Pre-order a signed CD of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot’s new album

Former Housemartin and The Beautiful South member Paul Heaton will issue a another album with Jacqui Abbott next year, and you can pre-order a signed CD now.

The album is called Manchester Calling and follows What Have We Become (2014), Wisdom Laughter and Lines (2015) and Crooked Calypso (2017).

The pair will be touring the UK in April/May next year in support of the new record.

Manchester Calling will be released on 6 March 2020. No track listing has been released, as yet.

1 The Only Exercise I Get Is You
2 If You Could See Your Faults
3 Somebody’s Superhero
4 Big News In A Little World
5 You And Me (Were Meant To Be Together)
6  The Outskirts Of The Dancefloor
7 So Happy
8 A Good Day Is Hard To Find
9 Fat Of The Land [Explicit]
10 All Of My Friends
11 The Prison
12 House Party 2 [Explicit]
13 He’s Got What I Had
14 New York Ivy [Explicit]
15 MCR Calling
16 My Legal High

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What a great news (new CD!!) / bad news (Mar-2020) announcement.

@ Jeffrey O’Hara — > those ramblings make for great reading; I don’t think the BS or the HM ever toured Western Canada so my stories are all about, well, ….. [nothing]

Jeffrey OHara

Very good albums and looking forward to the new one. The Beautiful South scattered a ton of great material on various CD singles(completist I am I’ve got them all and that was no small feat in the States at the time) and it would be nice to see it remastered. He had little to no airplay or publicity here be it Housemartins, South or Solo. After hearing Happy Hour on a show called Rock Over London that played the U.K top five every Sat. That happy accident got a rural high school hooked on Go Discs artists. The Souths debut was purchased because a sticker on front said “Ex Housemartins…).Finally In 92′ (0898 tour)they played the Empire Club in Cleveland Ohio and 15 of us drove up and found the entire band standing outside at 3PM. He saw us in line and said “Don’t pay for those” and put us on the guest list leaving instructions to let us in early so we had the entire front row. We somehow managed to stay in touch with various members and some incarnation of our original group met up with them on every subsequent U.S tour. They were gracious, they were more than generous even genuinely getting pissed in NYC when I’d had enough free drinks and paid a tab. The man walks it like he talks it.I watched him cancel a show without hesitation in NYC late 90s because nobody informed him the stagehands were on strike until he arrived for soundcheck. The union official told me they were the only act in the 40 some odd days since it began that had done so. They took us to dinner at Mickey Mantles restaurant that night. I was with them the night Jacqui quit in Philadelphia and they made Dave Hemingway sing her parts teasing him incessantly. It was also in Philly I saw them last in 2006 and it was sad to see the obvious fracture. The first thing I was told was “This is it for us y’know”…Anyway enough… I’m sorry to bore y’all and I hate this overenthusiastic kind of writing as much as the next person but seeing this post brought back the fact that I and my friends for over a decade got to do some really cool shit courtesy of a really cool guy. Appreciate your indulgence.


Enjoyed your ramble, Jeffrey, as I too was at that ’92 show in Cleveland at the Empire. Love everything Paul has done, especially Beautiful South, and am quite excited of news of a new release.

Jeffrey O'Hara

Hey thanks Steven. That was a Great show! The Bee Gees Cover at the end sealed it and about half of our group drove to D.C and saw them again the next night. Every Two years after that NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, D.C, Philly. It was a challenge keeping up with the bingeing all day but that part of Ohio lends itself to that particular style of “long haul” drinking. If there is anything in any part of his catalog long lost to you shoot me an email where I can reach you. I’m fairly certain to have it.


I was also at the Empire show in Cleveland! Sadly the only time I ever saw them live. Great show!

Jim Vandegrift

Great story. I live in Cincinnati and got to see them 3 times. Met Jacqui in Pittsburgh. They opened for the Bars Naked Ladies and ran into her on the way to the beer tent. Couldn’t have been sweeter , still got her autograph ( this was pre cell phones ). Told her we drove 5.5 hours just to see them. We left after that and had a great night on the town. FEED THE HEED!

James Vandegrift

Welcome news. Now they need to remaster the South’s back catalogue w/ bonus tracks.


Excited about this! I’ve been a fan since the beginning of The Housemartins. Jacqui has a great voice!

Will wait until the “deluxe” version is released, which always seems inevitable.

Need to fix the headline. Abbott has 2 “t”s.

Mike M

Signed vinyl etc. available on Paul Heaton’s website.


I’m continually conflicted about whether to buy these Heaton/Abbott collaborations, because they always seem to get really good reviews. Will continue to suffer….

Also, it’s not as if I’m losing any sleep about it, but is there any deep and significant reason why the entry for the signed CD is only credited to Paul Heaton and Jacqui is MIA? Maybe it’s only his signature???


Great news! This batch of albums reuniting the two have generally been excellent and a gift to Beautiful South fans!

Ian Gair

Ordered without hesitation ~ thanks Paul [x 2] for continuing to promote physical media as we all heading to a cloud based storage of memories, be they muisc, photos or documents etc.