Pretenders / Hate For Sale

New album produced by Stephen Street

The Pretenders will release a new album, Hate For Sale, in May.

Their 11th studio album is produced by Stephen Street and sees Chrissie Hynde forge a songwriting partnership with guitarist James Walbourne, who with Kami Thompson (daugther of Richard and Linda Thompson) formed the band The Rails.

James has been guitarist for the Pretenders for a while and Chrissie Hynde had this to say about writing with him for the first time: “I wanted to write with him since day one. James is especially sought after and has recorded with Jerry Lee Lewis, Dave Gahan, and The Rails, to name but a few. We always planned on writing while on the road, but as anyone in a band will tell you, being on tour is a procrastinator’s dream come true”.

The Buzz from the new record embraces that classic Pretenders sound and is very promising. Hate For Sale is being released on CD and black vinyl and there are no box sets, deluxe editions or coloured vinyl (or similar). However there are bundles, T-shirts and posters at the official Pretenders store.

Hate For Sale will be released on 17 July 2020 (was  1 May).

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Hate For Sale - CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Hate For Sale - vinyl LP


Hate For Sale CD edition

1. Hate for Sale
2. The Buzz
3. Lightning Man
4. Turf Accountant Daddy
5. You Can’t Hurt a Fool
6. I Didn’t Know When to Stop
7. Maybe Love Is in NYC
8. Junkie Walk
9. Didn’t Want to Be This Lonely
10. Crying in Public

Hate For Sale vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Hate for Sale
2. The Buzz
3. Lightning Man
4. Turf Accountant Daddy
5. You Can’t Hurt a Fool

Side 2
1. I Didn’t Know When to Stop
2. Maybe Love Is in NYC
3. Junkie Walk
4. Didn’t Want to Be This Lonely
5. Crying in Public

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Ordered LP/CD bundle, thanks Paul. Release date is showing as July now.


Absolute lovely songs. What a voice
I ordered the signed CD from their webpage. If they sign the LP, I’ll buy that too :-)

Larry Davis

Sure, it has elements of Kid, but is not a clone…plus like someone else here said, the melody is not hooky instant but a grower…by the song’s end, it feels utterly satisfying…and like the new PSB Hotspot, basic 10 track album, which is kinda refreshing to know there will be no need to wait or beware of deluxe editions 6 months down the road…there was a deluxe of Alone issued a year after that came out but with that deluxe, the original was inside the package so you could just sell/trade it/give as a gift with no waste…another unrelated thing, with Amazon UK, I had pre-ordered a few things out this month…received M People & Sister Sledge box was dispatched…TFF was dispatched but damaged & returned (will it be resent??) & the Donna Summer box was preordered…will that get delivered?? That was an Amazon UK exclusive…but until things die down, not ordering anything else…stay safe all…staying home is like house arrest with freedom really…

paul wren

It’s currently unavailable on the Amazon link, so have bought it from Pretenders website. The Buzz is a great sounding song. I don’t think I can cope with no extra vinyl goodies though – book me into my therapist asap!


Anyone that wants to hear something else that sounds a bit like “Kid” should check out A Girl Called Eddy’s fantastic track ‘Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart” from her recent “Been Around” album.

John McCann

I thought they where called the pretenders,?

Dave H

They started of as ‘Pretenders’ though on some releases it’s ‘The Pretenders’ I’m not sure if this is because of the line up change or whether DJ’s were calling them ‘The Pretenders’

Eric Weinraub

I direct ordered the vinyl from the Pretenders site. Anything by CH is a must have for me these days…She’s been on an incredible roll since Stockholm.

Michael McA

Sounds great. Love the sound of Chrissie – love her.
‘Alone’ was a tremendous album.
I’ll be buying!

Tom Walsh

That is a definite grower. Yes, their is a hint of “Kid” but I really like the fact that the melody is not instant/in your face and will repay repeated listens.

Mike Pendlebury

This song is a real grower! It’s one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year. I will be checking out the album for sure.

Spiral Scar

A blast of Pretenders is very much needed right now, no matter how familiar it sounds. For me, the very sound of Chrissie’s voice is rejuvenating. It does sound reassuringly strong and this song has the classic sound. I’m not merely pretending I’m thirteen again (pun intended) but playing anything by them just melts away the years. Although I’ve worn out the first three albums and the Extended Play 12″ a few times over, I listen to them a few times a year, picking a random album right up to “Alone” (I do still need to pick up “Valve Bone Woe”.) Great to see Martin again too!
In these increasingly dispiriting times, this album can’t come out fast enough.


Has Chrissie Hynde turned away from animal rights or are those faux leather boots / jacket she’s wearing?

John McCann

Carla lane got her told years ago, don’t hang around with me and linda when your still wearing a leather jacket, according to a book I read on McCartney a couple of years ago, might not be true.

andrew R

Nice to see ginger baker still on drums :)


Wow She still sounds like she did 30 yrs ago!!!

Richard S

On a side note, anyone aware of issues with the TFF Hurting box? Just received an email from Amazon saying they are still waiting on it, but SFTBC has been dispatched. I know Paul mentioned there was a delay with this. Is this still the case or am destined not to get it?


This morning I read online from three different reliable news sources that Amazon suspended incoming shipment of new CDs and vinyl LPs from distributors, beginning today through 5 April, 2020, or until further notice from Amazon. The statement reads that says this was decided so to allow more warehouse space for essential products that are being heavily demanded from it’s consumers because of the pandemic. Not sure if this suspension of warehouse deliveries of physical music product only applies to North America.

Cristian Elena

I think James Walbourne is the best guitarist Pretenders had since the days of Robbie McIntosh. However, when I heard “The buzz” yesterday it sounded a bit generic to me. But I still keep the hope, since it is again a “band album”, not the session player’s affair which was “Alone”.

John McCann

Yes mate and Robbie gets one mention in her autobiography,he was the second best guitarist the Kevin mc Dermott orchestra had,I preferred Marco Rossi,

Cristian Elena

Robbie’s guitar work on “Get close” is – after 35 years – still a manual for every modern/tasteful player.

Steven Roberts

“there are no box sets, deluxe editions or coloured vinyl”

How refreshing :)


there are no box sets, deluxe editions or coloured vinyl”

How refreshing :)

I could not agree more!!! How I miss the days of a single-issue album. Whether it be 10 songs or 25. The amount of editions in which some albums are released is exhausting. I also despise the exploitation of fans by offering peripheral junk not related to music, often at $$$. The indications between biggest versus greediest/completist fans are pretty clear with purchases of packages that include mugs, t-shirts, useless cassette tapes, etc etc etc…

Craig Hedges

I should really like the single but it sounds too much like Kid, to the point you can sing it over the top. Be interesting to hear the rest of the album, hopefully it won’t all be pale imitations of the old songs.


You’re not Kidding!