Snow Patrol / Reworked

Snow Patrol / Reworked

Snow Patrol‘s new album Reworked will be issued in November.

As the title indicates, the new album features reworked versions of songs from the band’s back catalogue, including the hits ‘Run’, ‘You’re All I Have’ and ‘Chasing Cars’. The 16-track collection also features three new songs, including ‘I Think Of Home’, which you can preview below.

Reworked will also be available on double gatefold vinyl and standard CD. Signed CD copies now sold out.

Reworked will be released on 8 November 2019 via Polydor/Universal.

  1. Take Back The City (Reworked)
  2. Open Your Eyes (Reworked)
  3. Time Won’t Go Slowly
  4. Chocolate (Reworked)
  5. Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Reworked)
  6. Made Of Something Different Now
  7. You’re All I Have (Reworked)
  8. I Think Of Home
  9. Empress (Reworked)
  10. Run (Reworked)
  11. Heal Me (Reworked)
  12. Called Out In The Dark (Reworked)
  13. Crack The Shutters (Reworked)
  14. Chasing Cars (Reworked)
  15. Just Say Yes (Reworked)
  16. Don’t Give In (Reworked)


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If anyone knows how to get around the “this item is unavailable to ship to your location (Australia)” problem with amazon, I’m all ears. Signed items apparently cant be sent but everything else, no problem. When I enquired, well wasn’t that just hours of my life ill never get back. So I cant order any of the signed items, bugger!!


My advice would be to NOT buy from Amazon following my recent experience with their Signed deluxe edition of Keane’s new album. Take your money for the advertised signed CD then deliver a standard one. Some YTS no mark then just shrugs shoulders and says hard luck when I complained to them about misleading and not receiving advertised or paid for goods.


Hi Andrew,

did you check the leaflet inside the Keane CD. That’s where the signatures are.



As already stated, the signatures are on the leaflet. Same with the new Simple Minds release. Have bought loads of signed editions from Amazon without issue.

Would have bought the Vinyl and CD from the Snow Patrol website but all of the bundles contain a cassette. Refuse to buy another cassette to end up in land fill.

Ordered from Amazon and expect to get a signed edition on release day.


Ahhh light bulb moment – just found the four squiggles in the Keane CD from Amazon – faith restored.


I’ve ordered my copy. Naively I had NO IDEA till now that Amazon went in for this in such a big way, so I searched under “signed” and got a hell of a shock when Freddy Mercury and The Beatles came up. What an Amazon exclusive that is!

Alan B

Various signed versions available across various different websites so looks like they will be signing lots of copies – which invariably means squiggles rather than proper signatures due to the sheer volume they have to sign.

Paul E.

@ Alan B- if Gary Lightbody autographs my wife’s CD as “Squiggles” … I’m going to keep it for myself.


The new track I Think Of Home sounds decent enough. There was a track off the last album that got some radio play and caught my ear – all very vague from me! I don’t own a Snow Patrol album, so I’ll go with this.

Goldfrapp’s Silver Eye Deluxe is bouncing up and down in price – currently at £4.99 (from £11.99), and the same with Roxy Music’s Roxy Music Deluxe – it’s at £8.99, normally £15.99.

Reference Rashers take on re-recording albums. At one point Prince was going to re-record all of his albums to get around his ownership / label issues. I wonder if any evidence of this has been found by the estate? One for Paul to ask Michael Howe next time.


People say how this is a great idea, but look at all the hits from the 60s that were rerecorded in the 70s and people end up with the wrong versions. Even going back further, I think Chuck Berry or Little Richard rerecorded their hits a few times and now it is really hard to work out if you are getting the original or not. Fine if it is kept to one release, but when they start using these tracks for compilations, it can get real messy real fast..


Signed vinyl also available on the Snow Patrol website, if any one is interested.


I like these ‘reimagining’ best-ofs.
Let’s face it – most people will already have the originals – especially now that you can buy a single song etc, so to get new/different recordings can only be a plus. Take That did it with Odyssey last year and turned out some interesting alternate takes.
Years ago The Rolling Stones released Stripped, which was an early version of this idea, and remains one of my favourite albums.


I bought that Take That album for the wife. She hated it!


I see they’ve borrowed the Stereophonics sleeve artist.


I often wonder why more artists don’t do this – the obvious previous example was “Jeff Lynn’s ELO best of” – where Lynn re-recorded many of the ELO classics himself. The advantage is that there is now a version of the songs available that are not owned directly by the record company – recording costs are quite low, promotion costs minimal if you have a fan base, sound tastes (loudness war, echo gating etc) have changed etc. You don’t have to pay producers, session musicians (original band members!) etc. If I was an established artist I would re-record all my albums as acoustic versions and sell them on vinyl and CD at concerts and over the internet.


That is a fun concept. With download by number being a thing now there is hardly a place for a best off album. But rework it and add some numbers and you have a great proposition for a sale.