Prince / His Majesty’s Pop Life: The Purple Mix Club to be issued on CD

First time on CD • Japan-only • ‘Paper Sleeve’ vinyl replica packaging

The 1985 Prince compilation His Majesty’s Pop Life: The Purple Mix Club is to be issued on CD for the first time.

This double album was originally a promotional record, with only 500 issued in Japan in 1985. The first disc (pressed at 45RPM) featured mainly remixes from Around The World In A Day, while the second (33RPM) offered similar from Purple Rain and 1999. Thirty-four years later it got a wider release on 2019’s Record Store Day (14, 000 copies were issued). However, as is normally the way, the CD format was ignored for RSD.

Warner Music Japan has decided this deserves a CD release and so in May that is what is going to happen. Exclusively for the Japanese market, this will come out in two CD versions: The first is what is described as limited oversized 24cm x 24cm presentation, the second as a ‘standard’ (i.e. still gorgeous) Japanese style mini-LP CD (aka vinyl replica/paper sleeve) packaging. These are clearly labelled below in the widgets.

This release is available to pre-order right now via Amazon Japan. If you haven’t used the store before it should work with your local Amazon account details (update: it’s seems this isn’t the case and you might have to create a new account) and you pay an import fees deposit so there will be no duty or ‘surprise’ fees. Use Google Chrome to aid with translation. This CD may appear on Amazon US or UK nearer the release date, but you’ll pay a premium for that.

His Majesty’s Pop Life: The Purple Mix Club is released on 8 July 2020 (was 27 May).

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His Majesty's Pop Life - Japan CD - limited edition with 24-cm mega jacket

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Amazon jp   2860.00

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His Majesty's Pop Life - Japan CD - standard paper sleeve edition

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon jp   2860.00
JPC de   30.99

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His Majesty's Pop Life - RSD 2LP vinyl edition


1 Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)
2 America (Album Version)
3 Raspberry Beret (New Mix) / Raspberry Beret (12 inch version)
4 Paisley Park (Remix)
5 Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Remix)
6 Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix)
7 1999 (Album Version)
8 I Would Die 4 U (Extended Version)
9 Erotic City (“Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive”) (Long Version)
10 When Doves Cry (Album Version)

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R. Michael Cox

Arrived yesterday. On a positive note, some new tunes on cd. On the negative side, it was shipped in a bubble wrap that allowed the mega jacket to be nicely bent upon arrival. It didn’t have a chance.


My copy has just arrived. The CD looks pretty good but yet to play it. Ordered two copies as I thought the Amazon Japan exclusive was a bigger CD sleeve version. What it actually is is a 10 inch size print of the cover. The regular CD is included with it. Very disappointing.

Jeremy Skinner

My ‘Mega Jacket’ edition has just arrived and I can’t even describe what an utter disappointment it is! It’s the regular Japanese mini LP Edition with a 1 sided 24cm print of the cover, which comes in a thin plastic bag backed with a piece of card! It’s certainly not a Mega Jacket! I’m glad to have Paisley Park 12” version on CD at last though – so it’s not all bad!


Mine arrived impressively fast on Thursday, July 9. I agree, the print is a disappointment. But having Paisley Park and Pop Life extended versions on CD was worth the price for me.


Agreed, the “mega jacket” is a bit of a letdown…though I won’t say it’s “very disappointing”…that’s what I would have called it had the “mega jacket” version cost any more than the standard. Nice to have a free print, I suppose, but fantastic to finally have Pop Life extended and Paisley Park remix on CD!


Just out of curiosity: What was the SDE for “Purple Rain”? Was it just the 2 CD/DVD package? I don’t recall. Thanks!


DaveMK, the 2017 Purple Rain “Deluxe” edition consisted of the 2015 “Paisley Park Remaster” of the album with a second disc of tracks “From the Vault & Previously Unreleased”. The “Deluxe Expanded” edition added a third disc of “Single Edits & B-Sides” and the DVD of “Prince and the Revolution: Live”.

Dave H

With shipping and import fee deposit it worked out to £44 to the UK from Amazon Japan.

As Amazon Japan have a really good price for Simple Mind Rejuvenation box set, if you add this to the cart, the price increases by another £44. It’s currently £56 on UK site.

My success rate of not being charged for the import fee has been quite low over the last couple of years.


Registered Airmail from CD Japan the standard mini LP edition is $36.00 to the US and 29 pounds to the UK. The mega jacket edition is listed (so far).


The only down side to CD Japan is that they don’t place an import fee deposit. It means even though the import fee may only be a couple of pounds, the Royal Mail will whack an £8 handling fee. It used to be £12 so at least it has been reduced in price.


just placed my order for the uk and its £20 for the album, £16 for the shipping and £8 for import tax. £44 in total. Still went for it for the 24 x 24 version as can also use it as a bit of wall art :)


Just received notice from Amazon Japan that this release has been pushed back from May 27th to July 8th.


I don’t think we have to buy this on CD because the first 4 tracks will be included in the Deluxe Edition for Around The World In A Day soon. There will also be the 21:40min. version of America on it, ofcourse the B-sides plus both long versions of Pop Life. Tracks 5-10 we already have on the Deluxe 1999 and Deluxe Purple Rain discs. So no need to buy this via the Japanese market. Just be patient.


Amazon Japan updated the description and confirms that the version of Pop Life is the UK extended version and NOT the Fresh Dance Mix.


why the eff would they put the effin almum version of effin america on there when there was a twenty one effin minute and forty elfin sic second long version of that effin track on the effin twelve inch?

effin heck!


Don’t like the cover!

Andrew M

Does anyone know any countries where the 1999 box is still available? Amazon UK want £113 for it through third party seller. CD version.


Vinyl version sold out on release in UK and supplies of CD Box have now all just gone all we can still obtain are the 4 LP and 2Lp and CD and 2CD


It is still listed for $69.99 on Electric Fetus website, based in Minneapolis. Search for Prince 1999 and find the cd format super deluxe 5 cd/1 dvd.

Andrew M

Thank you!


You want the nearly full 12inch version of AMERICA (21.46min) on cd – on the 2002 France comilation Black Archives Minneapolis Funk !
Oh i miss the purple one……..


Well, it sounds like a vinyl rip from a worn record, pops and all in places and minor fade at the end (probably to hide the sound of the vinyl) so don’t spend too much just to get 1 song on CD. Better off getting the 12″ and ripping it yourself.


Hi I am in australia. Tried to order would not ship non digital items from amazon Japan.
So then tried cd Japan which would do it but shipping was AUD $40 which is unacceptable. Any other ideas? Thank you.

What? Prince? Worry!

Yeah, wait for ATWIAD SDE

Roel Glas

Michael – I assume you want to order the vinyl. CD Japan shipping charges are very high for records. They are fairly reasonable for CD (Mini LP). Are you choosing DHL? shipping which can be high unless you order numerous items. I have always chosen airmail without tracking and never had a problem in receiving items from CD Japan although it does take about 4 weeks to Australia

Andrew M

Thanks Paul – the other day worked out a way to keep my CDs with me (albeit without the boxes) which means I only had to get rid of my vinyl. This was one of them and not being available on digital I was going to miss this.

Luckily being based in Kuwait, I have a service called shop and ship and one of my addresses is Tokyo. This will therefore cost me a minimal amount on top.


Thanks .


Slightly disappointed it doesn’t have the 22 minute 12 “ version of ‘America’ – I have the original 12” vinyl but prefer a digital copy.


Agreed about the 22 minute version of America! First thing I noticed. I really hope they add that to the SDE of Around The World In A Day.


Ordered! Thanks all for your helpful commentary about making a new account. That made it pretty easy. Even though the SDE’s of Purple Rain and 1999 already give you most of the tracks, I’m a huge fan of the Japanese packaging. How could you not? I don’t know if any of you bought the Japan only Quad Mix of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, man, the packaging and eye for detail alone is worth that purchase. And the Quad Mix is terrific. Anyway, happily adding this Prince release to my collection. I clicked on the 24 cm version, I hope that’s what I’m getting, haha!!


I have the quad sacd of live evil got from a seller on ebay i didnt even have to pay custom charges on it either really want the quad of brew I didnt know it existed until I purchased the standard sacd of it from Japan

Anthony Loman

When I click on the pre-order link above I can’t get the page in English, when I go on Amazon Japan via s normal search I can get the site in. English but when I then just search for this item to order the site does not find it. Can anyone provide a direct link to the pre order page for this CD that will come up in English


On the main address bar on the right hand side there should be a icon like a book , put your mouse onto it and it should say translate, tick the always box, but only do this when your on the site, I’m with Amazon already but had to create another account. Hope this helps.

Charlie Shine

Most of the songs are already included on Ultimate Prince compilation from 2006.


yes, i thought so too.

can anybody clarify what mixes/songs on this release are not available on CD yet?


The mixes exclusive to this release are:
Paisley Park Remix (the original 12″ version)
Pop Life – which is listed as the Fresh Dance Mix but is actually the Extended Version (on the original UK 12″)

Both of these have never been issued on CD.


For Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix), U can get it on the second CD of Ultimate.


It is deeply inferior to the extended mix on the UK 12″ single, though.

Larry Davis

I have the RSD vinyl, it’s nice & interesting but utterly unnecessary on CD because I have the SDEs of 1999 & Purple Rain…will wait for the SDE of Around The World in a Day…don’t want to Shell out 32 bucks for just 2 tracks that will come later…


I used to have this vinyl and it was very interesting and the art was great. I sold it thinking that it could be released on CD someday. At this point, I don’t remember if these remixes or long versions are exclusive to this edition or they are a compilation taken from other singles. Does anybody know/read if these recordings received any sound improvement treatment?

Steven Chia

I just bought it. Just sign in with password like any Amazon account and they will send a code to your email address, then key in the code to complete the sign in. You are all set.
The total cost including shipping to USA is around US$32.00 or 3550 Japanese Yen.
Hope this helps.


I’ll wait for the SDE of Around the World in a Day mefinks rather than pay a small fortune for the two tracks on here that I don’t already have on CD. Without P&P and import charges they’re already at £11 per track…


My thoughts exactly Simon. Im hoping Around The World is the next SDE from the estate.


The word on the street is that “Sign ‘O’ The Times” is the next one on deck. (Which is fine with me, because it’s my favorite Prince album.) Apparently “Parade” *was* going to be next, but WB is going to put out “Sign” first because of distribution/rights change-overs next year. I’m not in the industry or anything… just rumors I’ve read on various fan sites.

But I’m with you, John: I’d love an “Around The World…” SDE. It could be awesome! So much stuff in the Vault from this time period!


Yes Don, read the same. Apparently, Warners will retain the rights to all Prince soundtrack material and are now concentrating on albums that they have only for a limited time, such as Sign o the Times and Around the World in a Day, although neither have yet been confirmed as SDE.


My preferred order of potential Prince “golden era” SDEs:
1) Sign ‘O’ The Times
2) Lovesexy
3) Around The World In A Day
4) Batman
5) Dirty Mind
6) Parade
7) Controversy


Thanks for the info Don. I’d imagine a Sign O The Times SDE would be of epic proportions. :) Truth be told, any and all, up to and including Lovesexy will be a must have for me. Just want them YESTERDAY!! :)


In have a feeling it will be ‘Controversy’, but I guess we will see.


Why do you think Controversy will be the next SDE?


One last comment:

This release is being made available in two editions: a “regular” edition in the mini-LP jacket, and a special edition in a 24 cm x 24 cm “mega-jacket”. Both are the same price, ¥2,860.

If you look at the “Additional Audio CD options” underneath the box showing the price, you’ll see two lines. The top line is for the version with the “mega-jacket”; the bottom line is for the version with the standard mini-LP jacket


I order from Japan sometimes. Most of their site partially translates to english. You may have to register with the JP site at first, I think… it will not have your pay info saved from other sites. And shipping is not too expensive, plus it is very fast… in normal times. I will be interested to get this.


One more thing: Shipping options are limited to global priority (or something like that), but I have never been charged any kind of “import fees deposit” (I’m in the US).


Also, “Embracing the Beat” is apparently just a literal translation of the Japanese title given to “When Doves Cry”, and does not indicate a new song.


You have to register a new account for Amazon Japan. For some reason it is not linked to the other Amazon sites around the world


It should be noted that the RSD pressing from last year featured the 9-minute extended version of “Pop Life” instead of the “Fresh Dance Mix” that was remixed by Sheila E. If this Japanese CD features the former, I believe it will be the first time that version has appeared on CD.

Same with the remix of Paisley Park – its CD debut.


Hey Ben, So even though it was labelled Fresh Dance Mix on the sleeve it was a different mix?


The original promo album included that 9-minute extended version. The listing of the “Fresh Dance Mix” was an error.


The “Fresh Dance Mix” of “Pop Life” is on “Ultimate”, isn’t it?

Besides, all the mixes – apart from “Paisley Park (Remix)” – were already on “Ultimate” or on the Deluxe Expanded Re-Edition of “Purple Rain” in 2017, am I right?


Yes, Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix) is on Ultimate. But Pop Life (Extended Version), which is actually on this compilation, is not. That mix and Paisley Park (Remix) are exclusive on CD to this compilation. The other special mixes can indeed already be found on Ultimate or the SDE of Purple Rain.


Thank you Martjn !


Dank U.

R. Olsson

Amazon Japan does *not* share the same login details as is the case with the US, Canadian and European Amazon sites. You have to set up a separate account at Amazon Japan for you to be able to order there. I’ve had an account there for over a decade and that is just the way it is.

R. Michael Cox

Thanks Paul. I saw this earlier today on a Prince fansite. I tried their link and yours. The cd shows up but when I go to login using my usual info it tells me there is no account. I’ve never ordered from Amazon Japan before but I have used Amazon in several other countries. I’m in the US by the way.


I have the same problem as Michael Cox, I’m in the UK.


same problem!


You have to create a separate account. Apart from that, using Amazon Japan is just like using any of the other Amazon sites..

Also, according to the listing on Amazon Japan, although the album artwork lists the “Fresh Dance Mix” of “Pop Life”, the album actually contains the “extended version”. (This is confirmed by the listings on discogs.com.)