Pink Floyd to reissue catalogue on vinyl

Pink Floyd will, from next month, begin the process of making their entire back catalogue available on vinyl for the first time in over two decades.

Pink Floyd Records will issue the first four albums, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, the soundtrack from the film More and the 2 LP set Ummagumma in June, with other release dates to be announced at regular intervals during 2016.

The first batch of releases, mastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman will be pressed on 180gram with ‘special care’ to replicate the original packaging.

In 2011/2 the band issued three ‘Immersion’ box sets of The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. All featured unreleased material and two of the three included hi-res surround sound versions of the albums (we’re still waiting for The Wall). A box set, Discovery, also collected standard editions of the entire catalogue.

The first four vinyl reissues will be released on 3 June 2016.

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Pink Floyd

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn [VINYL]


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Pink Floyd

A Saucerful Of Sectrets [VINYL]


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Pink Floyd

More [VINYL]


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Pink Floyd

Ummagumma [VINYL]


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Dean T

Hi all. Just received my copies from what records …..no flip backs on first three ! There just printed to look like thay have. So much for special care with the packaging.. Not a good start.

Daniel Wylie

There reissues have shot up in price already. The single albums are now £31.99 and Ummagumma is £38.99. These are Amazon UK prices. Almost doube in price for the single albums compared to the pre-order prices of £16.99.


(To paraphrase ken) Not sure why but I have always thought the Final Cut was one of best albums I’ve ever heard.

Anything before Meddle does nothing for me.


The Japanese editions of these PF vinyl reissues are more interesting than the EU/US editions.
They come with obi strip replicas (from the original Japanese LP releases)!
I ordered those on CD Japan.


I believe The Beatles mono LP’s specified an all analog chain.
Whereas this PF “remastered from the original analog master tapes” sticker claim doesn’t necessarily indicate that they didn’t go to digital from there.
Awaiting further info…


I’ll purchase copies of each reissue that is remastered from the original analog master tapes…Looking forward to seeing and hearing these..

Marshall Gooch

BTW, where does it say these will be from the analog masters?

Marshall Gooch

I would like to pickup Piper, Saucerful, Ummagumma, Obscured and then Animals but I think those are my top wants. Here in the US their original issues are insanely hard to find (except Dark Side and The Wall), but since I have recent quality vinyl of Dark Side and Wish You Were Here, I won’t pick those up now. And The Wall – I don’t know about everywhere else in the world but here on the US West Coast we hear way too much Wall on the radio. I’ve got the Immersion box and that’ll do for me on that title.
Love those marbles!

don cooper

“Which ones Pink?”

“The one with the biggest Royalties…”


Does anyone know if Piper and/or Saucerful will be mono? I believe they should be.


I like this re-issue.
Most of their originals are pricey so at least we’ll get a more affordable

Philip Cohen

Andy Jackson (Pink Floyd’s compiler) stated that he was working on an “Early Years” archival box for release in “Late 2016”. The group isn’t ignoring their archives. The urgency in releasing the 2-E.P. vinyl set of “The First Recordings” was to avoid having the recordings become public domain material in the Uk & Europe. 2 of the 6 songs had been bootlegged (from an acetate in the 1990’s), and the group didn’t want to risk that someone might hold acetates of the remaining 4 songs.


Note the lack of the EMI logo in the top left of the “Piper” front cover. A small thing I know, but it reveals a hitherto hidden part of Roger Waters’s hairdo. Might be photoshopped, sure, but might suggest they’ve gone back to the original photograph for this cover. The reproduction here does look more red than I remember it (Rick looks both grumpy AND hungover), but that might just be the promo shot.

Philip Cohen

The original photo still exists, and photographer Vic Singh was selling prints of it a few years back. Singh holds the original negative.

The Squire

Having A Saucerful of Secrets in Mono would be nice but I doubt this will happen. Pink Floyd have never been a fan friendly band really.

Daniel Wylie

Ummagumma was on Harvest. If the reissues aren’t on the proper labels, then that is a big mistake.

Philip Cohen

They (Pink Floyd Records) would need permission from Universal Music, present-day owner of the “Harvest” logo. In the break-up of EMI, Universal got ownership of the “Harvest” logo, and used it to launch an all-new label featuring mostly American artists. The 1969-2012 Harvest recordings(excepting recordings owned by artists, managers and song publishers) went to Warner Music as part of “Parlophone Label Group”. Perhaps, some day after Universal’s new (bogus) “Harvest” label (inevitably) crashes and burns, they’ll sell the logo to Warner Music.
The 1969-2012 recordings are Harvest’s identity.

[…] was not too much of a surprise that Pink Floyd would eventually get around to reissuing their back catalogue on vinyl… Whilst things haven’t exactly been quiet on the Floyd front (2014 brought a Division […]

Steven cook

“their entire back catalogue available on vinyl’ does this really mean I can finally afford a copy of Pulse ?


Sorry, according to pink floyd website, just the studio albums… Not Pulse or Relics, etc..


Surely the price of ‘More’ is wrong on UK site

andrew R

To, date the best box set by far is the beatles mono vinyl. If the Floyd really care about their fans
that would the the way to go.Lovely packaging faithfull reproduction of sleeves and inners and a
quality book i would shell out for that .”Is there anybody out there?”

andrew R



I was collecting second-hand copies, which can be a little painful. I think I might do this instead. Going to play PIPER now, right now!


It’s about time for vinyl versions of these. The Emersion sets were so full of crap for the price, who cares about marbles. Looking forward to Meddle and Animals on vinyl the most. Mother Atom Heart to a lesser degree.
Not sure why but I have always thought the Final Cut was one of worst albums I’ve ever heard.


Not understanding the appeal of album box set vs buying them separately. Convenience & a bit of cost savings…seriously, what else? We’d surely be waiting longer for box sets.


“Special care” means the big flaps and original back cover to Piper, right?
Judy photos on the inside of Ummagumma…
That sure doesn’t look like the Harvest label on the Ummagumma disks — anybody know if it’s original?

Philip Cohen

If you’re referring to the photo of Roger Waters with with Jude(Roger Waters’ girlfriend circa 1969), It’s up to Waters whether he permits that photo to appear.


Careful with those master tapes, Eugene


Does anyone really think that by PF individual’s wealth benchmark the reissues qualify as money grabs? More like a adding a tuppence to a jar of £50 notes. Doubt they even care about it.


Whoops, that should read 1965 material and a set of ’65-’66 rarities…

Simon F

That’s what I’m interested in; rarities. The Why Pink Floyd (why bother more like) project was really disappointing; merely allowing us to peer through a crack in the door to their vaults of rare and unreleased material instead of throwing the damn doors wide open. One can only hope that now PF (or their earthly representatives) own the material they will finally start to dig deep in the vaults but I’m not holding my breath. I’m certainly not going to buy these bloody albums again on any format!!!


This may not just be a cash grab. I heard somewhere that the contract with EMI or Parlophone or whatever the label is now is up so they established Pink Floyd Records. PFR have already reissued the 2011 remasters on CD in less gaudy packaging (no more “experience”/”discovery” blobs). This looks like a way to get CD and vinyl under one roof post-contract.

Related news: There was word that the 1966 material that was pressed on a double 7″ near Black Friday as a copyright extension set may be included on a set of ’66-’67 rarities by PFR.

Julian H

The new (reissued) CDs look wonderful! I wanted to buy WYWH just for the packaging alone… which is silly of course, but you know, that was a surprise to see in the racks.


I’ll be pissed if they put out a boxset after I’ve gone and purchased them all individually!


My favourite band but I already own all the original pressings which are all very good already. I also own the cd collection :Oh by the way” to listen in the car and they are the original recordings so I think this is just a money grab. Although….if there is a boxset, tempting.


oh, by the way…when the Blu-rays? (without the need to buy vinyls)


No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. Certainly no one is forcing me to buy my eleventh copy of Dark Side Of The Moon! ;-)


I guess to some it’s a cash grab, to me it’s a chance to finally own a nice new copy of Animals and Meddle. I wasn’t around to get them when they first came out and I live in a remote area that makes simply going out and finding a pristine used copy for a low price impossible. So I’m happy. The bitter types need to calm down sometimes and realize that they’re not being forced to buy anything. Geez.


No one is being forced to buy anything …. What is this sense you are talking ?


I have now each of the above on at least 10 different LPs not to mention CDs. Careful with your $ Ugine, Waters needs your cash to fund the BDS…


I wonder if there’ll be a box similar to the Queen and Beatles ones…? Can’t imagine there won’t be.


No box set, again?! Who the fuck is making these decisions?!

elliott buckingham

only really want animals and final cut

Johnny Vinyl

Seeing these are from the Original Analogue tapes is encouraging, but I’ll wait until I find out more about the whole chain of processing and production.


Another day – another Pink Floyd reissue…each time I see a reissue a look at The Final Cut and chuckle at the irony…haven’t those guys earned enough from their catalogue..what next the 200gram reissue…picture disc reissue…RSD reissue…Abbey Road half speed reissue..


you don’t HAVE to buy them! and isn’t it great for new fans to have these versions available to purchase? my children are discovering Pink Floyd and are slowly buying all the albums.

Jason Newton

I just know I will not be able to resist this. I already have umpteen copies of every album on CD – european pressings, Japanese first pressings from the 1980s, paper jacket editions. The vinyls look so nice.


Finally ! :)

Jeric Benitez

Pink Floyd Records? Do they now own their own recordings?

Philip Cohen

Pink Floyd always owned the recordings from 1975 onwards, and their last 5 year licensing deal to EMI enabled the earlier recordings to revert to the group this year.


but Roger Waters owns The Wall.


Is Piper mono?

Matthew North

Thanks Paul first with the real info. and I’m £34 lighter…