Pre-order Ronnie Wood’s new box set with signed set list

Only 300 units available • New Chuck Berry tribute album

Ronnie Wood releases a new album Mad Lad: A Live Tribute to Chuck Berry in November and the super deluxe edition box offers a rare opportunity to secure an item signed by the Faces and Rolling Stones legend.

The album was recorded live at Wimborne’s Tivoli Theatre last year and features guest appearances from singer Imelda May and pianist Ben Waters.

The box set edition includes the new album on vinyl and CD, a 12″ x 12″ artwork print (the album artwork was hand-painted by Ronnie himself), an exclusive T-shirt and the signed and hand-numbered setlist print by Ronnie Wood.

This set is available via the official store, which also offers pre-sale access to tickets to Ronnie’s forthcoming London show.

Mad Lad: A Live Tribute to Chuck Berry will be released on 15 November 2019

Pre-order the limited signed box which is exclusive to the official store

Pre-order a non-signed super deluxe box set via the official store

CD Tracklist:

1. Tribute to Chuck Berry
2. Talking About You
3. Mad Lad
4. Wee Wee Hours feat. Imelda May
5. Almost Grown feat. Imelda May
6. Back in the USA
7. Blue Feeling
8. Worried Life Blues
9. Little Queenie
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Music feat. Imelda May
11. Johnny B Goode

Vinyl Tracklist:


1. Tribute to Chuck Berry
2. Talking About You
3. Mad Lad
4. Wee Wee Hours feat. Imelda May
5. Almost Grown feat. Imelda May


6. Back in the USA
7. Blue Feeling
8. Worried Life Blues
9. Little Queenie
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Music feat. Imelda May
11. Johnny B Goode


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bruce kelso

I didn’t see the price till today. $ 367 ? WHAT

Mr. Ska '57

Glad I got the signed edition of Here Comes the Nice for US $150. Looks like a steal in retrospect compared to this.


Most things are a steal compared to this! Seriously, when is all this nonsense gonna stop? Not even a cardboard suitcase! Supergrass have a boxset being released – six picture disc albums, thirteen (I think it is) cd’s, assorted ephemera and a signed print if you’re quick – £150! You can currently pick up a sixteen cd box set of all Chuck Berry’s recorded output for a touch over £200 including two coffee table books. Ronnie Wood?? Mad lad indeed!

David blaydes

Ronnie behave u dont need the cash

paul wren

Wow – so much animosity towards Ron’s signature offer here on this site. Those who are aware of his artwork will know that he is collectable and to me the price does not seem out of line compared to his other art offers over the years. If you’ve got the cash then this is a good buy and it will sell out when more people know about it.


I’m gonna pay £9.99 for the CD and be happy with my purchase.
All of Ronnie’s signed boxes and things like that are extortionate.


This seems like one of the most expensive offers I have seen for a long time.
This offer is not that collectible!
Thin on all levels.

Mark G

Non signed box = £50, signed £299

So, one autograph is £249. Ringo must be kicking himself!


Look here at what Wood signatures and playlists currently go for: https://www.genesis-publications.com/book/9781905662555/the-rolling-stones-set-lists


If you’ve ever seen a Genesis book, you’ll know. Absolutely things of beauty and worth every penny. As someone said above £50 for unsigned box, so you can assume the quality isn’t Up to Genesis standards.

Hugh Hall

We could do with a little ‘Howmuch?-ometer’ on these pages. Along the lines of a thumbs up/down type thing. It would be interesting to see at the end of the year which items are considered the most or least value for money.

I think this Ronnie Wood set would be a contender for the least value for money in 2019. There’s been some strong contenders but this box has such minimal content for the money.


I wonder if he was pi**ing himself laughing as he signed each one :-)

Gary Hunter

He cannot be serious for that price for the box set, he’s having a laugh, must have been smoking something dodgy when he decided on the cost!


A Very Easy Pass, Unsurprisingly Not Sold out ! and a rip off! Signature on a Pre Printed Colourful Setlist……. Hmmmmm – Poor


that’s £50 For the Box and contents and £249 for the signature !!! No thanks

John Barleycorn

If you are complaining at forking out this you should see Ronnie’s plug for his 4 signed prints (“Giclée prints on Somerset enhanced velvet 330 gsm art paper“) called “Band’s Hands” in a box which I think is about £1500. Someone will buy it.

I read on Instagram there’s a film coming out of Ronnie’s story so all this ‘product’ is a tie in to that? Documentary is mid Oct.


I bought a limited edition Dylan signed print for £2100 now completely sold out and selling for over $5000 so there can be value in these purchases.


Which Dylan print? from Castle Fine Arts? Dylan is the most demand autograph, even over McCartney. Ronnie Wood…not even close.

Julian Hancock

Almost makes one nostalgic for the days when one got marbles in your box set :)

Gary C

Jeff Beck did something similar, even using Imelda May too. I saw the concert at the Indigo and Jimmy and Ronnie attended

Chris S

While I will be ordering this on CD & Vinyl, the super deluxe edition box at $367 is a bit out of this world, for my music budget.

Gareth Jones

Even if you’re a Rolling Stone, £299 seems pretty steep for what you get. Stick on Jagger’s autograph and maybe I’d consider it ;)

John in Fla.

Hey Woody, find another mediocre means to pay for your twins business class seats.

bruce kelso

that’s a lame track list. I will pass ,

Jim Murphy

Couldn’t agree more.

Tony O

always nice when something is truly limited, however the availability should be there for those who come first rather than those who can afford to spend £300 on an lp, cd, art print and a t-shirt, a signed A4 photo recently sold on ebay for £7 so i am struggling to see how they can price this at £300. Still everyone to their own I suppose.


There’s normally a good reason why a signed photo on ebay only fetches £7.