 June 1970

Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
    A Saucerful Of Secrets

  1. ‘The Amsterdam Rock Circus’ 35.41

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 May 1972

Atom Heart Mother
     Careful With That Axe, Eugene
     A Saucerful Of Secrets 

The Committee – (Feature Film)                             55.18

Score by Pink Floyd

Total: 124 mins 49 secs approx.

DVD/Blu-ray 2:

‘More’ feature film                                              1.56.00

‘La Vallée’ (Obscured By Clouds) feature film                     1.45.00

Total: 3 hours 41 mins approx.



— Arnold Layne C/W Candy And A Currant Bun

— See Emily Play C/W The Scarecrow

— Apples And Oranges C/W Paintbox

— It Would Be So Nice C/W Julia Dream

— Point Me At The Sky C/W Careful With That Axe, Eugene



2CD track listing

CD 1:

  • Arnold Layne (Single)                                                                                                2.56
  • See Emily Play           (Single)                                                                                   2.55
  • Matilda Mother (2010 remix)                                                                         3.58
  • Jugband Blues (2010 remix)                                                                         3.01
  • Paintbox (Single B Side)                                                                                3.49
  • Flaming (BBC Session, 25 Sept 1967)                                                          2.36
  • In The Beechwoods (2010 mix)                                                                    4.42
  • Point Me At The Sky (Single)                                                                                3.40
  • Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Single B Side version)                              5.46
  • Embryo (Harvest Records sampler ‘Picnic’)                                                  4.35
  • Ummagumma Radio Ad (Capitol US)                                                         0.22
  • Grantchester Meadows (BBC Session, 12 May 1969)                                3.55
  • Cymbaline (BBC Session, 12 May 1969)                                                      3.43
  • Interstellar Overdrive (Live, Paradiso, Amsterdam, Aug 1969)                 4.19
  • Green Is The Colour(BBC Session, 12 May 1969)                                      3.21
  • Careful With That Axe, Eugene(BBC Session, 12 May 1969)                  3.26

Total: 57 mins 27 secs approx..

CD 2:

  • On The Highway (Zabriskie Point remix)                                                     1.17
  • Auto Scene Version 2 (Zabriskie Point remix)                                             1.13
  • The Riot Scene (Zabriskie Point Remix, Us & Them – piano/bass only)     1.40
  • Looking At Map(Zabriskie Point remix)                                                      1.56
  • Take Off (Zabriskie Point remix)                                                                  1.19
  • Embryo (alternative version)(BBC Session, 16 July 1970)               10.45
  • Atom Heart Mother (Live Montreux, 21 Nov 1970) (Band only)         18.33
  • Nothing Part 14 (Echoes work in progress)                                               7.06
  • Childhood’s End (2016 remix)                                                                     4.33
  • Free Four (2016 remix)                                                                                  4.16
  • Stay (2016 remix)                                                                                          4.06

Total: 58 mins 44 secs approx..

Unreleased track/version

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[…] also flies in the face of the current trend for big physical sets, such as the 27-disc Pink Floyd Early Years box, or the 36CD Bob Dylan The 1966 Live Recordings […]

Steven Morgan

Now £295 on Amazon. 25% drop !


if anybody is interested: the big box is on sale at Amazon.de for 399,20 Euros. Just ordered.

Philly G

If I am paying that much – I am expecting some fucking marbles.


Can I have a card sleeve for the “Live in Pompeii” CD now that I’ve swapped the discs over?


Oh my! The ‘John Latham’ sessions give Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music a complete new meaning! Floyd and Barrett were so ahead of their time. It’s scary. Now I know where bands like Tangerine Dream and NEU got their experimental electronic landscapes from. And on a side note. I tested all my blu ray discs. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered any trouble with playing them. I hope everybody who had those issues is getting the discs replaced. Cheers!

Dean T

Just to let people know that there is now a replacement disk program for the faulty blu rays ,if you go the official pink Floyd site you can get info on who to contact. Does not mention the lack of subtitles…I get the felling that won’t be sorted out ,but at least the blu rays that won’t play will….hope this helps .I did not buy mine from Amazon but a well known on line retailer who after the first email went totally silent on the matter..got the felling he was hiding from the issue .He will never see anther penny from me .

Johnny Feathers

Just got an update that mine finally shipped. Happy if everything works out–the amount I saved from not using the US site is worth an extra week and a half wait.

Bob Maddock

Michael, Meddle in surroundsound is indeed hidden on the 1971 Blu-ray disc. It is not accessible through a Blu-ray player because there is no menu items that leads to it. You can use software such as make MKV to rip the content of the disk. I played it back this morning it’s wonderful.


I might be the only one here choosing the Cre/ation 2-CD summary, instead of the super deluxe box. Looks like a good selection of tracks from the box set, but I can’t help wishing for a 2-disc compilation from the original studio albums 1967-1972 plus choice nuggets from this box set. Would love to see the studio versions of Astronomy Domine, Lucifer Sam, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Remember a Day, One of These Days, and Fearless (plus the Ummagumma version of Careful With That Axe, Eugene) mixed in with the BBC version of Cymbaline, remixes of Childhood’s End and Free Four, and early singles like Arnold Layne and See Emily Play. I find most early Floyd albums too inconsistent to listen to all the way through (Meddle is the exception), so it would be nice to have one true “best-of” on CD for the early years. Guess I’ll have to stick with digital playlists and burn my own CDs.


What’s the deal with the 5.1 Meddle? I’ve heard that it is mistakenly “hidden” in one of the discs. Does anybody have more information? Thanks.

Bob Maddock

Michael, see my comment below.


read “book 5 bluray is on par..”.
Last point, I have had no issue with playing any disc (I have tested all the discs, but I have only played all the blurays in their entirety and, the vynil as well as CDs from boxes 1 to 5). The box in itself has no defaults and the books that hold the music and the video are in perfect condition.


Interestingly enough, the Pompei CD that was “mistakenly included” has a reference number of “PFREY6CD2” (you may read that on the inner ring, on the “playable side”, where the technical information are written). While Obscured By cloud remix has a reference number of “PFREY6CD1”.. Any other disc(s) missing, or “NOT included by mistake”?? Any other CD/Blu-Ray content produced and unreleased?
I was very happy with my box set at first. The first four “books” or “eras” are packed with incredible stuff, and the sound is really good (sometimes even amazing). But from book 5 on it gets more and more disapointing. Not so much content, and -apart from book 5 bluray which id on par with what’s available on books 1 to 4 – not much interesting stuff.
The packaging is good, real good, the vinyls sound great, and books 1 to 4 are well worth the purchase. As for the rest..

Dave H

Reading all the posts above, it seems I was quite lucky that my box arrived without any issues from Amazon Italy. I ordered at the end of July so they may fulfil orders in chronological order.

As for the SDE of Tug of War you ordered Paul. Unless it was the acrylic slipcase that was damaged, they could have quite easily slipped it on another copy for you.

Johnny Feathers

I’m still waiting for mine to ship from Amazon.co.uk. It’s been listed as “Preparing to dispatch” now since the box was released, but it hasn’t changed in days. I was happy to accept I’d get it maybe a week late, but it seems like it should have shipped by now, and I don’t see anyone I can contact about it. I’m p*ssed, because if this doesn’t work, I’ll be stuck paying the much more expensive US price. I’d put it on my Christmas list, but don’t expect anyone to shell out this kind of money for it but me.


Got my box today from Amazon Italy. I paid for upgraded shipping and it arrived via courier.

Also got the loose ‘Obscured by Clouds’ 2016 replacement disc as the disc labeled as such in the book is indeed the ‘Pompeii’ soundtrack.

I can also confirm that both the DVD’s and Blu-rays of ‘More’ and ‘La Vallee’ contain no subtitles. Fortunately, I have the original DVD’s of both which have the subtitles. Also interesting to note that the chapter stops are in different places.

Beautiful packaging, I hope they plan to release a 1973-83 set one of these days.


Yeah, but they made no effort to correct the situation. If they wanted to make the sale, they would have asked instead of summarily canceling.


I had the same problem with the Steve Hackett boxset I ordered from Amazon.it. They told me it could not be delivered to a PO box, so it was returned (got a refund). While shipments from Amazon.co.uk were delivered to the same PO address.

Btw: got my PF box today, including the OBC replacement disc.


I too was unlucky with Amazon.It – just found out my order was cancelled. Judging by the translator program, they objected to a POBox address. Or was that just an excuse?


So much for ordering internationally. On this site’s advice, I ordered from Amazon IT. Today I was just informed that they cancelled my order with no explanation. I’m furious because I have no box (I pre-ordered this the day it was announced) and prices are significantly higher from everyone now.

Screw Amazon IT.

Darren Schiller

My order from Amazon Italy was also cancelled today with no explanation. Now I’ll have to mortgage my house to buy again as the price has increased significantly.
Not happy

steve gilmour

I’m enjoying the box and the 5.1 mix of meddle is sonically amazing…..just need to sort the missing subtitles issue on the final blu ray…any ideas on how to replace that Paul??

Dave H

Hi Michael,
I ordered my box set from Amazon Italy and I also got the same loose disc.

As with all Amazon orders, money wasn’t deducted from my bank account until the item was posted even though I pre-ordered weeks ago. I wondered if I would make any savings compared to the UK price of £375. In the end I saved a whopping £10!


My box arrived yesterday. It came with a lose CD on top of it. It’s a replacement for the Obfusc/ation Vol. 6, containing the Pompeii 2016 mix. Says “CD supplied in error”. Anybody else got this lose disc? I guess they’re starting to rectify the mistakes.


Can anybody confirm that the BBC 1971 Paris Theatre concert is in mono? I hope it’s just my ears turning off there for a while…but if it’s true I’m weeping. The stereo “Echoes” from this gig in my opinion is better than the studio version.

Odd then that the “Blues” on the Continu/ation disk, which is from the same concert but mislabeled as 1968, is definitely in stereo.

Oh, and over at Yeeshkul there’s a note that the complete 5.1 mix of “Meddle” is actually hidden away on the BluRay, presumably due to a production error. You can only access it via your computer. Sometimes good things do happen by mistake!


Thanks guys! Enjoy your boxes!

Dean T

Just this evening checked through my blu rays …and sad to say my disce for obfusc/ation(set 6)will not play,it will load a title page but there is no option or play list.the DVD plays fine so that will do until the blu Ray is replaced which I guess will have to happen because it is not fit for purpose .I now wish I had bought from Amazon because there returns are so easy and faltless in my experience.As for the quality of the books …yes they could be better so be careful when you fist open then .once you know what there like you will know how to handle then .Have no fear there not some terrible thing,I have not had any trouble with pages falling out.
As for the films …no subtitles but both are presented in English it would seem but More has some parts in French and I think German so subtitles would help .The films can be bought on blu Ray and both heve subtitles so something is wrong here.
On a plus note the audio and visual quality is fantastic ,the blu rays are just fantastic and I’ve only seen the fist three so far…
I hope you enjoy your set and have no issues ..

Alan Smithee

Sorry that set 6 BD is defective for you – what a bummer. I just checked mine and was relieved that it works. My set came from Amazon.it, FWIW.


Reading a lot of reviews on amazon about the Bonus Continu/ation blu ray disc not playing. Seems to be a big issue for several buyers. Also, the abscence of subtitles. That is upsetting. Mine will arrive on Monday. Anybody having the blu ray issue here? Thanks.

Gerry Menzies

Hi Michael,

I have no problem with the blu ray’s playing on our Panasonic 3D Blu ray player we bought about 4 years ago. I do check every so often for updates to the software, but never had any issue with any Blu Ray, or DVD. You should find an extra disc on top of the box, it is the Obscured by Clouds, the one in the actual packaging is the lovely Pompeii audio. Also I have been reliable informed there is a 5.1 mix of Meddle on the 1971 Blu Ray, although I can’t access it as no blu ray player on my PC, and so far not found any info on being able to access any other way.


Edit, mine did work then tried them again today and 2 are faulty, weird played fine now don’t :-( I have read the replacement post so ordered them, no firm way update so no idea whats gone wrong, hopefully replacements will be okay.

Ian Harris

To Alvy – yes I had that in the 1970 set, the pages weren’t stapled and all they all fell out when I opened it up.
Looks like quality control slipped up a little but it’s hardly a disaster compared to the Dead or Alive box.

Dean T

Hi Paul.
Good to here you have your own copy,hope you do a unboxing and your thoughts video,
Also it would be great if you could help keep us informed on how to iron out some of the problems that are popping up like the two films don’t have subtitles ,some are finding there bonus blu rays wont play and I think some are missing the bonus(repayment)pompei disk.
Do you think there will be a disk exchange program for the films,something I’m quite annoyed about .
Watched the first blu Ray last night ….realy impressed .


Reports are coming in that there are no subtitles on More and La Valée. My box set is en route – it’ll probably arrive Monday – so I can’t check myself. Also, did anyone else have problems with booklets coming apart at the seams? It would appear some people had issues with that too.

Gerry Menzies

Hi Alvy,

Correct no subtitles on More and La Valee. I have had no issue with the booklets, just be careful when opening them. I can also say I have had no issues with any of the blu rays, they all play fine on my Panasonic.

Ian Harris

Did anyone else get a mis-pressing with the live at Pompeii soundtrack on CD instead of the Obscured By Clouds remix? I had an extra disc shoved in mine with a note to this effect. Is that on all copies?


Hi Paul

I got one too. As it’s a Christmas present for me, I’m not allowed to open anything else!
But I might have to check it out now!!

I got mine in Tower Records here in Dublin and as I was the first customer for the box I got a Pink Floyd die cast van and a tote bag!!!

The van is cool. Well worth the money just for my van! Vantastic even……


Anyone know how many copies were produced?

John Hirst

It arrived this morning and I am very happy with it so far – just dipped into one of the blu-ray discs and already seen something I’ve not seen before.

Is it worth all that money? Held up against the Uber Box of Achtung Baby or even the much cheaper Frankie Goes To Hollywood box perhaps not, but those are the premium examples of box sets for me – this one goes for content over nick-nacks and that’s fine by me.

I’m also not going to get upset that there may be scraps that aren’t on this.

My ONE gripe is that I would have liked a booklet with all the content listed rather than a separate one in each set, but I suppose they have made the sets to be reproduceable separately.

Dean T

The box landed last yesterday but I won’t give anthing away just yet as you will see for
Yourselfs sometime soon I hope ..but I hav played and am playing right now the Pompeii bonus disk….just amazing …will start from the beginning a bit later on.


To be fair, a spokesman for the group said that “Seabirds” is what was labeled on the tape, and that the track you’re thinking of (a song featured briefly in the movie) doesn’t exist in the archives. It’s possible (I may be completely wrong here) that the song was mislabeled “Seabirds” by those nasty bootleggers, and you’re complaining over something that was not a fault of the band.

That aside, the box still has too many issues for me to fulfil my pre-order. I’ll wait and buy the individual modules, without all the bulking agents, when perhaps some of the issues will have been resolved. I’ve heard the 2CD best of and I’m not that impressed. The mono remasters sound shrill and unpleasant, much like the early Beatles remasters did. If you like that screechy sound, you’ll have no problem here. “In The Beechwoods” is a real disappointment, just a backing track without even a melody line to indicate what it might have been meant to sound like. Again, and I know this is not relevant to some buyers, some tracks are inferior to versions that are already floating around out there. For this price, really, no.

The standout of the 2CD set is “Nothing Part 14”, which is truly beautiful, but a bittersweet inclusion. It’s been noted that all the existing “Nothing” tracks were intended for release, but somehow all the others were omitted in the rush to prepare “The Endless River”. There could be another 23 tracks, easily filling two CDs, of things as good as “14”. And you never know, though Nick Mason has commented that this is it now — expect no more from PF — I would be surprised if the band didn’t cave in and release all the Nothings, plus the full “Meddle” 5.1.


Which tracks are inferior to what’s available on bootlegs? (apart the 1967 BBC Radio material, which is a bad error)

Dean T

Hi Michael
Yes it does and soon you will have fourteen versions of it!….
Did you see the official availing on You Tube. It was a live feed from London but you can still see it know…if you have any doubts about what went into making this set then this should put your mind to rest….my god all that repro stuff looks amazing…might have to frame some of it.
Two more sleeps to go..


Yes! I saw some of it on youtobe. But, I didn’t want to spoil my excitement. I will watch it after going through the box. And lets not forget…Animals on vinyl on the 18th. My wallet!! Cheers.

Dean T

Well mines just dispatched and I’m super happy,won’t let one track spoil a great and long awaited weekend.please don’t forget you might not be getting that one track but it’s been announced that they will include full live in Pompei cd,first time ever on audio cd,it finally made up my mind to go for it …wanted that release for years …so you lost one thing but gained somthing far better maybe,and soooo much other good stuff…roll on the weekend…


Have fun with it Dean! Mine will be arriving next week, since I’m in Germany. But amazon.uk was cheaper. Atom Heart Mother RULES!!!


Hello Paul. Can you forward this “Seabirds issue” to someone on the forefront? Do you know if this is being rectified? Thank you!


I hope we see them release Seabirds, if and when they discover this error, assuming they do have the proper recording of Seabirds in their posession. Please fix this Pf! Really Want to have Seabirds.


When will Seabirds be released? I found out it isn’t available though they list it in the box. What is the deal with that? This is some bs. How do they expect to sell a product based on misleading to believe a track is there when it’s not? I can’t wait to hear what the people behind this have to say about their screw up. i’d just as soon refund this because i was anticipating a song that isn’t there now. Please clear up this issue and give us the seabirds track.


Just cancelled my order as well because the track Seabirds wasn’t included in the box as was advertised in the liner notes/ promotional materials. This is a disgrace to mislead us with this scam and to charge such an outrageous price when you can’t even get the tracklist correct. You have lost my money unless this is rectified in the future with the proper Seabirds track released.
I can’t help but wonder what other songs were left off this set inexplicably! I was looking forward to seabirds exclusively just to discover this. Not Cool at all. Please do the right thing and retract this false listing, and release Seabirds as it shouldn’t be kept from us after promoting its release in this set. Thanks, Denny




@Deam T
Welcome my son, soon you will feel the force awakening…

On topic:
I hope the shipment to The Netherlands will be smooth and quickly.

Dean T

Just reordered ….I feel such shame right now…feel like I’ve joined the dark side….


Such a sucker! For the past 3 weeks I was telling myself, no way. And now I just ordered mine. Amazon uk over €100 cheaper than here in Germany. So weak, so weak…


Cancelled out of frustration. To list a track which is not there? I treat it as a con! Mr. RW, you express your views of what’s wrong in the world such as BDS, clean your own backyard first.


I cant believe seabirds isn’t included. What a bummer. I hope pink floyd will issue this track in its correct form as it was recorded for the movie more. The archivists need to make sure the titles match up with the music before they ship something this massive out to the fans. This is a major embarrassment! If the pf team has any loyalty to its fans they will release the track which is really Seabirds! I’ve really had my hopes dashed on this one.

Peter Anderson

No price reduction so pre order cancelled. Just can’t justify that outlay. Also managed to cure the disease known as LZboxitis so BBC sde also resisted. Will be keeping an eye on the price of both though.

Sharon Lee Preston

Come to find out the track “Seabirds” i’ve heard from numerous sources, Isn’t even that. It’s an instrumental. Not even the same song that’s listed in the liner notes. What a Big Error on the part of the team who put this together to leave out such a major part of the Floyd holy grail. Why????

Sharon Lee Preston

It shouldn’t be advertised as including “Seabirds”, when it’s nowhere to be found on the discs as audio. What is wrong with the people who put these box sets together? They shouldn’t leave such a big mistake in the set, false advertising a track which isn’t included on the box is just wrong. I hope this is noticed by the team at Pf & Co and that action is taken to give correct this mistake, so we can add the actual Seabirds track to our collection.


Hey Sharon,
so, you’re saying that “Seabirds” which is listed as track 4 on the first CD of Vol. 3 is not “Seabirds”?

Sharon Lee Preston

Yes Indeed! It is an instrumental . Not the song listed on the liner notes as being included at all. The song Seabirds had vocals and was sung by Roger Waters. Not anywhere on this Box Set. It’s already been confirmed by numerous sources who have received an advance copy of the set & one who was sent an advance stream of the entire audio on the set.
This error needs to be fixed and we need the correct track for seabirds! Please fix this PF Team!!!! I spent money on the set just for this song among other tracks, only to find out it isn’t even included? This is a BIG SCREWUP!

Marco De Angelis

Hello Paul,

just one question: but…Genesis, in this world of superdeluxe boxsets, are sleeping?

Any news about?

Thanks for your patience



So, we’re almost there! I’m still debating whether to go for it or wait for the single 2017 releases. I know that the Continu/ation discs are exclusive to this box. What do you guys think? Is the price justified? I have all the official albums either on vinyl or CD, with some singles too. Other than that, I don’t have any of the stuff that is in the box, but the Pompeii recordings. Would it be worth getting the whole thing or wait for the individual releases? Happy week everyone!