Pink Floyd vinyl reissues continue

More Pink Floyd vinyl reissues are due in the next few weeks, including The Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and Wish You Were Here.

Wish You Were Here should be out on 14 October, with The Dark Side Of The Moon following on 4 November. Animals is out on 18 Nov. These replicate original packaging and come with mp3 downloads (320kbps). The Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here both come with a new poster.

It’s not clear if you get a new poster with Animals but it is by far the cheapest of the reissues at this time, with a price tag of just £16 in the UK. Wish You Were Here is almost £25 by comparison.

The Final Cut will follow early next year.







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Mike Bushell

Having bought WYWH 4 times on CD and twice on vinyl, I won’t be rushing out to get this.

What should be said is that WYWH is that very rare bird indeed, a Godfather II album, i.e., like the film, somehow it manages to be even better than the one that came before it, where the predecessor is a masterpiece.

Truly glorious


My mind is boggling. MP3? Anyone still use that? I suppose I could replicate it by putting on the Vinyl and stuffing my head inside a PILLOW.

Eric W

I unloaded the last round of reissues because of the effort that appears to have been made to create as high a quality digital transfer as possible for vinyl. This is really important for Animals as there has not been an upgrade/re release for this in decades.

Richard Z

I am sorry but when it comes to these Pink Floyd vinyl releases I think I’ll wait till there is an official announcement on the Pink Floyd site. Right now it just says coming soon.

The pictures as shown on Amazon and above are for the 2011/2012 releases.
I am not sure ofcourse but I don’t think there will be mp3 download cards included.

dumitru ungureanu

@ Dave – „Vinyl + mp3?” Not, i think is mp3 transfer on vinyl…


Good observation about the 2011 cover of Animals. Looking carefully at the 2011 Animal cover online and then at my original 1977 Pathe Marconi pressing, not only 2011 has 2 white Range Rovers (lower left), but I can also see, just above, behind a fence, what looks like a deflated pig! We can speculate that the final 1977 cover was likely a composite of several pictures, and some elements were airbrushed also. Now who can find another discrepancy between 1977 and 2011 cover versions?


Is there an Apple logo on the side of the power station on the new cover?

elliott buckingham

I pre ordered these for release 28/10/16 but final cut and mlor are now march 2017

Tarek Sobh

Oh my GOD!! I’m broke please stop!! I’m getting the Rolling Stones, and the Kinks mono box sets… And I already got David Bowie’s… I’m totally screwed :(


Vinyl + mp3? It’s so strange to me how the world thinks (rather, DOESN’T think) in terms of lossless digital distribution. Blows my mind….


We call it riding the gravy train… ;)


Surprised they haven’t bought a football team yet. Maybe they will after the proceeds come in from the Early Years box set.


What I want to know is – why on the 2011 releases of “Animals” there are two white Range-Rovers on the vinyl and CD covers (left-hand side at the base of the left-hand chimney, next to the yellow van) – these two vehicles are not on any other release including the 1977 originals. Very weird?

Check out the Amazon UK “Animals [Discovery Edition]” album art for proof.


Wow – goes to investigate…

Publius Enigma?

Fabio Franco

Ok, you made me dust-off all my Hipgnosis/Storm studios books (they are a lot) and my absurd amount of copies of Animals (who needs 7 editions of the same album? Well, here comes another one) and this is what I saw: somewhere around 2007 the Animals cover was re-worked, maybe re- composite from the original negatives. Every edition of the album and the Storm Books since 2007 have the cars… And a slightly different pig! This new version is very rich in detail, perfec for a Vinyl reissue. In the “Mind over matter” book fourth edition, the new cover is printed in almost vinyl size.

Storm always told the same story about the cover (Waters’ idea, Hipgnosis execution) they never got the perfect shot of the power station with the real suspended flyng pig, so in the end they pasted the pig over the best shot (the one with the menacing clouds, etc). Those Hipgnosis covers were all real shots but heavily retouched in color and some details, so I’m guessing here two possibilities: One: In 2007 they forgot ( or didn’t care) to wipe out those cars (maybe from the crew?) and two: they added the cars to drive us nuts. Both plausible.


Thanks Fabio, very interesting. My wife says I should get out more!


Could be a mistake from the record company as I read somewhere the cars were originally removed, as seen on the original releases, as they would date the cover.


The 2016 vinyls are the same 2011 (James Guthrie) remastering but this time the vinyl is cut by Bernie Grundman. Those released in 2011 were done by Doug Sax.

Pretty sure the pressing plants are different too.


Picked up Animals will hang for others but by crikey PF sure know how to milk the cow?


Yes, I hear Pink Floyd will get back into the studio for a new album next year. The title will be, “milking the cash cow”

Jeremy Earle


Do you know if the DSOTM and WYWH reissues will be the same pressings as those from a few years back? Is it just the new ‘2016 vinyl reissue campaign’ sticker on the front that is different, or are they completely new remasters?

I’m quite happy with the 2011 vinyl reissues of DSOTM, WYWH and The Wall and was wondering if it’s worth getting these…

Craig Williams

As Bernie Grundman is credited on the hype stickers for Dark Side and Wish these will be new 2016 remasters like The Wall was.

Robert Morgenstern

Hallo, there was a announcement for Animals on the official webside which states the new releases as 2016 remastered.

Animals joins the first seven Pink Floyd albums (The Piper at The Gates Of Dawn, A Saucerful Of Secrets, More, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, and Obscured By Clouds) in having been remastered in 2016 from the original master tapes and pressed in heavyweight 180 gram vinyl, with packaging based closely on the original LP sleeves


Pink Floyd are really milking it recently aren’t they. Weren’t these re-released only 3 years ago?


They have a new label now, and no, only WYWH and DSOTM, the Wall and Division Bell had come out on vinyl in recent years. The rest have been oop on the format for a long, long time. Plus these new remasters are all said to be specially made for vinyl.

Dead Ed

Inner gatefold of Animals, excuse me.

Dead Ed

It’s interesting that the look of a few of those photographs from the inner gatefold and one of the photographers responsible isn’t brought up more often. Late ’76/early ’77, even. Primo time period for….many things.

According to Google, it’s only 7 or 8 miles from Hackney down to Battersea Power Station. Such a funny, intersecting world sometimes.

rob deighton

The listings for DSOTM and WYWH are from the old pressings from a few a years back and the images of the poster and download relate to specifically to those now OOP issues.

It appears amazon are reusing the existing listings they already have for the older OOP issues, rather than creating a new one for the new Pink Floyd Record label issues. So I’m doubtful that you will get the download and poster with the new one as none of the recent reissues on the pink Floyd Record label have had this option.

There was a lot of confusion before as the same thing happened with ‘The Wall’ and ‘Division Bell’ listings a few months ago.

Until the label and the band announce officially, I wouldn’t speculate on what you are going to get based on the amazon pages