Prince / 4EVER: 4LP vinyl box

Last year’s excellent Prince 4EVER looks set be issued as a 4LP vinyl box set next month…

The 40-track compilation will be issued over eight sides of vinyl and looks to be great value on Amazon UK at a little over £40, although its well-priced across the board, right now. The SmithsThe Queen is Dead 4LP vinyl set increased in price significantly, so I’d suggest you ‘lock in’ to this initial offering…

No word on the packaging, but I’d imagine the four vinyl records are likely to reside in a lift-off lid box (or alternatively a slipcase, like the Kate Bush Before The Dawn set).

Prince 4EVER is listed as having a 15 September 2017 release date.

Side 1
1. 1999 (Edit)
2. Little Red Corvette
3. When Doves Cry
4. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince & The Revolution
5. Raspberry Beret – Prince & The Revolution
6. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Single Version)

Side 2
1. Soft and Wet
2. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
3. Uptown (Single Version)
4. When You Were Mine
5. Head
6. Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)

Side 3
1. Controversy (Single Version)
2. Let’s Work
3. Delirious (Edit)
4. I Would Die 4 U – Prince & The Revolution
5. Take Me With U – Prince & The Revolution
6. Paisley Park – Prince & The Revolution

Side 4
1. Pop Life – Prince & The Revolution
2. Purple Rain – Prince & The Revolution
3. Kiss – Prince & The Revolution
4. Sign ‘O’ The Times (Single Version)

Side 5
1. Alphabet St.
2. Batdance
3. Thieves in the Temple
4. Cream – Prince & The New Power Generation
5. Mountains – Prince & The Revolution
6. Girls & Boys – Prince & The Revolution

Side 6
1. If I Was Your Girlfriend
2. U Got the Look
3. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
4. Glam Slam
5. Moonbeam Levels

Side 7
1. Diamonds and Pearls (Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation
2. Gett Off – Prince & The New Power Generation
3. Sexy M.F. – Prince & The New Power Generation
4. My Name Is Prince (Single Version) – Prince & The New Power Generation

Side 8
1. 7 (Album Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation
2. Peach
3. Nothing Compares 2 U (Edit) – Prince & The New Power Generation

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Pre-ordered from Amazon and waited in all day for it when the told me it was out for delivery last Friday. It never arrived. Then they cancelled the order without me asking them too and won’t refund me until they get it back from the courier? Last straw with amazon. Won’t use them again. Ordered from dodax but now hearing really bad things about them and this also hasn’t been shipped. Paid via PayPal so should I just get a refund and give up on editions that are impossible to buy in the shops once and for all and save myself some money?

Jan Bavinck

Why impossible to buy in shops? Even here in New Zealand you can find this on the shelf…


This arrived yesterday. Bit disappointed the albums just come in plain white inner sleeves and yet they go to the trouble of putting in prints which I have no interest in – would have rather had the prints (if necessary) turned into pseudo album covers. Good collection thought but minus points for those sleeves.


£38.31 on dodax.co.uk, with free delivery. Bargain!

Graham Turner

Packaging does, indeed, appear to be a lift-off lid box – along with some 12″ prints featuring shots from the Herb Ritts session that was used for the ‘Hits’ covers/booklet back in the 90s. I hadn’t seen those mentioned before – they do look rather nice.
comment image


Before The Dawn was an actual lid-off box, not a slipcase, pretty sure about it. First messages here seem to say the opposite?


No. Me aventuraría a comprar este boxset porque NO ES LA GRABACION MASTER SUENA a la grabación de un vinilo con grabación de CD


I’ll admit I’m not a Prince fan at all, but shouldn’t ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ be included? Isn’t that one of his biggest hits?


There must be some copyright issue with “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. It wasn’t released by Warner, they let him release it on his own so he saw he needed them, but it was a hit.

Warner asked him to include it on this 1994 album “Come” but Prince refused and saved it for 1995’s “The Gold Experience”. But “The Gold Experience” is not available today anywhere (only on TIDAL), so I guess it was released by Warner but Prince had full ownership of the album?

I’m sure it they could use it now they would…

Jan Bavinck

Yes but that was not Warner Bros era.


So much negativity from some people. Most of the versions on the “4Ever” 2 CD set and digital version are taken straight from “The Hits/The B-Sides” compilation, so I never understood all the criticism. The “Purple Rain” reissue was remastered but the man himself (well, at least supervised by him) and Warner included a LOT of extras, but still some people are never pleased. And the deals behind… if anyone’s to blame is Prince (remember he didn’t left a will).

Just relax and enjoy the music :) There will be moves by Warner, the family, the heirs you’ll like in the coming months/years and others you’ll hate (I can’t believe they’re really considering the awful hologram idea!) but the music will always be there.

I’ve pre-ordered the 4vinyl set and can’t wait to have it, thanks for the tip!

Jason Mitchell

Pretty sad, the family will fight over money and hire lawyers like Londell McMuffin, who only care about money. By the time the dust settles, the true fans will be aging, and not really want to spend money on product. I would work for a small salary to sort out the vault, but old and dying customers don’t buy things. Get a bunch of box sets out now in the next 3 years, or nobody will care. Prince may be the greatest musician ever, but his career was mismanaged not only by himself, but by Warners, so most have no idea how awesome he really was, and sadly, the vault may be worthless by the time the parties settle on anything. This vinyl set will likely not sound any better than the garbage sounding 2 cd version rushed out by Warners. So sad.

Michael Khalsa

I would hardly say it’s excellent Paul. The songs are not remastered. I believe the only ones that have been are Prince Ultimate & Purple Rain & the Girl 6 soundtrack. I’m sure the estate will release something else in Dec. Probably Purple Rain related I would guess.


The issue here is that the ‘estate’ and the ‘heirs’ are not the same thing legally and literally.

Once the ‘estate’ has been legally transferred from the administrators to the heirs we ‘might’ see some future releases. the heirs have confirmed they will release vault content, but currently they can’t.

Until then. we will only get WB contracted releases and re-issues.



Thank you once again Paul – just over 60 bucks for the whole thing mailed to Australia from Amazon UK. Wonderful!


This is too much. A double LP of the biggest tracks from the CD version would have been enough. It would have made it more exclusive.

Auntie Sabrina

Yes, side 8 could have added a couple of bonus tracks perhaps?

Steven Adamson

I’d like to see them do The Hits/B-Sides set as a vinyl box set.


Nice, I was hoping this would get a vinyl release. Bought the CD but that cover will look fantastic as an LP. Pre-ordered immediately.

Andrew M

And it is also extremely well sequenced, I think. I got the CD and it hangs together really well.


Sticking to the 2xCD track order makes the last vinyl side a bit short…
Side 1, 6 tracks: 21.01 mins
Side 2, 6 tracks: 22.36 mins
Side 3, 6 tracks: 20.48 mins
Side 4, 4 tracks: 19.56 mins
Side 5, 6 tracks: 21.32 mins
Side 6, 5 tracks: 18.52 mins
Side 7, 4 tracks: 17.50 mins
Side 8, 3 tracks: 12.30 mins

Side 2 is the longest, but had they made it 5 tracks only, Side 3 (and Record 2) would start a bit strangely with the B-side “Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)” instead of the hit “Controversy” – and the effect would trickle down the track list the same way. Why not move “Gotta Stop” to Side 8, at least title-wise it would fit there. “Nothing Compares 2 U” is the obvious closer, so “Gotta Stop” b4 that perhaps? I guess it’s too late for changes now.


Gotta Stop (Messin’ About) isn’t a Bside, but an awesome single (released twice).



Gotta stop was a uk A-side (but not a commercial hit) easily room for “the most beautiful girl in the world” on the end there. Would they stump up for it though? Never is my guess


Prince releases certainly have been scattered around all territories.

Most of Prince’s singles from 1978 to 1982 were not commercial hits and were either released exclusively in the USA or Europe.

Even during Prince’s commercial years, tracks like Paisley Park and Girls & Boys were not released in the USA, yet tracks like Delirious, Take Me With U and Nothing Compares 2 U were only released in the USA.



I thought the remastering on the CD version of this was one of the worst I’ve ever heard. I still can’t get over how bad it is, I just can’t handle the sound quality of it.

The remastering on the Purple Rain reissue was pretty good though I thought.


So why buy this if I have all the lps already?


Thanks for this, ordered. I held out on the CD, so this is perfect.
The release date seems very near considering most pre-orders allow at least 3 months, hopefully it’s not a rushed pressing.
Dreading to think what else is going to skint me by the end of the year.

Peter Nicholas

Thanks Paul, ordered. Another great deal.


To the US, with shipping, the UK deal is the best.


Excellent buy, Cheers Paul


Indeed, Before The Dawn was a slipcase :)

Kevin S

Thanks again Paul for the information and links.

Wasn’t ‘Before The Dawn’ a slip case style LP box rather than a lift off lid?
It is a very nice slip case however.