Prince / Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic / Vinyl and CD reissues

2CD+DVD set • Twin double purple vinyl packages

Prince‘s 1999 album Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic is being reissued in April as a 2CD+DVD set and as two double purple vinyl packages.

The three-disc optical set – dubbed Ultimate Rave – brings together Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic, its 2001 remix companion Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic (original only available as an NPG music club release) and a DVD of the live concert event Rave Un2 The Year 2000. This looks like a great package (see image below).

As for the vinyl, both the album and remix album are issued on double purple vinyl – the same treatment given recently to both Musicology and 3121.

The Rave album features collaborations with Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani and includes ‘The Greatest Romance Ever Sold’ and ‘Man ‘O’ War.’ These were the last full releases credited to Prince’s ‘unpronounceable symbol’.

All formats will be released on 26 April 2019.

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Ultimate Rave 2CD+DVD


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Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic - 2LP purple vinyl


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Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic - 2LP purple vinyl


Prince – Ultimate Rave

Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (1999)

1.    Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
2.    Undisputed (featuring Chuck D)
3.    The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
4.    Segue
5.    Hot Wit U (featuring Eve)
6.    Tangerine
7.    So Far, So Pleased (featuring Gwen Stefani)
8.    The Sun, The Moon and Stars
9.    Every Day Is A Winding Road
10.  Segue
11.  Man ‘O’ War
12.  Baby Knows (featuring Sheryl Crow)
13.  Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (featuring Ani DiFranco)
14.  Silly Game
15.  Strange But True
16.  Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do
17.  Segue
18.  Prettyman

Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic (2001)

1.   Rave In2 The Joy Fantastic
2.   Undisputed (featuring Chuck D) (The Moneyapolis Mix)
3.   The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
4.   Hot Wit U (featuring Eve) (Nasty Girl Remix)
5.   Tangerine
6.   So Far, So Pleased (featuring Gwen Stefani)
7.   The Sun, The Moon and Stars
8.   Man ‘O’ War (Remix)
9.   Baby Know (featuring Sheryl Crow)
10. Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore (featuring Ani DiFranco)
11. Beautiful Strange
12. Silly Game
13. Where U Go, Whatever U Do
14. Prettyman

Prince In Concert: Rave Un2 the Year 2000 (2000)

  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. She’s Always In My Hair
  3. U Got The Look
  4. Kiss
  5. Jungle Love (Morris Day & The Time)
  6. The Bird (Morris Day & The Time)
  7. American Woman (Lenny Kravitz)
  8. Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz)
  9. Gett Off
  10. Instro Medley (Rosie Gaines, Mike Scott, Maceo Parker)
  11. It’s Alright (Larry Graham)
  12. Everyday People (Larry Graham, Cynthia Robinson & Gerry Martini)
  13. Higher (Larry Graham)
  14. Purple Rain
  15. The Christ
  16. Blues Medley (w/Maceo Parker, Johnny Blackshire)
  17. Nothing Compares 2 U
  18. Raspberry Beret
  19. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
  20. Baby Knows
  21. 1999 Intro
  22. Baby I’m A Star
  23. 1999

“Bonus Groovez”:

  1. Flashlight (George Clinton)
  2. The Undertaker (Sax Solo) [Kathy Jensen]
  3. The Undertaker (Harmonica Solo) [Jimmy Russell]
  4. Release Yourself (Larry Graham, Prince and NPG)

Interviews w/George Clinton, Lenny Kravitz, Morris Day and Prince.

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 2LP purple vinyl


  1. Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
  2. Undisputed (feat. Chuck D)
  3. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold


  1. Segue
  2. Hot Wit U (feat. Eve)
  3. Tangerine
  4. So Far, So Pleased (feat. Gwen Stefani)
  5. The Sun, The Moon And Stars


  1. Everyday Is A Winding Road
  2. Segue
  3. Man’ O’ War
  4. Baby Knows (feat. Sheryl Crow)


  1. I Love U, But I Don’t Trust U Anymore (feat. Ani DiFranco)
  2. Silly Game
  3. Strange But True
  4. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do

Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 2LP purple vinyl

Side A

  1. Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic
  2. Undisputed (The Moneyapolis Mix)
  3. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

Side B

  1. Hot Wit U (Nasty Girl Remix)
  2. Tangerine
  3. So Far, So Pleased
  4. The Sun, The Moon and Stars

Side C

  1. Man ‘O’ War (Remix)
  2. Baby Knows
  3. Eye Love U, But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore
  4. Beautiful Strange

Side D

  1. Silly Game
  2. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do

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Mike Williams

Amazon US price is still cheap (about half the price as from the Prince website Store): https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Rave-Prince/dp/B07LD2FRBK/

Carl Stanley

I must be in a minority of one to actually love this album. ‘The Greatest Romance Ever Sold’ is one of my favourite Prince singles – it’s such an underrated track, absolutely gorgeous. There are some real gems on ‘Rave’ – I’m really looking forward to this reissue.


Hi there, wow what an album the rave albums are, they’re really great.

Mr P

How do they justify them being a tenner more in the UK?


People, you might be crazy. This album is ultimately better than half of his 90’s releases, especially “triple” predecessors. “Rave Unto the Year 2000” is aa amazing concert.

Alan Mitchell

I like SDE as the people are normal and I’ve never seen the hysterics that dominates fan sites. Don’t leave the door wide open, Paul, or at least hire a bouncer.

I’ll buy the second album as I’ve never wanted to pay that much for the cd. But it really isn’t a good album by any artists’ standard. There will be those that disagree and I’m happy for them that they can find enjoyment in it. And if they can get past the sparkly blue leotard without laughing/cringing continually then I’m sure there’s a good concert in there somewhere.

Prince’s quality control was always lacking and coupled with a creative dry spell he churned out some real bythenumbers dross. But each to their own. Heck knows what albums like Sign o the Times must do to the ears and minds that enjoyed New Power Soul ;)

Fre Nieuwenhuis

The second 2LP is called Rave In2 the joy fantastic (and not Rave Un2 the joy fantastic). Slip of the keyboard…


One of his top 3 worst albums, but a very nice reissue in a unique format. Worth it.

Kenny Smith

This is the start of his creativty drying up

Alex Stassi

Expanding on what Eric M said above, do not except ANY reissues from the WB catalogue until 2021 when distribution rights begin… instead, expect an over saturated market of reissues from 1995 onwards… we would have had 4 albums already released in the space of a few months.

Rave In2 is a big plus for those who never managed to get it the first time round through the NPG Music Club. I can only assume they’ll also be physical releases of Slaughterhouse & The Chocolate Invasion.
Me personally, I’m sleeping for the next 2 years….


So excited to be getting a chance to own a physical release of Rave IN2… Didn’t know about it when it was a fan club only release, and couldn’t justify the prices for the few copies that made it onto the secondary market. I had been considering breaking my “I don’t buy download-only music” rule to get this and the other fanclub only releases when they showed up on Amazon, but with this coming out, I have hope the other NPGClub issues may follow on. It’s still not as good as having new music that we’ve never heard before, but the investment in releasing physical copies for those of us who were fans but not in the fanclub is a nice step. Hoping this is a sign of much more to come.

Steven Roberts

Was really surprised when Prince chose to record “Everyday is a Winding Road” for this album, because I figured he’d have so much original material in his vault that he’s never need to resort to doing covers….

O(+> Peter B

Prince did a couple of covers on Emancipation in 1996: Betcha By Golly Wow (The Stylistics) and One Of Us (Joan Osborne). I love Prince but I have to admit I was really disappointed when he covered One Of Us and Every Day Is A Winding Road.

Rob Wilson

acc. 2 p, he actually always wanted to do covers, WB just never let him.

Alan Mitchell

He always played covers in the aftershows. Everything from INXS to Zeppelin.


I’m a fan. Hell, I’ve got “Prince and the Revolution” tattooed down my forearm! This album isn’t great despite having a couple of good songs (very much like the three reissues that just came out). I’ll buy the remix album but £32 really is taking the piss :(

O(+> Peter B

This is a great way of reissuing these albums on CD. I didn’t get them first time around although I have heard the “Rave un2” album. Prettyman is a great track with Maceo Parker.


How about the Lovesexy tour which were released over two VHS tapes!


I’d be pretty early on in line for a Lovesexy tour DVD!


I too would like a 1999 deluxe edition next…. please!!


Just a HEADS UP!!!! and thanks to PAUL on this!!! Even though it isn’t PRINCE related…..It certainly is a DEAL!!!

I pre-ordered 2 of Lennon’s “The Wedding Album” on White Vinyl (from Amazon.com) on Feb. 18 for about $36 each if I remember correctly…..but as I normally do I always check to see if there have been any price reductions along the way on my pre-orders…..and LOW AND BEHOLD (pun intended) at some point in time it DROPPED to $15.98 US which includes shipping!!!!

Might I suggest that if anyone is interested in this that you pre-order it now even though it’s back to the original price just in case it drops in price again.

As per AMAZON policy you are never actually charged for your item until it’s shipped so you can cancel whenever before it gets released if it doesn’t drop LOW enough for you!!


Good package but very mediocre album. Pretty much any album before “Rave…” is much, much better.
The ultimate is of course “Sign Of The Times” which I hope they will reissue w many unreleased vault tracks from that period. His most creative period IMHO. That would be the ultimate post mortem Prince album as far as I’m concerned.

Annie Christain

Glad for later material for the fans of Prince but I’m waiting for the early pre SOTT. Now that’ll be good.


Is this the crap album he gave away with some Sunday rag?

Adam Karrington

Parade Purple Rain and Batman stay with WB forever

Matthew Hudson

And Graffiti Bridge

Craig T

I am looking forward to The Gold Experience album and Live Concert DVD. Some of his best work.


Still hoping for a deluxe edition of 1999. I’ve never understood why fans prefer most of his other albums to this. This is the album that made Prince a superstar. Little Red Corvette was everywhere back in the day. Lots of remixes and single versions never been on CD.

Paul Waddington

Bit disappointed. I got excited when I clicked on the link in the email, but this is just repackaging of 2 CDs and a DVD I already own….

However, I was just looking up how much you can get the original 3 discs for, so I could tell you to save money doing it that way. The DVD is available for less than £3 and the Rave Un2 CD for a fiver. But then I saw that the Rave In2 CD is listed at £148 on eBay, albeit the sold ones have gone for less. I never realised it was such a collectible CD. I certainly don’t recall paying much for it. Either way, I think I’ll be flogging it and getting the new set that I was disappointed with!


There’ll be something wrong with the reissue that’ll make you regret getting rid of your original! But then if you get £148 for it maybe you can swallow your disappointment.

Scott Laing

I’ve been hoping for something like this. Like many have said, it’s not peak classic stuff but it’s still a fine album. Some of the tracks are better on the remix album due to being extended or fleshed out with a guitar solo here and a little more length there. The ‘Hot Wit You (Nasty Girl Remix) is a personal favourite and ‘Baby Knows’ is an earworm.

The dvd is one of his best. An incredible live show where he’s on fine form and really seems to be in his element. Yes I would have loved the Jason Nevins single mix of Greatest Romance on there or something unreleased, but I’m happy these post-Warner albums are getting a reappraisal.

Carl Palmer

Dreaming of a Lovesexy deluxe set.

James Barker

What is this?! All 3 of these were standard releases. Nothing new here, very disappointing. Should be a bargain release like Purple Rain Deluxe. WHERE ARE BONUS UNRELEASED OR RARE TRAX?!


Rave in2 was a NPG music club only release, and thus the interesting part of this release. Also on vinyl for the 1st time.

I agree that they could easily add one extra CD with unreleased or npgmc songs from that era.. but the estate already prooved to be lame at this.

Elliott Buckingham

Preordered yesterday nice to see the uk price is ott again


Yep, you don’t need a gun to rob people that’s for sure.


If those albums (less popular) are re-released I have big hopes for a super deluxe editons of Diamonds and Pearls and Love Symbol, my two favorite Prince albums ever ! ;-)


well, it’s not the album I’ve been waiting for years…

Please give us the “Parade”, “Sing O The Times” and “Batman” fully expanded editions …

Eric M.

According to publshed articles, Sony/Legacy will have the distribution rights to SOTT beginning in 2021. The other two you meantion, unfortunately, are still with WB who don’t appear to be interested in doing anything with them. Would love to see an expanded ‘Parade’.


I can finally stop overprotecting my fan club copy of Rave! Now if only they will release “Slaughterhouse”, “Chocolate Invasion” and those other fan club reissues. (Since I am just dreaming would be great to get the Madhouse CD’s out there (Maybe with the two followups?)


A Madhouse CD boxset (8, 16, the unreleased 24 and a disc of singles/remixes/outtakes) would be amazing. I have to admit, I sold the CDs of 8 and 16 many years ago (got pretty good money for them) and kinda regret it now.


Also available directly from the Prince estate princeestate.com with bundled clothing and other exclusives.

Sony Legacy did a great job with Planet Earth, 3121 and Musicoogy, long may it continue.


I was never a fan of Prince. What is wrong with me?

Chris Squires

Isn’t that the beauty of the broad church of SDE? I never got Prince either and wouldn’t open the curtains if The Rolling Stones were playing in the back garden. But it is still interesting to see what is going on. It’s like the last two days where someone who doesn’t care about Kate Bush must think we’ve all lost our marbles. Arguing the toss over £19.55.

Chris Marsh

I was the same, Marc. For reasons I cant explain, I spent many years avoiding Prince’s music. Then I heard something that I really enjoyed and everything sort of ‘clicked’. I really enjoy most of what I hear of him now. There’s some fine, complex music with really superb playing.


I’m going to have to get on this and the other three, soon. Don’t want this reissue campaign to get away from me… been waiting too long.

Here’s hoping Warner is prepping at least the Parade SDE in preparation for Legacy taking over in 2021 for the other 80s albums.

A Parade SDE. I dream of such things…

Robert Meighan

Its not his best album by some way but some good tracks on it…the dvd is well worth having as he was always a brilliant performer…will need to pick this up i think.

Francis Maher

Great news . Never could get “Rave Into” and can now add it to my collection . Hopefully more “Fan club only” releases are coming down the pipeline .


Well done Francis…