New editions of Chris Heath’s Pet Shop Boys books available in March

Rough Trade offering both editions signed by Neil and Chris

Pet Shop Boys / Chris Heath books

Chris Heath’s two classic Pet Shop Boys books, Literally (1989) and Pet Shop Boys versus America (1991), are being reprinted in new hardback editions, with a limited number of copies signed by Neil and Chris.

In 1989, journalist Heath followed the Pet Shop Boys around Hong Kong, Japan and the UK (with photographer Lawrence Watson) as they embarked on their first-ever tour. The resulting book, Literally, is a fantastic portrait of the duo and a fascinating and often hilarious read.

Two years later they repeated the experience, but this time the band toured North America for the first time. Chris Heath was joined by photographer Pennie Smith and the resulting book Pet Shop Boys versus America is every bit as satisfying as Literally.

Both volumes are published by Penguin imprint William Heinemann. The second book is described as an “updated edition featuring new material from The Pet Shop Boys and Chris Heath.”

Literally and Pet Shop Boys versus America are published on 19 March 2020. Signed copies available via Rough Trade.

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I FINALLY got my two book SLIPCASE edition of this off some Michigan guy, March 9, 2021 & ordered it Dec 20, 2020 ! Guess what UNSIGNED.. so Buyer Beware, Not all slipcases with both books were signed (( ( The delivery time was NOT the senders fault,) just the tRump Sheep Postmaster General, who needs to FIRED ASAP.

[…] was last year’s completion and vinyl-ing up of the rest of their catalogue, then Chris Heath’s seminal books Literally and In America were republished with updated notes, and now, the thing that has long been […]


Delivery from US $9.62
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Two books about Pet Shop Boys (exclusive slipcase edition)
Two books about Pet Shop Boys (exclusive slipcase edition)


What I failed to recognize : the NEW release date has been pushed back from March to April 10th ! All take note. (coincidentally the release date of the new Lady Gaga album, which I will never support, as I have met her twice and she is the least fan-friendly #^(@&+**$$$) ever.


Rough Trade East will have some signed copies on the day of release, but you have to be there in person… no shipping.


The slipcase edition is available again in the PSB store, if anyone’s interested.


Gone again. That didn’t last long.


strewth, those ebay millionaires don’t hang about

John Lloyd

For those still playing catch-up, I saw a couple of copies of Neil’s lyrics book in HMV Leicester today at just £3.99, which seems a pretty good choice.

Jorje Chica

I got both books in hardback in the 90s at pop-up discount book stores. It may be time to give them a second read all these years later.


Speaking of signed copies my ‘Hotspot’ double CD and print finally arrive in Auckland today. Amused to see a dirty great black finger print top left. I’ve convinced myself it’s Chris’. A bonus of sorts I figured


Limited editions are nice as long as you manage to get them. But if you don’t and you are a huge fan? Welcome frustration! The solution is as simple as to limit the edition to a deadline. So everybody placing an order before that day will get a copy. Everybody is happy, all the fan base had the chance to buy it avoiding eBay insane prices and the Bands make more money. Similar approach as limited T-Shirts.


I read Versus America years ago and can remember bits of it so clearly. “That’s a magazine I’ll never read and an album I’ll never listen to”
Also recall Neil/Chris complaining about “THE Pet Shop Boys” in some promotional stuff. Look forward to the reissue!


Would have loved to have the slipcase with both books, but it has sold out. Glad about the reissue of the books and the film. Now if only they would (re)issue Alternative and Format on vinyl, i could die happy.

denver williams

Signed copies via “COLES BOOKS UK” nwebsite.


Both of these books are fantastic and required reading not just for PSB fans. I remember a story in one of them where people used to give them tapes to listen to, often with PSB songs on them – ‘do they think we don’t have them already ?’ was the bemused response. Their brilliant wit and sarcasm really shines through in the books.


RT have some back in stock!


Signed copies still available at Goldsboro books


I dont thinn you cam expect an updated or revised book without altering history. Maybe an addendum.

By the way the official store has a bundle with slipcase in sale for €50. Hate that they dont remove VAT tho cause they are expensive especially compared to amazon!

Craig Hedges

If Chris Heath still has the original journals or first draft of Literally the book could be updated, it wouldn’t be updating history just putting back information which couldn’t be published at the time.


Other bookshops with signed copies in stock.


(newbie here, only commenting a number of people complaining the signed copies are sold out) – Goldsboro Books also have signed 1st editions of both books – available at time of posting.

Robert Lett

Sold out, ugh. They signed my copy of Catalogue when they were in DC last pretty sweet to get that.

denver williams

signed copies available via “COLES BOOKS”. webstore.


While it would have been nice to grab the reissues of these books with the updates and being signed, I’m a bit disappointed that they decided to go with new artwork of that time. I do have the hardback of Literally and the softback of Versus America, so I think I’ll skip these. I did pre-order It Couldn’t Happen Here though!

David S

How many did they sign…ten?


Well, this certainly appears to be the right time to be a Pet Shop Boys fan!!

David Simon

Unfortunately the signed editions have already sold out!


Catalogue will also be reissued in April!


I was literally talking about this this morning, hoping it would happen. My prayers have been answered! Where did you hear this?


Think I got the last signed copy of Literally! They both look to be sold out now. Thanks Paul!

Craig Hedges

Do you know if these have been updated as they were heavily censored at the time, all the swearing was taken out and anything libel at that point in time was removed. Also both books were written when Neils sexuality was still off limits. They are great books but when you read them now you know you are only getting half the story. You’d think that Neil would want then updated, being a fan of Shostakovich, from revolution to revelation.

David Carter

Signed copies already sold out

Alan B

Signed copies sold out already.


They are very keen to sign stuff this year! Both great books, Chris Heath is a talented writer, always enjoyed his Smash Hits articles.

Gus Campbell

Literally has already sold out. Managed to nab a copy of Pet Shop Boys Verses America. Woo-hoo!


signed books seemsed to be sold out. that was quick.


“Literally” signed already sold out :-(


It’s reissue week this week!!! These books are both brilliant & I read them both when they were released. I think the only thing censored was their language! Highly recommended if you haven’t read them.


Ordered already so happy about the reissues and signed opp!