Pre-order a signed CD of Van Morrison’s forthcoming ‘Latest Record Project’

Pre-order a SIGNED deluxe 2CD set

Van Morrison‘s new album will be called Latest Record Project, Vol 1 and fans can pre-order a signed two-CD set from Amazon in the UK.

Latest Record Project is a double album and the title, artwork and songs (‘Why Are You On Facebook?’) have generated much discussion online! However the label describe the album as simply “a 28-track delve into Van’s ongoing love of blues, R&B, jazz and soul”.

The two-CD set is presented as a deluxe casebound book edition and includes full lyrics. This comes with a signed insert (there’s a cheaper, standard 2CD which doesn’t offer this more ‘deluxe’ packaging).

If you are looking for other options, Van’s official store offers CD/vinyl bundles with signed lyric sheets and the like. The vinyl edition is a 3LP set and there’s some test pressings on the shop, also. The signed two-CD deluxe packaged version is exclusive to Amazon UK.

Latest Record Project will be released on 7 May 2021.

Note! Alternative option for signed sets is JPC in Germany The have both 2CD deluxe signed and 3LP vinyl signed. (they ship internationally).

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Is anyone else wary of the likelihood of these signatures being auto penned? Both Chrissie Hynde and Ozzy Osbourne were recently busted for using them with their latest official signed offers. I just can’t see Van signing hundreds or even thousands of these things…


Do we know the differences between the standard and deluxe CD editions? Clearly the case bound book vs digipak is one. Does the deluxe have a booklet and the standard none?


Looks to me as though the amazon U.K. autographed option is now “Temporarily out of stock.” This at mid-afternoon Saturday, March 6, 2021 on Canadian East Coast.


Oh, I see what tyou mean, Paul… by entering a U.K. address (as opposed to my Canadian one), then presto, the (signed) album is there for the taking!


Whatever happened to the reissue campaign for his post-WB albums? Would love to see a deluxe reissue of Saint Dominic’s Preview.

Ken Evans

The re-issue campaign was I think either 2/3 or 3/4 of the way through when the crash happened in 2008. I remember the little inserts that I never saved had the dates of all the batches including a final future batch that would have included St Dominics and Hymns and Skiffle.

This reminds me – what’s the story about Tupelo? Has Van ever said anything about disowning it?


Tupelo Honey is not a favorite of mine, overall, but Old Old Woodstock is a fantastic song. So he shouldn’t disown it, IMHO. :-)

Ken Evans

I’m glad the 3 lockdown tracks from a few months ago are not on here. Maybe I can forget them.


There are some real Morrissey-esque song titles there!

I’ve never been a fan of grumpy super-spreader Van, but I’m certainly intrigued by the tracklist. Might check some of these out. I quite like the tongue-in-cheek album title too.

Keith Coleman

I’ve nothing against older musical gents going a bit ‘askew’ (i.e. bonkers) as it throws up some interesting stuff on occasions. But it seems a fact that Van and others, including the venerable Neil Young, for all their true genius, have an issue with their quality control widget. Wait and see would be a good idea with this one?

Phil Tate

Anyone managed to order this with Prime? My partner has the Prime account, and when she presses Preorder it takes her to her cart but it’s empty. She can add other stuff but this just refuses. I’ve ordered it with my account instead but obviously I’ve had to add shipping.

Phil Tate

Never mind – it let her order it on the website but not through the app for some reason!


Hilfen mir, bitte, I know German, but the JPC site will not correct the country to the USA, reverts back to Deutschland ( Germany ), the LP set with signed LYRICS is sold out, but will take the 2 CD set with signed Lyric sheet still available FOR NOW..on JPC Germany site…I sent a note asking for update, but “will get back with you in order was received” BS
Anyone else have these problems? Danke, Thanks

David M

They won’t ship to Canada, maybe not the US either?


Was able to order it through his website, not the Signed Lyrics sheet, but on a seperate CD booklet good enough.

Wayne Klein

As of today Van’s store, even though it is set up for ordering, won’t let you do so. Things are in U.S. currency but you get a message that fans can’t order in the U.S.

Steve Benson

I recommend a drop of Tupelo Honey to soothe the fevered brow.


Thank god for Van. He’s been releasing strong albums for years. I can’t get a signed version, but I’m ordering the “normal” version as soon as I can. Don’t care about his politics. I’m just glad he’s alive and giving us more music.

Jarmo Keranen

To me his years with Them between 1964-66 and albums Astral Weeks and Moondance are enough. Shame there isn’t time machine. It would be nice to see when Van and Jim Morrison jammed together in 1966!


Full store of SIGNED Van Morrison merchandise at Music Today.
Got a Test Pressing!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

David A Kunzli

Thanks Epic. Your link made my life easy today! Ordered my autographed edition. I hope we all enjoy the music!

Wayne K

I ordered. I think Van is a kook but he is still a brilliant performer ona good night.


‘They Own the Media’ .. Yikes?


Be careful what you wish for. Bought a “signed” copy of Kate Miller-Heidke’s latest off her website Paid extra for the signed edition. It arrived with KMH written on it. Wonder if the bottom of Van’s pile will just be VM?

Johnny Spasm

Is it? If the signature is what pushes you to make the purchase, then the point is anything but moot.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Van has his knockers as evidenced by some of the comments. He also has his fans as also evidenced by some of the comments.

The thing is whether to take Van`s comments seriously or not.

If every artist/band were to be judged by their comments/actions I reckon we would all have seriously smaller record collections. I`m not going to list names and things said or done by some artists/bands, that would take a very long time.

Of course there are some artists/bands whose music I will never buy or even listen to if I can help it, fortunately I don`t like the music of 99% of them.

Van is one of the artists who although I don`t agree with quite a lot of what he says, I am a fan of his music. As someone says even his later albums have songs of quality, in fact I have yet to buy an album by Van that I`ve disliked. I`ve also never been disappointed by any of his live shows, even the one`s were he was grumpy and ignorant. He always sang, played the sax with aplomb and his band always consisted of great musicians.

What I`ve found amusing are the comments about the songs on the new album, comments slagging songs off because of their title without the critics having heard any of them.

Anyhow I`m in for the signed CD and hope I get the one signed “Feck off you c$nt, Van The Man”!

Jeff G.

“The thing is whether to take Van`s comments seriously or not.

If every artist/band were to be judged by their comments/actions I reckon we would all have seriously smaller record collections. I`m not going to list names and things said or done by some artists/bands, that would take a very long time.”

An important distinction might be looking at artists who said or did crazy and/or objectionable things in their youth, but then apologized and stopped doing/saying those things decades ago (a’la Elvis Costello), versus those that are still saying/doing crazy and/or objectionable things unrepentantly up to he present day, like Van, or Morrissey.

John MC cann

Or Eric !


It’s always funny to read the comments on cranky ol Van. Just remember he gives zero f*x what any of us think!

I’m assuming there’s going to be at least one track about autumnal skies, warm memories etc. There usually is.

Totally agree with the person wishing for the days of Poetic Champions. At least we have those records forever.


JPC isn’t shipping to North America. %$#&^#@$!!!


I just ordered it via JPC! Try again.


When checking out through JPC:
Country (Canada) : Currently no deliveries are possible to the selected country.
Btw the vinyl edition: Not available at this time.
Get notified via our eCourier if the product can be ordered.

Tom m hans

I did earlier today.


Not one usually for snarky comments but… I think I’ll stick with Buddy Guy’s version of “My Time After Awhile”. And that’s all I have to say on this matter, hopefully.


The lead track has piqued my interest enough that I will check this out – 28 original songs at a pretty good price. His track record says there will be some good, bad, and ugly in there. Certainly I wish he was back in the Caledonian Soul or the elegant Poetic Champions Compose eras, but there have been great songs from throughout his storied career. His last album of original material (Three Chords & the Truth) was a pleasant turn after 4 albums of jazz and R&B covers.

I do have to laugh at the thought of the little guy sitting at a desk/table, legs dangling from the chair/not touching the floor, pen reluctantly in hand, eyeballing a towering pile of LP or CD covers to be signed with absolute disdain…

John MC cann

I saw van at Glastonbury 89,,, his legs looked reasonable sized to me then,!
Will he also be getting chased round the room by a cat,and climb up on the big pencil?,,,old film


I find it shocking that there were so many negative comments about Van Morrison. His views were not hateful, supportive of terrorists, intended to harm any person or any group. (Roger Waters, Cat Stevens, etc.) He did not endanger anyone’s life with socially unacceptable behavior (Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Marilyn Manson, etc.) I personally do not support certain artists regardless of the quality of their work due to their dangerous belief’s or actions, but considering the lack of negative comments for many of those artists I’m putting a strong recommendation to reconsider Mr. Morrison’s latest album. Regardless of one’s opinion of his beliefs he is entitled to voice them because they are not dangerous. In the US we value the right to Free Speech, or at least we used to value it.

David Cornyn

But his opinions/lyrics, in claiming coronavirus was “pseudo-science” etc, WERE “dangerous.” Even Northern Ireland’s health minister, Robin Swann, described his new songs as “dangerous”: “I don’t know where he gets his facts,” said Swann. “I know where the emotions are on this, but I will say that sort of messaging is dangerous.”

Like many Americans, who are usually on the political right, you seem to think the First Amendment means you have a right to say whatever you want. This is not the case and there are many constraints against this, including incitement to lawless action. It is not acceptable to deny the Holocaust, for example, just because you think you can say as you please.


Free speech also allows us to criticise his comments for being misleading and dangerous. Cuts both ways, Greg. Free speech does not mean freedom from consequences.


I hope you are a critical of Mr. Jackson, Mr. Waters, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Manson, Mr. Springsteen, etc. comments and actions. I find it highly unlikely that many will rely upon Mr. Morrison’s medical knowledge on infectious diseases but I think that assault, death threats, terrorist support, and drunk driving are significantly more onerous comments and actions that anything Van Morrison has said or done.


Unless he lives to 100, he really doesn’t have that much time left on this planet. I, for one, am grateful that he is still releasing music. Bring on more and more, please.


Thumbs up, Greg!

Phil G

Cheers for the heads-up, Paul, and duly ordered.

Fearing the worst for Van’s signature though – I’m expecting something similar to Kevin Rowland’s “you’re-getting-a-straight-line-and-think-yourself-lucky” effort on the signed Let The Record Show CD!


I’m wondering how many signatures the label wants him to do on both formats, as opposed to how many he manages to scribble.


I ordered a signed copy from JPC Germany, so it does not to be an Amazon exclusive

Sascha H.

Ordered from jpc. This guy is a legend and he is great until today. There are not many from the 60s that still offer good music.

Ben Williams

This is great news; a new Van album and it’s signed!

Thanks for the heads up Paul, instant pre-order!

Chris H

It wasn’t clever when Filter’s 1999 album was called Title of Record. It’s no more clever now.

Charles Christopher

I’m what you’d politely call “not a fan” of Van…… but this just seems like it’ll be dire.
Why not call it “(Hey, You!) Get Offa My Lawn”? Or is he saving that for a later collaboration?

Wayne K

Next album. First you have to step on his lawn.


Signed items in the official Van Morrison website .

Mike M



hahaha A pleasure, Paul. What I meant is that in Amazon was already sold out but not yet in VM site.

Jan V.

I ordered through JPC. No problem!
Thanks for tip!

Bruce Marsh

He may have gone mental along with all the other pro-Brexit Covid19 deniers but he’s still a legend. Ordered a signed copy. Thanks Paul.

Ben in Colorado

Wow. I’m sure that your sentiment is disagreed with by a Todd number of the people who read this site. Certainly just as musical taste differ, peoples personal feelings about the topic you raise differ. Why don’t we just stick to music and keep the insults out of it.

Pete Stanton

As I read Paul’s headline, I chuckled at the thought of Van sat signing a great pile of CDs. Moan moan moan.

Each one signed with love and care. Can you imagine what his signature is going to be like?

I’m in though!!

Tom m hans

Ordered from jpc to the US. Their shipping is really good with dhl. Funny thing, I played the 3disc version of Healing Game yesterday twice after months of neglect of Van Morrison. Same with Neil Young, his live in the rust bucket cd is awesome and re-ignited my passion for him. I was kind of overwhelmed with his releases over the past couple of years and had a hard time keeping track. Peace.

Jim Magoc

Seriously Van? After a half century of being a loyal fan, I would normally pre-order this in a heartbeat. But since you’ve gone public with your Covid whining, I no longer have any interest in supporting your efforts. Perhaps a public apology from you (and Clapton) is in order. Poor Van. I’ve always overlooked your pissy attitude towards people in general, but your Covid comments crossed the line. You’re real, real gone.


Bang Sessions Vol 2 by the looks of those titles.

Timm Davison

Dude’s gone full conspiracy theory crazy. Media manipulation, anti-mask stance…pass. Everyone should pass. Don’t give crazy people your money.

Ross Sutherland

Am I the only one that thinks this is actually a really clever title? The album and titles make me think this is Van’s response to the modern TOWIE/Heat magazine/E! Channel celebrity culture.

Gary Hurley

A very good price for the CD.
My ticket booking fee for his last concert was more then £15.99


Many thanks for the tip Paul! Ordered one from Amazon..The various bundles on his site aren’t really doing it for me.

The song titles make me shudder and I’m not expecting much..but I have everything else…I have said for about 20 years that someone else needs to do his quality control!

Steven Roberts

Are those song titles for real? Or has April 1st come early this year?


Won’t bother.
I lost the remaining minute scintilla of respect I had for him after his COVID anti – lockdown rants and ‘protest songs’ – hideously embarrassing.
Awful title and artwork too. As someone here said, he jumped the shark a long time ago.

Steve D

Nothing says `phoning it in’ more than calling your new album `Latest Record Project’ That is so funny.

Donal O'Connell

Is the album going to be called ‘Jumped the Shark’ -Maybe he’ll take his own advice – track 1 side 6.


Nope… Nah… No way….
First time I’ve ever not wanted to buy something by van…..
So sad.


wish the sign CD is sold in us ordered from vans website also wanted the signed CD

Al Duchaney

I was FORBIDDEN (403 Error) from pre-ordering at Van’s site as my “territory” is ineligible.

Marcel Best

Thanks Paul, ordered it!

Best greetings,


Wayne Klein

Thanks Paul. What’s curious is that it is displays the product and it is in U.S. dollars (for me) but just won’t let anyone order. Weird.


There’s grouchy Van Morrison and there is ‘with a sense of wonder’ Van Morrison. This appears to belong in the former category.


Reasonable price for a signed copy . Ordered thank you !


I saw the track list this morning and assumed it was a joke. I was all set to give this a miss but for a signed copy, I’ll bite. At least the signature can’t make the artwork look any worse.

Ian Hartley

He is famously grumpy and out-spoken, but I guess he has earned the right. I saw him guest with The Pretty Things at their final concert at the O2 Indigo and had only one word spring to mind, hearing him play his sax and sing…”legend”. The world needs interesting characters and he really is one ! Glad he is still producing new stuff.


“They Own the Media” Oh I’m just waiting to hear that! He’s gone full Icke.


Duly ordered. Cheers for the heads up.