Pretenders / new album Alone


The Pretenders return with Alone, next month, their tenth studio album and the first since 2008’s Break Up The Concrete.

The long-player was initially intended to be a Chrissie Hynde record, the follow-up to her fantastically good 2014 solo album, Stockholm. Apparently it even had a working title, ‘Chrissie Hynde Practices Her Autograph’ but in the end the style of production and the ragged arrangements meant that Hynde was inclined to have a rethink. Not that she’s making a big deal out of it, “These things happen. It’s just a name,” she says.

Of course it probably helps that it’s a little easier to market a Pretenders album, although Chrissie seems genuinely excited: “I am blown away myself. I really am. Every time I hear it, it just makes me laugh. To me if you are laughing, it is rock and roll. I don’t know how we achieved it but it sounds classic. I guess the team just went out and scored some goals.”

“The team” is bass player Dave Roe, guitarist Kenny Vaughan, Richard Swift on drums, Leon Michels on keyboards and Russ Pahl on pedal steel. This was recorded in Dan Auerbach’s Nashville studio and The Black Keys’ frontman produced and played some guitar.

Alone will be released on 21 October 2016.


1. Alone
2. Roadie Man
3. Gotta Wait
4. Never Be Together
5. Let’s Get Lost
6. Chord Lord
7. Blue Eyed Sky
8. The Man You Are
9. One More Day
10. I Hate Myself
11. Death Is Not Enough
12. Holy Commotion (CD only)

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Wayne Klein

This is really a Hynde solo album. The albums I like the most are those where Martin Chambers has been a part of it. I know that Chrissie probably doesn’t care but to me it’s more than a name but a spirit and, ideally, that spirit involves Martin


No Martin Chambers ?! I am not interested buying a new Pretenders album and tour without Martin being involved as the drummer. As an original fan, I view The Pretenders (post-1983) as Chrissie Hynde AND Martin Chambers with whomever other musicians they choose to play with. I am tired of her making this inconsiderate choice. This is a Chrissie Hynde solo album in every way but the name. If she had released this recording as a solo album then, I would respect that decision. Chrissie is quite willing to use Martin Chambers for concerts such as in their last live album for the ‘Break Up the Concrete’ Tour of which Martin didn’t play on that album at all. When the band played those particular tunes in concert with Martin involved they improved 100%. He is a fantastic drummer. Chrissie a great singer songwriter.

Dave Gilmour's Cat

Love the cover, by the way.

Dave Gilmour's Cat

@jim vandegrift: how much are you selling the radio box for?


Clunking in to Detroit around Thanksgiving as a support act for Stevie Nicks – a match up that I really don’t get.

There is an autographed CD, litho, vinyl version via her website ($37.99) and maybe the quote of the year
Chrissie Hynde said the following: “This record is what I love the most – real people playing real music.”

jim vandegrift

Excellent news Loved Stockholm Cant wait Just bought the Pretenders brick thanks to SDE sales alert I have the Pirate Radio boxset for sale if any one is interested Go Buckeyes!


How long until the deluxe edition is released with a lot of extra material? I never buy any new releases now that the labels are hellbent on releasing a new version 6 months after the original release. Yet another way that they are undermining their own business.


I actually really like the sleeve.
makes me think of Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Alphaville


Maybe the sleeve will grow on me like the new Human League one.


I kinda wish that was the HL cover. 3 b+w pics of each member. would look nice and futuristic … and fitting.


What a horrible album cover…


P.S. Amazon lists a 12th track – “Holy Commotion”


P.P.S. Track 12 is CD only


Considering Chrissie Hynde pretty much IS the Pretenders nowadays (and has been for quite a while), intentions of ‘her’ or ‘their’ is really a moot point.

But quibbling aside, I absolutely adore her/them and Pretenders have been in my record/tape/cd collection for 30 of my 38 years so I am looking forward to this! But before I buy/pre-order anything, I’m going to wait and see what editions become available – what frustrated me with ‘Break Up The Concrete’ is there were several different U.S. editions, each with their own ‘exclusive’ bonus tracks and so damn expensive that I couldn’t afford all of them. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted most (for me, Chrissie/Pretenders is one of those acts where you want EVERY available track!) so in the end I didn’t buy any version. :( Eight years on, those exclusive editions are hard to find and still bloody expensive!


Interesting – the Pretenders’ YouTube channel has a song up to promote the new record, but it isn’t on the tracklist. Then again, after you hear this, you might conclude that’s a good thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JStKEEujtIw


Thank you for the link, I listened and I really wish that I hadn’t.

Dave Gilmour's Cat

@Greg. Yes, but it still has THAT voice.


Should I start this one off in the customary fashion and berate the cover artwork?


What is it with modern album cover designs that seem to be produced by 7 year olds fuelled by full-fat Coke and Haribo???