Prince / Piano & A Microphone 1983

New official Prince album features unreleased recordings

The Prince Estate in partnership with Warner Bros. Records has today announced the release of Piano & A Microphone 1983 a brand new Prince album that features previously unreleased home studio cassette recording of Prince at his piano captured in 1983.

This is effectively a private rehearsal which provides a rare glimpse into Prince’s creative process as he works through songs which include 17 Days and Purple Rain (neither of which would be released until 1984), a cover of Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You, Strange Relationship (not released until 1987 on Sign O’ The Times) and International Lover.

“This raw, intimate recording, which took place at the start of Prince’s career right before he achieved international stardom, is similar in format to the Piano & A Microphone Tour that he ended his career with in 2016,” said Prince Estate entertainment adviser Troy Carter. “The Estate is excited to be able to give fans a glimpse of his evolution and show how his career ultimately came full circle with just him and his piano.”

The deluxe LP+CD edition of Piano & A Microphone 1983

This new release will be available as a special CD+vinyl LP deluxe edition which will include a 12-inch booklet featuring brand new liner notes written by Prince’s then engineer Don Batts, as well as candid shots of Prince including never before seen photos. Individual vinyl and CD releases are the other physical options.

Piano & A Microphone 1983 will be issued on 21 September 2018

  • 17 Days
  • Purple Rain
  • A Case Of You
  • Mary Don’t You Weep
  • Strange Relationship
  • International Lover
  • Wednesday
  • Cold Coffee & Cocaine
  • Why The Butterflies

Recorded in 1983 at Prince’s Kiowa Trail home studio in Chanhassen, MN
Engineered by Don Batts

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Having listened to this, it is really no more than a part disc on a multi box of Prince demos – I worry for how the Prince Estate will deal with the back catalogue if this is the 2nd release. Packaging very shoddy too, had two copies and both damaged as flimsy cardboard wont hold up to being mailed.


They should have a virtual vault shopping online. ..create your own disc custom. Instead of someone else’s opinion of best picks released. ..and some standard re releases with live/after show gigs deluxe things

Daikota Shahls

After reading the replies I have mixed feelings. However, I love and miss this man so much I would buy a piece of a worn T-shirt of his if it was released.


How about a super deluxe box set that contains a remastered Sign O’ The Times, Camille, Dream Factory and Crystal Ball… and throw in the Sign O’ The Times film as well. Another thing the estate could do to make money is to create a live concert website where people can download any concert they want – similar to what Bruce Springsteen has done. Also, how about deluxe sets of the 80’s albums that include remastered albums, all the B-sides, 12″ mixes / extended versions, unreleaed songs in the same time period, and some live shows??? As for this new Prince release, I’m gonna get it, reminds me of two of my favorite bootlegs — McCartney’s “The Piano Tape”, and Lennon’s “Compositions”.

Paul Steele

I totally agree with everything you say!!




I have to laugh at Prince fans, and yes I’m a one, but they say ‘he wouldn’t want this released!’ ‘It’s been around on bootleg for years’
So Prince wanted you, the so called Prince fan, to rip his unreleased music from some torrent site?
Double standards in my book.
Yes there is better unreleased music, but no matter what he releases, it’s probably on a bootleg somewhere so you’re never going to be happy, so quit complaining.

Stuart F

Heads up Prince fans – if you are not enthusiastic about this release then maybe some live music is what you need. Judith Hill – recent collaborator and protege of Prince has a few gigs coming up in the U.K. in London, Liverpool and Manchester. Take a listen to her latest single The Pepper Club on YouTube – she learned a great deal from the master!

Manchester is 15th July and Liverpool on the 16th – tickets are available right now on wegottickets.com


Oh my Lord stop the moaning… Dirty Mind is only 8 tracks and 30 minutes long. Great album and worth every one of my pennies back in the 80’s. Who’s to say this won’t be as great (for many different reasons) and so will also be great value? Less is sometimes more.


“Dirty Mind is only 8 tracks and 30 minutes long. Great album”

His best album!

Alan Mitchell

I’d argue that Sign o the Times is his best although i prefer Parade and sometimes Lovesexy.

However i play Dirty Mind more than any other album of his.

Purple Rain has been played so many times over my years i think i can do without it now.

LP releases of his 90s work would be welcome.


When I started buying my own albums, I started with Prince and worked my way back from 1999, I had never heard anything off the albums except I Wanna Be Your Lover, had I heard the albums upon initial release I probably would have been bummed at the number of tracks and the short runtime, but since I listened to it as an added bonus (as opposed to it being a new release) it was ok that it was short. Plus you could get the tape where it had dirty mind on one side and controversy on the other. While I wished it were longer, as it was a great album, it at least gave me more time to listen to it twice. My parents would sometimes tell me to get to bed, and I would say, “after I finish this album,” so my dad would give me an hour, so that was two times lol. So that part was great. I had the same issues with Chaos and Disorder but after the initial disappointment of the short runtime, I just started focusing on the songs more, and I couldn’t really see much more he could have added. So I have learned not to be so greedy that I overlook the great music we were given. Maybe when Sony re-releases everything they’ll add more from the time period. Either way, I’m buying everything lol


well, it’s better’n nothing. i’m sure it’s only nine songs because that’s how an lp is made, that’s all that was recorded at that time (and gathered for the sake or chronology)

complain all you want, Prince never released this stuff while he was alive, so I think getting it is a bright side to his horrible death.

it could be a 100 disc set for 99p and there’d be complainers, I’m sure. Probably the same lot that complain about TLJ.

Charlie Waffles

Nine songs? Are you kidding me? A whole vault of music and we only get nine songs? This is a joke. I wish the six Bozos who are rightful heirs to the music lottery (as I like to call it) would quit arguing and put more music out instead of fighting each other in court. I bet the sound quality is minimal.

Thanks for leaving a will, Prince. I hope other artists use this blueprint to see their lawyer immediately.

Simon Paul larter

Err…? Underwhelming?
We all know of the ‘Roadhouse Garden’ album…Prince himself spoke of it as a ready to go P& the Revolution album in the Vault…and instead we get a home taped rehearsal?
Now back in the 1980’s i would have wet myself if i’d found this on bootleg cassette at The Electric Ballroom in Camden…but now?Nah, i’m alright thanks.
On a seperate note, i live in Australia and this isn’t even listed on the Amazon Australia site that we now have to use, but is on all the Amazon sites you have listed.


I’ve been reading the comments and debating whether or not to put any energy in adding my thoughts.

I respect everyone’s right to have an opinion on this and any other release. What I would hope is that people vote with their dollars and also look at the bigger picture when it comes to these type of releases.

We all know there’s a ton more to come in the next ten years alone. If you aren’t jazzed about a particular release, don’t buy it. Don’t get worked up about it like the world is ending. I can’t judge what people’s internsl thoughts are, but the perception from some of the comments reeks of entitlement and misplaced anger over a work of art.

I have a lot of artists that I love that from time to time, I scratch my head and skip purchasing a release or two because I’m not into it.

I think it’s possible for this audience to critique releases based on merit vs. what we hope is released.


I agree with Anthony’s comments. I do feel for Paul, somewhat, having to moderate each comment. It does seem that with each post that is added to SDE, the comments seem to focus on the inadequacies of the product.

It’s not just comments along the lines of ‘this one isn’t for me’, but a little too much anger. It drags the tone of the site down and can be disproportionately angry.

Look at the comments regarding the Bowie box set and time being called on the Heroes replacement and you’ll see what I mean.

Debate on content is why the comments field exists. Open hostility and misplaced anger should be reserved for things that warrant them.


I never realised that Prince fans (or any fans) were so vociferous to be honest. I will buy this release at some point but was just curious about the content length and whether that’s worth £16 or £5 to me. Some of the comments though are very………passionate.

I agree generally that if it’s not for you…..jog on. There’s no point getting upset about it all.


I have been into Prince since the First time I heard the harmony on For You… and SHAME! Shame on using the Name of his LAST concert tour! Shame on going back to REHEARSALS in 1983! Shame shame shame. WE KNOW what he had in the vault because he told us, and THIS is what they start with? I am never going to give them a dime of my money. Not one… thin… dime.

Andrew M

Never? Never?

Come on seriously?


Us Queen fans have been waiting nearly 20 years for the promised anthology set. Am I wining like an entitled little brat about it? No..

Ultimately, Anthony has a very good point. If I had moaned about queen forever, and adapted a policy of never giving them any more money, I wouldn’t have the two live box sets. The NOTW raw sessions disc.

get a grip.


Just out of curiosity, what are you referring to when you say the Queen anthology set? I am a huge Queen fan, I have the two live boxsets and will eventually get NOTW when I have more money (have medical issues right now). I always tell people I listen to the royal family of Rock, Queen, Prince and Elvis (the King). Were you saying the Queen Forever set was the anthology set? I have that too. Just wanted to make sure, as I have all of their remastered albums (working on getting all of their live albums) and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Thanks for listening, if you can, let me know what you meant by the anthology set.

Michael Khalsa

Dear Prince Estate,

This is what we want:

Expanded/Remastered albums of

Around The World In A Day
Sign O The Times

With 7″, 12″ & B sides.

I will be giving the above release a miss. And Prince is my favorite musician.

Kind Regards, Michael Khalsa


Add 1999 to that list and include unreleased gems as well as the 7″, 12″ and b-sides. That would be a start. Basically, give them the same treatment as Purple Rain. Cover Prince’s heyday first, I’m sure there’d be huge demand, then move onto his early/latter years.



I too would initially be happy with a remastered expanded program then move onto unreleased material, this album among them but as I said for a first release I personally find this baffling.
My pet love would be a series of Paisley Park compilation sets of the other artists who released albums through that label, from the Family through to Madhouse and Dale Bozzio and the album by the Japanes singer whose name I can never remember.
I think a few dozen albums were released on PP records so 4 x 6 disc sets featuring remstered albums with extensive note s by Alan Leeds with artist contributions would be sweet but that is , as I say my pet love.


Never say never… He was involved in the Purple Rain expanded reissue…


It does take time, you’re right. Look at Neil Young’s Archives project. The releases have been pretty regular since 2007, but it was in the works for twenty years at that point. All in all, it’s worth the wait and these insights into Prince’s creative process are all gold dust. So, I can wait, even though it’s sometimes painful…


You ain’t writing to Santa, dear. You can’t always get what you want.

Randy Metro

On topic/off topic: as long as we’re talking about bootlegs, I can’t wait until they release the 30 minute version of I Would Die For You. Yikes! I haven’t gotten through all of it to see if it is just a triple loop of the 10 minute official version.

True genuine real fans are going to love it.


‘True Genuine Real Fans’ wouldn’t go behind an artist’s back and give money to someone selling an illegal, counterfeit product. They would wait for the official release.

Randy Metro

Not sure if you got my sarcasm about “true genuine real fans”?

When I see someone declare his/her self as a genuine fan…., my eyes roll up a hundred times, my head spins around, & steam blows out of my ears.

Michael Khalsa

I wanna hear the alternate version of the song ‘Around The World In A Day’. As for the 30 minute version of ‘I would die 4 u’ no it’s not a triple loop. I have the 20 minute version of ‘America’. It’s very good in places & the tape ran out which is why it was only 20 minutes.

Dennis bailey

The 30 minute version of I would die for you is most definitely not a loop more of a jam session but not nearly as great as the 1982 rehearsal of I would die 4 u. If you are a true fan it doesn’t matter if it’s a rehearsal or unreleased studio recordings a thing that people lacks these days is gratitude I would love to see more purple rain and sign o the times concerts personally as well as act 1 tour

Mike Williams

It looks like the CD labels are different between the LP/CD Combo set & the CD only version. However, it also looks like the deluxe set does not come with a sleeve for the CD? Hmmmm.

James Barker

As a serious Prince fan I have the Sabotage bootleg “Intimate Moments” and it’s a nice release but only for serious fans. Purple Rain is just a one minute instrumental track! And he does go on a bit on a few tracks so casual fans won’t be buying this if they do they’ll be very disappointed. It’s a strange release from the Estate but welcome for me. I do find deluxe CD & Vinyl set releases a little strange but it also looks from the image above that the single CD and single Vinyl versions comes in a large box too?! I’ll wait and see before I buy. All that being said I’m pleased something is coming out at least and will definitely be buying at least on CD version of it.

Freek Claassen

people should stop making conclusions that aren’t correct. Prince fans who have had the bootleg for ages (as I have) are NOT complaining because the music being released is music they have had for a long time already.

They are complaining because they know there are literally hundreds of better choices that could have been made. Any outtake collection would have pleased me more, any good sounding live concert would have pleased me more, even a lot of rehearsals would have pleased me more. The Purple Rain was a great start. Sure it could have been better but it also could have been much much worse, so no complaints for me. The choice to release Piano & Microphone 1983 could not have been much worse…


As a Prince fan I’m always happy for every single piece of music to be released. But I’m a little bit disappointed that it’s this 9 track piano microphone thing…
They have announced a MEGA new album containing amazing unreleased material.
I was hoping for more, especially for his 60th birthday….

Neil Kelly

Sound a bit poor is this the best they can do? Even though price’ll come down from 15 i still think 10 is too much for this


A different online publication claims that the 1983 “piano and voice” version of “International Lover” on this LP is Prince perfecting a “classic in the making.” Prince recorded “International Lover” by himself in early 1982 and it was released as recorded originally in October of 1982 on the “1999” album. THIS kinda stuff makes my eye twitch. Same with the ‘Purple Rain’ Deluxe Edition that had songs on it that were recorded months after the movie and soundtrack were released but were advertised as “songs recorded during the making of Purple Rain.” It drives me nuts that even as a casual Prince fan I am aware of these things. The people in charge of ‘the Vault’ clearly are not doing their research.

Randy Metro

It’s called the Mandela Effect. Embrace it & you’ll stop driving yourself crazy.






With tracks 1 to 7 being a medley, according to track listings elsewhere, this could be very slim pickings if it’s anything like the piano-and-microphone medleys to be found on his One Nite Alone live box.

I want to be enthusiastic, but instead am feeling cynical about this potentially slim album being announced on Prince’s 60th birthday.


He was a good buddy back then. We played pool lake and Hennipen This release will be very good to relive those days before mega stardom.

Rough cut

Huh? This will be a fun listen once or twice. “Mary” might make it into one of my Prince-playlists, but other than that…

I don’t know, I guess I was hoping for more fleshed out studio material.

It’s cool, but I doubt that – even as a Prince fan – I’ll play the whole thing more than once or twice.


There was a lot more to Prince than the Purple Rain period and this is what we get? How about something constructive like his studio versions of songs that were famously covered by other artists. There is easily an albums worth there and it just might interest the casual listener. As for this release, I don’t think this is something I would repeatedly listen to unlike his other studio albums. This is purely for us hardcore fans only so why not release those albums that he scraped and were later re-recorded instead?

Frank Zappa’s vault had some completed, mixed albums which were eventually released, so will we ever see those albums that Prince creatively had intended to release? Going by this release, it does not look promising.


Purple Rain Deluxe was a ”turd in a trifle”?
I thought it got many plaudits for being good content at a great price point?


Brickwalled beyond belief. The end of Let’s Go Crazy sounds like my Walkman must have sounded to other people back in the day. I have a decent system and then have to play poorly mastered music on it?

Yes it was cheap. And it sounded it.

Bruno MacDonald

If this bombs – which isn’t implausible given that most sane people won’t pay so much for so little – will Warners judge it not worthwhile issuing anything else from the vault?

Surely a thirtieth-anniversary reissue of Lovesexy, with the live videos as an added DVD (or the televised show, which if memory serves was better), as per Purple Rain, is a no-brainer…


It won’t bomb. It’s Prince…

Jason Schafer

Let’s hope this is just the beginning. Would have really liked an RSD vinyl release of the bonus tracks from the Purple Rain reissue last year, but I guess that wasn’t in the cards for Warner. Talk about missed opportunities, and what about the rest of the studio albums first? I’m still hoping for the Gold Experience…lost masterpiece!


It’s sure as hell better value than the recent 7″ that came out of Nothing Compares 2 U.

Could it be more? Undoubtedly. But it’s something and as a long- suffering fan I’ll buy it. Hell I’d buy a turd in a trifle if it said Prince on it. Which is pretty much what the Purple Rain reissue was.


I’m with you on that. Nearly all the unreleased tracks were so bad that I deleted the songs from my music library after a single listen and the concert DVD was terrible quality.

adam karrington

will never order from the WB site which is a big rip off price wise…

Prince fans will always find something to complain about… not every one has the bootlegs.

Beverly P

“Prince fans will always find something to complain about”. That statement is judgmental and very ignorant. Prince fans would rather have Prince alive than to have to settle for recordings. You are obviously NOT a TRUE Prince Fan.
You would have known that and wouldn’t have made such a rude, ignorant and judgmental comment!


LOL cos thats not a judgmental comment. I love it when others decide what constitutes a “true fan”. While its obviously not true of all fans, there is a definite subset of any group, star, movie star whatever’s fan base that will not be satisfied. Its an accurate observation. Star Wars, for example, is somewhat hamstrung by the expectations of its fans. The ones who will happily dump on any new movie because its not what THEY thought it should have been. Similarly, Ive seen lots of complaints over the years from fans of Prince who are obsessive and abusive at the same time. Nothing is ever good enough.
That said, in case I wasnt clear enough before, there are many “true fans” for whom that is not true. Its perfectly legit to be dissatisfied with this release, or any release, but some people are just never satisfied.

Andrew M

To answer a few questions – there is no digital download included in the deluxe version apart from Mary Don’t You Weep and tracks one to seven are a medley :


Johnny Spasm

17 Days may be the most underrated Prince song ever. I remember wondering back in 1984 why was this song the B side? I like When Doves Cry, but come on!
Looking forward to this release because (and Prince fans are gonna kill me for this) I always believed that the success of Purple Rain ruined his career. The raw funk of Controversy & 1999 was replaced by polished studio recordings. Looking forward to some raw, unpolished Prince.



Mark Lavallee

Very underwhelming. A boot Prince fans were never very interested in. 35 minutes of him rehearsing on the piano? Really? That’s the best you could do? This is what they choose to start the vault releases with? It’ll be a nice little token to have but I can think of about 1000 things that I’d love to have before this. Grateful there’s something but coming a year and half after the Purple Rain deluxe if this slow trickle keeps up it’ll be a long wait until we get to the good stuff. This would have made a nice bonus to a 2016 Piano And A Microphone Live release…


What I really want to know is, will the deluxe edition include a digital download as well? Or am I going to have to hook up my stereo and figure out how to rip the physical release because computers no longer have CD/DVD drives?


You can by CD drives to connect to your PC via USB for a tenner!

Wayne klein

I just went out and bought an inexpensive CD/DVD drive specially for this purpose. Oh and some PCs do still come with a CD/DVD drive if you purchase the right ones…

Beverly P

My computer is a newer model and it has a cd/dvd drive.
I’ve never seen one without it.
Where do you live that they don’t have it?

Mathew Lauren

Almost all new Apple PC’s come WITHOUT optical drives now, though one can purchase an external (very limited) CD/DVD-V plug ‘n play drive.

Many Windows based (~11” or smaller) PC’s, too, have dropped internal optical drives.


To rr528: get a cheap external drive and rip CDs to your computer that way.


All-in-one models looking to go as slimline as possible and to lighten the weight omit CD/DVD drives.

While people are on this topic, I find the external drive I have often doesn’t import tracks toward the end of some discs. Some discs there may be 20 tracks, over an hour and it’s fine and others may have twelve, fifteen but when importing I get “file not found” or some such thing, even though you can kind of force it to recognize and start downloading that track exclusively if you uncheck all the other tracks but that. But in those instances I can get a few seconds and then it ejects.

Anybody else know what’s up with that?


I see no point in having a P.C. or laptop without a disc drive. I know people love to stream and steal nowadays or pay Apple for a song (even though the artists aren’t sufficiently compensated) but ripping music from cds I own or watching a Blu Ray/DVD is something I do a lot. I can’t imagine not having a drive on my computer. What if you have no internet or it’s down etc? How do you install things to your computer? I can see laptops/tablets not having a disc drive, but a P.C.?

henry watson

yeah – i reckon side 1 will be 24 miniutes/ side 2 13 minutes .
Would think – given the nature of the release (i.e. piano and voice) that this wouldn’t necessarily be detrimental to sound quality.

I’m always amused at the complaints over releasing previously bootlegged material. Fans go on about how bootlegs should be officially released and they’d buy them, then complain that they’ve already got this stuff when it gets released!

I’d agree with the suggestion of the McCartney model for a re-issue program, possibly with some of the shelved albums being given stand alone releases (e.g. Dream Factory/ Crystal Ball / Camille – although I accept there’s a fair bit of crossover in the material from those releases – and the original Rave configuration from the late 80s) . Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this, hopefully in better quality than I currently have it, but it seems like something that would be ideal for a separate fan club/ archive type release.

henry watson

….although, of course, this could be a completely difference rehearsal session which just happens to have the same track listing!!!


I’d prefer them to go down the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series route. A four disc set of unreleased tracks and demos every 12 months or so. I don’t care much for live music but given the alleged size of his legendary Vault, there should be an abundance of studio material available. The two albums of unreleased material released in the late nineties were both underwheming but I expect there to be plenty of gems in the Vault, particularly from the eighties.


Thanks for this. I haven’t heard any of this stuff although I am a Prince admirer (don’t feel obsessive enough to call myself a fan). I usually like these sorts of albums/collections and i’d be up for this but feel 37mins of archive material isn’t a lot really for £16? I just paid £15 for 3 CDs of the Flaming Lips greatest hits and although you can’t compare artists or the historical significance it kinda makes this feel like a rip-off somewhat. Or maybe it’s just me.


Interesting but underwheming. Nonetheless, CD ordered.


Now Prince fam b4 posting something that hints of ungratefulness… the fact is not 1/2 of .001% of the earth’s population have heard the Boot of this recording. I’m here All Day everyday for Official Releases out of the Vault✅

tom m hans

Meh – the promo clip on youtube (Mary Don’t You Weep) is underwhelming. #missedoppertunity

Andrew M

really? Just stuck the old airpods in and had a listen at work. I think it’s great!

Craig E

Going by the info from this bootleg (https://www.discogs.com/Prince-Eavesdropped-In-Intimate-Moments/release/3195863) that Henry Watson referenced then side one would be 23 mins long.


Interesting. Thanks.


It’s great to see this finally get an official release.

This has been widely bootlegged for years hence why some fans are disgruntled with getting a release of previously heard material.

However, I can imagine many posthumous releases will have been previously heard so most hardcore fans will be continually disappointed.

I’m very much pleased with this release! Yet it could have been a bonus disc to the promised Piano and Microphone tour – which Prince did confirm as being his next release after HNR Part II.

Alessandro Tinchini

The 2016 Piano & A Microphone Tour could easily be what Jaz Z announced as the 2019 Tidal release.


Paul, any idea if the individual releases also include the booklet that goes with the deluxe release? Thank you.


I like the idea behind this but looking on Amazon the track split seems to be one big medley on side A and then two tracks on side B. It makes me wonder about the running time of the whole thing. On first impressions this is more like a mini album and, if it is, then it’s not worth the asking price in my opinion. Can anyone shed some light on this from the mentioned bootlegs that have been around for a while?


Amazing news!

Chris Squires

Again, not a massive Prince fan but maybe that is helpful to see the wood for the trees.

Wouldn’t it be better to start a McCartney / Wings style release program based around the Studio albums with bonus discs of demo / live / remix / b-side material from the era. If it were done properly it would run and run. This seems a bit random.

How sensible and focussed are the people dealing with this catalogue? Or is it all about maintaining the short-term hangers-on lifestyle on a legacy.


This release programme isn’t working for me so far. Everything seems slightly random. Shame they just didn’t concentrate on re-releasing the Warner albums and adding period relevant tracks. This album would have made a nice addition to the 1999 album but by itself is less than an essential buy, especially considering it is only 9 tracks long.

Phil Wilson

To be fair though, Purple Rain and Around The World In A Day are only 9 tracks long. But I agree, this would have made a nice extra disc with another reissue rather than being a standalone release. Will still buy though

Phil Wilson

Looking at Amazon, it’s 3 tracks, with the first 7 being a medley. These take up the whole of side 1 on the LP, so whilst it’s good they’ve not split it, it suggests a running time of 20-25 minutes?


Very good point, Phil. From memory, 1999 is also 9 tracks. But 35 minutes of material isn’t the best deal for a standalone album.

I actually wonder if the album cover image is circa 1983? Surely those involved wouldn’t use anything from a different time period? It reminds me more of the Controversy/ Dirty Mind era.


Agreed, Agreed, Agreed

Peter Rince

How utterly underwhelming.


this programme might be very piecemeal which is very much more profitable than chucking it all in a legacy box…


His version of A Case Of You is on the 2007 Tribute To Joni Mitchell album. He was a big fan apparently


Yes this is a weak release(9 songs) of bonus tracks that every diehard has had for years. The Purple Rain reissue was different(& extensive) because he did it himself before he died. This, & the lame hits comp from last year is the sort of crap his family is putting out to cash in immediately.

Graham Turner

I don’t disagree with you that this is not the strongest release. However I wanted to take issue with the extensiveness of the Purple Rain reissue being down to Prince. Notorious for not wishing to look back (unless on his own terms) Prince made several statements on Twitter that the Purple Rain reissue was the original 9 tracks and nothing more. This was a bone of contention for Warners who thought they had an agreement for a larger release and the main reason why it did not appear in time for the 30th anniversary anniversary – appearing instead after Prince’s death. Additionally, some of the expanded tracks are highly unlikely to have been okayed by Prince due to their content and his later life beliefs.

Prince was certainly behind the remaster of the original 9-track album. The other disks were Warner’s posthumous addition.


In reply to David above I am not sure this is a “make or break for future releases” but I do think they must try much harder to keep the general public interested.

Hopefully the estate / record company are busy getting other things ready. Fingers crossed…


“but I do think they must try much harder to keep the general public interested”

A release like this is not aimed at the general public who will be happy to settle for the Prince 4ever compilation.