PJ Harvey / Uh Huh Her reissue

The reissue campaign continues

PJ Harvey‘s Uh Huh Her will be reissued on vinyl next month, along with ‘demos’ editions available on CD and vinyl.

Produced and performed by PJ Harvey, the album was released in May 2004. It earned Harvey Brit Award and Grammy nominations (nothing from the Mercury Music Prize on this occasion) and it remains her highest charting album in America, peaking at 29).

The formats follows the pattern of previous reissues, so the original album is vinyl only with packaging that’s ‘faithful’ to the original, with cutting by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering (under the guidance of longtime PJ Harvey producer Head).

The ‘Demos’ album is all previously unreleased, although for the first time we don’t get every track from the album in demo form (nine out of 13). It features brand new artwork with previously unseen photos by Maria Mochnacz. The CD version is a mini-LP-style gatefold card wallet. Both original and demo edition vinyl are supposed to come with a download code, although in the US, in particular, there have been issues on this front, so buyer beware.

Both original and demo versions of PJ Harvey’s Uh Huh Her are released on 30 April 2021.

Uh Huh Her vinyl LP

Side One

The Life And Death Of Mr. Badmouth
Who The Fuck?
The Pocket Knife
The Letter

Side Two

The Slow Drug
No Child Of Mine
Cat On The Wall
You Come Through
It’s You
The End
The Desperate Kingdom Of Love
The Darker Days Of Me & Him

Uh Huh Her – Demos vinyl LP

Side One

The Life And Death Of Mr. Badmouth – Demo
Shame – Demo
Who The Fuck? – Demo
The Pocket Knife – Demo
The Letter – Demo

Side Two

The Slow Drug – Demo
It’s You – Demo
The Desperate Kingdom Of Love – Demo
The Darker Days Of Me & Him – Demo

Uh Huh Her – Demos CD edition

The Life And Death Of Mr. Badmouth – Demo
Shame – Demo
Who The Fuck? – Demo
The Pocket Knife – Demo
The Letter – Demo
The Slow Drug – Demo
It’s You – Demo
The Desperate Kingdom Of Love – Demo
The Darker Days Of Me & Him – Demo

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I wonder why they won’t reissue the original cds in digisleeve format as they did with the demos cds


Hopefully these won’t have a batch with missing download cards like the Stories and Desire reissues/demos did. I was very unlucky and got one of each from those batches and Universal is STILL ignoring everyone this happened to.


Good to hear that Pollys Work is reissued :) I guess the print run isn’t that high though the market is pretty small. Finally it took a long time – the reissues have been announced in 2013 and then nothing happened.
@Ian: To be honest – I don’t think there will be a box set even not for b-sides and rarities. I’ve been purchasing a bootleg set of 3 LPs including the complete b-sides and some demos from 1991 – 2008 (until White Chalk Singles) but I will be happy if Polly decices to do an official release for that.

Ian Gair

I’ll Be Waiting – also for all those b-sides and rarities being saved for a big exhaustive box set once these reissues are done.

The global pandemic has allowed Artists & labels to revaluate thier back catalogue & for it not to seem some sort of a box set Tombstone to their music career.


All the demo albums have been worth getting. I also hope for a b-sides release campaign after these. PJ is always interesting.


Funnily enough I was playing this a few weeks back “Working from home”. It’s not bad, not her best but maybe if it is going for as fiver in HMV at some point I’ll buy it.

I may be wrong but the sort of thing you just play once?


I think I agree. I never really got on with this album when released – didn’t seem to have many strong song structures and hooks, unlike its predecessor SFTCSFTS. Consequently the CD has gathered dust since.
I will get this on vinyl to get the full series though – so will give it another spin to justify the expense. Maybe it’ll now reveal itself and prove me wrong all these years – here’s hoping.


I think it was an essential album for her as an artist – an album she had to shake out of her system. That she recorded almost all of it alone confirms that, I think. I would recommend the DVD “Please Leave Quietly” which covers the tour for this album. Her band was Josh Klinghoffer, long-time collaborator Rob Ellis and Simon “Ding” Archer. That she stole Archer from The Fall gives you an idea of what she was aiming for and the performances on the DVD are, without exception, magnificent.

Steven Campbell

I got the original CD for I think it was £2 at a local boot sale many years ago. I have been patiently waiting for her reissue campaign to get to this album as my sister-in-law has an original pressing of this album and it’s seen far better days which prior to any of her albums being reissued meant trying to source an original pressing which still these days goes for between £80 & £200. This would make an excellent birthday present for her.

Rare Glam

Funny, I just yesterday bought an original digipak issue of the actual album for fiver on eBay. So these demos will make a nice companion piece.


Given that much of the album was recorded by Harvey at home, I wonder if there simply aren’t demo versions of the other tracks and the versions on the original album are the only ones recorded.


Almost certainly.


I had my fingers crossed for a full demo version of No Child of Mine.
And hopefully she will still release Evol and Uh Huh Her in the future. Such excellent songs.


Indeed, such a missed opportunity with this album. I seem to recall a demo of ‘Who the Fuck?’ did appear as a b-side at some point. And ‘No Child of Mine’ was simply a snippet – the full song appeared on Marianne Faithfull’s album ‘Before the Poison’ (well worth picking up, half of it written by Nick Cave and half by PJ).

And I fully agree Evol and Uh Huh Her deserved a place on the album, easily as good as any album track – but maybe all those b-sides and rarities are being saved for a big exhaustive box set after these reissues are done – one can only hope, because there is a treasure trove there in the b-sides alone, to say nothing of the Peel sessions and other recordings of completely unreleased material.


This is my favourite Polly album, will be getting this