PJ Harvey / Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea reissued

The reissue campaign continues

PJ Harvey‘s Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea album will be reissued on vinyl next month, along with ‘demos’ editions available on CD and vinyl.

Produced by PJ Harvey with Rob Ellis and Mick Harvey, the album was released in November 2000 and won the Mercury Music Prize the following year (Harvey would win it again ten years later for Let England Shake).

The formats follows the pattern of previous reissues, so the original album is vinyl only with packaging that’s ‘faithful’ to the original, with cutting by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering (under the guidance of longtime PJ Harvey producer Head).

The ‘Demos’ album is all previously unreleased and features demo versions of every track on the album. It features brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz. The CD version is a mini-LP-style gatefold card wallet. Both original and demo edition vinyl comes with a download code.

Both original and demo versions of Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea are released on 26 February 2021. Is This Desire? gets exactly the same treatment at the end of this month.

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea – Demos vinyl LP

Side A

  1. Big Exit – Demo
  2. Good Fortune – Demo
  3. A Place Called Home – Demo
  4. One Line – Demo
  5. Beautiful Feeling – Demo
  6. The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore – Demo

Side B

  1. This Mess We’re In – Demo
  2. You Said Something – Demo
  3. Kamikaze – Demo
  4. This Is Love – Demo
  5. Horses In My Dreams – Demo
  6. We Float – Demo

Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea – Demos CD

  1. Big Exit – Demo
  2. Good Fortune – Demo
  3. A Place Called Home – Demo
  4. One Line – Demo
  5. Beautiful Feeling – Demo
  6. The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore – Demo
  7. This Mess We’re In – Demo
  8. You Said Something – Demo
  9. Kamikaze – Demo
  10. This Is Love – Demo
  11. Horses In My Dreams – Demo
  12. We Float – Demo

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The cheapest prices are in Canada on http://www.amazon.ca
£15.03 ($25.93CAD) for each vinyl
£9.29 for the Demos CD


Hello. I don’t know if this is the usual but I have pre-ordered both vinyls in Amazon France along with more items they have in stock and they have immediately charged me for all but the shipping date remains as March. One of the reasons I buy in Amazon is they don’t charge until the item ships so I have canceled all and know I hope they will refund me soon. Is this normal? Is Amazon charging the preorders immediately instead of the shipping moment? Thanks in advance, long live Polly and congrats on your great page, Paul.

Ian Gair

I think there is scope & time to curate / issue a DVD of PJ Harvey ~ The Hope Six Demolition Project album. There must be hours of footage?

Or perhaps the BBC could compile a fundraising CD for save our venuses national campain, which includes her cover of Red Right Hand by Nick Cave ?

Or other various BBC TV appearances eg

PJ Harvey & Josh Homme – Crawl Home + I Wanna Make It Wit Chu (Jools Holland)

Rich G

Hi Ian Gair. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the film Seamus Murphy 2019 Film “A Dog Called Money” is basically a Hope Six documentary, includes unreleased songs, footage from the recording sessions and the travel PJH did ahead of the album that provided inspiration for many of the songs. It’s available on DVD and BluRay.


This will always be my favorite PJ album. And I love the earlier harder stuff. Something about this one though. Must be where I was in my life at the time.

Jeff D

Her best.

Mark R

Album on vinyl and demos on Cd for me.


So interesting this one. At the time I thought it was a truly great album, but over time it’s pop leanings have gotten tiresome, and I rarely play it now. In fact, it’s likely her worse album, imo.

That said – a demo’s CD? Hell yeah – the songs, presumably, won’t be so polished, and maybe I’ll prefer them.

Jeff D

Pre order from Rough Trade “sold out”?


Yep, strange as it’s not a limited edition as far as I can see.

Chris S

UDiscover store has these titles listed at £17.99 currently.

Rett Russell

My favorite too….and for some odd reason I’ve always felt guilty for not liking her more “direct” albums like Dry, Rid of Me, etc.
Perhaps one day I’ll see her in concert.


I know it’s a long shot, but do we know if The Peel Sessions is going to be part of this campaign? I’ve wanted it to be re-released with “Chicken” added back in. I don’t know why it was left off the original issue.


The song you refer to “Chicken” is in fact called “Naked Cousin” and the Peel Session version (the best version!) has never been officially released. However “Naked Cousin” was recorded in the “To Bring You My Love” album sessions and released on “The Crow 2” soundtrack.

I agree, a full Peel Sessions album would be incredible including some fantastic versions of songs from every era as well as the best 2 unreleased gems ever; “Primed & Ticking” and “Claudine, The Inflatable One”, absolute classics. Along with “Naked Cousin” these tracks were recorded especially for Peel personally and that is why I suspect they have not been released.


I’m not talking about “Naked Cousin” though. I have that track on the Crow 2 soundtrack. The song I’m talking about starts, “I believe I fell from above, primed and ticking for your love. I believe I could love you right….” And the chorus on it is, “I believe my dream could end with you. I do. I believe my lonesome days are through. I think I’m chicken.” I have a live version of it on a bootleg (where it’s called “My Dreams Will End With You”). That bootleg also has “Naked Cousin” on it (labeled as “It’s Rolling”).

Oops, I do have the title wrong though. Apparently it’s called “Primed and Ticking.” It was on YouTube at one point with the title of “chicken.” Apparently someone also heard the lyric wrong in the same way I did, because it’s not “I think I’m chicken,” it’s “I’m primed and ticking.” It’s apparently from a Peel session recorded in March 1993. I don’t know of any other release that has a studio version on it. I think the only recorded version I know of is the Peel Session version, but it’s not on the album for some reason.


Yes the only recorded version of Primed & Ticking is the Peel session. It is included on the Reeling VHS film but this is a live version (from the Town & Country club I think!).


Interesting. At this point the best way to give tribute Mr Peel would be to release them so people can enjoy them for what they are. I imagine all of this will be streaming someday, but before all context is lost, it would be nice to get those sessions with some good liner notes that explain the significance. It seems these BBC studio sessions are the real missing link for a lot of artists,


When that Peel Session was recorded, the intention was that none of the songs would be released – it was for Peel and that was that, which is why none of the songs appeared on record contemporaneously.

But I agree – I’d love a proper full set of her BBC Sessions.

Also, “yay” at this series continuing yet further. I’ll be having a Demos CD as usual.


I think I’ll go for this. Shame she’s not doing a fully comprehensive edition though. I would’ve bought the last one if she’s done that but this is a fantastic album so yes please!!


Definately my favourite of hers. The demos should be interesting but also worth repeat listening.


My favourite album of hers. I dont normally go for demos much but will be picking this up.


So excited for this. One of my fav 90s albums.


Released in 2000.


Managed to get a signed edition earlier, this is the one album I’ve been waiting for.

Paul Wren

Signed copies on PJH’s site already sold out


Did PJ never demo songs that were left unused?


Great Question! Wanna know 2 :)


They simply don’t want to release anything else other than the album in demo form.


….yet. Who knows what’s to come?

In fact, given that she recorded most of Uh Huh Her at home on her 4 and 8 track machines, it’ll be very interesting to see what’s next…