Keane / Cause and Effect

Signed CD now sold out

Keane release a new album, Cause and Effect, in September.

This record is their fifth, after a five-year hiatus and includes the new single The Way I Feel which features a Kevin Godley-directed video (see below).

In a statement, it is claimed that the birth of the new album “came as something of a surprise even to the band” with singer Tom Chaplin saying he missed his old sparring partner Tim Rice-Oxley (Chaplin has released two solo albums). “I found myself wondering how I had come to let this very enigmatic and important relationship in my life drift,” Tom says.

The signed deluxe CD (featuring five bonus tracks) is now sold out, but there’s also a super deluxe edition which adds a bonus ‘Retroactive’ CD, the album on black vinyl and then a bonus blue 10-inch single containing the five extra tracks from the deluxe CD. This super deluxe comes in a book format. The album is of course available as a standard black vinyl.

Cause and Effect will be released on 20 September 2019 via Universal.

Cause and Effect Deluxe CD

1. You’re Not Home
2. Love Too Much
3. The Way I Feel
4. Put the Radio On
5. Strange Room
6. Stupid Things
7. Phases
8. Im Not Leaving
9. Thread
10. Chase the Night Away
11. I Need Your Love
12. New Golden Age (Bonus Track)
13. Difficult Year (Bonus Track)
14. The Way I Feel (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
15. Stupid Things (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
16. Im Not Leaving (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)

Super Deluxe Book edition

Includes deluxe CD listed above, plus:

Retroactive CD

Retroactive EP1

Somewhere Only We Know [Sprint Music Series, 2003]
Bedshaped [Live At Roundhouse Studios, 2013]
Spiralling [Demo, 2008]
Silenced By The Night [Sea Fog Acoustic Session, 2012]
Retroactive EP2Again And Again [Demo, 2007]
In Your Own Time [Demo, 2010]
Glass Bottles [Unreleased Demo, 2011]
Better Than This [Demo, 2007]

Retroactive EP3

Strangeland [Dallas Sketch, 2011]
The Lovers Are Losing [Demo, 2008]
This Is The Last Time [Real Network Session, Seattle 2014]
Sunshine [Demo, 2002]

Cause and Effect vinyl LP

A Side

You’re Not Home
Love Too Much
The Way I Feel
Put the Radio On
Strange Room
Stupid Things

B Side

I’m Not Leaving
Chase the Night Away
I Need Your Love

Bonus Blue 10″

A Side

New Golden Age (Bonus Track)
Difficult Year (Bonus Track)

B Side

The Way I Feel (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
Stupid Things (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)
I’m Not Leaving (Sea Fog Acoustic Session)

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Nick Button

Ordered Signed copy from Amazon back in June and lo and behold an unsigned copy arrives this afternoon – complaint in full process!!!!

Nick Button

Yes I too have red face now………

James Ingles

Just received my deluxe signed vinyl set, and I too almost thought it wasn’t autographed! I have to admit I’m disappointed as I wanted the normal cover art autographed! What’s more disappointing is all the care that went into producing this beautiful set along with the amazing packing that sheltered it overseas all the way to Nebraska only to find that there is a tiny tear in the upper corner of pretty much every page in the book! And the fact that the book is too big for my shelves of vinyl to fit, but alas…the main thing is this is too expensive to have these tiny tears… anyone else get the vinyl book and cd set and have this issue???
very disappointed!

Lee Harris

Same experience here. I almost didn’t find the booklet and was very disappointed that we didn’t receive an autographed album. The entire point was to frame it along with the other vinyl records in my collection. I don’t want a poster of a band…I’m not 13.

Janice Pugh

My apologies to Amazon – the CD was in its shrink wrap and appeared unsigned. However, the booklet INSIDE the CD was signed! So egg on my face and a rant at an Amazon customer services adviser was uncalled for. I must admit, I have never had any signed albums, CD’s etc in their shrink wrap (and I didn’t want to remove it as Amazon may not refund me). So a word of warning – DO open your CD and check the booklet! I will now go and hide in a corner (listening to the CD of course) xx

Janice Pugh

Well what a massive disappointment – I pre-ordered my SIGNED copy of Cause and Effect, only to receive an UNSIGNED copy from Amazon UK. I have spoken to them and they tell me it is out of stock! Yet I pre-ordered my Signed copy on 7th June! I am a very unhappy bunny. Amazon are useless


signed deluxe back in stock on amazon

Darth Vader

From Bono impersonator to Brandon Flowers. I could feel my face getting redder and redder during the first 30 seconds of the video. The solo effort was fruitless, and, as in most cases the front man/woman crawls back to the band. I wish the album much success never the less, (providing Chaplin doesn’t gasp for breath whilst singing, which is spectacularly irritating)

Ian Gair

As this album is called cause & effect perhaps artists may consider not creating more plastic pollution by not issuing cassettes as we all live on a blue planet?

Vincent B

Another great heads-up Paul. It’s terrific value. Really looking forward to hearing this come September.

Larry Davis

I would say yes…I had a whole slew of pre-orders set, then out of the blue, my debit card was shut down due to suspicious activity from Amazon…they without warning proceeded to charge my card over 10 times at once, which made Securities at my bank raise a red flag and block my card from being charged again…it looked suspicious and like a hacker broke into my Amazon account and charged away!! So I changed cards again and chose not to upload new card information….and cancelled all preorders…now that I know it was the new policy and not a hacker, I may not order from Amazon again, or at least not nearly as much as I once did…I even cancelled my Prime membership!! What they did was really bad and I don’t trust them anymore…I even sent an email complaining about the policy…I usually get a response…not with that email…they pretty much killed my business with them in one fell swoop…

Paul Taylor

There seems to be mixed experiences with Amazon but mine is exactly the same as yours – with the same outcome. I have cancelled all preorders and Prime membership.
Their responses (if you get one) are pre-scripted nonsense. They never address all the points you make and that just adds to the frustration.
I’ll stick to web stores in future or indie shops, usually better stuff available and less hassle

Larry Davis

Paul, I saw this message that this hassle we went through was an EXPERIMENT regarding customers and preorders, and after enough complaints and cancelled preorders, they promptly changed it back, and someone got 10 pounds credit…so I’m like, OK, and just called them myself, explained the situation, and the woman told me that yes, the policy was changed back, but got all defensive about it being an experiment…I inquired about getting a free month of Prime as well…she put her supervisor on…in the end, he agreed with me and apologized for the double hassle I went through, changing my debit card twice, card getting shut down, no one knowing anything about where it came from…no one said (or knew) it came from this stupid preorder policy that did not work, and getting no warning about it either…in the end, I got $20 credit (I ordered the 4CD Slade box…only cost me $6) and a week on Prime for $1.99…so all is good and my Amazon fear was lifted…still happy I have double security on my account now though…that was a pretty horrible experience though…


The Killers’ lawyer is on the phone.

elliott buckingham

“how can I sound like brandon flowers”


Fab, ordered. That quote from Tom sounds like something from Spinal Tap.

Brian Scott

Hi Janice, I fell into the same trap re: the cassette bundle but there is a signed SDE without the cassette that’s a few £ cheaper if you check out their music section on their site.

Stephen Rickard

HMV have in store pre order for the pink vinyl version.

Auntie Sabrina

The answer I got from Amazon.co.uk wasn’t that easy to understand, it seems when you place an order, Amazon contacts the issuing bank to confirm the validity of the payment method. Your bank reserves the funds until the transaction processes or the authorisation expires, but this isn’t an actual charge.


That’s normally confirmed by a £1.00 transaction that shows as pending on your bank account but never actually takes place.

Janice Pugh

Thanks very much Paul – ordered the signed CD from Amazon and the signed book super deluxe set from Keane’s official store. Only thing is, with the bundle you get a cassette too…..not really a fan of cassettes to be honest, but hey ho! As I bought the bundle from their store, I will get a pre-sale code for concert ticket sales! Wahooo….can’t wait to see Tom and the boys again.

Alan B

Every bundle option they are offering includes a cassette. I’ve lost count of the number of artists who offer signed and/or exclusive versions that include a mandatory cassette. Probably because they won’t shift many without them being in a tempting bundle. Which prompts the question why do they bother with cassette versions if there is very little demand? I’ve bought these bundles in the past and tried to sell the cassette version on Ebay to get rid. I can’t give them away because no one is interested.

Chris Brown

Presumably because if you buy a bundle of CD + vinyl + cassette that counts as three sales instead of two.

I myself ended up ordering the Richard Hawley album on cassette because it came with a download code and was cheaper than buying the download on its own.


Ordered!!! Thanks a lot!!! Can’t wait to listen to the new album!

wesley mc dowell

Great to have them back. To good and too young a band to be mothballed for any length of time.On first listen the new single makes me think of The Killers or a Brandon Flowers solo track.Some intresting tracks on the super deluxe .I may be tempted ! Better start saving ! Thanks for all the details Paul , must let my friend know she really loves them.

Charles K.

What’s with the awful album covers these days?!?! First Elvis, then the horrible Divine Comedy cover now this! Oh well, the music is all that counts, love Keane and looking forward to this.


Not as awful as the new Madonna album…
You could argue that Liam Gallagher’s new single , or Ed Sheeran Lps artworks are “Stripped”, but they’re really horrible too…

Speaking of Keane, That’s great news ! I really like this band ! I Hope the result will be as high as the latest “Strangeland” … Will try to get in touch with the super deluxe anywa y!


Signed Super Deluxe available in the official store.


and they appear to include a cassette version too unlike Amazon


Big fan of Keane so great to order the signed deluxe CD. Thanks Paul as always for the heads up.


I like Keane.

Ken Evans

Over the moon…. thanks Paul.

Here in the states these guys are not nearly as big as over there – During the Wave tour two years ago I got to see Tom up close at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta which only seats a couple hundred. Easily the best show I’ve been to in a decade.

After his Christmas album it sounded like Tom was planning to go away for quite a while – this reunion is much, much faster than I could have imagined, and that song sounds great.

Hey Brits – I have a question, was Twelve Tales much of a hit over there? Did any of the songs get holiday airplay one year later? Which ones?

Joe Atari

i’m sure its nice enough, and they wrote Somewhere Only We Know which is lush, but that cover…..ewww. its awful.

Auntie Sabrina

Do Amazon.co.uk now take payment five days after the pre-order date for items released more than 5 days ahead?

Mark S

Can anyone confirm this preorder Amazon payment thing as actually happening? Seen a lot of bluster. No one actually confirming it though.


Amazon don’t take payments until items are dispatched it’s always been that way.