Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here SACD back in print at the end of this year

Analog Productions’ SACD of Pink Floyd‘s 1975 album Wish You Were Here is being remanufactured and will be available to buy again from the end of this year.

This hybrid disc contains the album mixed for 5.1 surround sound and stereo from the original analog master tapes by Pink Floyd Producer/Engineer James Guthrie. It was originally issued back in 2011, around the time that the ‘Immersion’ box set of Wish You Were Here came out, but has since gone out of print.

Despite that big box containing a 5.1 mix on both DVD and blu-ray, the band wanted an SACD version to be released and the Analogue Productions package delivered on both sound and an excellent presentation, with six postcards featuring iconic Hipgnosis designs (‘The Veil,’ ‘The Diver,’ ‘The Swimmer,’ ‘Man in the Desert,’ ‘Cover Sticker’ and ‘Burning Man’) and an eight-page booklet.

The word on the street is that The Dark Side Of The Moon will follow in the same format, even though an SACD of that title was widely available when issued for the 30th anniversary in 2003.

This new edition of Wish You Were Here on SACD is available to pre-order via Acoustic Sounds online store and has a release date of 28 December 2018. Over time it is likely to become more widely available in Europe and other territories.

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Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here SACD - 2018 reissue


1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
2. Welcome to the Machine
3. Have a Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)

5.1 surround mix by James Guthrie
Assistant engineer Joel Plante
Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante
Mixed and mastered at das boot recording
DSD authoring for SACD by Gus Skinas

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Barney Rubble

I was one of the lucky ones who got an SACD copy the first time around… but I remember being disappointed with the audio quality, the first time around. Now don’t get me wrong, the sound is quite nice indeed, but it seemed to be missing that near-holographic, “can’t-tell-the-difference-from-analog” sound. Then I learnt from the liner notes that the audio had been edited/mixed/mastered at (was it) either 352 or 384 kHz PCM WAV. Other people may think we audiophiles are deluding ourselves when we say we hear the difference in sound quality, but I will admit I could hear something wasn’t as present as other SACD discs I know and love. (If anyone has a pristine DSD setup… and truly, even one of Neil Young’s Ponoplayers with their Burr/Brown DACs does a stellar job… find “Jazz at the Pawnshop” and give a listen as to what it can do with even just a 2-microphone, stereo setup (I believe the original recording configuration was that basic). Still, WYWH has fairly decent sound for an SACD, but is still missing that extra… you know. Just please don’t let it tarnish your opinion of SACD/DSD/DSF… the right setup (which doesn’t need to be expensive) and the right disc/file reveal _wonders_.

JR Larsson

I personally recommend the Blu-ray of this that is region free. It has the original quad 4.0 mix and video bonus features.

Mike Smash

The 2011 edition had “Limited Edition” on the spine. Does it still say “Limited Edition” on the spine for the 2018 reprint? And what does “Limited Edition” mean? Does it mean limited by how many they an sell? Is the “Limited Edition” label a con to entice collectors into thinking they were getting something special for the premium price?


I have had the chance to listen to both Blu-Ray (from the immersion boxset of WYWH) and this SACD on a high end multichannel system. I could no tell the difference in sound quality between the LPCM 5.1 from the bluray and the SACD 5.1. Yes the SACD is better than the DTS-HD version, but there is no difference whatsoever between the LPCM 5.1 track from the Blu-Ray and the SACD 5.1 layer. The same can be told of the 2.0 stereo layer.
Both Sound amazing and the surround mix (which is the same on both media) is truly putting you inside the music.
If you already have the 5.1 mix on bluray from the immersion box, I personally think you do not need the SACD, except maybe if you are a collector of all PF sacred relics (and I would not blame you for that) and you absolutely want the gorgeous SACD packaging.

David B

Re-issue now showing on Amazon Uk ..at £53.85 (but as a vinyl sacd …now that would be interesting ..)..

Gary Bullock

Hi David B
Please could you enlighten me what’s Vinyl SACD? think Amazon UK have a cheek asking 53.85 if Amazon U.S costs 31.40 is this in $ or £? cheers Gary


get the U.S version and save yourself a few bucks?!

Robert Durose

No – UK Value Added Tax at 20% then £8 Customs Duty brings the cost of importing this from USA to UK at £50,
Only works if you are on holiday in Kansas and buy it locally.

Brad Breault

Good news on this being reprinted, I missed the original SACD pressing and from past purchases I know Acoustic Sounds as a company does a very good job with all of their products (I’ve even been lucky enough to visit their store/warehouse as it’s in the middle of Kansas, USA about an hour from my old home town, very nice showroom tucked away inside a nondescript warehouse building). And if you look at specs there are a few Blu-Ray players out there that can also play SACD, primarily Sony. To echo other responses, yes the only way to really hear the benefit is to have the right player and channel setup; a lot of SACD’s are hybrid that can play in standard CD/DVD players and sound good you just have to sometimes turn your volume up since most of them aren’t heavily compressed (thankfully).


do not buy unless you have a SACD player , if you do have one.

…There really aren’t words for how spectacular, and how musically right, Guthrie’s remix was and the quality imbued in every bit of this production…I have been hearing this music since the day it arrived in my local record store 35 years ago and never imagined anything like this. Guthrie’s expert, musically impeccable multichannel remix added depth and clarity to the superb original, and how he got Richard Wright’s ARP string to orbit the room several feet above my heard has to be the result of some sort of voodoo…Mind-boggling.” – Paul Bolin, The Audio Beat,


I have the Sony S.B.M. gold disc (long box).
Think the ultimate one…..


Not even close. That’s a low-resolution disc. 20 bit but still only 44.1kHz, like a normal CD resolution.

SACD is far FAR superior, that cannot be refuted. The greater the resolution (more samples per second) the closer to analog the recording is. SBM doesn’t even come close.

David B

Excellent news Paul .. and whilst my 2018 music allowance is well over budget .. this one will be in the 2019 allowance . .glad for that after all the biggies recently .. you do realise though that i’ll be checking your site hourly to see if there’s an Amazon UK link …. fingers crossed it appears soon . Cheers ..

John Barleycorn

If you like PF then check out a band called All India Radio and their album “Space”. Available on Tidal, hard copies not so easy to come by.

Nick Love

I’ve never heard All India Radio but I have all the album’s that All India Radio’s Martin Kennedy made with The Church’s Steve Kilbey and they are stellar.

Roel Glas

Looks like I’ll have to sell my 2 copies (1 still sealed) before anyone else reads this post and waits for the AF re-release. 150 quid you say Paul??. Tempting!!
Only kidding – couldn’t part with them. I think I paid AUD32 for the 1st & $35 for the second.
As someone else has stated – the sound is subtle but amazing and the packaging is really well done.

elliott buckingham

standalone bluray 5.1 sets are needed not sacd. I have a sony sacd player that wasn’t cheap and for some reason sony saw fit to only make it play the stereo portion of the hires


You can select wich layer is the default when you insert an hybrid SACD.

Mike Ratledge

I have never seen this feature on any SACD player, but I don’t have one any more because any Blu-ray player will play an SACD.

They play the enhanced 5.1 encoded version of a hybrid SACD, but of course an old school CD player can only play the 2 channel stereo mix.


I have both the original AP hybrid SACD and the Experience edition CD (and the vinyl reissue). I sold my SACD player for a straightforward CD player a few years back when SACDs were becoming an endangered species and the cost kept rising…. so I listen to both as redbook CDs and can do a direct comparison. The sound IS different, but largely in subtle ways. IMO, the AP version is superior, having a bit more detail but also sounding more analogue and closer to the original vinyl. AP has a more relaxed feel to it, while I find the experience edition can be a little etched at times. Rarely play the Experience now – it is either the AP or vinyl for me.


Always nice to see more music in surround being released or rereleased in this case.

I’m probably in the minority but I prefer the Quad mixes from the 70s to the Guthrie 5.1 Immersion mixes as they are more “discrete” with instruments and sounds popping out more distinctly in the Quad mix.

Oh and if you look hard you can find the Quad of Animals too ;-)

Scott G

I have been waiting for The Wall on SACD for years. Nearly 7 years have passed since this SDE article http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/pink-floyd-the-wall-5-1-coming-to-sacd-says-james-guthrie/
I have both DSOTM and WYWH on SACD and the are superb, especially in 5.1.
It was hearing DSOTM in 5.1 at a hifi dealers shop that sold me on getting a surround system. Haven’t looked back.

Nick Love

I think for this to happen Roger Waters will need to stop using the opportunity every few years to shoehorn The Wall into his personal legacy rather than the band’s.


yeah roger aint gonna let that happen because gilmore will profit off of it. that’s also why all subsequent cd pressings of the wall sound like ass compared to first. (c2k)


This is certainly good news, as any PF related releases or re-releases are always welcomed. Paul, if you could possibly provide an update (if there is one) on The Wall film landing on Bluray or the Animals 5.1 mix that was hinted at, i’d appreciate it.

Dave M

Immersion Box set is still cheaper on Discogs.
Not much of a re-issue considering the cost.

Andy Haines

I have all three immersion box sets and the 40th anniversary DSOTM SACD. Is this any different? Will we see Animals on SACD? Will we ever be able to purchase The Wall in surround or Meddle? Who killed the Lady of the manor? Was it the butler? These and other questions will never be answered by the remaining members of Pink Floyd!


Eugene – with an axe.

Kenneth Tilley

All these questions and more will be answered in the next episode of soap ))

Andy Haines

Soap! I couldn’t quite remember what it was from. Cheers for reminding me!

Mark Sinclair’s

Paul, why oh why won’t they just release the hi-res Blu Ray of this and DSOTM as as a stand-alone Blu Ray?

The only way to get these in LPCM hi-res is to buy the entire immersion box set…..

Even the Beatles have finally started to go this with Pepper and The White album, and you can buy the hi-res 24/96 as a FLAC download!!!!

Scott Sparks

We also want the 5.1 mix


According to a new AnalogPlanet video from the Making Vinyl conference, an SACD of Pink Floyd’s Animals will be coming from Analogue Productions along with WYWH and DSOTM.


And exactly when is the Animals SACD from ANALOG PRODUCTIONS supposed to be released? Can you please post a link to the AnalogPlanet video, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)

tom m hans

pardon for me not knowing (I listen to all my music on Tivoli Audio systems) but can I play SACD on a blu ray player? I may have DOTM SACD lying around and not even knowing (judging by the cover)…Thank you!


SACD is playable on normal CD players but in stereo only of course.

Steven Roberts

SACDs are only playable in normal CD players if they are hybrid SACDs….single-layer SACDs are only playable with SACD-compatible machines (which some but not all blu-ray players are).

Mike Ratledge

Let’s not post misleading or just plain wrong information.

They play in all Blu-ray players.

Tom M Hans

Thank you.

Scott Sparks

…only if it’s hybrid like this one is and it won’t be hi-res

vinyl listener

and in low resolution


The CD layer of an SACD is still only low-resolution 16 bit/44.1kHz.


Some Blu-ray players do play SACDs. You should check the manual of your player. Some dedicated SACD players are stereo only but blu-ray players (if they play SACDs) can play the surround mixes on the discs as well.



That’s why i’m thinking of buying a used OPPO-Bluray-Player at the moment.
Can anyone here say something about the BDP-93?
It’s obviously about 10 years old now but still i’m thinking it might be a good idea to buy one if i can find one for a reasonable price. Any experiences regarding performance and durability of these?


I only heard good things about OPPO players. They are well-built and reliable. If you find a good bargain, go ahead and get it.
I have a Pioneer universal player but my simple Sony blu-ray player also plays SACDs.



Thanks for your answer. Would you tell me what precise model your Sony-player is?

And if any other readers here have experience with SACD (and/or DVD-A)-
playing Bluray-players feel tree to share them with me.

Glenn Schryver

@ Pal,

I’ve had an Oppo BDP-93 since 2012. I could not recommend it more highly!


I have the bdp-95. Couldn’t live without it. Rock solid! Bdp-93 is pretty much the same machine except 95 has better dac. Buy one!


@Tom M Hans:

I bought one for about 9 EUR when the German retailer got rid of its overstock.
It’s packaged in one of these jewel cases with the rounded corners (if that makes any sense).


My Sony blu-ray player, which plays SACD as well is the model BDP-S6700.
Marantz and Denon blu-ray players (actually ‘universal’ players) also play SACD and DVD-A.



Thanks a lot.

Barry E

Regarding surround multi disc players (Blu ray, SACD, and DVD-audio) I would recommend the Cambridge CXU. I’ve had this player for about 2 years and its been excellent although initially I thought there was a problem with it, the sound would drop out for a second or two several times when playing a disc. I found it was the HDMI connection to the TV, dropouts occurred if the tv was in standby. It should be turned on or completely off.

Steven Roberts

I’m a little surprised if they are producing an exact reprint of the original disc with the same packaging and ephemera.

Thought they would change some of the packaging at least to differentiate the re-release from the first run – and, more cynically, to encourage some of the first time buyers to double dip.

I mean, you know what we collectors are like :)

John Murray

Hurrah! As an SACD fan since the format was first launched, I’m well up for adding this to my collection. And regarding the price, obviously there’s a premium to be paid – in exactly the same way as I expect to pay more for 4K UHD Bluray release than I do for the standard version.


This is just the same reprint

There will be no changes

Martin G

Definitely in. However, I’ve not purchased from Acoustic Sounds before and can’t say I understand the exorbitant shipping rates (lowest-priced domestic-US option is $14.99 for “Economy” shipping, and “Two-Day” is over $35!). Maybe Amazon will have this release?


Acoustic Sounds will do Media Mail for $3.00 or so, but you have to contact them. I always buy $89 of product to qualify for free shipping.

Martin G

Thanks. I saw the $89/free shipping, but it’s for “in stock” items only – so not applicable if I pre-order this. Also, it’s hard to justify doing business with an outfit that charges $14.99 “Economy” shipping for one CD. And if there is a Media Mail option, why not be upfront about it with customers?

Ron de Joode

Beautiful surroundmix and no need for a BR when there is a SACD. And back to normal prices for this now OOP first issue.

Craig Hedges

Shouldn’t record companies and audio manufactuers be getting the message by now that there is a market for SACD and Blu ray Audio. SACD was declared dead before it had chance. Don’t they remember that it took 4 years for the cd format to take off when it was launched in 1983.

Paul, unrelated but are you going to do a review of The Beatles White album reissues?


Even with the stuff thrown in [which I personally don’t need], it’s a ridiculous price considering other SACDs were a fraction of this price.


I read comments from various people these past years that the Wish You Were Here SACD is vastly superior to the DVD and BR. Is that true, is it a different mix or audio?
I have the Immersion Box but not the SACD. Wondering if I should buy the SACD or not.


I hope PF make a standalone Blu-ray of this

James Coles

But what about the long mooted surround mix of Animals? Will it ever seen the light of day?!


I’m waiting for chip implant to have DSOTM, WYWH, and The Wall hardwired into my neural network. It will be the ultimate music format. :-)