Pre-order the new James Blunt album as an exclusive signed CD edition

James Blunt has a new album out in October called Once Upon A Mind and it is available to pre-order as a SIGNED CD edition via Amazon UK

This will be the former British Army Officer’s sixth studio album and is a relatively quick follow-up to 2017’s The Afterlove.

The 11-track album is also available on vinyl and Blunt will be touring Europe early next year. Once Upon A Mind is released on 25th October 2019. The signed CD is available for £9.99.

1. The Truth
2. Cold
3. Champions
4. Monsters
5. Youngster
6. 5 Miles
7. How It Feels To Be Alive
8. I Told You
9. Halfway
10. Stop The Clock
11. The Greatest


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His music is amazing. So many beautiful songs!

Scott Green

Well on 25th September 2019 I have pre ordered James blunt Once Upon A Mind [Exclusive Signed] from Amazon.co.uk. Just checked my order to see if it’s out for delivery WTF We’ll e-mail you when we have a delivery date
We’ll dispatch your order as soon as possible.

This usually happens when an item doesn’t have a release date, it’s pre-ordered, or it’s out of stock.

Anyone else pre ordered this album from Amazon.co.uk ?

Today is the release date for this album 25th October 2019 so I was hoping that I would get this today just spoken to Amazon about this order they have said we don’t know when this item will be delivered we don’t have any stock it could take up until 27th December 2019 why let customers pre order this album if you don’t have any stock at all the window for the pre order closed a week before the release date saying currently unavailable


I received mine from Amazon UK today and they sent me an UNSIGNED copy. How lame! I’m having a customer service chat right now and it’s the worst ever. The person was telling me that I have to contact them on November 8th about it when they sent out the wrong thing and took my pre-order on September 4th. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Then they told me they can issue a refund and I can re-order it on November 8th. WTF? They said I didn’t have to return it. Looks like something very shady happened here. Not sure if I even want the signed copy now, I’m kind of disgusted.

Ian McJannet

Can anyone tell me if this recent idea of ” signed ” items are genuinely signed
or just facsimilies of original signatures…?
I find it hard to believe these huge stars are taking many hours signing possibly thousands of copies……..

Ian McJannet

Thank you Paul


This is great news although I was aware of this last Thursday via email alert from his website,
Sad to see only 2 comments so far on here but we do have the music snobs who are into Floyd etc who look down on artists such as James Blunt as being too poppy, but it’s good to lighten up sometimes with good well constructed melodic songs rather than be in the doldrums listening to stuff about social, war and politics stuff all the time that is not melodic, Mr Blunt is a very talented singer songwriter who deserves more praise and should not be castigated for his single “Your Beautiful” as he has done much better songs than that one.
Same goes for Chris De Burgh “Lady In Red” I’m not keen on it but go listen to his other stuff like “High On Emotion” and “Don’t Pay The Ferryman” huge talent great story singer songwriter that most people just write off because off that one song.


Is that you James?

Shawn C.

I mean, you make good points, and no disrespect, but I just can’t stand Blunt. Not about being a snob, I just find his music pretty terrible. Same goes for Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran – just unlistenable in my opinion. Love this site, but Blunt really seems like a weird choice to be highlighted – signed disc or not


I like these Amazon signed CDs which have been appearing recently. Never thought I would get Chrissie Hynde’s signature this way (arriving tomorrow). Thanks Paul for letting us know what is available.


The Afterlove has been on my to listen to list since it came out, my poor excuse being there’s just so much other music to get through. I’ll get round to this one eventually, good cover art.