Prefab Sprout’s reissue campaign confirmed by remastered vinyl listings

Swoon, From Langley Park to Memphis, Jordan: The Comeback and Life of Surprises all available to pre-order on remastered vinyl

Prefab Sprout's reissue campaign confirmed by vinyl reissue listings

The first indications of Sony’s Prefab Sprout reissue campaign are confirmed by an appearance on various Amazon sites of remastered vinyl versions of some of their albums.
A remastered vinyl edition of 1984 debut Swoon is listed along with 1988’s From Langley Park To Memphis, the sumptuous 1990 album Jordan: The Comeback and 1991 best of, Life Of Surprises.

The remastering and artwork has been “fully orchestrated” by both Paddy and Martin McAloon and these vinyl reissues will be released on 27 September 2019 (was 30 August).

Swoon vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Don’t Sing
2. Cue Fanfare
3. Green Isaac (I)
4. Here On the Eerie
5. Cruel

Side 2
1. Couldn’t Bear to Be Special
2. I Never Play Basketball Now
3. Ghost Town Blues
4. Elegance
5. Technique
6. Green Isaac (II)

From Langley Park To Memphis vinyl LP

Side 1
1. The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll
2. Cars and Girls
3. I Remember That
4. Enchanted
5. Nightingales

Side 2
1. Hey Manhattan!
2. Knock On Wood
3. The Golden Calf
4. Nancy (Let Your Hair Down for Me)
5. The Venus of the Soup Kitchen

Jordan: The Comeback 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Looking for Atlantis
2. Wild Horses
3. Machine Gun Ibiza
4. We Let the Stars Go
5. Carnival 2000

Side 2
1. Jordan: The Comeback (Single Version) [Remastered]
2. Jesse James Symphony
3. Jesse James Bolero
4. Moon Dog

Side 3
1. All the World Loves Lovers
2. All Boys Believe Anything
3. The Ice Maiden
4. Paris Smith
5. The Wedding March

Side 4
1. One of the Broken (Single Version) [Remastered]
2. Michael
3. Mercy
4. Scarlet Nights
5. Doo-Wop In Harlem

Life of Surprises 2LP vinyl

1. The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll
2. When Love Breaks Down
3. The Sound of Crying
4. Faron Young

Side 2
1. Carnival 2000
2. Goodbye Lucille #1
3. I Remember That
4. Cruel

Side 3
1. Cars and Girls
2. We Let the Stars Go
3. Life of Surprises
4. Appetite

Side 4
1. If You Don’t Love Me
2. Wild Horses
3. Hey Manhattan!
4. All the World Loves Lovers

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Donal Murphy

October 25th sees the next batch of vinyl releases:


Playing ‘Jordan’ as I type.
It sounds fantastic!
A great vinyl pressing and remaster.
If anyone was in two minds about buying, I’d say ‘go buy’.

Cécil meulenerg

Any word on possible CD, or any other physical format different from the vinyl, with additional track listing? I might hope the band might be persuaded to to a remastering for surround….


Although “best of compilations” are usually superfluous in great album bands like PS, it is worth noting that there are 2 songs unique to Life of Suprises compilatation – The Sound of Crying and If You Don’t Love Me – The former in my opinion is one of their best songs


Plus the remix of All The World Loves Lovers.

Martin Jakobsson

Would be forever sad if there will be no cd-reissues


I’m going to have to buy FLPTM and JTC, to compliment my original vinyl copies of SWOON and Steve McQueen – both of which still sound great, by the way.
Like others, I would definitely be in the market for extended/expanded versions of these albums too.


Amazon just canceled my pre-order of FROM LANGLEY PARK TO MEMPHIS due to “lack of availability”


Ordered all of them from Amazon UK and delivery date (!) is early October:

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

Prefab Sprout “Swoon (Remastered) [VINYL]”
Estimated arrival date: October 05 2019 – October 08 2019


Amazon US.
I sent them a message as it still shows up on their web site as a pre-order. I can’t figure out why they canceled my order. The email I received only says “due to lack of availability” however, I did a pre-order purchase!

Donal Murphy

Amazon.co.uk have now changed the release dates of these reissues to early October

Joshua Weller

Yes! I am super excited by the prospect of Deluxe Editions of all the Prefab Sprout Releases. I just hope they do it right with good sound (not brick walled or unnatural sound) and lots of demos and alternate takes along with rare singles. Maybe some studio chatter for good measure.
The more extras the better. Even triple c.d.s would be AMAZING. I absolutely adore Prefab Sprout (in my top 3) and the atmosphere they create and I would buy these in a heart beat. I hope this helps out Paddy and the gang. The hair on my arm is standing up.

Nigel D Day

Is there a link to where it confirms deluxe CDs with bonus material is coming out ? All I can find are the bare bones vinyl. Hope these sound better than the disastrous Megahertz


Joshua I totally AGREE!!If they did this I would buy copies of each deluxe edition for EVERY family member & their friends!!


Why on Jordan does it state One of the Broken and Jordan: The Comeback as single versions when neither of those tracks were released as singles ?

Gary C

Four track EP versions, check it out on Discogs. Think It was Carnival 2000 as the lead track.


I look forward to these and the extra material. All fantastic albums. ‘Jordan’ in particular is a sprawling magnum opus that ranks alongside the greatest albums ever made.

Raymond W Hewitt

Yup, need me some Jordan and Andromeda bout now!


O hell yes!


After decades of loving all releases within the mightily majestic Prefab Sprout canon, I will be getting ’em all again with no second thoughts.
I cannot over-emphasize the absolute aural joy I experience from Paddy’s unbelievable musical talent and genius wordsmithery- how about this from Crimson Red’s ‘Billy’ :
“…her smile is like a fairground, I’m basking in the glow”
– whenever I hear this line I think of my daughters and am instantly reduced to a hopeless middle-aged gibbering wreck!
In present times, where so many musical heroes have left us physically (or seemingly misplaced their former compassionate dignity), I can only hope that Paddy will continue to provide some more, much needed, light and warmth so consistently given in his records to date. Good health maestro!


How much money does he owe you?


Well, I’ll second Steve’s request for ‘5.1 please’. I have pretty nice original copies of ‘Swoon’ and ‘Jordan…’ (though if mastered right then the latter would gain in dynamics if spread across 2 Lps), and a MOV of ‘Steve McQueen’. But, I’m a sucker for this lot, and I also hope to hear a remaster of ‘Protest Songs’ with a little more life. I also agree that ‘Andromeda’ is one to look forward to.

I don’t know how many of you bought first-run pressing of ‘I Trawl…’ a few months back, but side one was badly off-centre. I went through three copies, returned them all, and gave up. Shame, as the package was otherwise quite beautiful…


Hi Robert,

You should check out the repress of I Trawl The Megahertz. I’d bought the coloured vinyl version from Rough Trade, who made it easy by alerting me to the problem and organising a repressed replacement. I noticed the record was also withdrawn locally, so I assumed it was because of the issue. It’s now back on sale, so again I assume it is the new pressing.

And yes, it sounds amazing.

For those looking forward to the demos and what they’ll sound like – buy Let’s Change The World With Music cd which is a full album of the demos. Sadly it was never made as an studio produced album, but it is still excellent. It’d be lovely to think that one day many more of the albums Paddy has made get released, even if only in their demo form.


Based on your experience I’m tempted to try ordering ‘I Trawl…’ on vinyl again. I’d hope for a re-press copy, of course, but I wonder whether amazon and other sites still have a load of the defectives on hand, hoping to sucker in the less than discerning (and there are PLENTY of those among neo-vinyl hounds)…

Wax Monster X

A few points on the Sprout:
– these albums have not been out of rotation for my ears in over 30+ years
– have all the original wax so not too excited about these – plus I hate the noise floor on new pressed vinyl – just god awful. Await and see for sure.
– the Japanese Mini LP CD reissues sound phenomenal so I’m good with great sounding PS discs
– burned B-side comps years ago
– RE: Jordan – even if McAloon never wrote one more amazing tune (of which there are a very great many) this album contains IMHO his masterpiece “We Let The Stars Go”.

This is my pet theory about prolific “genius” artists. Though their canon may be jam packed with hits & classics, there is that one tune that even if you subtract everything else they have done, this one song, this one heartbreakingly perfect tune will stand the test of time for generations. Hall & Oates – Sara Smile, Brian Wilson – God Only Knows, A Girl Called Eddy – Heartache, Glenn Miller – Moonlight Serenade, Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light, Janis Ian – At Seventeen, Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her, Joni Mitchell – Help Me – and that’s just a few examples


Great to see someone rate ‘A Girl Called Eddy’. What a phenomenal record: great composition, great presentation, great production (thank you again Richard Hawley). But, all these years and no follow-up…

Steve F

A new AGCE album is in the can but release held up when her duo album The Last Detail was released first. Now due in autumn.


Thanks to Steve F and Rob for the update on AGCE. I found a sealed copy of her first on vinyl a couple of years ago, and it sounds great. I have no problems with the original CD version, though, as it sounds pretty phenomenal as well. I look forward to what she has in store.

CD vs LP:
I’ve been buying music long enough to remember when everybody wanted to write off vinyl in favour of CD, toward the end of the ’80s. Those who have the same thoughts on the CD format now should be careful what they wish for. Having a choice of formats can never be a bad thing. I have a few vintage turntables, and I’m a sucker for the ‘ritual’ around playing Lps. But much of the time I still like the convenience of CD, even if these days it’s mostly in the form of compilation discs I’ve burned for the car player. Ok, so they’re a sterile substitute for the cassette mix tapes I used to make on my Nakamichi, but they do nicely. And ‘serius-ly’: f***k streaming. I’m not interested in some software algorithm’s taste in music… Well, that’s my morning rant done then; on with the day…


It’s about time Jordan was released as a double album. I can’t believe it was issued as a single LP originally—33 minutes on one side, 31 on the other—especially when you consider that the album essentially came after the album containing their biggest hit to date.

On the CD vs LP thing:
Given the horrible state of vinyl in the early 1980s (with the glut of multiplatinum shipments, things got particularly bad here in the US), I was glad to dump LPs for CDs. Less noise, no physical wear, and better dynamic range and frequency response? Yes, please! During the first few years of the format, the price difference made the LP a good way to take a chance on an unknown artist; if they were good enough, then I’d buy the CD.

Unfortunately, once computers entered the picture and brickwalling (with or without clipping) became the norm, the only advantage the CD format retained was the lack of physical wear.

Now, of course, the vinyl edition is likely to have greater dynamic range than any of the digital formats, thanks to vinyl’s limitations.

(These days I play cassettes in the car, as the CD player died 6 years ago. Fortunately, I recently found an MCS cassette deck (a re-branded Technics) with actual VU meters (needles, not LEDs). Even though it’s at least 35 years old, the dubs I’ve made sound damned good.)

I will probably stick with my copy of the original CD, but it’s nice to know that it’ll be available as a proper double should I decide to spring for the LP.


A Girl Called Eddy is apparently working on a new album and she made an album with some bloke a couple of years ago.


I am surprised that nobody is missing an LP version of Andromeda Heights, one of PS best.
It was never pressed on vinyl so far, i am waiting for this since more than 20 years….


I would like to see a CD Deluxe of From Langley Park To Memphis, great album. I don’t have any interest in vinyl.

Paul D

Hope they haven’t forgotten the underrated ‘Protest Songs’ album.
Also there’s a huge amount of B-sides, extended versions and different mixes released around the first four albums, some, like ‘Real Life Just Around The Corner’ and ‘Lions In My Own Garden’ EP which have NEVER made it to CD

Nigel D Day

I’ve got both Lions and Real Life On CD.

What’s this Lions e.p ? I’ve only ever seen it as a 7” with its B side. Are you talking about the later 12”that stuck the first two singles and their flips onto one disk ?


Steve McQueen was the first switch over to CD for me, bought it the day I bought my first CD player in ‘85. Now I’m selling off my CDs (yes people are buying the!) but will hold on to that for nostalgia’s sake. I never bought another PS CD again. Not sure why. Maybe I’ll pick up Jordan as I’m picking up here that it’s pretty good.

Alan Jones

This is great news indeed. Wonder if there will be any colour vinyl editions as with ITTM? Didn’t know about Femmes Mythologigues so thanks to KevinS for mentioning. On another point featuring great songsmiths, I saw Scritti Politti supporting Tears For Fears at Blenheim Palace on Saturday and both bands were superb. There was a mention in Record Collector last year that the three albums Scritti did for Virgin were being re-released in remastered vinyl in November 2018 but nothing happened. Anyone heard anything?


Btw – why are Protest Songs and Andromeda Heights both missing from the campaign? They were both issued by SONY, right?


From a sonic standpoint, SMcQ/TWG, Jordan, and Andromeda Heights could be absolutely phenomenal in 5.1. For the Thomas Dolby produced albums I would love to hear demos. I’m assuming the progression from demo to finished songs would be fairly significant. Of course b-sides and remixes would be great to have. Personally I would prefer if they batched up all the live recordings and put them out on a live collection CD/DVD. Of course if they just wanted to do Deacon Blue quality deluxe editions (2CD/1DVD) and include 5.1 on the DVDs, that would work too!

Donal M

Fantastic news re Jordan.., on what should always have been 2lp’s. Like many on here, i too was looking for a South African 2 lp copy, in vain i might add

For those looking for a new vinyl copy, of Crimson Red, which can be hard to get and sometimes expensive, I just picked it up on Amazon France for €21. They also have cheaper pricing on Steve Mc McQueen and so e of the others.



More material from Paddy is always appreciated. Hopefully the deluxe CD editions are coming soon and Paddy’s reluctance has truly thawed for us to enjoy some undiscovered gems!


Cheers Paul.

A 2 LP Jordan has been long overdue. I’m pretty sure the 2016 Steve McQueen issue was a re-issue of the 2011 Music On Vinyl pressing, same runouts and pressing plant anyway. Not a remaster I think but certainly a good upgrade in sonic quality.

alan hansen

nicely remastered cd sets with all the bobbles-n-bits are this man’s audiophilic wet dream.


My fingers are crossed for 2 disc CD reissues.


Dammit –
Just bought Jordan and From Langely on Discogs. Neither was particular expensive but I could have saved myself some cash if I had known about this two weeks ago.
Ah well, thems the breaks.

Glad these are getting some love – listening to Jordan again makes one appreciate not just how wonderful a songwriter Paddy is but also how fantastic a band they were.

As always, thank you for the info Paul.


keep us posted on the CDs, PS!


Are you really sure about the CD reissues ? It looks like Paddy McAloon is not very keen on releasing those bsides… It just may be vinyl and the new album. Stop.


Gatefold covers?


Good idea to repress those great albums. I already have the original studio LPs but not the Best Of – Life of Surprises so I will probably buy that one.

prefabsprout.net was last updated in december and the most recent post mentioned :
“Paddy was interviewed on BBC R4 Today, and in a short segment not only spoke about “I Trawl the Megahertz”, but also explained that Sony were working on more vinyl reissues, and that he was working on a new album, “Femmes Mythologiques” slated for release in September 2009.”

About CD deluxe editions, I doubt there will be many extra tracks for Jordan: The Comeback. When the album was released in 1990, I remember a radio interview of Paddy McAloon and when asked why there was no new material for the singles (B-Sides), he said CBS gave him just enough money for an album, money was tight, he couldn’t record more songs and everything was on the Jordan album. There was absolutely no new metarial available for singles b-sides.


There were a couple of extended remixes… Looking For Atlantis is terrific, and Carnival 2000 – MH Brauer Remix too.

I’d love to hear Paddy’s pre-Dolbied demos for this incredible album.

Gary Thompson

I’d be happy with the 2LP version of Jordan, and nothing much in the way of bonus material for a CD issue. I doubt if Paddy will either break out the demos, or else re-record acoustic version as per the Steve McQueen issue from a few years back. I think there’s lots of scope for bonus single a/b side material on the earlier albums. For instance, Langley Park had a fair bit of material on the single b-sides that hasn’t been available since.

Joe Atari

“Steve McQueen” is missing. There was a deluxe ages ago but it only had acoustic re-recordings. That’s their classic album in many people’s view. There are numerous b-sides from its singles.


5.1, please. Thank you.


I wouldn’t hold my breath for 2-cd deluxe editions… P. McAloon has always been reluctant to release demos or b-sides.
Hope Sony plan to reissue Protest Songs, and especially, Andromeda Heights, which has never been available on vinyl.

Bob McCartney

Exciting. Any ideas on what is in the vault?

Paul Nesmith

It would be great to see Deluxe CD editions as has been said,plenty of scope for rare unreleased tracks,i hope news of these will follow on from these vinyls


Excellent news.
Looking forward to the vinyl debut release of Andromeda, Change The World etc. as well as Femmes Mythologiques. Hopefully there will be some special release versions of this like Paddy put out for Crimson Red.


“…The sweetest moment comes at last,
The waiting’s over, in shock they stare and cue fanfare…!”

Cosmo Castanza

Jordan The Comeback is a magnificent album.


I’ve got six things on my mind….and Prefab Srout is definitely one of them.

Nothing sounds as good as…..Jordan: The Comeback as a double album. It’ll be a major uplift in sound over the single vinyl release.

Paddy MacAloon sang that he couldn’t bear to be special, well he certainly is.

The reissue program in all formats should be brilliant, and hopefully it’ll be capped off with the new album, Femmes Mythologiques – all being well!

Tom from FIN

This remastering and reissuing program was well overdue. 80’s Brit pop at its best. About time as Simon already noted and Jordan especially as double!


I would buy the deluxe cd versions for sure!! Great band but I will only buy CD versions. Not vinyl.


Deluxe CD editions please!!!!

Michael Caplan

I hope they sell Hi Rez downloads too.


At last. A double vinyl version of Jordan. I no longer have to search for a reasonably priced copy of the South African original release!

Hope the CD deluxe versions of all albums are complete too.


it would be nice to compare this NEW remastered edition with the japanese blu spec 2 cd edition fine ( but without extras)


Me too Simon. It’s proving to be impossible and so will probably buy them all if they are remastered but Jordan is the jewel in the crown for me.