Pink Floyd’s 1995 live album Pulse to be reissued as a deluxe 4LP vinyl box set

Remastered • four-LP box set • UK, DE and IT pre-orders now available

Pink Floyd‘s 1995 live album Pulse will be reissued as a lavish four-LP box set in May.

The live album was compiled by James Guthrie, using various performances from the band’s 1994 Division Bell tour and features David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. It famously includes The Dark Side of the Moon performed live in full.

Pulse deluxe 4LP vinyl box – click image to enlarge

This new set includes four records pressed on 180g vinyl, each with different inner sleeves (and outer) sleeves. The package includes a 52-page hardback photo book, with everything slotting into a thick card outer slipcase.

The audio has been remastered from the original tapes by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman. Aubrey Powell (of Hipgnosis) has recreated the artwork with Peter Curzon, who worked on the original design with Storm Thorgerson.

Pulse will be reissued on 18 May 2018.

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Pink Floyd

P.U.L.S.E - box 4 LP + book 52 pages [VINYL]


LP1 Side One                                                    

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5, 7)
  • Astronomy Domine
  • What Do You Want From Me

LP1 Side Two

  • Learning To Fly
  • Keep Talking
  • Coming Back To Life

LP2 Side One                                                   

  • Hey You
  • A Great Day For Freedom
  • Sorrow

LP2 Side Two

  • High Hopes
  • Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)
  • One of These Days

LP3 Side One                                                   

The Dark Side Of The Moon                                            

  • Speak To Me
  • Breathe (In The Air)
  • On The Run
  • Time

LP3 Side Two

  • The Great Gig In The Sky
  • Money

LP4 Side One                                                   

  • Us And Them
  • Any Colour You Like
  • Brain Damage
  • Eclipse

LP4 Side Two


  • Wish You Were Here
  • Comfortably Numb
  • Run Like Hell

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Ordered this from Amazon Canada and when UPS delivered it they wanted a fee of £27 to let me have it.
I contacted Amazon and they assured me that this fee was not correct but nonetheless UPS would not let me have it unless I paid the extra fee.
I have since cancelled the order and had my money refunded as it would have worked out more expensive than buying it here in the UK.
I will not be buying from them again!


I wish they had put Take It Back on here like they did on the DVD. My favorite song from Division Bell.


No voucher for wav or flac files ? Is It a joke ?

[…] Floyd’s Pulse live album is due for a vinyl reissue in May, as is the Relics album. You can listen to the Roger Waters […]


Probably already been asked but the USA price is very good and includes free shipping on Amazon to the UK, BUT will this incur any additional taxes upon arrival?

Adam Pajda

Why is it $110 or £78 ? What does it depend on?

Adam Pajda

I ordered it from Amazon.com to Poland. How much will I be charged? Can you tell me?


Paul, maybe you should create an FAQ section on your site with questions like: “I wanna order from amazon.com to [country X], how much will this cost me?”
;-) ;-) ;-)

Paul Wren

It’s £600 to £700 for an original 1990’s mint condition 4 x LP box set, so this reissue is welcome news indeed. I suspect that in twelve months time we will be able to buy the reissue for a lot less than it is being offered at present.

Choba b CCCP

I certainly remember this release, but all I could afford back in 1995 was that 4LPs box set with a hardcover book, but not the CD with famous blinking red light. And now they reissue my vinyl version again, oh my lord! Where’s the red light?

OK, I’m joking))) Happy to own the original box set and certainly going to purchase the new reissue, ’cause the more Floyd the better!

Paul Wren

You lucky man – £600+ is the asking pric for mint condition copies of the original box set.


The price comparison seems to be a bit behind its £128 now. That is getting seriously steep.

Phil Salter

I’ve just got the light flashing again on my cd box after 20 years!!


Coincidentally, so did I but i had to send it to a chap here in Singapore who stripped the rust, changed the bulb and made a new black cardboard inner housing for SGD100. I was over the moon. It never fails to get curious looks from friends who first thought it was a security alarm :). I wish they release the same again. Cheers, Noel.

Andy Haines

Finally got mine working again. It was a pig to get the unit out of the UK edition as it’s glued in! Finally, as carefully as possible eased the card out of the way and removed the circuit board, took out the dead AA battery, cleaned off a little rust, popped in a new battery and hey presto! Nothing! Then I remembered some people saying it worked if you put the battery in the wrong way round & hey presto! It’s now blinking away as the day I bought it and yes my wife thinks I’m nuts!


Another brick on the shelf, for those who do not have it … as a chance.

Dean Taylor

I think Gary has floated off to the great gig in the sky..
Played my original vinyl this morning.. something I haven’t done in a very long time.. l play the second reissue cd from time to time .. all I can say is when you get your hands on this your in for a real treat.. have totally rediscovered this album on vinyl and its high time for a cd remaster and like others would love to see a full blown immersion set complete with my beloved scarf and marbles(I love em).

David M

I have this on CD and I generally welcome top quality vinyl releases, but for long live albums I find CD a better format for listening. 80 minutes without having to get up to change sides every 15-20 minutes. Works much better.


Is this one likely to drop in price do you think? The Sgt Pepper Boxset did and also that enormous Floyd Early Years set I actually picked up eventually for £226 which was nearly HALF the original price when it first came out. I’m presuming they’ll be pressing quite a few of these….


It’s currently down to $84.97 on Amazon US.


Yes good price, will this incur any extra costs with tax etc once it arrives, I can’t seem to find anything on Amazon about this…I know it does if ordered from Canada…

[…] addition to the good news about their PULSE vinyl reissue, Pink Floyd are also set to reissue their first compilation album, Relics, on vinyl. The album […]


I’m not a ‘real’ Floyd fan but I am old enough and seen them a few times over the years. However, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to purchase this unless you can prove you were there or are over 65 (whichever came sooner). This set will only be of interest if it has an accompanying book of pictures showing a mirrorball with lasers shining on it. I also enjoy playing with car indicators because I like little lights that flash.


What are you on about Gary?

Chris Squires

I think “Gary” was jokingly referencing a post from “Tim Abbott” waaaay below (March 22nd) who was saying he was “disgusted” this was getting a release and what a “Slap in the Face” it was for real fans who bought it first time around.

The post got quite a bit of flak and Gary’s riposte (above) has been slightly separated from the herd.


I feel the same about Shakespeare! ;)


How much is the tax for Canada for even allowing for the postage it was working out at £67 to the UK as I was considering getting it and it isnt showing any extra tax when you get to the checkout or is it not charged until the item ships? I’m quite happy to wait a couple of months if it means I’m getting it cheaper but if after the tax it’s likely to cost as much or more than getting it via the UK then I’ll wait and get it there.


£88 is really pushing it for a 4 lp set
Zeppelin also taking the mick with how the West vinyl
Can’t justify when already own the cds for 20 year old love albums

David Carter

If I order from Amazon.CA am I likely to get lumped with additional charges


Yes, duty/VAT and shipping.


Yes you will get lumped with additional charges although…..

I had a Frank Zappa Halloween Box Set come from Canada, it arrived and I paid No Extra Charges… it was Deluvered by DHL….

So I ordered another…. again it arrived with DHL…. No Extra Charges…. So I ordered another ….. with no extra Charges…. all Delivered by DHL…..

I had a Invoice come from DHL 6/7 weeks later asking to pay £70.00 Import Charges And Handling fees etc etc….

I flatly refuse to pay, as DHL Had failed To followed there own procedures, and I had been given no notice that I had to pay any import taxes when I received the initial and subsequent packages … I only received an invoice from DHL 5/6 weeks later out of the blue….

I wrote to them twice stating this back in December and January and I’ve not heard a thing since since.. they can whistle for it!


This time, with rechargeable battery


I have just tried Amazon CANADA due to the unbeatable price(in comparison to others),but delivery was said to be mid JULY(!!),which is a full two months after release!
I cancelled my order immediately!

Nuno Bento

Rats! That Canadian price is not showing here.

John Mullen

Would ordering from amazon.ca incur extra tax on top of the shipping costs?

Strve Gilmour

5.1 is dead. Vinyl is the only format worth your time and money imho


I have the original of this, barely played, and it is beautiful. I think I only ever played the CD version.

I think the tape version had extra stuff on it? Perhaps it had Take It Back but it certainly had a load of the pre show “atmosphere” noise on one side.

Anyone remember?



Good price from Canada. Can anyone confirm if their are additional costs, taxes etc., when ordering for delivery to UK?



I will stick to the DVD


This’ll look great on the shelf next to my copy of The Wall in 5.1 on Blu-Ray.

Paul W

Ok im lost ,why vinyl
I may have it,someone needs money


ahh…,where are the marbles?

Mikkel Frank

Looks nice – and hopefully a deluxe (Immersion) version of P.U.L.S.E. (blu-ray, full concert, extras, blu-ray audio (96/24) + remastered cd) is on it’s way. That would be SO nice!


And by the way, One Of These Days was omitted from the original CD release but was included on the original vinyl – the same applies here. And I can vouch for the fact that this live version is absolutely superb.


I was lucky enough to purchase the original vinyl release in 1995. The recording and pressing was superb back then, let’s hope they don’t mess with it too much this time (sometimes remastering is simply not required, replication in this case would have been enough, considering the rarity of the original vinyl and quality of the original recording. But I guess they did a good job with The Division Bell so let’s give Guthrie the benefit of the doubt at this stage). The original did not have the pulsing red light on the spine, unlike the original CD versions, so I doubt whether the reissue will either. I seem to remember that my original cost something in the region of £45 back then, so the price point of sub £100 (factoring in inflation etc.) sounds pretty good. But ….. how will it sound, that’s the question? I have no need for this anyway and am happy to stick with my original forevermore, but I’ll be keeping an ear out for reviews.


Not sure why people want live albums in 5.1
All you get is the audience in the Rear channels normally
What we really need is The Wall in 5.1
Maybe next year – 40th anniversary
Remember Roger Waters being interviewed on the Friday Night Rock Show in 1979 like it was yesterday !

Charlie Waffles

Come on, Gilmour! I want the cd remastered for Pulse. I play Delicate Sound of Thunder once a week that is newly remastered. It is sweet! Talk to him, Mason.


Delicate Sound of Thunder was never remastered, Charlie Waffles. It is the same cd master as 1988. It sounds good, though. As for the new DSOT vinyl, it sounds more hollow to me. I dunno. They both are fine, but the cd is not remastered.

Benjamin Adams

But where’s the vinyl reissue of Relics?

Plane Groovy

On the way apparently ;-)

Andy Haines

I’ve asked that one. Looking forward to Biding my Time on 180g reissue!!

Peter Andwrson

Check out YouTube for detailed description of how to replace the battery in both the North American and European versions ( slightly different technique required)


I honestly can’t figure out what everyone’s fascination is with vinyl so I’ll move on to the big question… will there be a Blu-ray???



Mikkel Frank

Hear! Hear! Please, please, please – a blu-ray (deluxe) version (+ blu-ray audio) of P.U.L.S.E. with full concert, extras and all. That would be SO nice (o; And a remastered cd version of the ‘album’.


Because it can (and sometimes does) sound better than CDs, files and streaming. Grooves in plastic are preferable to ones and zeros for some folks too.


Far better sound


For many it’s also the physical act of playing an LP. When i play an album i sit and actually listen to it, read the notes, admire the artwork and so on. When i listen to the radio or throw a cd on i find myself wandering off to do other things. And that way of listening is excellent for some things (gardening or decorating for example) but it’s not how i like to experience an album.

And I’m loaded so being able to throw money at vinyl is excusable. I don’t have a beard or wear skinny jeans. Although most of my jeans now look skinny but that’s because i drink too much and eat crap.

Steve Parrott

Had hopes this would be reissued. The eBay £300 + was tempting for the original. I just hope that the pressing is good. Recent DSOTM was awful IMO.


ahh i remember workin in HMV when this was released and staring a shellf full of blinking lights in the storeroom

james Beresford-wylie

I would be happier with high res 5.1 than vinyl. But I’ll probably get it as it as I have the other boxes . Waiting patiently for the next BIG box set, wasn’t much interested in the early stuff one

John Pei

agree with you on the 5.1 blu ray audio – fingers crossed

Todd R.

Cool, I can put it next to the sde of Division Bell, that i still can’t afford….:(


Todd. The SDE of Division Bell is beautiful. Absolute quality.
I was lucky enough to have it as a gift. Its magnificent.

Dean Taylor

Hmv have this up for £99.. if Amazon better that then get your orders in .. it will only go up as time goes on .


Looking forward to this, was hoping this would be reissued on vinyl. Got the Echoes box, hope this is just as good.

Dan T.

I’m not sure the original master needed redoing. I like its sound.

I adored the blinking light thing they did with the CDs.

I would love to see Delicate Sound of Thunder get more love. I think it sounds better. Dave’s guitar playing and singing to my ears is tighter. I wish EMI or whoever would have given Pulse and Delicate Sound of Thunder the full “Immersion Box” treatment.

Also, no scarfs or marbles = no sale… ;-)


They were much better live in 88/89 than 94.


It seems like a pretty straight reissue of the original vinyl edition but with remastered audio. Why do people get upset about these things?

Tim christian

Did they originally release this on vinyl?


Brilliant, been waiting for this! Original copies are very over priced at the moment. It is a shame the original boxset had various shows compiled together and apparently a few guitar parts flown in as it were but these re issues are indeed just that, re issues of the original albums. No doubt in the future Floyd will release more rare live audio and also The Wall Live 1980/81 ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ would be great as a vinyl release, incredible sounding live album that one.


I have fortunately enjoyed this album quite a bit, from the day I bought the first issue on UK vinyl. “Live” albums are actually very rarely just that – one night’s live recording put straight to vinyl with no studio ‘touchups.’ Cynical views aside, you could say the band cares enough to work on giving you the best ‘performance’ possible with a ‘live’ feel. Many examples of success can be found – for example, Tony Visconti produced Thin Lizzy’s ‘Live and Dangerous’ and said it was mainly a studio album and knowing that fans still enjoy it. For those who choose to, enjoy this album too!


Got the CD for a quid from a charity shop the other week. That’ll do me unless a great deal occurs!

Big Nige

70 quid? Pass.

Neil Brown

Tight are?

Big Nige

88+ double pass

Dean Taylor

Why a slap in the face ? … I have the original but an glad to see this . I don’t intend to buy this one but a good deal may change my mind .