Pink Floyd / Vinyl reissues of The Final Cut and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason


Pink Floyd studio albums The Final Cut and A Momentary Lapse of Reason will be reissued on vinyl in January, completing the ‘reintroduction’ of the band’s studio albums on the black stuff.

These are stereo remastered versions on heavyweight 180g vinyl. All are mastered from the original analogue studio tapes with original album artwork reproduced. Price-wise these are both available now at a not unreasonable £16 in the UK.

The Final Cut and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will be reissued on vinyl on 20 January 2017.



The Final Cut

Side One

1. The Post War Dream
2. Your Possible Pasts
3. One of the Few
4. The Hero’s Return
5. The Gunner’s Dream
6. Paranoid Eyes

Side Two

7. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
8. The Fletcher Memorial Home
9. Southampton Dock
10. The Final Cut
11. Not Now John
12. Two Suns in the Sunset


A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Side One

1. Signs of Life
2. Learning to Fly
3. The Dogs of War
4. One Slip
5. On the Turning Away

Side Two

6. Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
7. A New Machine (Part 1)
8. Terminal Frost
9. A New Machine (Part 2)
10. Sorrow

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elliott buckingham

1st copy of tfc scratched on side 2. 2nd copy scratched on side 2. heres waiting on copy number 3

elliott buckingham

received today good old amazon. wttbf is on this vinyl edition

elliott buckingham

find it strange that on the remastered cd version of the final cut the heroes return pt 2 wasn’t included


Are we sure they are using the original analog master, considering this is the “new” version of “The Final Cut” with “When the tigers broke free” (very badly) inserted in between two songs ? This version was created digitally in 2004.

Anyway, since I don’t want any tigers in my FC, I won’t be buying this reissue, but instead I’ll be looking for a mint version of the original UK album. (As I did for Ummagumma, Atom, Meddle and Obscured, because of the absence of the original green and yellow Harvest labels on the reissues ;) ).

Peter Muscutt

Reading the excellent Mark Blake book about Floyd, it’s interesting to see the shift from the Barrett-led psychedelic era to Waters’ (more cynical??) style, but ultimately I think it was for the best. Floyd couldn’t have continued with the ‘wig-out’ phase forever, and I particularly love the way Floyd began releasing ‘themed’ albums on madness, the odes to Barrett on ‘Wish You Were Here’, the political leanings of ‘Animals’ etc. and the realisation of Waters’ feelings about being in a rock band ultimately reaching its peak on ‘The Wall’. ‘The Final Cut’ was an extension of that, and for me he was the real driving force behind the group. I still think he was a bit of an arse with the whole “I’ve left the band, so nobody can use the band name” thing though. Nobody is bigger than the group they’re in, whether they’ve formed it or not.


Great news, the series gets complete…
Waiting for the Japanese versions, like I did with the previous titles; the replica OBIs are so cool!


Dean and joseph need to step out of the box and have a re-lax.
TFC is an underrated classic! (Roger’s “Pros And Cons…” too!)
Wouldn’t mind seeing PFRLP releases of “Relics” and “A Collection Of Great Dance Songs”
BTW there will never be a scream like Waters ;)

Pete Anderson

£13.44 excluding VAT or did I miss a momentary Amazon offer?

Paul Mc

Both Dropped to £13.44

Andy S

Any rumblings or rumors on a box set for all of these re-releases? Was tempted to snag these individually this year but a shelf bending deluxe collection, mmm, that’s what I’m really holding out for.


It will come Andy!

And the people like me that have bought the re releases will be pretty cheesed off .

Unless they just sell an empty box for us to put them in! Which I doubt.

I also bought The Early Years so more fool me you might say!


Andy S: I was gutted when this didn’t get an Immersion set. Of all the albums they did, this would probably benefit from a Surround Mix more than any other. Alas, even Roger doesn’t seem to want to revisit it, maybe because it’s Floyd based.

As to the anti-war rhetoric, this album is more than that. The raw emotion and the very real sense of personal loss, is where this album works best. As an anti-war album it is perhaps less successful, not least because it mixes in what was contemporary at the time (The Falklands War) with that of World War 2.

Andy S

It’s a shame, though good for my wallet, that they stopped with the Immersion sets, especially gutted they didn’t do one for Animals (though the Division Bell was a good one with the 5.1 version and vinyl).

I got the Early Years box too, still shifting through the content. I love these “everything and the kitchen sink” sets and that’s one of my favorites of the year.

Steve W

Wow! I’ve been listening to my Floyd albums recently and had completely forgotten The Final Cut. Must dig it out – it’s the only one I have on vinyl, which I guess is why I’d lost sight of it.

Simon F

Although one can only applaud Waters’ anti-war rhetoric, I always found this album a bloody tough listen and have’nt touched it for years. This reissue is not going to change that.


Easily my favorite Floyd album.

I must say though, the inclusion of Tigers is unfortunate, try as it might, it breaks up the original flow of the3 album to no great effect.

Also curious – how does this qualify as “Super Deluxe Edition”? Seems as though this blog is about Special Editions – and any new Vinyl these days. I know Vinyl is the new hipster on the block, but it’s disappointing to see the blog losing its focus.

Back to Final Cut – along with Tigers, I have to smile about it being “remastered”. If ever an album didn’t need re-mastering, then this would have been it.


I guess the tagline needs to read, “the box set AND REISSUE!!! music blog…”

Andrew Mogford

Paul, please don’t ever listen to this man!


I 100% agree with you Andrew Mogford :-)

While maybe not strictly true to the title of the blog, I actually like to read about vinyl (re)issues which quite frankly I would probably not have heard about otherwise (I don’t have time to trawl the ‘net looking for possible releases that might interest me).
Paul doesn’t cover everything that interests me but there is significant enough an overlap that SDE is pretty much my only source of info on forthcoming releases.
So more power to ya (as I think someone wrote, said or sang).

CJ Feeney

I think that modern vinyl is so much better in quality than the stuff I bought in the 80s and 90s that it at least qualifies as Deluxe. It all depends on the mastering and cutting process.

Obviously we all set stuff from time to time on the site that leaves us scratching our heads, it’s about personal taste.

However, Paul is an excellent curator of the world of reissues and I think he casts his net far wider than his own personal preferences in order to bring us a far more enjoyable site.


Well, I feel less lonely now!!!

It’s a beautiful album, the songs individually and as a whole. I’ll be very happy to buy the reissue.

Eric W

Weird that When the Tigers Broke Free would end up on the Final Cut. Sure, the original TFC concept were leftover bricks from the Wall. By the time they came together to record that had been discarded, new material was recorded, and Richard Write had been kicked out of the band. I love this record. While not my favorite, it perfectly encapsulated the early 80s.


Funnily enough, The Final Cut is my favourite Pink Floyd album… I know this may sound disturbing… but don’t worry, I’ll be OK.


It’s my favourite, too…….

I bought it in 1983 together with Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”,
“Changesonebowie” and “Secret Messages” by E.L.O.
Great memories!

Ron I


It’s always been my favourite, too. I love it for the all the same reasons I love Hounds of Love. Beautifully written songs, meticulously designed as a whole piece (which many people these days seemingly can’t appreciate with their MP3 singles mentality in this highly distracted world).

Turn off the lights and play Final Cut and I’m in a state of bliss.


Some of Gilmour’s finest solos are on TFC, which is a shame that they never get played live!!


I love it too. I never heard it until about 5 years ago. Incidentally TFC and Pros and Cons make for an excellent late night headphones combo.


Yeah, that’s absolutely right, Craig!!!

“The Pros And Cons Of Hitch-Hiking” is really great;
I love it, I listened to it broken-hearted (because of a beautiful girl, of course….)
for weeks in the 80’s nearlyall day and all night,
Clapton’s guitar-work is truly marvellous.


On the sticker Tigers is listed, so one of the track lists is wrong.


I got an email from the official Pink Floyd store offering all the currently released vinyl as a special price package, which cost around £80 more than buying them individually.

No thanks Mr. Floyd.


So, they are going w/ the original track list for TFC…no “When the Tigers Broke Free.”

Is the Floyd ever going to give the de-80s treatment to AMLOR?


No. That project was mooted but shelved then confused with the Endless River project.


From the look of that label it seems that it is the version of The Final Cut with When The Tigers Broke Free on it, which is a pity. I prefer it without.


I agree. With the original sequencing, One of the Few builds up some powerful tension that The Hero’s Return then uses to feed its fierce energy and emotion. When the Tigers Broke Free not only delays that energy, but it even suppresses the tension that OOTF had masterfully built up.

On its own, WTTBF is an incredible song. If it must be on the album, then I would’ve actually opened the album with it. I think it could’ve segued nicely into the Post War Dream.

Johnny Feathers

Yeah, I got the remastered version (well, I ended up getting the Discovery box) partly in order to have that song on CD. But I always find its placement to be bewildering, completely interrupting the flow into my favorite song. I agree with you, it could make for an interesting opener. I suppose that’s a pretty bold change, but at least you could start it with track 2 if you preferred not to have it open the album.