Pre-order a signed CD of Michael Kiwanuka’s new album ‘Kiwanuka’

Michael Kiwanuka‘s follow up to the brilliant Love & Hate will be released in October. The album is called simply Kiwanuka and you can pre-order a signed CD in the UK right now.

The album sees Kiwanuka reunite with the team that helped to create Love & Hate, songwriter and producer Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton and British hip hop producer Inflo, with sessions starting in LA as long ago as May 2017.

‘Cold Little Heart’ from the last album was used on HBO’s Big Little Lies

Speaking about the new record, Michael has the following to say: “The last album came from an introspective place and felt like therapy, I guess,” he reasons, surveying it all. “This one was a bit more about feeling comfortable in who I am and asking what I wanted to say. Like, how could I be bold and challenge myself and the listener? It is about self-acceptance in a bit more of a triumphant rather than a melancholy way.”

Kiwanuka is released on 1 November 2019 (previously 25 Oct). You can preview ‘You Ain’t The Problem’ from the new album, above.

The signed CD edition can be pre-ordered from Amazon UK and 2LP black vinyl is also available. Kiwanku’s official store has pink vinyl and various bundles.

Compare prices and pre-order

Michael Kiwanuka

Kiwanuka - exclusive signed CD


1. You Ain’t The Problem
2. Rolling
3. I’ve Been Dazed
4. Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love) Intro
5. Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)
6. Another Human Being (Interlude)
7. Living In Denial
8. Hero
9. Hard To Say Goodbye
10. Final Days
11. Interlude (Loving The People)
12. Solid Ground
13. Light

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Neil Wilkes

Sorry, but this is nowhere near as good as “Love & Hate” was.
I for one will avoid this release – very disappointing indeed.


Try it again… I was really disappointed on first listen, now I love it!


Wot, no comments on the artwork?

Andrea Paolini

Lana Del Rey… not for Italy

Chris Brown

I notice HMV are listing a different coloured vinyl version and a deluxe CD. They don’t say what’s so deluxe about it but it’s £2 more expensive than the standard version.


Potentially could be the album of the year for me (although The Flaming Lips Kings Head will take some beating). Absolutely love his previous albums and in particular Love and Hate has had countless plays in our house. Also thought the MK footage I saw at Glastonbury was sublime and a stand out along with the Cure’s set.

Le Baron

I love everyrhing this guy has done since his first 10” ep.
Thanks for the news, ordered pink lp + bonus 7”.

CJ Feeney

I see his store has a one sided 7″ as bonus with the pink L.P. only.

Paul Thomson

Love and Hate was my album of 2016, outstanding album. Also saw him on that tour (supported by Isaac Gracie) at an ecstatic gig in Edinburgh Liquid Rooms. Think he was genuinely taken aback by his reception! Needless to say CD duly ordered, thanks for the heads-up. Really looking forward to this one.


Thanks Paul, appreciated.

I also note that Lana Del Rey’s rather provocatively titled new album is also now on pre-order in her store, with limited signed copies and multiple formats available. I’ve availed myself of a CD!



Very surprised there’s no news posted on the site about the new Lana Del Rey album. I would have been all over the CD had it been the cover signed, but it’s just a signed bit of card. Got the Urban Outfitters exclusive vinyl on order. Can’t wait to receive it.


Thank you Alan but unfortunately as always Universal store only ships to the UK. Evrn though they show prices in every currency. Yeah well done Uni.