PJ Harvey / To Bring You My Love

1995 album reissued in original and demo form

PJ Harvey‘s third album To Bring You My Love is reissued on vinyl in September in both original form and as a collection of demos.

The 1995 album was produced by PJ Harvey with Flood and John Parish and features the singles ‘Down By The Water’, ‘C’mon Billy’ and ‘Send His Love To Me’.

The album proper is pressed on black vinyl and the packaging is faithful to the original, while the other edition features 10 previously unreleased demos of all the songs from To Bring You My Love and features brand new artwork, with unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz.

Demo audio has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering under the guidance of John Parish. Mitchell has also cut the vinyl for the album reissue. Both come with a download card and as with Dry, the demos album is also available on CD, in a quite nice gatefold sleeve with printed inner.

To Bring You My Love is reissued on 11 September 2020.

To Bring You My Love vinyl LP

Side A

1. To Bring You My Love
2. Meet Ze Monsta
3. Working For The Man
4. C’mon Billy
5. Teclo

Side B
6. Long Snake Moan
7. Down By The Water
8. I Think I’m A Mother
9. Send His Love To Me
10. The Dancer

To Bring You My Love – demos vinyl LP

Side A

1. To Bring You My Love – Demo
2. Meet Ze Monsta – Demo
3. Working For The Man – Demo
4. ‘C’mon Billy – Demo
5. Teclo – Demo

Side B

6. Long Snake Moan – Demo
7. Down By The Water – Demo
8. I Think I’m A Mother – Demo
9. Send His Love To Me – Demo
10. The Dancer – Demo

To Bring You My Love – demos CD

1. To Bring You My Love – Demo
2. Meet Ze Monsta – Demo
3. Working For The Man – Demo
4. ‘C’mon Billy – Demo
5. Teclo – Demo
6. Long Snake Moan – Demo
7. Down By The Water – Demo
8. I Think I’m A Mother – Demo
9. Send His Love To Me – Demo
10. The Dancer – Demo

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[…] PJ Harvey‘s 1998 album Is This Desire? will be reissued early next year with a demos album also available on CD and vinyl. Co-produced by Flood and Head the album was Harvey’s fourth studio album and the follow-up to 1995’s To Bring You My Love. […]

Is it Felix?

Is it a financial decision ir an artisit one to release the Demo’s seperate to the original albums. On some way i like the purity of replicating the original, but at the same time I love the re-releases that dundle the extra tracks on disc two. Such as Songs Ohia, Grandaddy, Fleet Foxes Box to name but a handful. Maybe the released they make more with 2 releases at £18.99 each, rather than one expanded at say £24.99.

Having said that – I bought the Dry demo’s with original LP on release day all those years ao, and have listened to them about 3 times over that time. I also think that whilst the first two PJH albums received an incredible amount of NME hype – over time, White Chalk and England have sttod the test of time better than the rest – maybe River as a close third. Uh Huh Yeah is great for a yearly – turn it up to 10 – blast. But thats it.

John H.

I’ve bought each release so far, but this is weird choice to have separate releases..they could and should have been more careful. As Dry was originally double-lp in 1992 (with demonstation on second lp) so, it could have been this time too. I think there’s certain feeling (not beautiful as the song goes) of making money as they tend to do separate releases.

I think, as there still b-sides and rarities collection nowhere to be released in this reissue-campaign, they could have issued each album as double, like the normal lp + demo-lp..but it would have been been even better to have triple-lp of each, studio-album, demos and b-sides/rarities aswell.

Is there even a chance that they would be interested in releasing those b-sides, rarities and obscurities?
She should have been either allowed to release vinyl-boxset with book and added rarities compilation or each album could have been released as deluxe-edition with more bonuses, booklet featuring stories, pics and etc added.
These reissues were briefly on the preorder from various stores years ago (was it 2013?) but somehow they just vanished. I’ve from that day been hoping to see these reissues and Im glad that they are finally giving PJ Harvey the deserved reissues.
Whatever it is and will be, Im so happy that these are finally being released.


Personally, I find Polly has an unmatched gift for the demo. Which is why we’re in this moment.

FYI. The Dry-Demos LP comes with a 16/44.1 WAV download card. A rare gift for those who care.


This was the album that got me into PJ Harvey & seeing this has made me want to get it out oh-er & give it a listen,

Not sure I’ll buy it though, sort of thing you just play once or twice to be honest but if she did a tasty box set with a book of pictures, a look back essay & a b-sides with Demos, let’s have a DVD of the videos & Glastonburyset of the time then I would definitely buy it.some of her Glasto set from this time period was on the BBC the other week & it was fantastic!!


To be honest I would thank heaven for small mercies. Polly clearly is averse to looking backwards across her career so to get anything from the vault is a small victory.

She may have a huge remasters & rarities CD box at the end of this for all we know. But even then she would miss off a US single edit that fades 2 seconds earlier so people can still gripe – it’s a win win

Selling the demos separately ratger than bundling them and getting fans to pay twice seems to be a sensible option to me.

If only Kate Bush or Bjork would do something similar…..


totally agreed!


Very unfortunate. I find demos to be boring, for the most part. My original CD sounds fine. But this habit of artist and record companies selling us demos or alternative takes instead of doing their homework and locating the appropriate b-sides, 12′ remixes, soundtrack songs…doesn’t work for me. Love PJ but those original albums will do me just fine until they give some value.

Tim Abbott

“record companies selling us demos or alternative takes instead of doing their homework and locating the appropriate b-sides, 12′ remixes, soundtrack songs”

Why is it always the big bad record company that’s making these decisions? Perhaps it’s actually PJ Harvey herself who has requested the albums be released in the same form as they were originally.

No one is forcing you to buy these albums again.

Tim Abbott

Wanted to bring up that Jason Mitchell is an excellent mastering engineer – everything he’s done that I’ve heard on vinyl has been astonishing. He’s got an amazing track record of stuff in this vein like Tindersticks, The Understudies, Smoke Fairies etc as well as XTC’s Wasp Star and recent King Crimson releases. If anyone’s worried about sonics, you’ve no reason to be!


Have some mixed feelings about this reissue campaign as it’s designed so far. As a CD lover, I definitely appreciate the demo reissues but don’t see why the original remastered albums are only being released on vinyl. I’ll pick up the demo disc but will hold out hope for a CD box set including all the proper albums and b-sides to be released at the end (similar to the box Beggars did with the Bauhaus catalogue).

kenneth tilley

this is great , ordered both versions of the cd and both versions of the vinyl. thanks Paul


Ugh. No deluxe cd reissue. The original cd would benefit from remastering, as would every album.


Strongly disagree. None of the albums need a remaster. How are they going to improve what we already have? What is it you think could be better?

Patrick Cleasby

Rid Of Me was not skipped


It is highly unusual to release a stand alone demos only reissue, particularly just of one album’s worth.


It’s something that Polly Harvey’s first did 27 years ago, 29 if you included the demos that supplemented the initial run of her debut.

It’s also something that XTC did on their two final albums.


Cant wait to get this, my fav PJ album easily


Love the fact that the demos will be available separately on vinyl (and CD). Why always force people to buy an album over and over again just to get a few “new” tracks that you didn’t own yet.


I could not agree more! And I’m looking directly at the Rolling Stones as I echo your words.


Interesting – but a missed opportunity. To Bring You My Love should have a full-blown box sex and truly do it justice. Here we have the original album, and ten tracks of demos. My copy of the original CD came with a second CD of B-sides, and that was another 9 tracks. So they could easily have gone all out and given us a 3 disc set, and that’s besides anything else they’re missing out on (live etc.)

So, a Super Deluxe version could have rocked (the B-sides are great). Still, the CD is cheap enough.


Exactly. Missed opportunity.

Rare Glam

Add the actual album to demos as a one or two cd set in the same nice packaging as the demos only CD and I’m in as I would be for the whole of her back catalogue if they were done this way. What’s the point of only releasing the demos on a CD format and not the remastered album as well? The vinyl looks lovely but so would CDs!


Tbf – the original album doesn’t need remastering. I don’t believe they’re going to be able to better current CD release.


But who would be buying these demo CDs other than fans who probably already have the originals? I support this move – £10 rather than £15+ probably for a 2CD set, and less waste and duplication.


As much as there are whispers about contracts, label politics and so on, it’s not completely nonsensical. The original albums are easily available on CD but the demos have either never been released before or, in the case of Dry, were very rare and hard to come by (I’m assuming this is why Rid Of Me was skipped as the demos were released by Island at the time). If they’d been issued as doubles, there would likely have been complaints about double-dipping.

David T-W

In what way do you mean Rid Of Me was skipped? For the rereleases? It hasn’t been skipped… Unless you mean the scheduled release has been cancelled, which would make me quite sad.


It’s been skipped insofar as we’re not getting a “Rid Of Me – Demos” album or CD. We’re getting a vinyl-only reissue of the “4 Track Demos” album which had demos for 8 of the 14 songs on ROM. So we’re not getting a full version of ROM in demo form. I could probably have phrased that better so point taken.


This version of Rid of Me demos has 14 tracks.