Pixies / Doolittle on 5.1 blu-ray audio

The PixiesDoolittle is to be released next month on the blu-ray audio format and will include a newly remixed 5.1 surround sound version of the 1989 album .

Despite being issued on hi-res SACD in the past this is the Doolittle‘s debut in 5.1. Kevin Vanbergen has created the new surround mix from the original analogue multi-tracks.


This new edition will also feature an HD transfer of the original stereo mix by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The album was reissued back in 2014 for its 25th anniversary.

This blu-ray audio of Doolittle is released on 9 December and is on Amazon in the USA and is available to pre-order from the 4AD store. Thanks to SDE readers for pointing out that Love And RocketsSeventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven is also being issued on the format.



Wave of Mutilation
I Bleed
Here Comes Your Man
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Mr. Grieves
Crackity Jones
La La Love You
No. 13 Baby
There Goes My Gun
Gouge Away

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Neil Wilkes

Neither disc is region restricted – both are set to ABC allowed (I know, I did them).
The Pixies is a proper discrete remix by Kevin Vanbergen and the L&R is one of mine.
Both sets were mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering.


Anybody knows if the Pixies Blu-ray is Region restricted?

Steve W

The Love And Rockets Blu-ray can also be bought direct from Beggars Arkive (UK – £16.00 and USA)

Billy Dojcak

Really looking forward to the Love and Rockets. Hope more of their albums are released in 5.1


Part of me says: Pixies in surround? Really?

Another part of me says: Well, why not?

Yet another part of me says: Yeah, but the last CD release of this album was a splendid 3-disc affair, so two discs are missing here.


Thanks Paul for clarifying about Cocteau Twins as when I posted did not see Jan’s response that there are no 5.1’s.
Well let’s hope that Cocteau Twins find out about Steven Wilson’s interest in doing their stuff in surround, their stuff would sound amazing in lossless surround.
Good news is we get these 2 amazing releases as Love and Rockets and Pixies are a couple of my other favorites from 4AD/Beggars and they should sound very cool in deed.

bruce garber

interesting that universal is restarting the blu ray pure audio program


hope so… maybe they’ll finish releasing the Genesis albums as I missed the SACD opportunity!


I am super excited about these 2 releases in 5.1 as these are fantastic albums and will sound really good in surround,sure wish I could see a preorder on amazon.ca or amazon.uk(not sure why only amazon.com so far).

Question for Paul Sinclair-any chance you can followup on the Cocteau Twins 5.1’s sitting on the shelf. If really true and if they were done by engineers that understand surround, these could be amazing to listen to, they are one of the bands I have been hoping to hear in surround. By the way Steven Wilson is a fan of Cocteau Twins and said he would like to remix them in surround.


I was going to order it via Amazon US but total GBP was £27.00… might wait and see if it pops up on the UK site.


Buy it from 4ad Direct http://4ad.com/releases/834


$9.70 for postage to Australia! Jesus, the Neil Young vinyl box was $6….. a bit of a swindle


US to UK postage rates seem to be a lot higher than the reciprocal.


My earlier comment was a little rushed; there’s definitely a mismatch between what Royal Mail charge to post to the US (at worst a CD goes that way as a small parcel, at around £4) and what the USPS charge an individual to send a CD the other way (might be as much as $13?). Discogs is a good gauge of the cost to a small seller, other outlets that send a decent volume of items over may get better deals – for instance a large retailer on Discogs seem to be able to charge a flat $6.99 per LP for international post.


It’s so great to see 5.1 getting its due again without the bloated box set

Charles K


Emili Lafarga

I have got the Minotaur box and would like to know if the same re/mix was used.Thanks.


The minotaur is faux 5.1 using the stereo masters… this is true 5.1 from the multitrack masters.. a remix from the ground up…

Michael Bird

As much as I want those Cocteau albums, I wish they’d release the This Mortal Coil blu-ray that they promised when the last box set dropped. As I understand it, it was a dispute with Vaughan Oliver that stopped it, and I can only assume the Cocteau sets might be related. But yes to all of those. The 4AD back catalogue is perfect for high res and surround.

Paul English

I wonder who prepared the Cocteau Twins albums for 5.1?

The CD remasters of all eight albums are the worst I have ever heard.

Matthew McKinnon

The EPs collection wasn’t too bad, but I can’t really discern any difference in the album remasters, except that they are deafeningly loud.


Apparently the Minotaur box set contained “one DVD-Audio disc mastered for 5.1 surround sound and 2 channel stereo at 24/96 containing all five albums; and one Blu-ray disc audio mastered for 5.1 surround sound and 2 channel stereo at 24/192” (per Amazon). Thus this new edition is not the first 5.1, correct? If so, is it any different?


Interesting that they’re licensing the MoFi transfer for this; hope the DSD-to-PCM conversion is good. Wonder if it’ll be 88.2/176.4 instead of 96/192?


Two great albums. I never thought I would see them as 5.1!


I prefered the 3Disc Set to this.

Erick Haight

$19.99 on Amazon US:


And if any Beggars/4AD folks are reading — please release the Cocteau Twins 5.1 mixes ASAP! We are the market you’ve been waiting for!

Michael Bird

It’s also on Amazon US for just a little more. If you have Prime, local sales tax may offset the shipping savings over 4AD’s site, but you’ll get it in two days (or perhaps release date) over the WEEKS it can take 4AD to ship orders (past experience).

Jan Burnett

ha! Interestingly I had a chat with a friend at Beggars/4AD a couple of years ago. They have 5.1’s of Cocteau Twins albums too. Someone, who has now left, commissioned them, but they. have been sitting on the shelf for years as they didn’t think there was a market for them.

Brent F.

Lossless Cocteau Twins in 5.1 would be amazing!!! Let’s hope they see the light of day sometime. Now if only someone could commission Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ in 5.1…

Charles K

They need to release those immediately. I would buy two copies of each just entice them! ;-)


I would love this, Cocteau Twins are one of my favourites, it’s a shame they seemed to have stopped reissuing their albums on vinyl as it’s been over a year since the last batch.

Jan Burnett

and it appears there was a miscommunication over a beer regarding the Cocteau Twins 5.1’s. I’ve just had confirmation there are NO 5.1’s but there are remasters. I hear the Pixies 5.1’s are amazing. Looking forward to them.


I would buy them if they used the original recordings.


Yes this is more like it… stand alone Blu-ray 5.1 without a massive box set!

Michel D.

Love and Rockets’ Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven is also coming in December on blu-ray audio.