Prince / The Rainbow Children and One Nite Alone reissues on CD and vinyl

4CD+DVD box • ‘ONA’ vinyl reissues • Rainbow Children available again

Sony Legacy will release Prince‘s 2001 studio album The Rainbow Children and One Nite Alone (from 2002) on CD and vinyl at the end of next month, along with various One Nite Alone live variants.

The Rainbow Children has been out of print for ages on both CD and vinyl so this is rather exciting for Prince fans. The latter is reissued on 2LP ‘crystal clear’ vinyl. It looks very much like every copy comes with a ‘rainbow’ slipmat.

One Nite Alone Live! 4LP purple vinyl

The One Nite Alone album is issued on 150g purple vinyl, while the live variants are all also available on vinyl LP. One Nite Alone Live! is a 4LP purple vinyl set and One Nite Alone… The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over is released as a standalone physical product for the first time (on 2LP purple vinyl).

There aren’t individual CDs for any of the One Nite Alone reissues, but rather a new 4CD+DVD box set called Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone CollectionThis basically brings together a CD of the studio album, two CDs of One Nite Alone… Live!, One Nite Alone…The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! and the Live At the Aladdin Las Vegas DVD. This is quite well priced in the UK, at around £31.

 Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection (4CD+DVD)

All six physical physical products (Up All Nite CD box, CD of The Rainbow Children, 2LP vinyl edition of The Rainbow Children and the three live One Nite Alone releases on vinyl) will be issued on 29 May 2020 (was 17 April).

The Rainbow Children 2LP vinyl

Side A

  1. Rainbow Children
  2. Muse 2 the Pharaoh
  3. Digital Garden

Side B

  1. The Work Pt 1
  2. Everywhere
  3. The Sensual Everafter
  4. Mellow

Side C

  1. 1+1+1 is 3
  2. Deconstruction
  3. Wedding Feast
  4. She Loves Me 4 Me
  5. Family Name

Side D

  1. The Everlasting Now
  2. Last December

The Rainbow Children CD

  1. Rainbow Children
  2. Muse 2 the Pharaoh
  3. Digital Garden
  4. The Work Pt 1
  5. Everywhere
  6. The Sensual Everafter
  7. Mellow
  8. 1+1+1 is 3
  9. Deconstruction
  10. Wedding Feast
  11. She Loves Me 4 Me
  12. Family Name
  13. The Everlasting Now
  14. Last December
  15. Last December (Reprise)

Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection 5CD box set

CD 1 One Nite Alone (solo piano and voice by Prince)

1. One Nite Alone… – Prince
2. U’re Gonna C Me – Prince
3. Here On Earth – Prince
4. A Case of U – Prince
5. Have a Heart – Prince
6. Objects In the Mirror – Prince
7. Avalanche – Prince
8. Pearls B4 the Swine – Prince
9. Young and Beautiful – Prince
10. Arboretum – Prince

CD 2 – One Nite Alone Live!

1. Rainbow Children – Prince & The New Power Generation
2. Muse 2 the Pharaoh – Prince & The New Power Generation
3. Xenophobia – Prince & The New Power Generation
4. Extraordinary – Prince & The New Power Generation
5. Mellow – Prince & The New Power Generation
6. 1+1+1 is 3 – Prince & The New Power Generation
7. The Other Side of the Pillow – Prince & The New Power Generation
8. Strange Relationship – Prince & The New Power Generation
9. When U Were Mine – Prince & The New Power Generation
10. Avalanche – Prince & The New Power Generation

CD 3 – One Nite Alone Live!

1. Family Name – Prince & The New Power Generation
2. Take Me With U – Prince & The New Power Generation
3. Raspberry Beret – Prince & The New Power Generation
4. Everlasting Now – Prince & The New Power Generation
5. One Nite Alone… – Prince & The New Power Generation
6. Adore – Prince & The New Power Generation
7. I Wanna B Ur Lover – Prince & The New Power Generation
8. Do Me, Baby – Prince & The New Power Generation
9. Condition of the Heart (Interlude) – Prince & The New Power Generation
10. Diamonds & Pearls – Prince & The New Power Generation
11. The Beautiful Ones – Prince & The New Power Generation
12. Nothing Compares 2 U – Prince & The New Power Generation
13. Free – Prince & The New Power Generation
14. Starfish & Coffee – Prince & The New Power Generation
15. Sometimes It Snows In April – Prince & The New Power Generation
16. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore – Prince & The New Power Generation
17. Anna Stesia – Prince & The New Power Generation

CD 4 – One Nite Alone…The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! Up Late with Prince and the NPG

1. Joy In Repetition – Prince & The New Power Generation
2. We Do This – Prince & The New Power Generation feat. George Clinton
3. Medley: Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me to Stay – Prince & The New Power Generation with Musiq
4. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton – Prince & The New Power Generation
5. Alphabet Street – Prince & The New Power Generation
6. Peach (Xtended Jam) – Prince & The New Power Generation
7. Dorothy Parker – Prince & The New Power Generation
8. Girls & Boys – Prince & The New Power Generation
9. Everlasting Now (Vamp) – Prince & The New Power Generation

DVD: Prince Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas, 2002

1. Intro/Soundcheck – Prince
2. Pop Life – Prince
3. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night/The Work – Prince
4. Push and Pull – Prince with Nikka Costa
5. 1+1+1=3 – Prince
6. Strollin’/U Want Me – Prince
7. Gotta Broken Heart Again – Prince
8. Strange Relationship – Prince
9. Pass The Peas – Prince feat. Maceo Parker
10. Whole Lotta Love – Prince
11. Family Name – Prince
12. Take Me With U – Prince
13. The Everlasting Now – Prince
14. Sometimes It Snows In April – Prince
15. The Ride – Prince

One Nite Alone studio album vinyl LP

Side 1
1. One Nite Alone…
2. U’re Gonna C Me
3. Here On Earth
4. A Case of U

Side 2
1. Have a Heart
2. Objects In the Mirror
3. Avalanche
4. Pearls B4 the Swine
5. Young and Beautiful
6. Arboretum

One Nite Alone Live! 4LP vinyl box

Side 1
1. Rainbow Children
2. Muse 2 the Pharaoh

Side 2
1. Xenophobia
2. Extraordinary

Side 3
1. Mellow
2. 1+1+1 is 3

Side 4
1. The Other Side of the Pillow
2. Strange Relationship
3. When U Were Mine
4. Avalanche

Side 5
1. Family Name
2. Take Me With U
3. Raspberry Beret
4. Everlasting Now

Side 6
1. One Nite Alone…
2. Adore
3. I Wanna B Ur Lover
4. Do Me, Baby
5. Condition of the Heart (Interlude)
6. Diamonds & Pearls
7. The Beautiful Ones
8. Nothing Compares 2 U

Side 7
1. Free
2. Starfish & Coffee
3. Sometimes It Snows In April
4. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

Side 8
1. Anna Stesia

One Nite Alone…The Aftershow: It Ain’t Over! Up Late with Prince and the NPG 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Joy In Repetition
2. We Do This – Prince & The New Power Generation feat. George Clinton
3. Medley: Just Friends (Sunny) / If You Want Me to Stay – Prince & The New Power Generation with Musiq

Side 2
1. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
2. Alphabet Street

Side 3
1. Peach (Xtended Jam)
2. Dorothy Parker

Side 4
1. Girls & Boys
2. Everlasting Now (Vamp)

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Finally got around to ordering these and they arrived today.

A comment/warning about the DVD – Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas

It has a region 0 label on the DVD itself. I first tried playing it in my Canadian Sony blu-ray player; the video had an extreme pink tinge over the entire screen and the sound did not play (I attempted to use the “audio” button to switch tracks but there was only a single audio track available, which was scarily silent). This may be something to do with North American blu-ray players working mostly with NTSC. I then tried it in my New Zealand LG blu-ray player; the video was fine now and I had sound, but I thought I noticed the volume drop slightly after track 2 (the first song). Unfortunately the only audio track was stereo only, so no surround option for this DVD.


Grabbed my vinyl copies of ONA Live! and ONA Aftershow today with a 25% vinyl discount at Germany’s saturn.de for 64.49 Euros! Couldn’t get any cheaper, I bet!


I got my copies of The Rainbow Children CD and Up All Nite last Friday, been listening to them ever since. I wasn’t familiar with these releases before, so this is very interesting! Good stuff. Not exactly crucial Prince, but good music. The studio One Nite Alone is especially nice. The live performances are great and they sound great (to me). The visuals on the Aladdin show are good, too, it’s kind of fun noticing the bits where maybe they didn’t have any good video and covered over with something else (still images or title cards or deliberately “bootleg” quality video)

The packaging is top notch, very tidy with no artificially inflated size (I’m looking at you, The Originals Deluxe). The booklets make me wish I’d bought the vinyl — they’d look incredible at 12×12. On individual sleeves for Up All Nite, the cardboard is doubled-over, so the open edges are folded over – a nice touch, it gives the sleeves a solid feel.

My nits are:
– DVD should be Blu-Ray. I guess with the quality of the recording, BD isn’t technically needed, and DVD will always have more wide-spread compatibility. Still…
– Up All Nite doesn’t have any surround-sound or hi-res mixes on the DVD. This isn’t a nit, it’s a big deal. But one of the live recordings was direct to 2 track off the soundboard, probably the other 2 were as well. So surround was off the table for 3 of the 4 programs. Maybe I’m just salty because I just upgraded my gear for surround sound music…
– Apparently no CD-text (my pet peeve)
– The double-wallet sleeve on One Nite Alone Live makes it hard to extract the discs, leading to ripping the sleeve (already happened).

Whoa, the clear-vinyl/slipmat version of The Rainbow Children is currently £80.17 on Amazon UK (still on advance order). That’s a hard pass from me.

Alan M

It’s nice having TRC on vinyl. Really couldn’t justify the price of the original.

I see the new issue of the 4LP aftershow is already going for good money.

Alan M

Always enjoyed TRC. I enjoy an album that has a concept more than one that is just a collection of songs, although there is the odd exception.

The reissue is nicely done: good sleeve, booklet and clear vinyl although a common complaint of mine is paper inner sleeves. It’s not too much of an issue as i use mofi antistatic sleeves but surely if those putting these albums together really cared then they’d put decent inner sleeves in? Plain paper scratches and often leaves traces over the record. In some cases they’re actual stuck to the record.

But anyway it’s nice having them on LP after all this time. I have ONA sat with Norman Records with the order awaiting pre-orders to arrive. Not sure if I’ll shell out for the other albums though.

Peter Robertshaw

Did anyone receive this in the post today? I’m sure my box set is missing the first CD. It arrived sealed from Amazon and I cut open the film wrap sitting on the sofa. Then I went to make a coffee and came back and took out the cardboard sleeves to look at and no CD1. I know Prince had some fancy moves but I doubt if the CD could have jumped out and hid on its own… Am I going crazy?


Received it today (Amazon, Germany). Contained 4 CDs + 1 DVD.

Peter Robertshaw

thanks – mine had only 3 CDs + 1 DVD

David Simon

I received my One Nite Collection yesterday. I have all the CDs and DVD, but the booklet is a bit odd! It’s pretty much a set of about 20 pages repeated, with maybe four or five other discrete ones. Sure,y it’s not supposed to be like that?


It is not indeed. The booklet is about the same size as the 1999 box booklet and there is no repeated content. Therf are the lyrics for the one night alone studio album at the end.
I like the way it is done, nice booklet, beautiful cover and great content (this live version of Anastesia has always been my favorite version). I think it is a much better offer than the original longbox I have.

Cosby Sweater

Amazon.de and jpc.de have May 29 as a new release date for all of this Prince albums.


Amazon UK now shows the same.


I ordered the clear vinyl and slipmat on Amazon UK but I had a look at my outstanding orders today and the picture is now showing the regular vinyl.
Has anyone noticed the same thing?


Great news, nice package


“One Night Alone” available on Amazon Australia again – price dropped from $77AUD down to $55AUD! God bless the pre-order price guarantee!



I am referring to the CD/DVD box.

Paul w

Lets just enjoy the cd I THINK ITS GREAT NEWS


More great news is that a few sites are currently reporting Sign O the Times as a RSD double vinyl release. If this is accurate, it’s a safe bet that this is Warner’s next deluxe product. Good time to be a Prince fan.

John Myers

This was initially scheduled as a RSD picture disc release, but has been cancelled.


That’s a shame. Hopefully, there will be some interesting stuff when the list is released in the next week or so.

Gary Howell

Now Amazon.co.uk have a picture of the rainbow children with the Slipmat!

Nick M.

Like others are saying, as a former NPG Music Club member, I have these sets in my music collection. ‘May not be on purple vinyl, but there really isn’t anything “new” here. It’s sad that the Estate continues to re-release items without remastering, including unreleased tracks, or offering thoughtful liner notes (maybe explaining WHY they’ve chosen to re-release these items now, or reflecting on the now of what’s transpired since the original release of this material). It’s unfortunate that more isn’t done to release gems from the Vault, and it seems too easy to just re-release things that might have been slept on or forgotten by the music industry in general at the time of their original release. But… rabid and true Prince fans, we can save our money in hopes something will finally be released in our lifetime that wasn’t snatched up by fans like me who bought everything released when P was alive, that wasn’t offered in the good old days of the NPG Music Club, and wasn’t secretly obtained through bootlegs. I still have hope! And when the time comes, I will have saved money from not buying these re-releases to buy what appears to be elusive.

Tom m hans

Unfortunately not everyone was a member of NPG club so I am very happy with the re-release of ONA. The 1999 box had many vault tracks, the Originals CD and Microphone CD included unreleased material as well. Compared to other estates this campaign is stellar because it gives you a choice of what you want to buy at a reasonable price tag. Guess there is always someone who is not happy. Peace.

Graham Turner

There are two different deals currently in place with The Prince Estate which is why the releases seem somewhat schizophrenic.

Warners have the rights to the classic material from 1978-1995 as well as unreleased material from these years. The recent 1999 Deluxe, last year’s Originals and the year Piano & A Microphone were all Warners releases.

Sony (Legacy) currently have the rights to 35 of Prince’s previously released albums from 1995 to 2010 but it seems they do not have the rights (or do not yet have the go-ahead) to release any vault material from these years. These Rainbow Children/One Night Alone re-releases above are part of the Sony campaign.

Things get more complicated from 2021 when Sony starts to get the rights from some of the Warners-era albums – but not any of the soundtracks (Purple Rain, Parade, Batman, Graffiti Bridge) and seemingly only for the US ( Warners retain the non-U.S. rights to most recordings in perpetuity).

It’s all a bit of a mess, unfortunately, and IMHO will only get worse unless some kind of deal can be done. Personally I would prefer everything to be with a single company, probably Warners, for a much more consistent approach to the catalogue.

Val Kaludov

It’s unclear at the moment who control the rights for The Gold Experience and The Vault – Old Friends 4 Sale. These two were released by Warner back in the day but maybe Prince reversed the rights when he gave Warners two albums of brand new material in 2014.

Thus Chaos & Disorder (also on Warner back then) was re-issued last year through the Sony/Legacy deal as well as The Versace Experience which contains tracks from The Gold Experience.

Please, if somebody has information on this issue – write it here. Thanks, guys.

Paul, love your site <3


The Gold Experience not being reissued or on streaming services is because of ongoing court case in Italy relation the writing credits to The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

According to wikipedia:

‘Bruno Bergonzi and Michele Vicino co-wrote the song “Takin’ Me to Paradise”, published in 1983 by Warner Chappell Italy. The session vocalist was Raynard. J, the pseudonym of Jay Rolandi. The song appeared on a number of compilations which were internationally distributed. An Italian court ruled in 2003 that Prince’s 1994 hit, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”, had plagiarised the song by the two Italian writers. Bergonzi and Vicino won on appeal in 2007. The third and final sentence, by the Court of Cassation of Rome, was given in May 2015. Italian collecting society SIAE recognizes Bergonzi and Vicino as the authors of “The Most Most Beautiful Girl in the World” music’.

Tom Friedrich

Any speculation of a Super Deluxe Edition of Sign o the Times this year? That’s what I’m hoping for.


10 discs

Val Kaludov

26 LPs


There seems to be a little confusion about the history of the One Nite Alone piano CD.

This was released 14th May 2002 exclusively to year 2 members of the NPGMC. This was never available in stores!

When the One Nite Alone … Live! boxset was released on 17th December 2002, this was again given for ‘free’ to NPGMC members and included another copy of the One Nite Alone piano CD.

When the One Nite Alone … Live! boxset was eventually released to retail, it did not include the One Nite Alone piano CD.


I wondered how I had sold my Piano CD for $300 and still had one. Thanks for the reminder!

Gary Howell

IS the slipmat that comes with The Rainbow Children exclusive to prince.com only?

Alan Mitchell

Are people here not fussy about the mats they use then? I’ve finally settled on a cork mat. It seems to help with the static and improves the bass. I also panic using felt as a couple of years ago i damaged a stylus mis-queuing a 7″. £140 later :(


not exclusive


The problem here is that over the last 24 hours the Prince community has caused a storm of confusion – some of it self inflicted!

From my understanding all vinyl copies of TRC are clear yet the slipmat is an Estate exclusive.

However, neither Amazon nor the Estate actually state anything that could be considered concise!

Surely, it is extremely easy for a marketing manager who is paid to write the copy for these product descriptions could at least be clear – oh no, that would be too easy!


I just ordered Rainbow Children from JPC and it’s coming with the slipmat – it’s also the cheapest price currently at £25 so win/win.
The Rainbow Children is an interesting one, but if you can get past the religious elements (in much the same way that you have to when listening to Dylan’s Slow Train Coming) then there are some great songs on it. Can’t wait – I’m really impressed so far with the reissue programme. I think these more minor albums outside of his 80s imperial phase are worthy of a regular reissue with coloured vinyl. However, the 1999 deluxe box was fabulous – let’s hope they do this for the rest of the 80s classics up to Lovesexy (I can live without it for the Batman soundtrack though) ;)


JPC has the slipmate too.


Slipmat also on JPC de

mark browne

cant find uk on jpc ?? in the drop down box


It’s under Great Britain rather than UK In the G section – Google Chrome will translate it. I had this problem first and managed to figure it out – I thought they’d excluded us because of Brexit. ;)


Mark Browne, its liisted as Great Britain


That’s probably because the common expression for the UK in Germany is Gross-Britannien (Great Britain) and not Vereinigtes Koenigreich (United Kingdom).


The studio version of One Night Alone was only in the box sets of NPG Music Club members. If you bought it at the store it wasn’t included.
Just an FYI


I never knew that. I got mine from the NPGMC.
It is a great album.
Thanks for the info.


One Nite Alone album is supposed to be very good. I bought the rainbow children at the time of release and enjoyed it. Would I still listen to it? No. Hope the estate releases expanded editions of around the world, parade or love sexy those I would buy without hesitation.


Where are the 10 LP box set versions?

Mark Reed

Naturally, the one single Prince album I haven’t got on CD is the studio edition of ONA as it wasn’t in my ONA…Live! order.

I’m not buying a box set of 3 CD’s+1DVD I already own to get the 1 studio CD I don’t own. THhs is customer hostile activity, and I refuse to be suckered.

Jason M

Normally I would agree with you, but at $38.98 for 4 cd and one dvd, I doubt you will have to sell your car. They probably could have just released it on one cd with The Truth since both albums are similar, and would fit on one cd. Sadly, the Prince estate has no clue that cds hold 80 min of music.

Alan Mitchell

I heard Rainbow was the next release so that’ll be nice to own on vinyl at last. And also ONA. On cd or vinyl will be nice. Don’t need the cd boxset as i have the longbox one from back in the day. And Rainbow on cd is pretty cheap now anyway.

So i expect I’ll be getting an email from Norman Records soon. Unlike Amazon they treat their staff well and don’t dodge taxes.

Alan Mitchell

But what really pisses me off a bit is feeling compelled to buy more Prince when i could be buying new music.


The live material here is exceptional.

The One Nite Alone piano album is one of Prince’s greatest – it is stunning!

I like The Rainbow Children but fans rejected this in 2001 so it is doubtful it will be liked almost 20 years later. Prince as a preacher doesn’t work and his religious views and reinterpretation are exceptionally controversial – some may even say offensive in our current hyper-sensitive world.

Two of Prince’s greatest tracks were left off the 1999 super deluxe because the word ‘rape’ is used, so I’m surprised the Estate are pushing The Rainbow Children due to religious sensibilities.

However , Family Name, The Everlasting Now and Last December are truly exceptional tracks – just ignore the lyrics. Yet in Prince’s religious preachings he ignores the fact Jesus was born in Spring and not in December, and he clearly isn’t aware of the Roman Winter festival Saturnalia that became Christmas to appease the peasants!

So listen to The Rainbow Children with a smile!


Aw man all that coloured vinyl is so pretty!
Pity they didn’t do the same a la the 1999 vinyl box set and include the dvd and digital download.
Guess I gotta buy both?

RIP my credit card. There will be a memorial service this Friday.
Instead of flowers cash donations will be gratefully accepted!


Sony Legacy are doing a great job with their Prince reissues – the Rave boxset last year was really good and well-priced, and this looks to be more of the same.


Ugh…Where is Gold Experience? You’d think after Versace Experience they wouldn’t be waiting so long. All this live material…OK…but please get the studio records out!


Both One Nite Alone and Rainbow Children are studio records. Also, as mentioned in various other threads on this site, Gold Experience is tied up in a copyright battle, so likely won’t be re-released any time soon. Many of Prince’s studio albums have been re-released over the past year so – Purple Rain SDE, Lotusflow3r, MPL Sound, Musicology, 3121, Planet Earth, Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic, 1999 SDE, and now these two – and I’ve only got so much money. A faster release schedule would be problematic for me. It seems we are getting all of the “hard to find” and previously “fanclub only” albums released under this campaign, which is great.


I forgot the Chaos and Disorder and the Emancipation re-releases also. So, if I’m not forgetting any others, that makes 12 of Prince’s 39 studio albums re-released since June of 2017. That’s a rapid re-release campaign.


The Gold Experience cannot be released as the plagiarism case is still pending.

Prince stole the chorus melody for The Most Beautiful Girl In The World and as such the copyright owner is exercising their right to protect their work.

It will be a long time before this is solved as it has been pending for years.

Personally I feel the Estate should pay what is due and credit the original composer.

After all, ironically Prince was always going on about protecting his work and artists being paid for their work – however Prince had his own rules when it came to not crediting other artists!

Jason M

Prince did not steal the song. The choruses sound very similar in the vocal arrangements. The reason the other song was not a hit was obvious: it was terrible. Gorillaz won their lawsuit with Eddy Grant, but Stylo sounds a lot more like Eddy Grant’s Time Warp, and Grant probably should have won the lawsuit. The nuts and bolts of Prince’s song are nothing like that garbage. The Italian courts are fairly corrupt, so that is the holdup. Remember where most of the bootleg cds came from? Italy.


Apart from some similarity in tone and using drum sequencers….I hear no connection to Time Warp in Stylo. Eddy Grant just wanted some money. About this Prince thing I have no knowledge.

Jason M

Of course it is all opinion. The awful Italian song just has minor similarities. That guy saying Prince stole the song is just wrong. As a songwriter, I catch myself copying others once in awhile. As far as Stylos goes, it sounds more like Time Warp than Prince’s song sounds like the awful one. How Tom Petty got writing credit for the Sam Smith song is 50/50 to me, but the songs are radically different other than the chorus.


There is a problem with ‘The most beautiful girl in the world’ song, a law suit, which is holding up that release.

Matthew Hudson

You mention the case is pending but I’m pretty sure it ended in favour of the Italian songwriters. The song cannot be distributed in Italy.


On Prince.com the Rainbow Children release comes with a slipmat! Nice

Freek Claassen

So I have to rebuy the ONA box and the Aladdin dvd just to be able to buy the ONA studio cd, which is the only one I don’t already own? That pisses me off… It’s again an example of treating the vinyl buyer better than the cd buyer.

O(+> Peter B

I think I mentioned The Rainbow Children in the post early this year asking SDE readers for their wish list items for 2020! But I didn’t dream that the One Nite Alone box set would also be reissued, that’s exciting.


That’s nice because rainbow children is one of his best albums.

Max A.Mazing

Unfortunately the One Nite Alone studio-album won’t get a stand alone release. Quite a few people didn’t get it in the original One Nite Alone-box-set-release, including myself.

What? Prince? Worry!

Love Prince, but this isn’t for me. Prefer the pre Sign o The Times material. Saying that I already have this 2 releases on CD including fan club One Nite….


I have the ONA live box but never got the studio album nor the Live at the Aladdin DVD, so I’ll be getting the box set. Nice price too.


❤️ These are wonderful spring news.

Wayne C

This is such welcome news, I have been after the Rainbow Children got years on vinyl, as we all know it’s been that expensive (well over £300 every time I’ve looked, and that regularly). One of my absolute favourite Prince albums of the later years. Pre ordered immediately – those profiteers must be panicking now, expect eBay to be swapped with people after a quick sale hoping fans don’t look on SDE- thanks Pail for the alert – totally made up!.


“Rainbow Children” is misogynistic and dogmatic garbage, so that’s a big pass. But I ordered the “Up All Nite” CD box. Love that graphic cover!


Great news… except none of those Amazon sites ship to NZ. NZPost has something called YouShop, which is a way I can purchase from the U.K., have it shipped locally to a depot, then it is forwarded by NZPost here, however that incurs two taxes (both VAT and NZ GST) as well as two separate shipping costs (Although the local one can often be free, the forwarding one is quite expensive). Am still hoping for re-issues of the other “hard to find” albums: Crystal Ball, The Vault, Xpectation, N.E.W.S., 20Ten, Chocolate Invasion, and Slaughterhouse


They will all get a local nz release. Record store day. So you wont need to import. Keep an eye on your local record store
Cheers Mauri



Thanks for the positivity and suggestions. I will check out local online retailers (I don’t often go near a shop that would sell these) closer to release date, and if these are common world-wide releases they likely will stock them. Some of the recent Prince releases are available here (the 1999 SDE, Emancipation CD, Versace Experience CD) but others (the Musicology/3121/Planet Earth vinyl re-issues) are not. Hopefully these will be a wider release and I won’t miss out. Most of the re-releases announced on the SDE site are limited and not available locally and I quickly have to find ways to source them from overseas, usually at a premium – for example, my last 2 pre-orders were the Howard Jones One to One deluxe (obtained from importCDS), and Marillion’s Script for a Jester’s Tear deluxe (direct from the band’s website). Luckily, I already have the 2 Tears for Fears SDE’s, as purchasing those during the recent re-release announcement (and very quick “sold out” status) with reasonable shipping costs would have been tricky.


Use wowhd.com – you still have to pay the 15% GST, but they’re generally well-priced and shipping is free.

Though it is quite likely JB Hi-fi will stock these – I have been able to pick up all the recent Prince reissues from them.


LOGMAN, thanks for the retailer suggestion. I’ve added them to my list of growing resources. When on their site as “New Zealand” do you know if their prices are US$? If so, that makes them a bit pricey for the items I’ve searched for so far, if they are NZ$ it is reasonable. In any case it does give me another option when looking. Cheers.


If using the NZ site (wowhd.co.nz) all the prices are in NZD.
I’ve been able to get some pretty good bargains from them – not always the cheapest, but it’s always good to have more options!

Andrew Miles

These will probably get an Australian & NZ release. All the Sony re-issues have so far.


Hi Ryk
YouShop is very easy to use. If you are with Amazon Prime you can often get free shipping. You can also consolidate your parcels. It does work out slightly more expensive as its swings and roundabouts with VAT v’s shipping to NZ.



I’m not sure what you mean by VAT vs. shipping to NZ, as using YouShop means you incur both expenses. I have consolidated parcels, but as YouShop does not open & re-pack items, Amazon UK sometimes ships even a single CD in a large air-filled box, and YouShop bases shipping costs on volume as well as weight, consolidating only reduces the shipping cost by a small amount. I am awaiting September when I return to work and am planning on purchasing 20 to 30 items at once from Amazon UK via YouShop, so that they are all packed in one parcel to begin with, so the volume should be decreased.

Adam Karrington

You can get 20Ten on eBay Ryk

Danny Tickner

I’m pleased that the prices are more reasonable than most of the legacy reissues. Hopefully the previous releases will be reduced to reflect these prices. Looking forward to hearing this era on vinyl


Yessss. Great news :) Nice package. Can’t wait for it.


Bugger, bollox, arse. Who’s going to pay for all that lot, for me? Some legacy issues there that I genuinely don’t already have. As apposed to telling the other half that I don’t have them (unmentioned caveat: of this reissue / on this format / in this colour etc). I don’t think I’m back in good books since the 1999 SDE. When I was younger I had no money from having bought Prince records. Now I’m older. That’s it.


Can’t see why it’s not available on amazon.it


Rainbow Children is one of Prince’s better latter day albums so I’ll pick this up. I saw him around this time at Hammersmith Apollo; the set was RC heavy, although he did play a cracking cover of Whole Lotta Love and an extended jam of All the Critics, plus a beautiful version of Condition of the Heart.

Rob Puricelli

I still have my NPGMC Club Edition of the One Nite Alone… box set. One of the most valuable single items in my collection. I’ll be picking up the vinyl, but not the new CD packages as there’s nothing I don’t already have there.


Surprised they’re still not reissuing Lovesexy or Diamonds & Pearls on vinyl, though perhaps either lend themselves better to deluxe box set reissues, especially as Lovesexy had live videos which could make up DVDs…

Paul Sharman

A Lovesexy live dvd would be amazing. I remember watching the show on tv and loving it.

Wayne C

I went to see him on that tour it was absolutely tremendous, think it was the NEC, Birmingham it was a long time ago.


This is clearly what I have been cravings for for years. Lovesexy properly re released on vinyl along with a boxset of the black album+lovesexy (Black Camille & White Prince could be a fiting name?..)

Adam K

currently those are WB – Lovesexy and Diamonds & Pearls

David Gold

Those releases were under Warner Bros. & are scheduled to be reissued after 2021. All of his post 1995 albums are scheduled to be reissued first, unless it’s a deluxe set like 1999.


I would give my first born child for a LOVESEXY boxed set similar to what they released for the 1999 deluxe set. Dream come true.


I’d sacrifice all “your” children for a lovesexy as you described.


These are Sony reissues, so they don’t have access to LoveSexy or Diamonds & Pearls. If we see anything for those two albums, it will likely come from Warner within the next few years, before their option on the material runs out.


Supposedly Sony now has access to everything outside the film soundtracks which stayed with Warner, so yes, Sony will likely be putting Lovesexy and D&P out in the future…



Do you have a source for that information? If Sony now has everything but the soundtracks, where does that leave the planned Warner SDE releases?

Tim Joseph

Sony don’t get the Warners material until next year. They don’t have it yet.

Christian Schmitz

A lot of misinformation here! Publishing rights to the pre-1995 material will go to Sony next year (within the U.S), not the rights to the recordings themselves. Additionally, publishing rights to all of Prince’s Soundtracks will stay firmly with Warner Records. So, keep expecting roll-outs of Super Deluxe Editions of Prince’s beloved 1980’s records for the next few years (by Warner).