Pre-order a Kylie Minogue signed CD

Snap up a signed CD of Disco, but be quick!

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to acquire a SIGNED Kylie Minogue item as the Australian singer makes available a signed CD of her forthcoming Disco album.

Disco is Kylie’s 15th album and it’s due for release on 6 November 2020, via BMG.

Pre-order signed Disco CD exclusively from Townsend Music in the UK

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Gotta have more Kylie!

The exclusive Amazon Deluxe DISCO 2 disc vinyl set on GLOW in the DARK vinyl is back at Amazon UK

A whole lot cheaper than what’s selling on eBay!


Neil Dyer

More signed Kylie has become available via Townsend Music


I agree Paul, let’s pretend eBay and scalpers don’t exist in these situations, it makes us all too bitter.
I still don’t know if I got my copy but I won’t mind if I don’t.
By the way it’s quite obvious they only sign the standard editions, because most people will buy the Deluxe one. I don’t even know why artists release bloody standard editions – well of course I do, so that big fans will buy both or so that those that say screw it, will buy it when signed? Ha.


It’s not so much the signature that’s important, but the bits of dna they leave behind.


I completely missed out on this. That being said – am I the only one who loves that inside cover pic much more than the actual cover?

George glazener

@scott, nope, you’re not the only one. Last count there were six million, three hundred thousand, and twenty five of us who love that photo too.


Heads up – as of 4:45pm available again on Amazon UK

Stevie B

Thanks TERRY, the link worked as of 4.30pm 28.10.20



Excellent, glad to hear you got one!


Thanks also got one just now at 18:24


A few more copies available at HMV website.


It’s only a bit of Scribble anyway.
The days are long gone when someone actually signed something with a legible signature.
Obviously there are some exceptions but more often than not it’s just a quick scrawl.

Steven Roberts

For me, the joy of getting a signed item is having the artist sign it in person.

Of course, I’m telling myself that because I missed out on this occasion :)

Peter Kemp

I agree to see the artist look up and smile as they sign your copy. I missed mine because I live in Australia but the inside photo is still the best


Its a bit naughty of townsend to state the signed cds were available “exclusively” from them, when hmv and amazon were selling them too…

Larry Davis

Already pre-ordered the deluxe edition…why the signed CDs are never deluxe editions, just the regular ones, is odd…looking forward to the new record, she did a song from it on Jimmy Fallon almost a month ago (forgot the title) and it was typical Kylie pop gold…

Michael Benstead

I’m a bit pissed off that there were no signed editions on first orders…ordered my Deluxe ages ago, and there are numerous ‘bundles’ at ridiculous prices that haven’t been signed. What price commitment?


Seeing the title of this album I started imagining it was Kylie’s version of the Pet Shop Boys remix album from 1986! That would have been interesting! Anyway I managed to get a signed copy with no problem. Cheers for the heads up.


I could not believe it when I saw the email from Townsend, I immediately clicked and put it in the cart after hurriedly making sure it was real. It allowed me to complete the purchase, but I was separately checking the stock on a separate tab, and it said sold out. Will I get one, who knows, I would love it. I have no signed… oh no wait, I do have signed items Kylie, lol, just realized as we speak. Still, would looooove this, the booklet seems to have a different front artwork than the horribly cheap standard one, very Muse-y.

Debbie Enticknapp

i managed to get a signed copy on HMV. Its now SOLD OUT

Adrian Burke

I was in clinic in the morning- I am a doctor in the NHS and missed out on the tweet. And then missed out on the second tweet and missed out again. If anyone has any spare copies I’d love to get one.

Please email me at adrianburke@nhs.net if you can spare a copy for another lifelong Kylie fan

Peace and love from Liverpool

the real mike

Only 50 copies on eBay…
I doubt she will outsell Little Mix for number one but you cant blame a girl for trying!

Andy S

Great idea

Alan B

Unfortunately the SDE email for some strange reason went to my junk email folder so by the time I found it all the signed version had gone.

Slightly off topic but for those who missed out on the pre order for the coloured triple vinyl version of the new Style Council compilation Long Hot Summers it is back on Recordstore to pre order. It originally sold out very quickly over a month ago. It was always available to order from their sister company in Canada. Maybe they have diverted some stock to the UK.

Paul S

Ohhh yes, I’ve said it before and will say it again, what a superb site and great contributors, thanks to the people on here I’ve snagged a HMV signed one.
Thanks Paul for the alert and thanks guys for the updates on where to buy.


Bagged! Cheers for the heads-up.

Paul S

9 mins and gone, didn’t get one, I made a note in my diary it simply said bugger!


Hmv have signed copies, I’ve just bought one from there!
Limited to one per person, which is good for fans!
Thats one Christmas present sorted!

Stephen clarke

HMV still have signed copies available, just grabbed one asap.


Just ordered one from there £12.99 incl postage. I think they’re limited to one per person as i accidently put 2 in basket and it changed to one automatically (which is a good thing for fans).
Thats one xmas present sorted!!

Ant Prr

HMV have some right now, one per customer.
Ignore the “out of stock” when you Google it.
Kylie Disco signed CD HMV… couldn’t search on site earlier….


Bit off to preorder the deluxe cd edition from the artist website weeks ago – which they’ve taken payment for – and then throw out a signed edition . Not the way to treat fans.

Michael Benstead


Chad W

In my cart Townsend music said limit was 2 per customer–I was able to get one for myself and one for a dear friend!

Mike M

Aah shoot! :(


Sold out. I wonder if the number of copies actually for sale were in double figures or not? Haha

Richard Bristow

Many thanks Paul!

Phil Fogel

Frak sold out :( probably within minutes. Oh well. So far the tracks from the album sound amazing.


I was SO hoping for a signed copy! Managed to order two copies (one for myself and one as a gift) before they sold out.


not sure how Townsend Music functions. I had the Kylie CD in my basket for about 10 seconds follow steps to pay and then a message pops up that the item in my basket is no longer available. Wow really love how Townsend treat their customers.

Steven Moors

Managed to bad a signed copy from Amazon earlier this morning, they went quick.


Already sold out from the time I had it in the basket to finding my password.


You’re a star, Paul – thank you! They went quickly but I got one.




Grabbed! I was amazed that they were still available. And there’s only one each, so be grateful if you manage to get one.

Michel Banen

Sold out within’ 9 minutes of receiving the SDE mail….. but I scored a copy !!!!!!!!!! THANKS PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Be quick is right! Seven minutes later…signed discs are sold out. So much for that idea.

Tiffany Gardiner

Got it :) wasn’t sure if i would be quick enough!


Thanks for the heads up. That was tough (website slow)…. But I now have an order confirmation.


Got it! Thanks for the heads-up, Paul!


Thanks for getting in on this. The link that Kylie sent out this morning was already sold out, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a second chance. Only $20/CD shipping to the US.


whoop whoop!! hell yes!