Pre-order a SIGNED copy of Pixies’ Beneath The Eyrie on CD

The Pixies forthcoming album Beneath The Eyrie is now available via Amazon UK as an exclusive signed CD edition.

The album was announced earlier this month with an exclusive box available via the band’s official store, but nothing signed was available.

So this is therefore a great opportunity to pick up a signed CD album for a very cheap price!

Beneath The Eyrie will be released on 13 September 2019.

1. In The Arms Of Mrs Mark Of Cain
2. On Graveyard Hill
3. Catfish Kate
4. This Is My Fate
5. Ready For Love
6. Silver Bullet
7. Long Rider
8. Los Surfers Muertos
9. St. Nazaire
10. Bird Of Prey
11. Daniel Boone
12. Death Horizon

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David McGonigle

Hi – just to let you all know i got mine today, after some discussions online with amazon. I pushed them to state, explicitly, that they were sourcing more signed ones…and left it at that. And now I have it…so glad i believed them and didn’t push all my toys out of the pram! Musicwise – it’s not exactly a return to form (that doesn’t happen often for alt-rock acts that are getting on, though — IMHO — REM and Accelerator almost break the mould) but it’s got some really rather lovely tunes on it. Thumbs up!

Tony O

signed copy arrived today, despite them telling me that they would not


Mine was dispatched on the 24th Sep via Hermes and should have been here yesterday (25th Sep) and now Amazon are saying it has been delayed! No reason given but a message to contact them if it hasn’t arrived by Tuesday next week!

William Davis

I, like most of you ordered on June 28th.
I also got the ‘unfortunately………’ email.

Heads up is that now I have an additional email saying that my signed copy will be delivered in 2 days.

Fingers crossed. Will it be signed?


Me too :) Revised arrival date of September 25 …


Mine rocked up today – YAY !

David McGonigle

Should be! Got mine today.

Tony O

This is a worrying trend for amazon, i quantities have been consistently cut on my previous orders this year but this is the first order they have blatantly refused to honour. like many on here I placed my order on the 28th of June and would have been towards the front of the queue. To ensure that I do not claim benefits and due to my health my only way of making a living is by buying and selling on the net so whilst some of you may not like what I do it is imperative that if a company say they will honour an order they do. Needless to say they have told me that i can buy it from the seller who has it on amazon for £34.99



I do understand where you are coming from and to make a living buying and selling. But there are some who put a huge mark up on items that are just ridiculous and music lovers like myself will never be able to own them as we are priced out. I do now try to get my favourite artist music from their own sites as then I know I am getting the items at a fair price. With this Pixies CD, it cost £9.99 from Amazon and the seller is pricing it at £39.99, that is just exploiting music lovers like me.

Tony O

@Jozek, yes but some sellers are charging £25 including postage and with the fees involved if you buy something for £10 and sell it for £20 you might as well not bothered in the first place. There is the option of course to buy the item at the time you have notification that it will be available and for the most part you will be ok. of course the only reason people charge what they do is because people are willing to pay.


I ordered the signed copy on the 28th June as well but have just had the Amazon email saying they’re out of stock and trying to source it. Rather annoying if sellers have multiple copies for sale on ebay….


I just contacted Amazon customer services to ask the reason why it went out of stock when I preordered it in June. They told me that it is available from other sellers. When I pointed out that this was meant to be an Amazon exclusive they changed tack. It has now gone to a higher level (whatever that means) to try and get this resolved. I don’t know how they are going to do this, they said they will email me within 48 hours with a delivery date, but I cannot see how they can get it unless the actually get the group to sign more. I just got a feeling that they will just cancel the order. I will post here the outcome of it


I have just got notification that the signed CD is arriving this Thursday, has anyone else had this?


Yep! A lovely surprise, I’d given up any hope of getting it.


Mine came this morning, signed :-)


This just gets weirder. Got my signed copy last week, and today got an email saying thanks for returning this item, we’re issuing a refund of £5.24! I didn’t return it, or even request to return it! And where’s that amount come from?? Anyone else had anything like this?


We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item:

Pixies “Beneath the Eyrie (Signed Amazon Exclusive Edition)”
Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order # and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it.

First they changed the quantity to 1, now canceled.


Looks like I have been legged over on this one as well. As ever, I only ordered one copy so Amazon need to sort the collectors from the scalpers and honour the single orders. This is the second time Amazon have stung me on the availability (other one was Frankie Liverpool in silver). On the other hand, they do also normally honour “errors” like the Tommy boxset.

There is a rash of Amazon signed exclusives – Simple Minds, Keane, Groove Armada, Elbow and the immortal Rick Astley. Lets see if these orders are also honoured.

Dave McGonigle

Hi all – in the same position. One of the few ‘amazon’ deals that I though was worth a wee punt on. I agree with Cosmo C below – signed cd for less than ten spot, but now…rotten multiple copy buyers sassen frassen (to be read in a muttly voice)…

Al. B

Some of these eBay sellers have 5 and 8 copies – that was just after a quick look. If Amazon know they won’t be able to fulfill individual pre-orders – surely they need to adjust orders containing multiple copies?


You would of thought Amazon would of done 2 per person I know people who like to keep things mint, bit daft letting people buy more than 2 as then it shows they are selling them on for profit. I hope we do eventually get one, but not looking good. I expect the same will for Elbow…..


Has anyone got this yet? Mine was expected today, but after contacting Amazon they said it is out of stock, bit strange since I preordered this late June

Paul E.

I haven’t received any communication from Amazon either way. Ordered it June 28th and it was certainly showing available hours after my order was placed. I’m in the U.S. and thought only international orders were delayed- this is not looking good.

Shipping times have been horrendous to the States lately as I still don’t have my Bunnymen BBC Sessions CD either. I’ve got a few Simple Minds and Gary Numan items on pre-order and I’m ready to cancel everything.


Same here. Pre-ordered in June, due to be delivered yesterday but received email from Amazon yesterday advising that they were still trying to obtain the item. Doesn’t sound good.

Darren Lewis

Hello Jozek….It sounds like I got lucky as I ordered my signed copy on 28th June, it arrived early (last Friday 13/9).


Nice one Darren :-)

Darren Lewis

…..ONE copy purchased (not multiple copies) I hasten to add….


Has anybody else got a signed copy of this yet? I just got a mail from Amazon advising that they were still trying to source it – I hope it just means the band have not been in to sign them yet, but if other people have received theirs, I’ll just can mine.


I got the same email – maybe (hoping) they are waiting to get them from the artist.
However, a quick check on eBay shows some are already being flipped!


Same here. One copy ordered on 28 June. “trying to source”. This is the third item this year that I have ordered when available and then not been delivered?


Quick update – signed copy now safely received. The band must’ve been forced into detention to write their names over and over …. but thank you.

Elizabeth Hirst

Great news – I have ordered the box set anyway, but this is the icing on the cake.


Ordered, thanks.

Perfect for the car.

Hoping for a signed LP too.

Paul E.

Thanks Paul! I just received my copy of Frank Black and The Catholics Complete Recordings 7 CD Box yesterday and look forward to having the autographed copy of this new Pixies release.

Bleddyn H Williams

Thanks Paul! I’ve already ordered the Deluxe box but don’t have anything signed by the band, so this was a no-brainer, especially for the low price. Great job at keeping us posted!

Saar Freedman

I would hold off until the Japan edition is released, the CD is supposed to have an exclusive bonus track as usual..


Ordered thanks for the heads up Paul


Has Amazon UK changed their shipping fees to Canada? CD ordered up to last month was shipped to Canada for £3.08 and the signed Pixies is costing £7.68… significant increase…

Stephen E Tomlinson

I had the same problem. Send a message to amazon.uk customer service and they will correct the issue of overcharged shipping.


Brilliant – purchased the superdeluxe edition of Head Carrier with the signed print in 2016, so was a bit disappointed the band’s official store offerings didn’t include a signed option. Wondered if something might come along nearer the time, and while I didn’t expect it to be from Amazon, this is great news (and inexpensive!). Ordered! Thanks Paul.


Hope they choose their sharpie colour wisely.

James Watts

Nice one Paul; good work, as usual.


Cosmo Castanza

My favourite ever band.
Have not liked any of the music since they reformed but…… a signed cd for less than a tenner.

I have the signatures from the band with the previous incarnation of ‘Kim’ , so this already ordered.

Thanks for letting us know Paul , much appreciated …..not for the first time.