Pixies / Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa / 30th anniversary reissue

3LP coloured vinyl set • 3CD • Live bonus disc

Pixies / Come On Pilgram... It's Surfer Rosa 30th anniversary reissue

Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa is a forthcoming 30th anniversary deluxe edition that brings together Pixies‘ eight-track mini-album Come On Pilgrim and the band’s full-length album Surfer Rosa.

Come On Pilgrim was originally issued in September 1987, its eight tracks taken (in remixed form) from the so-called Purple Tape (which contained 17 early demos). Six months later the influential debut album proper, Surfer Rosa, was issued. This includes Where Is My Mind?, which was memorably featured right at the end of David Fincher’s 1999 film, Fight Club.

This anniversary release is a three disc set, since Live From The Fallout Shelter – a very early radio concert that first aired in late 1986 on on WJUL-FM in Lowell, MA – is included as a bonus disc. The 15-song performance includes most of Come On Pilgrim performed live a long time before it was released.

3LP gold vinyl package

Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa is available as a three-CD set in casebound hardcover book presentation (with lyric booklet) or a 3LP package, which includes GOLD coloured vinyl records housed in a wide-spined sleeve and a download card. Vaughan Oliver, the longtime Pixies designer, reinterprets his original artwork

Both of these are scheduled for release in September, but 4AD are offering a limited edition deluxe 3LP edition which is pressed on CLEAR vinyl and comes in a clothbound hardcover book and features a lyric book and art book. This will be released ‘later in 2018’ and can only be ordered direct from the band’s website. It’s around double the cost of the standard 3LP set.

Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa will be issued on 28 September 2018.

3CD hardcover casebound book package

3LP and 3CD track listings:

Disc 1 – Come On Pilgrim
1. Caribou
2. Vamos (Pilgrim)
3. Isla De Encanta
4. Ed Is Dead
5. The Holiday Song
6. Nimrod’s Son
7. I’ve Been Tired
8. Levitate Me

Disc 2 – Surfer Rosa
1. Bone Machine
2. Break My Body
3. Something Against You
4. Broken Face 5. Gigantic
5. River Euphrates
6. Where Is My Mind?
7. Cactus
8. Tony’s Theme
9. Oh My Golly!
10. Vamos (Surfer Rosa)
11. I’m Amazed
12. Brick Is Red

Disc 3 – Live from The Fallout Shelter
1. Holiday Song (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
2. I’m Amazed (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
3. Rock A My Soul (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
4. Isla de Encanta (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
5. Caribou (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
6. Broken Face (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
7. Subbacultcha (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
8. Build High (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
9. Ed Is Dead (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
10. Nimrod’s Son (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
11. Down To The Well (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
12. I’ve Been Tired (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
13. Boom Chicka Boom (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
14. Vamos (Live from The Fallout Shelter)
15. In Heaven (Live from The Fallout Shelter)

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I picked this up on CD yesterday and wish that I hadn’t. The packaging may be the most-badly assembled hodgepodge I have encountered in 30 years of record collecting. There is glue everywhere. Things that shouldn’t be stuck together are stuck together and there is discolouration and cosmetic damage. The inset that holds the discs is so poorly anchored that the weight of its contents drag down the sleeves.

On Amazon.co.uk some reviewers have mentioned similar problems, with one finding glue on the actual discs. I am in two minds over whether I should try again with a replacement or call it a day. Whoever conceived this abomination should hang their head.

Andy MacKinnon

looks like release date for the CD set has now been pushed back to 26 October according to both amazon and the 4ad site

Dougie Adam

Always wanted to hear the Pixies version of Watch What You’re Doing – since Come On Pilgrim takes its title from a line in that song

mr s hardy

No, the lone comes from Levitate Me (“cmon pilgrim you know he loves you…Levitate me”)

Rett Russell

Long as we’re discussing great Pixies releases, I was wondering if anyone else noticed the sound settings on the Doolittle pure audio/ Blu-ray Disc being a little off.
The “surround” setting sounds so much better on my 2 channel stereo than the “PCM stereo” setting.
The 2 channel version has a muted, vague sound that improves when switched to surround sound.
Am I the only one?

Matthew James

The price of the CD set dropped on Amazon, which is welcome. This set is clearly designed so that it can all fit on vinyl without being overly expensive. As many of the comments point out, CD space is not being maximized as it clearly was for the Doolittle reissue. Sadly the result is that this isn’t a “document of an era”-style release like its predecessor or the Last Splash box. The latter illustrates the difficulty and expense of producing a comprehensive box that’s all vinyl. And of course plenty of folks are unhappy with mixed media releases—though that’s a possible solution here—because they include formats they don’t listen to and thus the contents cost more.


So is this the same master that was used for the vinyl reissues a decade ago,


Since 2009 the limited Minotour Box set is not sold out. And now a clear vinyl record set for over 100 Euro (incl. postage)? More and more stupid overpriced rereleases starting to flooding the market. You will never learn it, rip off music industry.


No mention of any re-master for this release, so I too will stick with my ‘Minotaur’ hi-res versions. I am interested in the Lowell live studio recording (which has been in available for many years as an off-air recording) and how that official recording improves matters, hopefully from pre-broadcast tapes.

Steve Miller

I’m torn. I used to be a 4AD obsessive and Surfer Rosa is, hands-down, my favourite album of all time. But, as observed by just about everybody else, this seems to be purely about the money to me. The original release of Surfer Rosa showed that it can fit nicely on a CD with Come On Pilgrim, so if there’s no additional material for either of those albums, there’s absolutely no reason to split them up. And yeah – Doolittle 25 was 3 LPs and cost about £20. This is three LPS and costs either £32 or £80.

Much as Ilove Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier, I’m not sure that I’m going to spend another £48 here just for some nice packaging (especially as the Vaughan Oliver Archive is due imminently anyway)


Doolittle 25 was just £12 for 3 much more crammed discs…this is nearly double the price for 3 nigh-on empty discs…how can Band/Record Company go from getting 1 re-issue so right to getting the next 1 so wrong?

Maybe we’ll get a COP…It’s SR 35 that rectifies this…


Strange that I made a comment about the HMV vinyl being cheaper and attached a link yet it didn’t appear. When I try to make the same comment again I get a message telling me I’ve already made that comment?!? The plot thickens


Calm down calm down. I’m no on-line wiz but was thinking more along the lines of me always visiting amazon and cookies and such. Was not a dig at you or your website


Any reason you’re not listing the HMV vinyl? It’s a lot cheaper than amazon

Cosmo Castanza

My alltime fav band , if you could wear out cd , the Surfer Rosa / Come On Pilgrim would be as thin as graphene.
I will be purchasing this item ……how many copies I have no idea.

Yani P

I managed to get one of the signed Ltd edition Minotaur sets and even luckier it was one of the random 25 sets with the vinyl test pressings so a much treasured item in my collection.

Rory M

This is a pretty poor reissue, I thought the tracklisting would be closer to Doolittle 25 from a few years back.

The live disc is great, but CoP is only around 20 minutes long, leaving plenty of room for the rest of the Purple Tape and other demos that we haven’t heard. Surfer Rosa is 34 mins, also leaving plenty of room for the b-sides and BBC sessions.

Wasted opportunity IMO, especially in comparison with the rarities packed Doolittle reissue from 2014. Sad, as CoP and SR are two of my all time favourites

Mark Turrell

What’s the point of added the rest of the purple tape, when it’s already been released, and b-sides, when they’ve already been released, and BBC sessions when they’ve already been released (yes i know the odd track or two were omitted from soem sessions), just to bump the price up???


Doolittle 25 had all that kind of extra stuff & was cheaper if i recall, the missed content from this set could easily fit on the 3 Discs without needing to bump the price up…


Been waiting for the tracklisting for this since it was 1st announced a little while ago but compared to the Doolittle 25 reissue which was well packed (and cheaper if i recall) this is very disappointing…was hoping for the full un-remixed Purple Tape finally…meh…Come On Pilgrim does not need to be on its own disc…what a waste of space…missed opportunity…


Big fan of the Pixies. I have almost everything (including the pretty expensive Minotaur box set). I shouldn’t bother for this release but I probably won’t resist and buy that beautiful 30th anniversary reissue in order to add it to my collection ! lol

Paul E.

I have the 2007 Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs “Surfer Rosa” with the additional DSD audio layer and it sounds amazing. MFSL also did “Doolittle”, Bossanova” and “Trompe Le Monde” but never included “Come On Pilgrim” on this format. I repurchased “Doolittle 25” and will grab this 30th Anniversary set as well. Looking forward to the concert and interested in hearing what mastering will be used for “Come On Pilgrim” – perhaps 2009’s “Minotaur” set version?

“Doolittle” got the Pure Audio/Blu-Ray Disc treatment and these two albums deserve the same – I’d only ask that they take a cue from Beggars and put them on one disc (we don’t need a 21 minute Blu-Ray).


Vaughan Oliver is an absolute visionary, and it is wonderful that he is doing the design work on these reissues. But it was photographer Simon Larbalestier whose unsettling and surreal work provided the iconic imagery on the Pixies albums. He deserves a mention (and here it is).

Incidentally, Larbalestier’s book about collage techniques is an inspiring read for artists.

Simon Larbalestier

well, thank you for the kind words!

David Olstein

Caroline – You read my mind. Seriously, why couldn’t this have been a 4 disc set, with the complete Purple Tape – in its original mix — included on disc 4?


I don’t even know why they’d need to go to the expense of a fourth CD. The Purple Tape could’ve been bonus tracks on disc 1, the Gigantic/River Euphrates 12″ could’ve been added to disc 2, along with additional demos, radio sessions, etc.

Or sure, give us a fourth CD but PACK IT. The target audience for this–the true fans–want as much music as they can get, so give them EVERYTHING. When will the record companies figure this out?


Both brilliant albums (and they certainly used to be available on a single cd) but in the absence of unreleased studio material a stand alone release of the live album would have been preferable.

David Harold

What a wasted opportunity! There’s loads of demo material and alt takes from this period. The lack of bonus material makes this a no for me. I’ll stick with my original vinyl.


I went for the gold vinyl edition, not paying double just to have it on clear. This is my perfect excuse for picking up this album on vinyl.


If remastered, I’m in. If not, I don’t need another version of the same thing.


Hmm… The radio session will be interesting if inessential. It’s a shame they didn’t include the full Purple Tape and the re-recordings from the Gigantic EP. Seems a bit of a missed opportunity.

Gavin Bradley

Gold = need!


Well said, Caroline. I agree.


The sound Steve Albini got on Surfer Rosa is absolutely perfect so I’m pleased they’ve decided not to tinker around with it. I think its a rights issue with The Purple Tape as the remaining tracks came out on the SpinArt label a few years ago and they probably wanted too much $$$?

Lee Realgone

I’ll get this at some point for the live disc, but making it a 3CD set is a bit cheeky. ‘Come On Pilgrim’ and ‘Surfer Rosa’ have been available for years as a single disc.

The three disc should have at least included all of the Purple Tape as well.

Bruno MacDonald

Lee is right! I think the very first copy of Surfer Rosa I bought way back in the olden days had Come On Pilgrim. And the mastering was excellent. And, let’s face it, they weren’t as good as Throwing Muses anyway… :)


I thought the reissue might be coupled with the 30th anniversary five nights of concerts at The Roundhouse in London in October/November, and thus a 2018 live album of the albums taken from the best performances over the five nights being bundled with a reissue.


This is the “I’ve still got my original vinyl from back in the day” post. Plus I have them on CD. I think I’ll squander my money elsewhere :)

Tom of FIN

Yup, Richard. Especially that no bonuses, not even B-sides. New artwork/graphics or booklets never cuts it. Remixes not expected, but live sets are usually crappy and uninteresting.

Alan B

Try nearly 3 times the price of the standard gold vinyl for the deluxe edition! I didn’t realise the pound had crashed via the US dollar this morning. It costs virtually the same in US dollars in America versus Pounds here.


As of now, the rate is $1 to about 1.30 pounds – considering it’s been within 1.25-1.35 for most of the year, I’m not sure what’s making you think it’s crashed. This is a pretty typical rate post-Brexit. I’d love for them to be “virtually the same” but that’s just not the case at the moment :(


The clear 3lp clothbound version can also be ordered from indie stores (Picadilly Records in Manchester has it up listed with free shipping)

David Blaydes

Think shipping is extra


No news on any remastering with these? If not I may stick with the Minotaur box-set as vinyl isn’t my thing.


Ridiculous that this doesn’t include the full “Purple Tape” – bringing that whole session together would have been a decent carrot but, nah, it’s a hard pass from me.


My first thought too, Caroline. My guess though is they would not or could not get the rights to reissue the Purple Tape from Cooking Vinyl, since Frank Black released it there when he was on that label with the Catholics. But releasing a box like this without that piece just seems wrong now.