Pre-order a signed CD of Rumer’s album

British singer-songwriter Rumer (aka Sarah Joyce) will release Nashville Tears: The Songs of Hugh Prestwood, her fifth studio album, next month. SIGNED CD copies can be pre-ordered.

Prestwood is an American country music songwriter whose compositions have been covered by Judy Collins and Alison Krauss and here Rumer interprets fifteen of his songs. You can preview ‘Deep Summer in the Deep South’, below.

The album is of course available on vinyl and there’s also an official store with some coloured vinyl, bundles and exclusives. But you can’t beat a signed CD for £10.99!

Nashville Tears: The Songs of Hugh Prestwood is released on 14 August via Cooking Vinyl.

1. The Fate of Fireflies
2. June It’s Gonna Happen
3. Oklahoma Stray
4. Bristlecone Pine (Ft Lost Hollow)
5. Ghost In This House
6. Deep Summer In The Deep South
7. Heart Full Of Rain
8. Hard Times For Lovers
9. Starcrossed Hanger of the Moon
10. The Song Remembers When
11. That’s That
12. Here You Are
13. Learning How To Love
14. The Snow White Rows of Arlington
15. Half The Moon

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I saw Rumer play at the Tyne Theatre a few years ago, and it was the coldest concert I’d been to. I mean it was freezing. I sat in my coat, woolly hat and gloves whilst poor Rumer performed in her dress. She was lovely afterwards when she signed.

When Slow came on the radio, it sounded like Karen Carpenter reincarnated. Rumer’s version of Sara Smile is gorgeous.

I’m surprised her career has dipped in popularity, so I hope the songs of Hugh Prestwood do her justice. As Larry Davis says, the marketing / management of her career may have missed the mark.

On Rumer’s web site £30 buys you a signed cd, coloured double LP, a signed print and the pointless wine bottle sticker. That’s pretty good value.

On a side note, the Rumer signature is neat and legible. Ellie Goulding signed her new album really nicely and Natasha Khan always does her signature with care. If makes such a difference to some illegible signed items, which men are generally more guilty of.

Chris Squires

I can see what you are driving at Quante, with the Karen Carpenter analogy, a lot of the delivery and style of “Slow” is Carpenters and done exceedingly well. But it remains just about the biggest complimentary vocal leap for any artist as Karen was and still is just about the best, most beautiful female vocal artist we have ever had.

I have just listened to “Slow” twice for the first time in ages and have to agree it is still bewitching.

Coldest concert for me was Tubular Bells II at Edinburgh Castle – brass monkeys.


Hi Chris,

Comparing Rumer to Karen Carpenter is the highest compliment I could give to Rumer. Karen Carpenter is my all time favourite female vocalist. Her singing is so sublime that even the naffness of their ’70’s image couldn’t stop the worldwide success they had. I liked the story of John Lennon complimenting Karen on her voice and her surprise and delight to this.

Rumer’s first two albums are very good as is the B sides and Rarities album. She had a fall out with her original collaborator and suffered ill health which must have taken its toll; but her musical output hasn’t shined quite as bright in recent years. I wish her well for this album and missed out on tickets to see her in Edinburgh, which with Covid is probably a blessing.


One of my very favorite country tunes is That’s That, originally recorded by Michael Johnson in 1988. The arrangement sounded like absolutely nothing else at the time, so I was interested to see where this artist took the song. It’s… not bad. She buffed out most of the idiosyncrasies, but her voice suits the song well. But I’d urge you to seek out the original version on YouTube.

joel ivins

have always loved “song remembers when”…will have to check this out

sandy cowan

just heard Denise Johnson has died at the age of 53. what a tragic loss. what a voice. So many bands owe her a great debt for her contributions. Too many to mention,mine being HYPNOTONE-. DREA.M BEAM


Gonna live the life I love
I’m gonna love the life I live
Gonna get high

RIP Denise.

Had the pleasure of seeing you with Primal Scream many moons ago, great singer.


She’s amazing…i saw her live in Chicago a few years ago. Such a wonderful live experience! She signed 2 of my cds. Worth the ticket.

Wish i could get a signed copy sent over the pond but it does not seem to be an option. Still cannot wait!!

Thanks and All the Best – Jeff

Scott Foltz

I was at that Chicago show, too. What a fantastic evening! I also saw her in NYC (with Dionne Warwick) when she was promoting the Bacharach album.

I ordered one of the bundles with a signed CD and photo from her official store back in January. I just got an email that it has shipped, so they must still be honoring the orders that were placed before they stopped offering international shipping. I was worried. I’ve been looking forward to this album for months.

Colin Harper

An amazing voice looking for the right songs… and this doesn’t sound like it.


You may be right about the material against the voice Colin.

Also, bit weird she’s not in her own video.


Have to agree. Always thought she has a lovely voice, but I’ve never heard her sing a song that has made me want to hear it again…

Larry Davis

No shipping to the US…but it’s fine, when shows start up again, I’ll be seeing her live and get the new album signed…and it’s on Cooking Vinyl…guess she and Warners finally parted ways…they seemed to have no clue how to market her properly…


Signed or get the exclusive wine bottle sticker….decisions…decisions…


Is that Rumer on the cover having a shoulder roll after finishing the washing up?

Dean F

Maybe she’ll decorate it when she gets the royalties. Could do with tiling round the sink ;)