Pre-order Simply Red’s new album ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ as a signed CD edition

Pre-order Simply Red's new album Blue Eyed Soul as a signed CD edition

Simply Red‘s newly announced studio album, Blue Eyed Soul, is now available to pre-order as a SIGNED CD edition via Amazon UK.

The album was unveiled last week and while the official store does have vinyl with a signed print (and various bundles) there is no signed CD available via that channel. So for CD fans, who want something a little bit collectible, this appears to be a bit of a no-brainer, particularly at the zero premium price of just £9.99!

For clarity, this signed CD edition is the standard CD and not the two-disc deluxe which offers five bonus tracks. Blue Eyed Soul is released on 8 November 2019.

1. Thinking of You
2. Sweet Child
3. Complete Love
4. Take a Good Look
5. Ring That Bell
6. BadBootz
7. Don’t Do Down
8. Riding on a Train
9. Chula
10. Tonight




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Paul Taylor

The Divine Comedy signed edition was a bit naughty. I got mine via Record Store and the implication was that the sleeve was signed but it was actually a print. A very nice print, to be fair!
The Bryan Ferry Bitter Sweet bundle had a 12″ signed print for the vinyl album and a signed CD cover
I know some on here have said they don’t like their sleeves signed so a print is a reasonable middle ground

Ian Gair

I was impressed with the Divine Comedy signed photo as it mimics a boring office group photo, the foreverland album was signed on the 5″ CD cover, which is now displayed within an easly interchangeable frame. Everybody has only so much wall space & I do wonder what is the worst signed item within their collection.


As a collector I do not like “signed prints”. I think the first signed box/album I bought was the Tomb Of Memories box by Paul Young put together by “our” Paul. The signature was put on the front of the box where it should be. Later signed items all came in “prints” which is a glorified piece of paper put in the album or box. I understand it is a bit of a hassle to ship a few hundred box sets to an artist who then has to sign them and ship them back (or he/she/they has to travel somewhere) but come on, signed means a signature on the actual album or box, not a separate piece of paper that was shoved into the box. The biggest disappointment was the signed Five Star box. It was just a seperate postcard from one of the members of the group. That doesn’t really have any value. I mean, when I saw Paul McCartney on the streets in NYC a few years back, I asked him for a signature which he gave me. So I can now put it in a Mecca box and put it on Ebay as a “signed box”, that’s not really fair, is it?

Ian Gair

Having purchased the signed editions of the bluetones coloured LP’s it is a bit of leap of faith regarding what you will receive as the signed 12″ prints are the front artwork for the Science & Nature LP, but the inner sleeve artwork for The Singles LP. Also the translucent vinyl is just another way of saying clear vinyl , however the signatures are by the individual band members. So the possibilities regarding MR Michael James Hucknall signature being by the same pen on a 12″ print or 5″ Cd cover will be debatable. Then there the fact its (for now) there is only the 5″Cd artwork cover for the Pixies album as they may sign inside the booklet, all of which makes determining what is worthy of display or purchase. It wouldnt be the Stereophonics front cover artwork in my home as any little children may be offended :)

William Burroughs

Alex…that’s so you’ll pay through the nose for the signed edition AND the deluxe edition. Saw you coming, eh?

Scott G

Please be aware of what is deamed a signed copy from Simply Red. I bought a previous signed multiple/box set of Simply Red releases for my wife’s birthday and it was simply signed ‘Simply Red’… I was obviously thinking it would be signed by Mick Hucknil et al. Anyone could have signed it. What a con!

Terry McElligott

I pre-ordered the Simply Red (Amazon exclusive signed cd) on Amazon.co.uk but on it’s arrival today I opened it up expectingly to find just the standard unsigned cd. On calling Amazon to complain they told me they do not have any left as all have been sent out already, so I am very disappointed indeed.

Stevie B

I never understand why artists if they have signed prints as part of a bundle don’t just use the album cover art as the print.

That retro artwork for the new Simply Red album is fantastic (I won’t join The Stereophonics artwork debate!). So why sign a naff group photo?

Ultimately fans would want a signed vinyl record sleeve but that obviously is impractical so unless someone does a ‘Pulp : Different Class’ option with cut-out window and cover art options. Please stick to signing reproductions of the cover art.

The signed CD is my choice therefore (though the coloured vinyl looks lush) and a bargain especially when TM Stores P&P charges are taken into account.

Alex Ellison

I’ve noticed that a lot of Amazon exclusive signed CDs are just the regular edition, not the deluxe, which is a bit annoying.


The Keane, Jack Savoretti and Jamie Cullum cds are all the deluxe editions.

For someone like Simply Red I’m not enough of a fan to pay £25 for a signed coloured vinyl – the deluxe cd is an extra £10 + postage, so a total outlay of @£40. (If I really liked them I’d think that’s great value). But at £10 for a signed cd, it’s an easy decision to buy. Mick Hucknell is very talented and whilst not so fashionable now, you know the songs will be good.

I’ve ordered lots of these signed cds in the last few months, where I wouldn’t have bothered with some of them if they weren’t signed. The joy is in getting an artist you really like, such as the Debby Harry book. Sadly I missed out on the Kate Bush book.

The worst combination is an artist you wouldn’t normally buy and then the signature is a scrawl, which tells you that they didn’t give a stuff and can’t wait to rattle through something that they’ve been obligated to do. Jack Savoretti is such an example – with JS scribbled on. Even worse is the photo on Amazon showing the signed name, so he was bothered to do this for the pr shot. I quite like the cd though!