Pre-order Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool on limited opaque vinyl

The ‘indie-only’ opaque white vinyl edition of the newly announced Radiohead album, A Moon Shaped Pool, is proving very tricky to get hold of, but if you know where to look…

This limited 2LP coloured vinyl edition is currently listed as available on JPC in Germany and as an extra bonus is actually competitively priced compared to some we’ve seen.

This set will ship on 17 June like the other physical formats.


If you don’t want the fancy limited version then your purchasing options are much wider (see below)

Compare prices and pre-order


A Moon Shaped Pool 2LP vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order


A Moon Shaped Pool CD




  1. Burn the Witch
  2. Daydreaming
  3. Decks Dark
  4. Desert Island Disk
  5. Ful stop
  6. Glass Eyes
  7. Identikit
  8. The Numbers
  9. Present Tense
  10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
  11. True Love Waits

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Terrible pressing for the white vinyl.’Daydreaming’ is particularly ruined.
I can tolerate a few pops and clicks, but this is just unlistenable. After such a shrewdly executed marketing campaign ,I’m amazed the actual records sound so shoddy.


oh dear!!!
vinyl demo


The wave form of ‘burn the witch’ from the 24bit digital looks like a blue rectangle for the last minute!
How can an album that takes people years to make end up like this??
Vinyl artwork is lovely though. Think I’ll do what quite a few purchasers of ‘new vinyl’ do these days and frame it/make a clock

Guido Hoffmann

The white vinyl is noisy, unlistenable! Great music on a crappy media. Discogs says it’s pressed at Optimal in Germany. What the f…?


some not very good reviews on the white vinyl today; not sure whether to change to the black vinyl!


Anyone here tried it?

Dave H

I pre-ordered the CD version from Amazon yesterday hoping that it may include a free MP3 version in advance as its already available but no alas there wasn’t.
Today, I get an e-mail from Amazon telling me an MP3 version of the album is in my library ready to download. Great, no need to pay for a digital copy and then a CD.

Chester Gallup

One of the two bonus on the second disc will be ‘Spectre’.


How far we’ve come from the days of each single’s campaign giving us 2-6 b-sides… Now we’re lucky to be thrown two bonus tracks (one already available) bundled only with the $80 special edition!

Ian Hartley

This is an “Indies Only” pressing for genuinely independent record stores. If you look around the UK, the good indies like “Resident” in Brighton or “Piccadilly” in Manchester all have copies. So if you want one all you have to do is order from your local indie store. If you are not close most of them do good mail order. This is not uncommon in recent years with many bands doing versions that are only available via Indie stores. So don’t buy from Amazon- support those good folks in your neighbourhood record stores. Also, if you check out the Radiohead web site the SDE edition due in September looks like it will be worth the wait and the extra dosh anyway.

Ollie Carlisle

As of today Amazon UK have now linked up the cd pre-order to the mp3 version. This means if you order the cd now you can download via Autorip or stream via the Amazon player to listen to until the cd is released. The only caveat is, if you download and then cancel the pre-order later, you’ll be charged for downloading the mp3. Aside from that, a rare moment of customer-assisting logic that gets my hearty approval (not to mention my pre-order as well!)


HMV in the UK are offering the same pre-order the CD or Vinyl and get the MP3 now. However from a practicality perspective would go for the Amazon cloud music as works more seamlessly across devices.

Alan Wilson

Food for thought re the 9,000 pressing figures.

Does anyone remember that initial 9,000 pressing of the Daft Punk Album Tron? They all sold out and continue to command a high price in the 2nd hand market. There is now also a repress availalbe for that album but it does show that even a number that high can still be considered a Limited Edition when there is a big demand.


The clips are nice, although just a touch dreary. Nice though, but I think I’d rather listen to Talk Talk’s final 2 albums.


Few (late) words on jpc from a local lad. I bought by first record at jpc in 1977. They startet as a little chain of records stores in northern Germany, the company ist based at Georgmarienhütte, which is near Osnabrück in Northwestern Germany. These were real record stores, nothing compared to HMV, Virgin, WOM or other soulless whatever retailer, with well informed clerks often real music enthusiasts. As far as I can see, the managed to maintain this spirit in the age of online shoping. I buy as much as I can from them.


Is it definitely only 9000 being pressed?

Fat Old Bloke

The CD retails for a staggering $25.00 in Australia !
No wonder people are downloading music


Regarding jpc.de, very impressed with packing of an item sent to USA from Germany. Based on the one purchase, will order from again.


“Limited edition”.

They pressed 9000 copies of this. “Limited”.

Ian Murphy

Any idea why it being ‘opaque’ is being mentioned so prominently. Most vinyl records are opaque aren’t they?


Thank you so much !


I ordered mine from here and it looks like there are still copies available:
If you’re near Brighton, you can even pick it up for free on the release date!


Thanks MD had been on all the regular indie sites and it had sold out. Now ordered

Tom Elliot

According to a comment I read on Discogs there’s be a total of 9000 copies of this edition up for grabs. Not so limited really but much moreso than the special edition no doubt.

Scalpers on Ebay are listing this for £50 currently and i’m sure some people will pay it despite it still being available at numerous indie stores.

After Bowie’s death I saw people bidding on and paying double and even triple the RRP for copies of the regular vinyl edition of Blackstar, despite the fact that the official store had re-stocked.

I’ve learnt that common sense is a the greatest gift a person can have!.

andrew R

The reason people bid more was that these copies were from the 1 st press
as a record becomes more popular the pressings tend to deteriorate as more and more are pressed from the original “mothers” In the case of Bowie the vast appetite for product
after his death meant that quality control went out of the window. Another famous example of this was Floyd’s Dark side millions and millions pressed but the 1st press goes for a fortune
as the sound is unquestionably superior.

Le Baron

Thanks Paul, you rule, Man!!


Ordered mine…. so cool. Thanks


tempted, but will the sound quality be the same or different to the standard black vinyl?


“Limited Editions” have really hit a new low when they do things like this. I mean, the physical product isn’t even out yet, and they’re deliberately putting out severely limited editions. And sadly, consumers encourage it by making a grab.

Remember when “rare” was defined by things that had actually become scarce, rather than items DESIGNED to be rare?

It’s all really sad, imo.


How is this a specific example of a new low? “Limited editions” have been a marketing tool for many years now… Nothing new about it at all, even if colored vinyl seems to be a more popular medium for it nowadays.


Paul – don’t be so defensive. If I had bothered to read a thread about a “Limited Edition” clear-Vinyl Bowie release, I may – or may not – have commented. It’s not like I make a point of replying on the topic each and every time. If I did, you’d complain about that too.

Since this blog is about the exchange of opinions, I assumed mine was equally valid as that of others. As such – this little cash-grab is lame. If you prefer, so is/was the Bowie one. Nothing extra, nothing new, just a different color injected into the mould. Woo hoo! Wow, it’s collectable! It’s limited to the number we make!

Honestly, music fans get everything they deserve when it comes to forking out needless money on things that exist only to manipulate them. This is a fad which will run its course. Is it anything new? Nope. But the SCALE at which it’s being done is. Why? Because people are easily parted from their hard-earned by such silly gimmicks.

And hey – some mug will pay even more for it on Ebay in the future – something else that has nothing to do with MUSIC, and is simply part of the fetishistic turn people are having for objects, rather than sound.


Except that the cost for the white vinyl wasn’t any higher than the black (at the same store) in this case. It’s to benefit indie stores, driving more business there early on than they might otherwise get due to the limited product. I think that’s a good thing overall.


I think you’ve hit the nerve Dean, nowadays people is no more interested in music but rather in collecting objects. If my need would only be the album itself I would just buy the MP3 or CD or vinyl and stop. There’s no difference between a black and a colored vinyl regarding the music, it’s just that most people want to say that they have a fancy limited edition, giving it the value of a simple object rather than a music album. Not to mention that some will buy the deluxe edition, the limited vinyl, the standard vinyl and the standard CD altogether. It’s basically what this blog is all about, compulsive need of buying objects, things that you end up listening to maybe once and then put it on a shelf forever. To each their own, I suppose.


Are they a good company to order from, any problems? Also, can anyone confirm if card is charged for pre order or on dispatch? Thank you,


I ordered Pet Shop Boys ‘Super’ White vinyl from JPC, it was well-packaged and arrived within 3 days of postage. Communications were good too.