Prince / For You vinyl reissue


Despite various denials and no official announcement, it does appear as if Prince‘s 1978 debut For You is being reissued on vinyl LP later this month.

Although his commercial breakthrough came with his second self-titled album, For You introduced the world to the musician and songwriter’s exceptional talents with the purple one producing, and playing all instruments on the record as well as writing all the songs – although first single Soft and Wet is a co-write with Prince’s early mentor and champion, Chris Moon.

There is no word on whether the audio has been remastered by Prince, or anyone else, but almost two years to the day since Warners announced a partnership that would “see the release of long-awaited, previously unheard material” this is perhaps the first tentative step towards a reissue campaign. Or maybe it’s not.

For You will be released on vinyl LP on 26 April 2016. Follow-up Prince looks slated for a vinyl release in late May, too.

Compare prices and pre-order


For You [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order


Prince [VINYL]



For You

Side 1
1. For You
2. In Love
3. Soft And Wet
4. Crazy You
5. Just As Long As We’re Together

Side 2
1. Baby
2. My Love Is Forever
3. So Blue
4. I’m Yours


Side 1
1. I Wanna Be Your Lover
2. Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
3. Sexy Dancer
4. When We’re Dancing Close and Slow

Side 2
1. With You
2. Bambi
3. Still Waiting
4. I Feel for You
5. It’s Gonna Be Lonely

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[…] popular albums such as Sign ‘O’ the Times and Parade. The label have already issued For You and Prince in the last few weeks and 1985’s Around The World In A Day is already available for pre-order […]

Rob Puricelli

I have just discovered that this new 2016 vinyl pressing was remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio…


Kevin and his company have a pretty solid and well respected name in audio mastering, having been responsible for many SACD and vinyl reissues.

Still no idea what it was mastered from, but I’d wager it was better than a mediocre digital source given Kevin’s involvement.

Eamonn Mulvey

@Josh – or maybe it’s bought by young music fans like Sitoho above who explained his reasons but all he gets is a patronising ruffle of the hair.

Rob Puricelli

I picked my copy up at the weekend from my local indie record store. Amazon had pushed this back to the end of this week but I got a call on Thursday last week to tell me it was in.

It’s actually a very nice sounding pressing, and is 140g, not 180g, vinyl. There is no indication from where the master was derived though, but on the first couple of play-throughs, it does sound very good. As far as packaging goes, it’s a faithful reproduction of the ’78 release, except it now displays a barcode and is a joint NPG/Warners release. No download is included.

These seem to be priced quite fairly at the moment. I’ve seen them listed for £15.99 and long may that continue, but in light of the recent tragic events, that may well change.

The opening title track takes on so much more poignancy now. That 1 minute or so of just his layered vocals is how most of the world was introduced to his exceptional talent and considering how big a risk Warner’s took, it was a bold opening track to make.

Surprisingly, whilst I own all of his albums on CD (expect those that were digital only), I don’t have a huge amount of his vinyl, so I’m happy to buy these reissues to resolve that discrepancy. And no, I’m not a “non-discerning hipster who just got into vinyl” ;-)


I guess this is squarely aimed at the non-discerning hipster who just got into vinyl, has $$ to burn and doesn’t care if it’s from a digital source or not. As another poster already stated, you might get just as much enjoyment and possibly better sound out of a carefully pre-owned copy.

Herr Weis

Man some of you are Debbie downers. Or just cheap. Be happy something is being released.well rereleased. I enjoyed this lap a lot. Some songs were Better than others but the best is I’m yours. Killer rock track

Eric M.

Wouldn’t it really be something if these came with a download card for the remastered audio?


While I was never a fan of ‘For You’ it was a clear indication of what Prince had to offer although like other posters here, I feel that Dirty Mind was the biggy, the one that put Prince on the map and that has always been a favourite album of mine ever since I got my first copy in Scarborough back in 1986.


As an album For You gives and gives over the years that many of his other albums (which are, on the face of it, better albums) don’t. Won’t be buying this though, I picked up a decent vinyl copy years ago and it sounds fine.

O(+> Peter B

I’ve had For You on CD for over 20 years and have appreciated it more in the last couple of years. I love all the tracks on side 1 especially. I remember Matt Thorne in his Prince book saying that Prince was just showing off in the instrumental second half of As Long As We’re Together. Crazy You belies Prince’s love of Joni Mitchell. In Love is my current favourite off it.
But I’m Still Waiting for the Purple Rain deluxe set we were promised.

Mike Cox

He must not have anything to do with this since something is actually being re-released :)


For those of you who can’t figure it out, this is P outsmarting WB. Isn’t it?


I’m a massive Prince fan but I’m pretty ambivalent to this. I’ve got the vast majority of his imperial phase on vinyl from the first time round but even if I hadn’t I’d tend to agree that a decent second hand copy will offer better value than straight re-issues such as this…I’m first in the queue for any deluxe editions though!


If these two are made as good as the previous ones from 2011* made by Rhino/Optimal, we’re in for a treat ! :)

*Dirty mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple rain.

elliott buckingham

agreed these are far better than the currently available cd versions

elliott buckingham

pre-ordered for you but prince is not available on amazon


Pre-ordered and can’t wait. Nothing like brand new & unplayed vinyl which would be hard to get for “for you”

Ron de Joode

Another example of a release without answering the question what’s the reason behind this.


I don’t think this is any move towards the deluxe editions. Prince vinyls were remasteted back in 2011, years before the WB/Prince announcement. I bought PR and 1999, just because I was tired of the flat sounding CDs. The LPS are indeed much better. But I will not buy another Prince product until its a deluxe edition.


They’re trying to cash in on a wave of new record buyers, who aren’t well versed in the ways of lifelong collectors and pick up newly reissued items at full price thinking they’re “lucky finds.” Hate to say it but that’s also a huge proportion of RSD buyers (or Urban Outfitters, etc.) these days too. I have to hold in the laughter whenever I see this happening at local shops – with someone gleefully squealing over a $25 reissue of something they probably have in the $1 bins at the shop down the street, declaring they’ve hit the jackpot. The pros and cons of vinyl resurgence…


Like I said to the comment before not everyone is lucky enough to find decent second hand ones or access. I have a couple but that all I could get at the time. Maybe it’s the areas Iv lived in or visited that happened to be lacking in prince records. If it means buying a reissue for full price then so be it. It shouldn’t matter what condition, it doesn’t matter to me too much. People my age weren’t around then to cop when first released. Second hand Prince records are actually pretty scarse in Britain if you don’t live in the big cities. Don’t be so judgemental… I’m sure Prince where he is doesn’t care how we bought his music, he would be happy that it’s being listened to.

Randy Metro

Let’s not “rain on their parade.” Back in the mid ’70s, I paid humongous amounts for T.Rex imports and bootleg cassettes. The joy is in collecting; scoring at a bargain price is just icing on the cake.

Those squeals of collectors being shaken down over a $25 reissue takes me down Memory Lane and my teen years. Instead of laughing, I smile, and remember.

Paul English

Don’t see the point. There are plenty used copies of all of Prince’s LPs (up to Lovesexy) in the second hand shops, markets, car boots, fairs etc.


I still have my original copy of Prince. Never bothered with the first one.


Wannabe hipsters don’t want to get their hands dirty crate digging at car boots. They want nice shiny brand new vinyls.


Excuse me, not everyone has access second hand shops to cop prince vinyls, living in the sticks of Britain & being a young Prince fan (23) re-issuing works great for me! Sadly I wasn’t around to buy them when they were first released. I do own a couple second hand ones but that was all I could get my hands on at the time… & you gotta be weary of the condition. I’m happy to spend money on a prince record whether deluxe or not, new or second hand, Im happy to own copy … whichever form it comes in because really it’s about his music.

Simon F

I had the For You album back in the 80’s and thought it was a very disappointing set. Prince really didn’t take off until his third offering Dirty Mind. That’s when it all came together. ‘Nuff said.


He came close a few times but never really bettered Dirty Mind.


Agreed, although I will say that “Bambi” from his self titled 2nd album is one of my all time favorite tracks of his. And a LOT of fun to play on guitar! But that, for me, is the lone bright spot until DM.

Tom of FIN

Spot on, Simon F.


That’s a ridiculous comment. To dismiss the first two albums is ignorant, and lacks any real musical appreciation.