Porcupine Tree / The Delerium Years 1994 – 1997 / vinyl box set


Opportunity to hear early works from Steven Wilson & band, curated and compiled in this smartly presented vinyl box

The Delerium Years 1994 – 1997 is an eight-piece vinyl box set featuring the music of English rock band Porcupine Tree, a band fronted by Steven Wilson that collects two double studio albums, a triple live set and a four track 12-inch record…

The band was formed in the late 1980s and became a fully-fledged touring group by the mid-1990s. This new box set contains 1995’s The Sky Moves Sideways which saw the group move more into the progressive rock sphere they later became known for. Follow-up Signify (1996) is the second double album in The Delerium Years. Coma Divine is the live triple LP of a sold out show in Rome, appeared in late 1997 and these three releases are accompanied by an LP of bonus tracks, including two versions of Signify II pressed as a concentric cut – depending on which groove the stylus falls into, you get a different mix.

All of the audio is pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl and has been remastered by Steven Wilson over the last three years. The records come packaged in a deluxe box with 40-page book containing liner notes and a detailed band history by US journalist, Stephen Humphries. The box, book and LP packaging is designed by long-term collaborator Carl Glover and features new and previously unseen material alongside the original artwork from the era.

Availability around the world varies but the box is out now and appears to be cheapest via the Burning Shed store, which is the official outlet for Porcupine Tree (and Steven Wilson).

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Delerium [VINYL]



A – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Phase 1 [18:40]

B – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. Stars Die [5:07]
2. Dislocated Day [5:24]
3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder [5:40]
4. Prepare Yourself [2:00]

C – The Sky Moves Sideways:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Phase 2 [16:56]

D – The Sky Moves Sideways

1. Moonloop [22:23]

E – Signify:

1. Bornlivedie [1:46]
2. Signify [3:26]
3. Sleep Of No Dreaming [5:24]
4. Pagan [1:36]
5. Waiting (Phase One) [4:24]

F – Signify:

1. Waiting (Phase Two) [6:21]
2. Sever [5:30]
3. Idiot Prayer [7:37]

G – Signify:

1. Every Home Is Wired [5:18]
2. Intermediate Jesus [7:29]

H – Signify:

1. Light Mass Prayers [4:28]
2. Dark Matter [8:52]

I – Coma Divine:

1. Bornlivedieintro – Live In Rome [1:25]
2. Signify – Live In Rome [5:24]
3. Waiting (Phase One) – Live In Rome [4:32]
4. Waiting (Phase Two) – Live In Rome [5:24]

J – Coma Divine:

1. The Sky Moves Sideways – Live In Rome [12:41]
2. Dislocated Day – Live In Rome [6:36]

K – Coma Divine:

1. Sleep Of No Dreaming – Live In Rome [5:19]
2. Moonloop – Live In Rome [11:40]

L – Coma Divine:

1. Up The Downstair – Live In Rome [7:40]
2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder – Live In Rome [5:05]
3. Always Never – Live In Rome [5:41]

M – Coma Divine:

1. Is Not – Live In Rome [6:09]
2. Radioactive Toy – Live In Rome [13:30]

N – Coma Divine:

1. Not Beautiful Anymore – Live In Rome [09:39]

O – Bonus Tracks:

1. Signify II (Secular Mix) [6:05]
1. Signify II (Religious Mix) [6:05]

P – Bonus Tracks:

1. Sound Of No-one Listening [8:17]
2. Colourflow In Mind [3:51]
3. Fuse The Sky [4:36]

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Just had a customer say he thinks there’s a pressing fault on LP 7, halfway through Radioactive Toy – a mixture of loud and quiet clicks . .we tested our remaining stock copy and it is there – anyone else had the same problem?


Not surprised. I’m not even sure if those Signify mixes have ever been released.

Phil Morris

The pricing of this set has infuriated me since it first appeared. In fact, the cheapest option was Wilson’s own Headphone Dust establishment (not BS). £70 + p&p.

alan hansen

i suppose i’m one of the odd-men-out when it comes to PT, as i came to the band via no-man – the latter being a band whose output at times has frustrated me, but was always of the highest beautiful caliber. i’ve been quietly pining for a remastered SDE of no-man’s earlier material for many years.

Phil Morris

You’re certainly not alone. I started with N-M and initially baulked at PT, despite having been directed to them by SW himself, based on my following of Anthony Phillips. It wasn’t until the Waiting tour that I finally got into PT.


Now, after the posts above I have to investigate no-man, it’s fans who influence other fans to buy more!

Truthfully, a friend gave me some no-man cds, I have yet to play them, I am going to . Now.


From above: “…and these three releases are accompanied by an LP of bonus tracks, including two versions of Signify II pressed as a concentric cut – depending on which groove the stylus falls into, you get a different mix.”
Well, I suppose the ‘concentric cut’ is something new in this set. Intriguing idea. :-)

alan hansen

the concentric cut vinyl idea was used previously by Kate Bush on her “Sensual World” single where you either got the single or instrumental version of the same.

alan hansen

honestly, i have no idea – i didn’t know if the Kate Bush single was first to use this trick or not. it’s things like that (and Pink Floyd’s endless water-dripping on the vinyl ending of “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast”) that made vinyl buying exciting at times.


Concetrict cut was done by Fine Young Cannibals and get this…The Shadows

William M

I used to collect everything by porcupine tree (& Steven Wilson, I.E.M, Bass Communion, no-man, Black field. ..etc) but my problem is the PT back catalogue has been released across all formats multiple times and is basically offering us nothing new except packaging. Now if Mr Wilson and Tim Bowness could get the rights to no-mans ‘loveblows and lovecries’ for a deluxe release I’ll be the first to perform cartwheels, especially if they include ‘swirl’ which is just a stunning song (with a cheeky well known sample included)

martin farnworth

steven wilson said himself he produces his best work with tim bowness. sadly this doesn’t reflect in terms of sales and that may be the key – i suspect no-man will eventually increase in stature to make some sort of box set a viable proposition and maybe loveblows gets a deserved deluxe release. personally not quite as much a fan of porcupine tree but no- man is kind of an art pop band. it’s the more conventional rock sound, of porcupine tree and wilson’s solo work that more fans prefer.

alan hansen

you’re right, Richie, nobody forces us to make any particular music purchase – an absolutely true statement. but why then does cost come in? why not simply avoid the purchase? i think that some of us feel compelled to complain about an artist’s recycling of material because we often feel that we’re being nickeled-and-dimed, and frequently repeatedly for the sake of very little new/additional material at a high price. i sometimes can’t distinguish the difference between being a fan and being a mark.


£75 (probably plus delivery) from the Burning Shed store, which I think is the official Porcupine Tree shop

alan hansen

as much as i adore PT, i’m afraid that “regurgitate” may become the operative word here. and i’m a nurse – i can appreciate the full nuanced value of that.


You’re right Alan (and others), but no one forces you to buy these releases, as has been said many times on here.

I don’t see what the problem is, if you want it you buy it, obviously cost comes in but if you can’t afford it you don’t buy it. I am a support worker and I get paid just above the minimum wage, so I know what it’s like to be low paid. I wanted this box set because I was a fan and didn’t have the music.

I spend most of my spare cash on music these days and there are always extra shifts to cover to help fund my ‘habit’!

William M

I love Porcupine Tree but How many ways will Mr Wilson find to regurgitate the PT back catalogue?


Blu-ray releases.
Find a few more unreleased tracks and/or mixes.
Alternate versions.
Some tracks as the album but either longer or shorter by 10 seconds.
And on and on.


I have this box set from it`s first run, the vinyl and packaging are of the quality we have come to expect from anything associated with Steven Wilson. The music? Well I like it, I`ve been a Porcupine Tree and S.W. fan for some time, `nough said.

Julian Hancock

No comments as yet, I see. People presumably rendered speechless by the Amazon UK price :)