Prince / Trio of mid-nineties albums reissued on CD and vinyl

Prince / Emancipation, Chaos and Disorder and The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) reissues

Emancipation, Chaos and Disorder and The Versace Experience reissued

In September, Sony Legacy will reissue three mid-nineties Prince albums on CD and vinyl, including 1996’s triple album Emancipation.

The other two albums are The VERSACE Experience (which wasn’t really an ‘album’, as such, and certainly wasn’t commercially released) and 1996’s Chaos And Disorder which Prince grumpily approved in contractual fulfilment mode.

The VERSACE Experience was released ahead of 1995’s The Gold Experience album (curiously not part of this reissue campaign). I say ‘released’ – it was actually given away as a gift to attendees of the designer’s collection at Fashion Week in Paris. It featured remixed versions tracks like ‘Pussy Control,’Gold’ and ‘Eye Hate U’ along with rare and unreleased selections. This cassette was replicated for Record Store Day this year. It’s now called ‘The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD)’.

Chaos and Disorder was originally issued in July 1996 about 10 months after The Gold Experience. Prince didn’t promote it and it delivered a minor hit in ‘Dinner With Delores’.

Just four months after that came a project that Prince really was behind – the triple album Emancipation. As the title suggests, this was Prince celebrating his freedom from the ‘constraints’ of his Warner Bros. contract. The concept was three hour-long CDs of music. It’s extremely varied in terms of style and quality but there’s undoubtedly some great stuff here, including ‘Jam Of The Year,’ ‘Somebody’s Somebody,’ ‘Right Back Here In My Arms,’ ‘Joint 2 Joint,’ ‘In This Bed Eye Scream’ and the Kate Bush collaboration ‘My Computer’. Emancipation is also notable for generous sprinkling of covers, such as ‘One Of Us’ (Joan Osborne), ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ (Bonnie Rait) and ‘Betcha By Golly Wow’ (The Stylistics).

None of the three albums have ever been issued on vinyl before, although since it’s now a 6LP set, it is debatable whether 12 sides of vinyl is the best way to experience Emancipation, which we known Prince definitely conceived as three one-hour pieces. All three records also get reissued on CD, with the VERSACE album new to the format. The Prince Estate are not saying anything about ‘remastering’ so we don’t know any details about which tapes were used to create these new commercial releases.

In terms of packaging, the Emancipation triple-CD is no longer the good old ‘fatbox’ but an eight-panel ‘softpak’, with three pockets for the discs and one pocket for the booklet. Chaos and Disorder and VERSACE are single disc ‘softpaks’ (similar to 3121).

All the vinyl is 150g and purple-coloured. Emancipation has the six vinyl records in their own jackets with printed inners in an outer slipcase.

The VERSACE Experience (PRELUDE 2 GOLD), Chaos and Disorder and Emancipation will all be reissued on 13 September 2019. UK pre-order links will come through automatically, when they are available.

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emancipation - 6LP vinyl


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emancipation - 3CD set


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Versace Experience Prelude 2 Gold - vinyl LP


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Versace Experience Prelude 2 Gold - CD


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Chaos and Disorder - vinyl LP


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Chaos and Disorder - CD


Emancipation 6LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Jam of the Year
2. Right Back Here In My Arms
3. Somebody’s Somebody

Side 2
1. Get Yo Groove On
2. Courtin’ Time
3. Betcha By Golly Wow!

Side 3
1. We Gets Up
2. White Mansion
3. Damned If Eye Do

Side 4
1. I Can’t Make U Love Me
2. Mr. Happy
3. In This Bed Eye Scream

Side 5
1. Sex In the Summer
2. One Kiss at a Time
3. Soul Sanctuary

Side 6
1. Emale
2. Curious Child
3. Dreamin’ About U

Side 7
1. Joint 2 Joint
2. The Holy River
3. Let’s Have a Baby

Side 8
1. Saviour
2. The Plan
3. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

Side 9
1. Slave
2. New World
3. The Human Body

Side 10
1. Face Down
2. La, La, La Means I Love You
3. Style

Side 11
1. Sleep Around
2. Da, Da, Da
3. My Computer

Side 12
1. One of Us
2. The Love We Make
3. Emancipation

Prince / Emancipation 3CD reissue

Emancipation 3CD edition

CD 1
1. Jam of the Year
2. Right Back Here In My Arms
3. Somebody’s Somebody
4. Get Yo Groove On
5. Courtin’ Time
6. Betcha By Golly Wow!
7. We Gets Up
8. White Mansion
9. Damned If Eye Do
10. I Can’t Make U Love Me
11. Mr. Happy
12. In This Bed Eye Scream

CD 2
1. Sex In the Summer
2. One Kiss at a Time
3. Soul Sanctuary
4. Emale
5. Curious Child
6. Dreamin’ About U
7. Joint 2 Joint
8. The Holy River
9. Let’s Have a Baby
10. Saviour
11. The Plan
12. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

CD 3
1. Slave
2. New World
3. The Human Body
4. Face Down
5. La, La, La Means I Love You
6. Style
7. Sleep Around
8. Da, Da, Da
9. My Computer
10. One of Us
11. The Love We Make
12. Emancipation

Prince / The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) CD reissue

VERSACE Experience Prelude 2 Gold – CD edition

1. Pussy Control (Club Mix)
2. Shhh
3. Get Wild In The House – The New Power Generation
4. Eye Hate U
5. 319
6. Shy
7. Billy Jack Bitch
8. Sonny T. – Prince and Madhouse
9. Rootie Kazootie – Prince and Madhouse
10. Chatounette Controle
11. Pussy Control (Control Tempo)
12. Kamasutra Overture #5 – The New Power Generation Orchestra
13. Free the Music – The New Power Generation
14. Segue
15. Gold

The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) purple vinyl reissue

VERSACE Experience Prelude 2 Gold – vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Pussy Control (Club Mix)
2. Shhh
3. Get Wild In The House – The New Power Generation
4. Eye Hate U
5. 319
6. Shy

Side 2
1. Billy Jack Bitch
2. Sonny T. – Prince and Madhouse
3. Rootie Kazootie – Prince and Madhouse
4. Chatounette Controle
5. Pussy Control (Control Tempo)
6. Kamasutra Overture #5 – The New Power Generation Orchestra
7. Free the Music – The New Power Generation
8. Segue
9. Gold

Prince / The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) CD reissue

Chaos and Disorder CD edition

1. Chaos and Disorder
2. I Like It There
3. Dinner with Delores
4. The Same December
5. Right the Wrong
6. Zannalee
7. I Rock, Therefore I Am
8. Into the Light
9. I Will
10. Dig U Better Dead
11. Had

Prince / Chaos and Disorder purple vinyl reissue

Chaos and Disorder LP edition

Side 1
1. Chaos and Disorder
2. I Like It There
3. Dinner with Delores
4. The Same December
5. Right the Wrong
6. Zannalee

Side 2
1. I Rock, Therefore I Am
2. Into the Light
3. I Will
4. Dig U Better Dead
5. Had U

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Just finished my first listen of The Versace Experience CD.
Sound quality is really good, no over compression, quite good dynamics. Sound wise it is in par with the recent re release which were all, in my opinion, good sounding releases.
Music wise it is another story.. I’m glad I went for the 10.99€ CD version and did not ditch 30€ in the vinyl edition. This is a patchwork of “excerpts” and “remixes” of the songs you find, all of them in a much better version, on the Gold Experience or on Kamasutra.
Add to that the fact that obviously Prince (or Warner?) did not want to have the music leaked in a way or another, so there are “Versace Experience” segue allover the album and at the beginning of each song.
This was a promo album, intended at providing a soundtrack for a fashion show, and this is exactly what you get: Catwalk Music.
This is not an essential release, even for the die hard fan (of which I am), this clearly is a waste of money at 30€ (for the vinyl), a completist piece at 10€*, but don’t expect to listen to this more than once.
* for French people like me, Chatounette Controle is a must, the most hilarious song I’ve heard in a while, with Prince naming his favorite fashion model and expressing how Chatounette contrôle le monde..

Andrew Abley

Well give in about 2 hours ago Emancipation vinyl on the way. Seen a couple of photos on line of the release and it looks amazing.
Versace ordered weeks ago.
Amazon confirmed delivery by 11:00 GMT Tomorrow.
Prince weekend this weekend
Now to sit on my hands about the 10 disc 1999!
Thanks Paul all good stuff

Andrew Abley

Well Amazon let me down on Emancipation, not available notice at 03:00 this morning. Next delivery date 26th. Such things happen as I ordered late, probably fair enough. A local dealer Sound it Out, had one copy left and I purchased.
WOW am I pleased I bought this on vinyl. Sound quality is great, faultless pressing and the music is breathing better than on vinyl for me.
Thanks again Paul as without SDE I would have sat on the sidelines and missed this one.
Next to Versace, another great crisp pressing and more than happy I purchased. The adverts are fine and I am happy with them, after all it’s a replica of the original promo and is within character. Not full mixes by any stroke of the imagination but great all the same. It does exactly as it says on the tin, prepares you for GOLD.
It is unlikely that GOLD will appear anytime soon as a re-release , so unless you are prepared to pay north of £150.00 this is as close as you will get on vinyl.
Will be comparing against GOLD original vinyl , but for tonight its Purple time again.

And yes after today, I couldn’t resist and clicked on the link for Purple Rain vinyl box. Say it quickly and its £18.69 per record!


Is there any news on the 1999 reissue?

Paul Smart

Emancipataion £175.56 on Amazon.co.uk bargain!

Alan Mitchell

All the usual indie shops have it listed about £83 so not sure why Amazon uk have such a glitch.


Does anyone know about the Emancipation Pre-order for vinyl I can only see it on the official Prince shop and I pay a lot in customs charges for that one. Juno and other retailers don’t seem to offer it


At £32.39 from amazon uk, I’m hoping the VERSACE EXPERIENCE vinyl is a double or comes down in price before release


Just buy it from Amazon.it
It’s £21 on there…. you just use your regular amazon account… I normally gets there if anything 2 days after….


A vinyl fold out release of The Rainbow Children with a massive 12 inches booklet.. I would buy this even at an awfully outrageous price!


I’d like to to order the vinyl from amazon Canada (I’m in the U.K.) but it wants to charge me multiple times for shipping each item separately. Anyone any ideas how to combine the shipping?

Alan Mitchell

I had a go. All comes to £128 for the 6/8 week delivery. Then there’d be the 20% vat and the import fee. Personally I’d order from Europe. And before October. Or is it September.

What? Prince? Worry!

Jumped off the Prince sbip with Love sexy and/or Black Album. Both of those had highlights and alot of naff fodder. This later material doesnt interest me in the slightest but not digging at folk who do like this stuff.

Alan Mitchell

It’s okay. I still think Neil Young sounds literally like one of the Muppets.

Jarmo Keranen

Neil Young made his first records much earlier compared to that when The Muppet Show was televised first time. So one of the Muppets sounds literally like Neil Young!

Alex Stassi

My Single Emancipation disc

1. Jam of the year
2. Right back here in my arms
3. Somebody’s Somebody
4. Get yo groove on
5. In this bed I scream
6. Sex in the summer
7. One kiss at a time
8. Soul sanctuary
9. Emale
10. Curious child
11. Dreamin about you
12. Saviour
13. Friend lover sister mother wife
14. New world
15. The love we make

and if I could edit Sleep Around (too long) i’d put that in there too to round up the time to near 80 mins.

Purple Brain

You left out what I think is the best song on the entire album – The Holy River. Also We Gets Up is a great track, one of the highlights IMHO.

James Barker

Versace Experience on CD! SOLD!! :)

Most people have the other stuff on CD surely. C&D is a great album, overlooked by many because of his legal stuff at the time. You’ll always find a few really good songs on any Prince album (in the main!). C&D is guitar rich and full of hate, obviously aimed at WB in the day

Alan Mitchell

Despite being way overpriced the Sony Legacy albums have been superior to the original cd releases i have (on vinyl). 3121 was really good. The cds sound muddy in comparison.

Emancipation is hideously expensive but I’ll get it anyway. Or wait as they’ve all dropped a bit in price after. And its full of filler.

Versace is a bit crap and not sure why they’ve bothered really. C&D is another rarely listened to album.

I’ve no issue with purple vinyl. They’ve started now so may as well continue.

But where’s Hit n Run 3? And also reissue 1 and 2 without the brickwalling. Damn they sound shit on a decent hifi :)

Geert DW

Fingers crossed Amazon.fr will honour their ‘mistake’ in charging £10.08 for the vinyl version of Chaos and Disorder?! (I assume they accidentally duplicated the CD price for the vinyl?)

Paul Murphy

You may be lucky. Amazon UK kindly honoured a vinyl copy of ‘Around The World In A Day’ I ordered for £1 a couple of years back.


Well I placed the order for the vinyl when it was still at 10.98€ and I have not received any cancelation notice. Maybe they did not get enough orders at the “wrong price” to bother cancelling? I guess we’ll know in a month, when the items are dispatched.

Gareth Jones

I remember the original CD release of Emancipation in the chunky box very well. When we used to have a Fopp store where l live, they always had multiple copies of it stacked up at the counter, desperate to get rid of the 3-CD beast. They were always flogging it for £3. And even at that bargain price, they barely shifted any stock! So it would be far better for the environment not to bother reissuing the CD and instead just launch an ad campaign urging people to pop to Fopp to buy the left over stock!


For me “The Holy River” is the best song of Prince off all time…

Alan Mitchell

And for me it’s one of the dullest songs I’ve heard by anybody. Prince fans are an odd bunch. Some of them actually gave HitnRun 1 a 10/10.

Christian Schmitz

Yes, and some even prefer his post 80’s work. Madness!


The Gold Experience probably won’t be reissued until if/when the legal dispute over The Most Beautiful Girl In The World is resolved. That track is still missing from streaming because of that. While they were able to get away with adding the album to streaming without that track, they couldn’t get away with doing a vinyl reissue without it.

Alex Stassi

Never that was the reason.. I foolishly assumed because when TMBGITW was released as a single it was distributed through Bellmark in the UK… but thanks for shedding light here :)

Randy Metro

Regarding putting out the less liked & less well-known Prince albums before the classics:

I am down-sizing my home by putting things to the curb marked “Free”. My strategy is to put the worst out to the curb first. Once it is picked over & gone, then I start putting out the better stuff. So far, it is working very well.

Matthew Hudson

It’s two different companies dealing with them though. Warners still own the pre-96 material until next year and Sony owns the rest.


Hi Paul. You have a repeated sentence fragment in your third para. Figured you’d like to know as your editing is usually pretty good. :)


The artwork for the Chaos and Disorder CD looks an awful lot like the one for the Versace Experience, too ;)


An inconsistent Prince triple album is still a worthwhile purchase for anyone!
Now we need The Rainbow Children (vastly underrated, with live drums) and The Gold Experience released

Andy Hanson

Where’s a decent live set???


One Nite Alone….Live is fantastic and from (in my opinion) his greatest tour in 2002. Really hoping it will be released on vinyl soon…


There isn’t one 40 minute album’s worth of worthwhile material on Emancipation. Post 1988, every Prince album had more filler than quality songs. Similar parallels to Bowie in the Seventies and the Eighties.


Agreed. There is one album of good material in Emancipation. If he had been under contract w a label, they would have told him to cut it down to 1 disc. That would have been a 3.5 star album out of 5. So yeah, a lot of filler.

Paul Murphy

I am intrigued by the notion that ‘Hunky Dory’, ‘TR&FO Ziggy Stardust’, ‘Aladdin Sane’, ‘Diamond Dogs’ and ‘Scary Monsters &SC’ “had more filler than quality songs.”


No need for intrigue. I was comparing parallels in their careers. Bowie was untouchable in the 70s but mostly rubbish in the 80s. Prince was untouchable in to 80s but was mostly rubbish in the 90s.

Paul Murphy

I’m not sure how I misread it – ” Post 1988, every Prince album had more filler than quality songs. Similar parallels to Bowie in the Seventies.”


Bowie in the 70s were fine. 80s and 90s were not.


I’m excited for The Versace Experience, but the other two I already have, and I’m happy with the editions as they exist–especially since they come in more durable packaging. I wouldn’t really pick them up unless there were some bonus tracks, which, in the case of Emancipation, would completely throw off the concept of 3/60 minute CDs (unless they went for 4/60-minute CDs).


Prince, much like Frank Zappa never learned how to push the erase button on the recording deck. Saving everything he recorded resulted from having to much control with no one editing out the crap. Sadly there is more bad material out there than good.

Stuart Ansell

I’m sorry, you can’t possibly equate Zappa with profligacy – being prolific doesn’t mean he didn’t edit the living bahookie out of everything he did… Flying in solos from different shows, creating collages and soundscapes, completely re-recording rhythm sections on old mothers albums – Zappa was a masterful and ruthless editor, having served his apprenticeship as a film editor, and a relentless tinkerer.

He released a lot of records, and some were not to everyone’s taste, but I’d argue the not one of them was a minute longer than it needed to be.

Other opinions are available, however.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Johnny Spasm

1999 was such an amazing album. I remember waiting for “When Doves Cry” to make its debut on MTV. Whereas it started out great, it went on, and turned into a sad attempt to make the long funk jams of 1999. The single version was much better. I don’t necessarily think control was his issue. I think money was. Funk jams are not supposed to be as polished as the album version of “When Doves Cry.” They need to be dirty & gritty, and no one made dirty, gritty funk better than Prince. Those of you who’ve already purchased the Originals, you’re hearing Prince at his finest.
Zappa’s issue was that he was an egomaniac. It seemed like he purposely put out nonsense, and if you didn’t like it, it was your fault. You just didn’t get it.

Bruno MacDonald

As several fans have sagely observed here, Emancipation would have been a brilliant single CD. I whittled it down to seventy-five minutes thus:
1. Right back here in my arms
2. Betcha by golly wow!
3. White mansion
4. In this bed I scream
5. One kiss at a time
6. Curious child
7. Dreamin’ about you
8. The holy river (an all-time Prince great in my view)
9. Let’s have a baby
10. Saviour
11. The plan
12. Friend, lover, sister, mother/wife
13. La-la (means I love U)
14. My computer
15. One of us
16. The love we make

I remember quite enjoying Chaos & Disorder at the time; if memory serves, it has more good songs than the more successful Come. The Versace tracklist suggests it’s like the bits of The Gold Experience that you have to grit your teeth through to get to the good stuff.


Your single disc Emancipation is very different than mine. Maybe that’s what makes it a great album- we can all make our perfect Prince single disc, and count the rest as bonus tracks. We are a diverse bunch of nothing else.
Would be sweet if we could order custom pressed records


Isn’t that what the ‘skip’ button is for??


It’s amazing how diverse Prince fans are. My single Emancipation CD would be very different to yours.

1 Jam Of The Year
2 Right Back Here In My Arms
3 Somebody’s Somebody
4 Damned If Eye Do
5 Get Yo Groove On
6 Betcha By Golly Wow!
7 I Can’t Make U Love Me
8 The Holy River
9 In Bed Eye Scream
10 We Gets Up
11 New World
12 La, La, La Means I Love U
13 My Computer
14 One Of Us
15 Face Down
16 Emancipation

The world would be boring if we all loved the same things. But it would make a great single album.

Alan Mitchell

Umm, no it wouldn’t. If we all liked the same things then life would be simpler and we’d all get along better.

Who sang “If everybody looked the same, we’d get tired of looking at each other”?Well that’d be racism and a lot of other hatred wiped out overnight. Stupid lyric if you ask me.


Bought both Chaos & Emancipation when originally released. Chaos enjoyed still love Dinner With Delores. Emancipation less so.


Living in the States I am amazed to hear how common Emancipation and Chaos apparently are in UK bargain bins and charity shops. When he died you could barely find used copies of those releases over here, and when you did it would be at a significant premium. I was so glad to have them already–I knew people who were frantic to complete their Prince collections after his death and had to settle for burned CD-Rs from friends!


Same in Australia – the only Prince release you see constantly in the charity shops is ‘Diamonds and Pearls’, which was released at the same time of his first tour. There may be some correlation to these things.


I’m ultimately happy about this, though I wish they’d stop the purple vinyl–it doesn’t match half of these releases’ artwork, and while the idea was originally going to be purple for the first run and black vinyl thereafter I doubt they will sell through the purple for any of these titles anytime soon. Purple for every single Prince release is also a lazy, cynical choice that sounds like a marketer decided it rather than someone who really values Prince music.

It’s great that we’ll be getting the Versace Experience on substantial formats, but of course many of us just bought the cassette version–which came with no download code–on US RSD in April. I’ve not even opened mine yet, and here we go with two more formats. Figures!

Emancipation was my #1 album of 1996 and I never thought I’d see it on vinyl. Prince collecting is getting expensive, but I’m glad these items are out there even if I would prefer black vinyl (or at least colors that matched the art).

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Also released in Japan as CD Blu-spec CD2.


I pretty much jumped off Prince around this time (I’m with David on ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ and the symbol album) so never knew that he covered ‘One Of Us’.

I just listened to it on YouTube and it’s a pretty decent version but I still think it’s one of the worst songs ever written. Having complained so much about Warners not allowing him to release enough of his songs, it’s quite bizarre that he then made space for a cover of that one.

Mike Cox

Glad to see some Prince material flowing out even thought I’ve got most of it (don’t have Versace). I do like C & D a lot. Emancipation certainly could have been condensed. I would like to get Emancipation on vinyl but the price will probably be a deterrent.

m relph

Shake that money tree,till theirs no “fruit to drop”


Gold Experience won’t be released until the royalty issue with Italian writers that created a song in 1983 is sorted for TMBGITW. A final settlement was won in 2015 in their favour after an appeal however seems to be issues having this cleared with Princes Estate.

Been dragging on for nearly 25 years now, absolutely ridiculous. The issue is now solely with Italians and their judiciary system.


The ridiculous thing is the fact that Prince lost this lawsuit. Have you heard the song that supposedly caused this? The similarity is so fleeting that to call it plagiarism is an insult to the term, frankly.


6lp that would have fit on 4,5 fyi

Be ready to get up every 15min…


Meanwhile you have 5+ tracks on each side of the other albums. I’m not a big fan of his Purpleness but I am guessing his tracks on those albums weren’t 2-3 minutes long.


The Versace Experience is a nice surprise. I don’t understand the other 2 releases. As someone said before, “Emancipation” and “Chaos and Disorder” can be picked up from the sales bin at every record store. Why reissue this without bonus tracks? I still have my old copies, no need to replace them as there is no new material. Both albums sound totally fine so even if it is remastered, there’s no need to pick this up.

The reissue campaign started out with a bang. That 4 disc Purple Rain release was excellent but since then I expected more popular albums released with bonus material. Nothing of the sort has happened. Only his later, rather bad or mediocre albums have been released. Rave unto…is one of his worst in my opinion. Emancipation and Chaos…are better but why no bonus material????

Clifton Montgomery

I don’t believe Sony has the rights to any unreleased material, so that’s why no bonus tracks. They have the rights to 1995-present released material as of now and in 2021 will get the rights to Prince’s non-soundtrack WB releases. It’s still not clear who has rights to what unreleased material. I have a feeling WB does for the stuff recorded during his years with them, but for how long is another question.


Yes, we seem to be moving backwards but the absence of Gold Experience is annoying to say the least. That album has really grown in stature over time and features many excellent songs and performances. What’s the holdup with Most Beautiful Girl at this point? One would think since all non-soundtrack NPG stuff is under Sony’s curation now and the fact he rerecorded it for Gold that it could be utilized by the estate AND Sony. I’m sure everyone in the family wants to make money on that. Emancipation is very good but the size and price is definitely a deterrent. Gold had better be in the next round! Frustrating!


I still don’t like Chaos & Disorder, except for maybe “Dig U Better Dead.” Definitely NOT one of Prince’s finest hours, for completists only IMHO.

Emancipation, on the other hand, is very worthwhile. Yes, there are duds sprinkled throughout, but the quality ratio on it is surprisingly high for three hours of music. It might be my favorite post-1992 Prince album, and if you only have one, this one comes highly recommended.

David Cornyn

I’m a Prince fan but it had all started to go downhill by this point. What I’d really like is a reissue of Diamonds and Pearls and the Symbol album, which (I would argue) were the last solid albums he made. No offence to those of you who like these ones though!


I assumed Th Gold Experience would be a natural pairing with Versace, but I’m sure there is a good reason. I love Emancipation and it is one I still play fairly regularly. The price of the vinyl reissue might be an issue for me. Chaos and Disorder is very underappreciated in my opinion. People tend to forget that Prince could play solid straight-up rock, and this album is perfect if you want his heavier rock side.


There’s always been a contractual problem with TMBGIRW which has caused issues with The Gold Experience. Obviously still not resolved which makes me wonder who the issue is with these days.


When you know the gold experience is available on nearly every streaming platform (at least it is in France) you can only hope it is going to be re released soon.
As much as I like Come (“Papa” has always had a very strong effect on me, “the space” is a real trip I take every time I hear the song) and love “Chaos and Disorder”, “The gold experience” is better in every aspect and at every song you hear. This one I will buy if a real collector’s edition, including all the unrealised material (we konw there is quite a lot of these as there are bits and pieces available on Crystal Ball).

Alan Mitchell

There won’t be any bonus material. It’s not stated in the release notes and none of the Sony Legacy albums have had anything extra.



I always thought Emancipation was artificially bloated, there is enough real good material j. These 3 Cds could have done a decent 2 CD set and an excellent 1 disc album.
I have never heard Versace experience, and I always absolutely loved Chaos and Disorder, ” I rock therefore I am” or the title track are “funk hardrock” songs that when you listen, the then current mood of Prince is soaring from the speakers.

Paul Stringer

Don’t think they can release The Gold Experience until the legal issue concerning The Most Beautiful Girl in the World has been sorted out.


Great to hear about these vinyl releases! And -bargain bins or not- Emancipation is a a fantastic album! Let’s hope that the Versace Vinyl and CD sound better than the Cassette (which has distortion, etc.)

Brian Smith

I got the Emancipation CD in a charity shop last years fr next to nothing. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.

Now the thing with Gold. Whats the general idea with all the computer female voice throughout it? Is it meant to be imitating sex lines or something?


yep, there is the one everyone was waiting for, Emancipation! The bargain bins of the world are already filled with multiple copies. Good news on Versace though and Chaos is a cracking album – as would Emancipation been if it was a single. One day SDE will announce Sign Of The Times 9CD set, one day…

Alan Mitchell

I’d just be happy with LP re-releases of his albums but remastered by Steve Hoffman or Bernie. Imagine Sign o the Times, Lovesexy and Parade given the perfect half-speed treatment in the way that Rumours was for Fleetwood Mac. I’d be in heaven.

Clifton Montgomery

One can only hope given their descending release strategy that The Gold Experience is next.