Primal Scream / Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings

Primal Scream are to release the original ‘Memphis Recordings’ that eventually became their 1994 album Give Out But Don’t Give Up as a 2CD or 2LP vinyl set.

Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings is a document of the sessions with Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section (David Hood (bass) and Roger Hawkins (drums)). These took place at Ardent Studios in Memphis and these sessions are said to showcase a more ‘country soul/rock ‘n’ roll’ side to the band. These recordings were apparently found in Andrew Innes’ basement.

The nine tracks “run the gamut between blues, gospel and brilliant songwriting” and are released over four sides of vinyl. The 2CD version is even better since you get a bonus disc with 15 additional variations (rehearsals, monitor mixes, jams etc.).

Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings will be released on 12 October 2018. There are some signed options at the band’s store.

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Primal Scream

Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings [VINYL]


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Primal Scream



2CD edition

CD1: Tom Dowd Album Mix

  1. Jailbird
  2. Rocks
  3. Call on Me
  4. Everybody Needs Somebody
  5. Sad and Blue
  6. Big Jet Plane
  7. Free
  8. Jesus
  9. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

CD2: Tom Dowd Album Mix

  1. Billy / To Love Somebody
  2. Memphis Groove (Improvised Song Jam)
  3. Sad And Blue (Early Rehearsal Jam)
  4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Trying To Get To You
  5. Big Jet Plane  (Early Rehearsal Jam / Tom Dowd Instructions)
  6. Free  (Bobby Vocal / Full Band Rehearsal Jam)
  7. Everybody Needs Somebody (Alternative Recording)
  8. Country Guitar
  9. Jailbird Guitar
  10. Jesus (Monitor Mix)
  11. Funky Jam (Original Recording)
  12. Free (Early Rehearsal Sitar /Piano / Bobby Vocal)
  13. Call On Me (Monitor Mix)
  14. Cry Myself Blind (Monitor Mix)
  15. All I Have To Do Is Dream

180 gram heavyweight gatefold 2LP + download card

Side A.

  1. Jailbird
  2. Rocks
  3. Call on Me

Side B.

  1. Everybody Needs Somebody
  2. Sad and Blue

Side C.

  1. Big Jet Plane
  2. Free

Side D.

  1. Jesus
  2. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

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I grabbed this when it was released last year and am still lovin’ it.
I was a fan of the original despite it sounding slightly over produced/mixed.
This is so on replay. It’s great they didn’t overdo this with an overpriced box set and just released it in a format they should have done in the 90’s.

Jonny S

Henry Olsen on bass – class.

graeme ewan

got my 2cd signed copy , signed by Bobby G , and two other boys I cant make out, they write like me!! great stuff. get a copy, play and enjoy. Thanks for the V and A gig Bobby and co!!.


Just listened to the records for the first time. Strangely, on the label there are two tick boxes – 1 with 33 rpm (ticked). The second is 45 rpm (not ticked). The records play at 45 rpm. Sound is excellent – lovely rich 70s studio sound and, in many ways a better record than what was released. “Rocks” is very different from the familiar version (no insistent guitar riff) and feels more laid back. If this had been released in 1994, the band would have been hammered by the anti”dad rock” brigade, but after 20 years of retromania this feels very fresh. Recommended. Download code for mp3s included, by he way.


@ Jonathan

Reply probably a little late now but its already available for pre-order on iTunes at £11.99 for a two-disc 25 track edition.


Vinyl out today. 2 x 45rpm – despite 33rpm listed on the label. Sounds great.

Helen Lamb

Hi Rasher.
Would you be kind enough to let me know where you bought the vinyl of this album please? It would be a xmas pressie for my partner. Help!!
Many thanks.
Helen lamb


Got it thanks. What do you think?


Does anyone know when this’ll be on iTunes.


Like others who have commented here I didn’t get Give Up when it came out, especially as their live show was built around Screamadelica. This release might make sense of what seemed flawed at the time. PS releases in the 90’s seemed to be mixtape affairs, but sometimes with poor tracklistings. I still love listening to the Dixie Narco EP, the Jimmy Miller Mix, B-sides and edit of Give Out as an alternative 90’s best of from an infuriatingly brilliant/crap band both live and on record.

Dizzy Gillespie

Jesus like I the scream but this record is a load bollox as in a pasticice ..vanishing point with a proper theme is really way ahead of this…like the original shit kicker cover though..


My first encounter of Primal Scream was their Byrdsian/60’s single then they flourished into the Rave n’ Blues of Screamadelica. Looking back PS have always tried different things. Some worked better than others but I thought that Give Out was too Stonsey at the time but I enjoy better now. They did a better job with Riot City Blues but I’m looking forward to the original versions.

Timm Davison

I remember not ‘getting’ this album when it first came out – like many here, I was expecting Screamadelica pt. 2. A couple years ago I found an original Creation 2LP edition of this in a used shop in Chicago. Maybe it was the passage of time, maybe the album was cut to be appreciated on wax, but needless to say…it was a different (better) listening experience. Just ordered the CD/LP combo, looking forward to this!


I have always loved this album, so have ordered the signed CD. Looking forward to listening to this and of course the variations disc. One thing though, I don’t know why one of my favoured tracks “I’ll Be There for You” hasn’t been included? To me, this wouldn’t have been out of place on this ‘version’…


I think that ‘Jesus’ is an early version of what finally became ‘I’ll Be There For You’ on the ‘Give Out…’ album. A version of ‘Jesus’ was released as a b-side to the 1997 single ‘Star’.


One of their worst albums and shockingly out of place when you look at their discography, as it came between Screamadelica, Vanishing Point and XTRMNTR. Only ‘Rocks’ and ‘Jailbird’ captured the spirit and energy of their greatest albums…. This is also the first album that made clear Primal Scream’s pattern of ‘one or two good albums followed by one or two bad albums’. Hopefully this mix will improve on it, but probably not.

Mr M A Lyder

You are out of your element on this my friend. Considered by many to be one of the best albums of the 90’s not only was it a departure from the psychedelic acid soaked “screamadelica” it was a foray into the roots of, essentially, where Bobby Gillespie’s incredible skill for songwriting stems. If you cannot appreciate a bands attempts at not sounding samey and tired then you cannot, truly call yourself a fan of contemporary music.

David Carroll

Exactly !

Iain McCarthy

There was also a ‘Jimmy Miller Mix’ of “Rocks” released on the extra disc of ‘Dirty Hits’. I assume this is not from these sessions.


I think it’s by far their best album.


Oh no, they didn’t record it with Dobly on. Gotta have Dobly on!

Dr Volume

I remember being a bit nonplussed by the original when it came out. It had it’s moments but really uneven, more like a compilation by 4 different bands whereas Screamadelica even though it’s basically a bunch of DJ / dub mixes interspersed with some whacked out band performances still feels cohesive as a whole. The Mojo article is really interesting. They initially ended up with what would have been a polished country rock album …then lost their nerve and seems like, in a bit of a panic started remixing, rerecording and getting George Clinton in to try and make it more akin to Screamadelica. Will be interested to hear this, particularly Rocks and Jailbird which presumably won’t have the sampled beats and studio trickery.


I’m a lot more keen to hear this having read the Mojo article than I was beforehand. I’ve always thought I could see where they were coming from with the album at the time, re-asserting that they are actually a band after ‘Screamadelica’, but I can’t remember the last time I listened to anything other than the singles from it.

Mr T

I’ll give this a whirl. talk about out the blue… always been a stones fan even as a kid and when this hit in 1994 I couldn’t believe it. The album was flawed and the mixture of styles didn’t always work..but indeed in parts it really did sound like the best Stones album never made. Remember an article in the nme at the time where the writer basically let ( a drunk by the sound of it ) Chris Robinson eviscerate the scream for basically what we’d now call cultural appropriation. Even as a callow youth it made me chortal along the lines of “come off it Chris, and what is your bands modus operandi?” the distillation of southern rock, peak period stones, credence and the the Allman bros…I.e hardly original..but it did sound good. He was just upset someone else was giving it a go. ( strangely remember the edge from u2 getting a right pasting in the same rant/ article).
God knows what the Screams ‘regular’ fans thought of this direction though.. probably thought they’d gone mad. I thought and feel now it was brave… what will people just not expect, what direction would put the wind up the record company.

Paul Wren

This is an easy purchase decision on vinyl – done. It’s a shame that the vinyl version via the band website isn’t signed and I think they’ve missed a trick here.

Michel Kempes

ONLY CD is signed….. Have contacted sandbag and the vinyl is NOT signed…

Paul Taylor

Ordered the signed bundle

Y wiwar

This is great news. Even as a big admirer of the Scream since their second album I never really ‘got’ “Give Out..”. Despite moments of absolute brilliance it never seemed, to my ears at least, to hang together as a coherent whole. So I’m genuinely excited at the chance to hear these sessions.

This month’s Mojo is worth getting for the article. Although, as ever, the loss of Throb is so so sad. Andrew Innes is quoted in Mojo as saying “when you hear the Memphis tapes, it’s probably his musical tour de force.”

That alone makes a must buy. It might be our last chance to hear some soulful licks by Robert that we haven’t heard before. God bless him.


this is like an official release of a bootleg that never came out. can’t wait for this. hopefully it sells well and they do some more archive releases of demos and stuff


I remember a lot of “critics” were pretty snotty about this album as it wasn’t Screamadelica pt. 2
but I always loved it. In fact it turned me on to early 70’s Rolling Stones which led to a whole bunch of their albums on vinyl, plus Funkadelic and loads of others. Oh, them’s was the days! Would like both vinyl and CD to complete the picture. Looking forward to the documentary.


I remember the sheer disappointment with this record when it came out simply because it wasn’t Screamadelica part 2. A couple of alright singles that sounded too much like the Black Crowes, and that was it really. It’ll be good to revisit the album as it was originally intended. Jesus was far too good of a track to be stuck away on a b-side and should have been on the album in the first place.

andrew R

Paul do you know who has signed it .All the members featured ? Or just Andrew Innes?


There’s also a related BBC documentary that will be shown to coincide with the release (echoing some of the comments in the recent John Lennon post). Mentioned in this month’s Mojo feature on the band/album.


Good of the Scream to give us a less expensive way of acquiring these than as discs 3&4 of an SDE with a double vinyl album and a big book and a poster. Not that I’d be opposed to that either you understand.


Just looking at the picture – that looks remarkably like a cassette tape – I presume that this is not the “master source” – there is a proper analogue tape or DAT master.

Metal Mickey

@Rashers – the Mojo article (very good) says this project started when Andrew Innes discovered a tape of these sessions when having a clearout, digitised it & sent it to Bobby Gillespie, and they decided it was worth releasing… I would imagine this sleeve design is a nod to that, but that the original studio tapes were used to master from, though that’s just an assumption on my part…


Q Magazine called this “the best Rolling Stones album of 1994”, and I’ve always loved it. It’s quite exciting that there is an alternative mix, particularly by Tom Dowd – presumably very 1970s sounding – should be fabulous on vinyl. Does the download card that comes with the vinyl edition contain the Ardent outtakes? If not, I’m going to have to both the CD and the record.


This…is great news! I was working at a music store when this album came out and was the first CD of theirs that I bought. Looking forward to this as I haven’t been too overwhelmed with the latest string of their albums.